Thursday, 18 December 2008

Day 8- Jai Kumar

JAI KUMAR has arrived, right in the nick of time too.

He is one of Sumaiya's hand sculpted dolls, not a Heidi Ott. He is about 6 inches tall, which means 6 feet tall in real life. In the photo, he's sitting in a 1:12 scale chair, to give you an idea of what he looks like compared to his surrounding.

He is movable at his elbows, shoulder, knees and thighs so that he can sit down. He is not self standing, he has to lean on something to be able to stand. (Injured when he was carving a 12 feet high Maya).

The shoes are painted on and the clothes are glued to the body.

Special Instructions:

Jai should NOT be washed or polished.

He can be dusted, but has to be handled carefully so that his hair doesn't get mussed up. He should be posed carefully so that his joints are not over-exerted.

Jai will come with a birth certificate so that years from now, others will know where he came from.

Jai is an instant success with both men and women. I wish I can run to where Sumaiya is and give her a big big hug.


Pubdoll said...
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Pubdoll said...

Jai Kumar is gorgeous!
I can see why he's "everyone's dream man"!

Sans said...

Jai is the "artist". If you have a chance to watch Kama Sutra the movie, my 4 characters are based on the 4 characters in that movie.

Pubdoll said...

I have enjoyed your stories of the different characters and guess will read them again to refresh my memory, but think I must try to get the movie, too!
I also like to make up background stories for my dolls, but they are not so elaborate or well written as yours!

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