Friday, 11 December 2009

Day 103-The First Year

Birthday Cake- 2009
Gift from FaiZ & MarJ
for my birthday many moons back

On 8th December 2009, "Dollhouse Diaries" celebrates its 1st anniversary. I have such great plans for this day. Alas, my ambitions exceed both my will and my strength/s..again.

I was reading through some early entries in this journal and reflecting on how far I have come.In some respect, it felt like I have not moved an inch. This was what I wrote on Day 1

"TODAY is the start of my journey to an ambitious endeavour. I am going to create my Maharajah's palace. This was a decision I made last night.I don't have a name for my dollhouse yet but I guess we shall call it Maharajah Palace for now...."

1 year on, apart from the addition of the word "My", the project still has no name. Or roof or walls or floors. Time for some reflection.

More gifts from Faiz & MarJ

Join me? There's food of course, an anniversary buffet to entice you to stay awhile and hopefully endure a rather boring slideshow of my 1st year in the land of the dollhouses.

Dec 2008: After meeting one of Sumaiya's Indian dolls, I decided that I was going to build an Indian palace. I came up with the "Architectural Philosophy" and engaged my bro as the palace architect. He quit in the same month after delivering a 99% completed palace plan and Xander. All is not lost as SuZ did a perfect rendering of a 100% finished palace which I have been using ever since to advertise wares from the Palace. Jai Kumar,my 1st doll and the palace artisan. was born.

Jan 2009: The 1st set of dancing girls arrived, Sumaiya made Prince Raj Singh and I made my 1st ever mini, a set of goblets that could not stand and a book of love. The blog received its 1st award and I went to India for the 1st time hoping to find a builder for my palace and to visit some real ones for research.

Feb 2009: I made more books, started cross stitching and inherited the 4 Victorian dollhouses. I also spent 4 hours "arranging roses in a vase" and had to invent a story so I could blog about it . This was to be my 1st ever palace story. Feb was also the month I met Mercedes and I dedicated a flower post to her. We decided to do a swap after that post. I believe this swap shot Mercedes to instant fame. She became the hottest swapper in Blogland.

March 2009: "Grew" a tree, built a temple, populate exponentially with the addition of 30 over dolls and desperately seeking stories. The 4 main characters of the palace, Maya, Tara, Jai and Raj arrived. By the way, these are the 4 characters from the movie "Kama Sutra, A Tale of Love" by Mira Nair. Sumaiya introduced me to Kiva Atkinson and I ordered my 1st gourmet chepatis from Kiva's Kitchen.Made an Indian side table for Mercedes' perfume bottles and the Evil Maharajah was born. Started plans for how to convert the 4 Victorian houses into Indian lodgings.

April 2009: Animals for the palace! And the 1st post to receive more than 10 comments (11) excluding my own! Rolla's and Sylvia's 1st appearance and the start of naming my dolls after my friends. Taiwan and my 1st miniature museum (100 over pictures and 8 posts!) Indian desserts from Kiva's Kitchen

May 2009: Received Taenia's gift and started to write longer stories. This was the start of 2 part stories. Finally finished my 1st carpet (one of my most disastrous work). I built my 1st chairs. Sissy, the snakecharmer's pet arrived. Created Sans! Hookahs and for the 1st time, my work actually caught someone's fancy! This was one of my proudest moments and the beginning of a lifelong friendship with the Addams Family. My tent- a work in progress until today.

June 2009: Learnt to weave baskets for more flowers (the start of my flower stall?). Discovered Lego, a possible palace tomb, thanks to Helene who also loves big scenes. Electrified for the 1st time and loving it! My 1st collaboration with a 9 year old, making origami Indian mobiles to raving reviews!

July 2009: A month of gifts from Helene, Jayne and Rosanna. A trip to Thailand and the discovery of excellent "market miniatures". The gifts, Thailand and a comment from Eva form the genesis of " The Bazaar", an ongoing project created to celebrate my friends' artistry. My 1st tutorial on "How to repair to a broken doll" which I know for a fact nobody followed.

August 2009: A month of preparations for the opening of "Tallulah", a flower stall and "Ro and Rolla", a gypsy store offering music, dancing, craft and fortune telling. Gave my dolls mehndi and tattoos, built tables and royal fan, cushions and topiaries.

Sept 2009: Thailand again and found an artisan who make fruits. The beginning of mini fatigue.

Oct 2009: 1st Lottery win in blogland and Jai acquired a constant companion! Mini fatigue continues.

November 2009: With the help of many concerned blog friends who emailed me to check on how I am, I returned with a vengence! Kali, the destroyer appeared and completely demolished my fatigue. A makeover for the cats, the beginning of another stall , completing Fresh Fruits and Fine Foods, stitching again, co-host a party for my mini relatives and the most satisfying achievement of all, creating my craft room. And as luck would have it, I won another lottery, something really beautiful from the talented Dale.

December 2009: Love letters from Katie inspiring the writing of 2 love stories , one of them is this post.

What a year this has been and how my life has changed. I used to wish I started this hobby earlier in life. On reflection however, I am glad I did it when I did it on the 8/12/2008. As fate would have it, that's how and when I meet you guys and I don't want to risk any time machine warp such that I may have missed meeting any of you (97 of you actually thought this blog interesting enough!). It is clear that for me, your love and warmth is what drives me to create.

And so, a humongous Thank You to all my friends, without whom, the past 1 year would have been very uneventful and not worth blogging.


Ara said...

Congrats on your first year Sans!! Yes, a lifelong friendship indeed..... we'll just need to make sure we watch Tara and Morticia so they don't start making plans without us!! Looking forward to many more years of posts to come! Hugs, Ara

Norma said...

Sooooo interesting to read about your 'journey' thru time Sans, and gobsmacked at how much you've achieved, so many lovely and interesting things. I must say I can't imagine having the courage to embark on such an ambitious project! Looking forward to the next 12 months, and beyond :)

dale said...

Congratulations, Sans and Happy Anniversary! :) Sounds to me, that you've accomplished quite a bit in this past year.

I might have come in in the tail end of it, but, I've enjoyed it, immensely. :)

Pubdoll said...

Congratulations on your first year my dear! I'm so happy you have become my blogfriend! Blogging wouldn't have been half as fun without you and your witty comments and stories!
And I wouldn't worry too much about the lacking palace, you know the journey is the destination ;-) Just like in this famous Norwegian painting inspired by an old fairy tale Theodor Kittelsen: Soria Moria slott

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

happy anniversary! i am glad you emailed me a year ago and brought me along on your journey ... :)

rosanna said...

Happy blogday !!!! I'm so glad we met. You first wrote to me in March commenting boks which you were both doing.I love reading your posts and when you stop doing for a while I begin to worry. I really wish we live. A big hug my dear an congratulations Rosanna

rosanna said...

I'm really tired... I now realize how many mistakes I've done.Forget them and orgive me. Good night Rosanna

Debbie said...

Congratulations on your First Year of blogging Sans. Here's to many more years..x

Texas Belle said...

Congratulations on your one-year blogiversary, Sans! I'm so glad to have met you, and I can't wait to see what you do in the coming year. (Although if you don't get started on that palace soon, I may have to come all the way to Singapore to "encourage" you, lol!) Creating your craft room is a great step in the right direction, imo. Here's to another year of mini sucesses!

Liberty Biberty said...

Happy Anniversary my dear friend! How my life has changed since that first swap with you!
Vive la vie bohème - now that's another project still awaiting our attention!

Lize said...

Congratulations dear Sans! I am happy that you have not lost your enthusiasm and your sense of humour. One year on and you have learned SO much (including wiring LED lights!) You now have many 'encouragers' as well as a throng of silent ones, waiting for THE palace to visualize! And we are with you every step of the way!

Katie said...

It's only been a year??? It feels like I've known all of you forever! I've enjoyed watching you grow....and slowly watching your confindence build up! You have soooo many great ideas in there....I can't wait to see the rest of them! This project of yours is truly beautiful! Thank you for letting all of us be a part of it!


Sans said...

Sending love from Bangkok and it was so nice to wake up to all my friends' wishes :). Its like having a big birthday party. I have just arrived here. checked in and showered and it is already almost 2am. So unlikely I will reply everyone tonight but for each and every one of you, I believe I can remember at what point I got to know you better. And there's almost always an incident about you that leave a mark with me. A good one :).

Ara was of course the hookah. I just checked and saw that my very 1st comment on your blog was on the 12/5/09. :) When I found out that you were building the Addams Family mansion, our bond (for me) was instant because my sis, SuZ is a huge fan of the Addams. I still haven't forgotten about making a bigger hookah by the way. :). One of these days, when you least expect it....

Ara said...

Sans, tell SuZ that she should def give me some pointers sometime on anything she sees!! Sometimes I am too close to the project to see what I am missing!! Any package from you would be a treat indeed (I am still working on how to fashion the chadalier out of those lovely hands you sent)! And just let me know whenever the Palace needs some more furniture! hugs, ara

Eva said...

I think many of us start blogging more or less at the same time (I began only 2 months before you) and none of us could have expected the warmth, the links and the blog addiction we have been created in a year.
I love being part, small, of your story and your palace as you are a part of my life too.
While I was reading your post I remembered your first email, a great and lovely surprise for me.
Happy blog birthday dear Susan :)

Sans said...

Ara, SuZ is here with me now as is my other sister, Shir. This is a very rare trip as the 3 of us hardly ever get to travel together! I just told her about you and she asked if you want to help her with! You are even sort of in the same line!

Sans said...

Good morning, everyone!!

Norma, you and Dale and Lize are my bonus for returning to Blogland. I think I met all of you in November.

My 1st comment on your blog was on 25/11/09, just weeks ago and I am glad I found you when you are just starting so that I can read your blog from "cover to cover". :)

Your house in NZ is really my dream house. It is how I think I will like to live when I can just drop everything here. I will love to create there. But I can totally understand Australia too (by the way, Australia is one of the top migration destination for Singaporeans). I think thus far, you are my only blog friend (regular) who's living in Australia.

I also notice that you start your blog towards the end of the year. I am still trying to find out why this time is so popular :).

Sans said...

Dale, my prize in November :)! I just added that in my post, the fact that I won your lottery in November. How can I forget you now? You are amazing and I can't wait to show off what I got. I will build the furniture to go with your furnishings.

I just realised that we may have met earlier, Dale? I swear I remember your fuchsia background with the black cat. By the way, when I get my Vespa, it will be a black one with a fuchsia seat. I am sure you will love to ride in it. My sis is chasing me to go for breakfast so I can't check. But I did check out some of your newer stuff on Etsy :). Great stuff!

Sans said...

Hello Helene, my BVFF :):). I wanted to leave a comment on your Wiki post and you know what? It says "You do not have permission to leave comments". Hahaha! I thought that was very funny because I know how much you love comments, like all of us. What can I say, my Norwegian friend? You pop into my head every time Norway is mentioned, or Scandinavia or Viking or Nobel Peace Prize. I was at the airport and forgot to bring the book. Went to the bookshop and guess which book I bought? "My Name is Red". lol!

For someone I have yet to meet,you sure are a big part of my life! :)

Sans said...

Sumaiya!!! My FIRST Blog friend! My brother does not count :). In my 1st months where you were the only one who constantly gave me feedback on my posts. Those days when I go on and goodness. But in those days, I really wrote like how I would in a diary. Talking to myself. I didn't care that I was boring or tedious or confused. It was a different time and you were a big part of those times. The maker of my precious dolls will be in my sheesh mahal (mirrored hall) of fame.

dale said...

Ha! Sans, I had to go back and look through my blog posts.

The little black cat was in September!

Can I drive the vespa? ;)

Have fun on your trip and take lots of pictures, I wanna see! :)

Sans said...

Rosanna, you have been so busy doing so many things for so many people! I read through the comments in your March post and I do not remember the books as well as the sunshine room box you built for your friend.That was my 1st impression of you, a thoughtful, generous and talented person! I remembered I had liked you immediately and wanted to give Matteo a Lifebaby shirt only to find out that he was by then almost a man!! LOL.

But you must rest, my dear! Or you will burn out and then it will be your turn to disappear and that will Not do! You have been a great friend to me, a true BVFF who has walked alongside me since as early as March. I know this may be too mushy for you but it is an anniversary post and its Christmas, a time to celebrate friendships and be grateful :)!

Sans said...

Debbie, your blog is one of the earliest blog I have joined :). I remember how shortly after ,you actually went to each and everyone of your followers' blogs and invited us to participate in your birthday giveaway. WOW! And then you upped the WOW factor with giving away a gold tea set in a huge box that you were prepared to send anywhere. I actually offered to gift you my 1st set of goblets as a birthday present. LOL! Luckily you were overwhelmed with emails and did not read mine..haha! I was such a noob! Somehow, I lost a lot of nerve since then and till today, labour over my swaps or gifts which I make and always wonder if they are good enough. You are such an inspiration, Debbie!And thank goodness you are back on your feet and I look forward to celebrating another birthday with you on 12/1/2010!

Sans said...

Belle :):), you are the only person whom I feel a bond with that I don't email to! I remember how your sis (?) Amanda laughed when she read one of my comments calling you Belle! LOL! But Belle is my niece's fav Disney princess (sorry, I don't like all the Disney princesses. I think they all haven't aged well and look terrible on bags, pencil cases, notebooks etc). If it gets you to come to Singapore and meet me, then I say I don't start on the palace till you do! You are my standard for what excellent craftsmanship is.

Sans said...

Merce, I don't know what I would have done without you in my mini world. All the "cheer up" presents that you sent and the tutorials and the stories in your club! I still think you make the best porches.

And someone's special day is coming up can I forget when our fate is sealed and I found out that the day my sister finished her rendering of "My Maharajah's Palace" was also your birthday!

Sans said...

Lize, do you know that I got to know you through a post in Rosanna's blog because of your great book printies? Another talented and generous soul!And my only blog friend from the Middle East. One fine day, you must write me and tell me all about life, love and the universe where you are. You have got to be the one blog mate I am most curious about because of where you live. I was in Dubai and Abu Dhabi visiting my best friend when he was on an overseas assignment in AD for 3 years. The weather was unforgiving and for someone like me who has lived all my life in the tropics and used to HOT, trust me when I say it was just really tough living there for 5 days!

Not only do you seem happy, you craft too with such limited resources!

As you know, I am in Bangkok now and had wanted to ask you where in MBK did you find a mini shop. I will be going there tomorrow. By the way, do you want something from JJ? I am heading there when my sisters wake up. Send me an email, my dear!

And Belle, you too!

Sans said...

Katie, thank you! Your comments warmed me to the core. Its so nice to be able to hear this from a seasoned miniaturist ( I am just reading this book called "My Name Is Red" about a Persian illustrator for books. You know those artist who illuminate books. They are called "miniaturist" too. :) ).

You are probably the only person I know who remembers the details of the Kama Sutra movie more than I do so I am going to use your knowledge as my reference! Your work is excellent by the way. You really execute them well. I may have good ideas but still find execution difficult. Practice makes perfect I guess so I hope you don't mind if I bug you on the how tos.

Sans said...

Eva, you said it so well. The friendship I have developed far far exceeds my expectation. I can't believe that strong bonds can still be fostered this way.

You are another one of those people who make me believe that this community is almost like a fairy tale. Everyone is warm, generous, polite and giving and so very encouraging. Funny as hell too! I mean, you take pains to create a little box for your doctor! With so much of your wit and humour and personality added in.

Yes, I remember my 1st email to you after the Light Award! I mean every single word. I am a huge fan of yours :) and only people like us will understand why something so small can evoke such a huge reaction. By the way, if you think you are just a small part, you ain't see nothing yet. I am waiting for my skills to improve!

Meli said...

Dear Sans, my congratulations for your first blog birthday!!!
I believe we started about the same time. During this year it has been a pleasure to read your stories and to see so many beatiful and interesting pics.
I wish you all the best for the comming years!!

Snowfern said...

wahhh!!!!! gratz!!! and thank you for the entertaining and informative posts, here's to more more more!

*tosses confetti*

Sans said...

Ok, this is the 5th time I am replying to Meli ..Firefox kept crashing!!! Meli, I won't ever forget that you were one of those concerned friends who emailed me :). Thank you and I love it when you popped by cos your comments are always so fabulous and warm!

Sans said...

Can you see your confetti on my blog, Cindy? Or is it your dandruff?

I am so happy to have met you, you always make me laugh!

Lize said...

Dear Sans, I miss your message! I am too late I am sure but I'll try and tell you where it is. Floor 2, I think it is just below the electronics floor, turn to the side where the stalls sit on top of one another, not the shops with entrances/doors etc. In that labyrinth, there was a white shirt shop (lots of pretty tops), go past them towards the right, then you find a lady selling jewelry and turn to your right immediately don't wander too far and too 'deep', she is just a few shops 'down' and she was pretty close to the 'exit'. Good luck Sans, happy shopping and come 'back' soon!

Meli said...

Thanks Sans.
Pop in again to wish you a Happy Season Holidays!!
Warm regards,

Snowfern said...

*stops scratching head*

OOPS! so it was -my- dandruff, no fault of your blog's XD ;P

i got it i got it i got it!~ *grins secretively*

dora said...

Happy anniversary. you have a wonderful blog.
Merry Christmas. and good year
A big hug Carmen

Tallulah Belle said...

I am sooo did I miss this one. Many many anniversary's been some year huh :-)

You know ho pleased I am to have found oyu as a dear friend....and how ecstatic Talooley was to have her very own shop :-)

I am just coming up to 1 year as well...perhaps I'll do a giveaway. I thought you'd been blogging a load longer then I had.


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