Sunday, 5 March 2017

Day 423 - 434 The Heart of The Home

What conjures up a home? 

Surely it must be the sounds and smells emanating from its kitchen.

Home is the tranquil song the tap sings when water runs through a colander of  potatoes and fresh greens;

the tenor and bass in rhythmic staccato when a chopper goes through a juicy chunk of meat;

it is the chorus of the pots and pans clanging in anticipation of some sizzling crescendo;

culminating in the sweet sweet sense of bliss when chicken broth is boiling on the stove.

It took me a long while to build this kitchen, a week and 5 days in fact. 

And as my kitchen is fully exposed to the elements, things aged really fast.

But the romance of washing the dishes on a rainy afternoon,

or watching dusk falls on my steps of succulents as I am making dinner,

 I will not have it any other way.

My kitchen may only be a stretch of table along one wall

But with it, Abandoned House is finally a Home.

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