Monday, 13 July 2009

Day 84-Rolla's Nursing Chair

Who's there?
Rolla Who?
ROLLAP YOUR BLINDS AND LISTEN TO ME, I have something fine for you!

And so begins the story of how the old fox finally met his match. Outclassed, outwitted and out of his pocket, Maharajah Ranjit Singh hadn't the faintest idea what hit him that day.

It was of course, Rosanna Rolla, the Banjara gypsy, whose fame has spread so far that even Ranjit, who almost never left his tent, has heard of her and her fine embroidery. And there's her ever loyal husband, never leaving her side and always carrying something.

I have something to show you, my lord, Rosanna enticed, THIS, she points to a finely made western winged chair, is a chair to match Tara's wedding chair. Rosanna then looked around to make sure noone was evesdropping. This is a magic nursing chair! Rosanna whispered excitedly, but first let me tell you what it is made of..

39 of the best Ceylonese stones are used for the pillow and the chair. You know the ones from Ceylon are the world's best? Maybe only the Burmese ones can match them in the cut, clarity and colour.You don't believe me? Rosanna promptly whipped out a picture.

Well, do you recognise this man? Oh but surely you do, what with your status and name, all the who's who are always seen at his parties. This is Prince Pandusedeva, son of King Vijaya of Ceylon.

He will verify this for you for he was the one who gave me the stones after I embroidered 2009 saffron pillows for his palace and temple. You must also know that not everyone can get a picture of the Prince! He had given it to me especially to prove ownership of these stones.

Before Ranjit could take a closer look of the picture, Rosanna quickly push it back into her bossoms. This means of course, that Ranjit did not read what's written behind the picture. Someone has scribbled "Prince or Pirate, you choose".

It is quite obvious what Rosanna chose.

Well, yes, of course, I recognise Prince Pandusedeva, yes yes I have been to all his parties, Ranjit lied. They are quite the talk of the continent, finest wine, ladies, food, hmmm. Rosanna smiled. Ranjit might as well be talking about the restaurant "Prince of Ceylon" where the picture, an advertising pamphlet, was taken from. These stones must be the much acclaimed rubies from Sri Lanka, Ranjit thought to himself.

Now, you see the saffron cloth and matching trimmings? Rosanna continued. I was told they are the finest in the world, from China. My husband had to charm 107 snakes so we have enough gold for that. Hmm, China silk and satin, Ranjit muttered as he ran his hand down the back of the chair like a lover.

And then Walter turned the chair over and Ranjit squealed, are these real gold studs you fixed at the bottom of the chair? Rosanna told him solemnly, do you know our snakes danced for 1001 nights before we could get enough coins to melt them down to these? Really? Ranjit raised his brows quizzically.

And that is not all, Rosanna volunteered. As I told you earlier, this is Magic Chair Part 2, a sequel to the Wedding Chair. If any woman who has sat on the Wedding Chair with her husband, should sit on this one after a night of *ahem, love, but the love must happen during a particular time in a month and if while sitting there, a Kokopelli sings, then the woman will conceive immediately and there is a 50-50 chance the child is a boy! By the way, Rosanna added quickly before Ranjit could say "Kokopelli", I have certificate of authenticity! And Rosanna took out another picture.

This is an award given to me. See Bella means beautiful in Italian. I was given this award at least twice. Sans! Yes, she is one of them so you can go ask her too. Anyway, you see the tree in the picture? It's the tree of life and notice how far the branches spread? That means fertility. And you know, it is for sisters only, meaning women who will have babies. And of course, I am so honoured to be given this award because of my craftmanship as well plus the fact that I am funny and full of life, talented and thoughtful, caring and supportive and you know, (Rosanna added shyly), people actually think I am an inspiration. Maybe you should ask Sans! I should not be bragging about myself.

By now, Ranjit knew he had to have the chair. Alright, what do you want for it? Thinking that Rosanna did not know the value of all the material used, he asked a little off handedly.

Well, Rosanna considered, I know you may not think it is much but these materials I used are from all over the world..and after all the hours we put in to make this chair, we could have built a house! So I guess, I want a house, nothing fancy, just a simple, pretty bhunga in exchange for the magic chair!

WHHHHHHHATTTTT? A house for a chair???? And before Ranjit could stop exclaiming, Rosanna has taken out a 3rd picture to show him exactly what she wanted. If you click through the picture on your left, it will bring you to the rest of Rosanna's dream bhunga.

Well, of course, you know the rest of the story. Ranjit said yes, after the Rollas had taken about 10 steps away from his Tent with the Chair. And clever Rosanna told him, No House, No Chair.

So until the bhunga is delivered, the chair will remain carefully wrapped in the pistachio ice cream box it came in.

I hope you love the chair as much as I do. And Rosanna, if you ever need any references, tell them to ask Sans!


rosanna said...

Walter and I had a good laugh at your pic!! we love it!! thank you for the story and and the kind words. I'm happy you liked i. Biggests hugs ever

Liberty Biberty said...

Stunning chair and pillow. But just wait until I have time to show you my European version. Miniature people the world over are going to be lounging in the Rosanna Chair. That Rosanna is a very talented girl!

Tallulah~Belle said...

LOL.....what a wonderful chair.

And I hope the Kokopelli brings them good luck and lots of squealing babies :-)

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

"a 50-50 chance of having a boy" .... hihihihi :)

Sans said...

Hi Walter, *wave (if you read this). In this pic, he does look like the pirate in the card you sent me, Rosanna! Every girls' dream man is a pirate and if he is also a Prince, bonus! You know I played with the date I received the chair. 2009, 107 = 10th July 2009 and 1001 nights, well everyone knows that is "Arabian Night". lol! So you see, even the Rosanna in my story does not!

Mercedes is trying to say her European version is even better. I don't think she has the card of the pirate and it is a tough act to top this one, please! So I can't wait to see it, Merce.

Jayne, can you imagine the baby dolls I have to get if that really happens??

Sumaiya, do you make babies? I mean, mini ones. I will email you a pic soon.

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

:D ... wouldn't mind making one (a fake one that is) ... haven't ever made them before ....

Meli said...

Sans Rosanna works is really great!!! It's always so delightful visiting your blog!!!
Mini hugs,

Living said...

You can't follow livejournal blogs in the same way. You can sign up to livejournal and make them your friend, then look at your friend's page to see updates, or you can not sign up and just bookmark it.
Unless there's some form of rss feed you could use, I don't know.

rosanna said...

May I add my opinion? I like Sans's chair best... it has been the first time I did a padded and beaded back and also the first time that I used that silky, sleek fabric. I was quite happy of it. Mercedes' chair is cute and more suitable to her house pallete. More western if you know what I mean. Hugs to you both

Sans said...

Hey Meli :) Come over and sit down with me anytime. Many chairs in my palace :).

Fluff, I will try that. I already bookmarked Grace's blog.

Oh Rosanna and I love you, muahhh! lol. I am really thrilled that the fabric on this chair also matches the whole palace feel. Like the bolsters and pillows you made. You know this is the colour scheme for Maya's room. I already have a mental picture of the room with all your things, Sumaiya's doll and some of Mercedes' perfume bottles.And of course Jayne's flowers.

By the way, Sumaiya, I will be in Bangkok from 16/7-20/7. I will scan the baby pic next week when I am back. Must really talk you through this baby :).

Ara said...

What a beautiful job. Rosannas work is so amazing!! And what a great match to the wedding chair!!! Lucky couple who gets to sit in both - hehe!

Sans said...

Ara, do you know the game Virtual Villagers? If you do, you will know when there is a population explosion because of not enough housing and people start getting really angry? It is what's happening here so as Rosanna says "No House, No Chair!" lol

Texas Belle said...

*falls off chair laughing . . . again* That Rosanna (from your story) is quite the salesperson isn't she!

Re livejournal, I obviously missed out on the original question, but I added Grace's site a few months ago; her blog shows up in my reading list on my Blogger dashboard. I just clicked on "Add" on my dasboard, and then copied and pasted the link from her blog into the window that pops up. Updates to her blog show up in my reading list the same as everyone else I'm "following."

Sans said...

Belle! :) And thank you for pointing out something I should have figured out!! Duh.. I have been adding blogs I cannot follow to my Reader and I almost never use my Reader! lol! This is great!! Thank you!

dora said...

Cuando entro en tu blog, mis palabras siempre se quedan cortas. fantastico todo el trabajo que haces.
un saludo Carmen (dora)

Tallulah~Belle said...

There is an award for you over on my blog :-)

Sans said...

Carmen, eres muy amable y me encanta cada vez que se visita:) Es que mi día!

Jayne, Thank you for your Honest Crap award :). I have enjoyed your top 10 secrets about yourself so much! Will post it soon.

Pubdoll said...

Another great work by Rosanna!
Love the pics of her and Walter carrying the chair! Rosanna is lucky to have such a handsome prince (and or pirate?) for a husband, but then again Walter is lucky to have such a talented and beautiful wife!

Sans said...

LOL and I hope to build this 2 lucky people a good and sturdy house :) Helene.

miniaturist59 said...

WOW!!! I continue to be awestruck by all the fabulous detail!! GORGE!!


Sans said...

Hey Kiva!!! Thanks for popping by :)! I have been checking your ebay store ever so often and you never fail to amaze me!

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