Sunday, 29 January 2017

Day 419- Still Life

"A Small Blue Table" 
by Sans!
October 2014


A small blue table sits at the east of my abandoned house, right under the rambutan tree. It is a still life not because it is a work of art in any way but because it succinctly describes the state of my mini life.

It has been close to a year since I last made anything and more than since I blogged.  The silence was mainly due to love; then loss and finally in 2016, life.

A Small Blue Table - detail 29 Jan 2017

I remember it was also after a lull when I went to work on the table 2 Septembers ago. 9 months into 2014, and I have only made Painting Nature and a rambutan tree.

It was not easy. Starting again after such lack of practice. But I wanted to make a table to display some gifts which I have received from blog friends. Some of these gifts were received so long ago that, regretfully and quite unforgivably, I simply cannot recollect who they are from...

like this wicker which spoke to me in volumes when it said bash me

or the blooms in a bead

or the littlest, and my absolute favourite, perfume atomiser.

Then there is this plastic can.

One of the challenges I gave myself was to rust this plastic. Alas, 9 months of no practice was telling in the results. I didn't like it then.

But now it sits as a gentle reminder to myself not to leave my mini world for too long. It is never far though. How can it when it is already a part of my very real world.

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