Friday, 19 December 2008

Day 9- Versions Of Palace Plans

TODAY, my architect/master builder tendered his notice, citing personal reasons (Xander's impending arrival ..this Christmas!!, me being too bossy, too pressured, too little time etc etc . Maybe he is just afraid I will have him executed after the building's completed like what Shah Jahan did to his architect, Ismail Khan, as the legend will have you believe. Worse, Emperor Shah Jahan was also rumored to have his chief mason's right hand cut off so that the masterpiece could never be recreated).

Win will now only provide the designs for the palace which should be completed before Christmas or Xander's expected birthday. I am then to source for other builders to see it into fruition. This means that the project may now take longer than expected.

Oh well, at least, he is no longer thinking of quitting his current job to do this full time.

To document his great work before his resignation, I will continue to post his drawings-in-progress.

The 1st one is his 1st revision of the palace. This design has been rejected. I have decided that the palace should just have only 1 dome since it is not easy making the dome. I also think that the palace looks better only with 1 dome.

1st Revision:

Since then, Win has made further revisions as follows:

2nd Revision:
Win changed the shape of the windows to make them more Mughal, less Gothic

Details of the windows/gate:

Illustration of joints for boards

More windows

He also changed the columns to beams which he may have to change again as I have already bought some column bases for the structure

Details of how I can construct the spiral staircase:

3rd Revision:
A further revision was made to size down the palace by 1m in width and the following is the 3rd revision with dimensions (without the dome):

We met today for him to tender his resignation and also to hopefully finalise the dimensions. The palace will be roughly the size of Rev.3 but each room will be cut into half in depth so that the number of rooms will be doubled. We also worked out how the exterior "walls" can be opened for viewing. His final drawings will enable me to order the MDF boards and to get them cut.

He left the meeting indicating that he MAY be able to help me wire the palace. Perhaps at the right price.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Could you get a carpenter to make this for you? At least the main structure if not the dome? For the dome, you could try using an overturned bowl as the base structure and then paper-mache it to get the desired shape. Just a thought...

San said...

Thanks Sumaiya, for your suggestion. Win and I thought about getting a bowl too. I am too far gone into this now to give up. I have already started asking around for people to cut the boards etc. Win will still help out if I have engineering problems. He lives too close to me not to..haha!

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