Sunday, 22 February 2009

Day 31- The 4 Victorians

MARJ has just delivered a most supercilliousbabeliciousincrediblyamazing piece of great news. Her company (the same one who did the event of the 4 dollhouses), has just held an AGM where their shareholders have passed a resolution, amongst many others, to NOT sell the 4 dollhouses. Instead (I have to savour this), they, (the 4 dollhouses, I mean, including the massive Queen Anne) will, be, (O dear , so excited I have to pee) given, to , ME .

I am so overwhelmed with the news, I am still reeling backwards, forward and sideways. Such superb timing! Godsend, Gobsmacked, Goodie, Goodie, Goodie!

Now where shall we start, probably with the Victorian Cottage Jr aka "termited" house below.

Of course, I am already drowning everyone with ideas and they all looked decidedly worried (except MarJ whom I have invited to help rebuild all 4 houses with me. And just as we type, MarJ is x-stitching the Turkoman rug I started in Day 29. )

It is unlikely (in fact, there is no way) I am replacing the Maharajah's Palace with any of the dollohouses which are all Victorian in architecture. I must say though the Princess Anne above can be transformed into an old colonial smokehouse in British India..nahh.

I really need to change all the colours of the exteriors. Need to find someone who loves sandpapering dollhouses and yes, we need to start a new blog or rather 4 new blogs..

I will keep on making things for the Maharajah's Palace and will want to meet Rajiv and his team and all the archi models I posted on Day 30 very soon. There's of course, Sumaiya's dolls so no rest for the wicked, Sumaiya :):):) cos there's definitely no stopping my India train. It's just that now, I will be kept bz bz bz while I await the building of my palace.

MarJ, if you are reading this, YOU are now my favourite person in the whole house!


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

the queen anne! that's my favorite house EVER! if I can ever afford the kit and find the space, I soooo want to build one! you lucky girl!

San said...

Ain't I? It really is like striking a lottery.

Liberty Biberty said...

Oh my goodness, San!! How amazing! To be given all four dollhouses, you must feel like you're living in a dream! Where will you keep them all, do you have room in your real house for them? I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to see inside them.

San said...

Thank you!! Yes, I do feel really lucky and am very very thankful to Marj :). All the houses are now in the guest room, not very neatly arranged. Vic Jr is in a carton on the floor in that room and has been attacked by termites.

We will have to maybe throw away some furniture to accommodate the houses :). Queen Anne especially is huge.

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