Saturday, 27 June 2009

Day 79-Mobiles For The Emporium

Extra! Extra! New stocks at the Emperor's Emporium!

It all started last Saturday when Kreistel, MarG's 9 year old niece came to visit. You know how kids are, attention span the length of their nose. MarG sent her to me , my very own child labour, she said, to help me build any mini I want.

Drats! I had just finished lighting up the tent and was in a " research " and not "make" mode. In any case, what possibly can a 9 year old do that I will want for my palace, I thought a trifle scornfully.

And then I remembered. ORIGAMI! I had, just the week before, bought these origami papers from Daiso, to entertain my nieces when they come over.

I passed Kreistel the papers and before I could say "dinosaur", she had folded a Hiroshima peace crane. She even showed me how to flap the wings! My goodness, an origami child protege!

To keep her interested, I told her I needed it to be dollhouse size. So she kept halving the size of what she made earlier. After 3 versions, she finally hit on the perfect scale using 1/16th of the paper i.e. 2cm by 2cm. I was thrilled to bits when I saw the result. You are a genius, I told a beaming Kristel, now you can make me 2000 of these. 1000 for Hiroshima and 1000 for me.

Kreistel made me and Fafa do it with her of course and we "worked" from about 9pm Saturday till 1am on Sunday. By about 10pm, Kristel had finished 10 (in between teaching me like a trillion times and many many breaks for chips, water, computer game, cementing etc etc). Fafa did 5 and me , I was still struggling with my 1st. By then, my child labour had become "Master" and she was quite scornful, politely of course.

Now for those of you who are as disgusted as Kreistel on my progress or lack thereof, please click to see how you can make this bird. Then try doing it on a 2cm by 2cm piece of paper.

See how small the bird is? Eventually, the 3 of us made a total of 33 birds. 2 by me. The "diamond" step was impossible!

Unhappy that I am not smarter than a 9 year old, I took out my encyclopaedia of papercraft to see if I could try a even more difficult piece. Was I in luck! This book has a section devoted to origami with projects divided into 3 categories, Simple, Intermediary and Advanced. And guess what is the the most difficult of the difficult? An elephant! How perfect is that?

This is what Paul Jackson, the designer of this origami says in the book :

The final design in the advanced origami section is appropriately the most difficult. Step 7 contains a fiendish closed sink, which will have the most experienced folders fumbling a little. The Step 11 half closed sink is a little better...

So Fafa and I started working on it. Kreistel did the 1st 6 steps and gave up. I struggled and then waited for Fafa to figure out what in the world is a "closed sink". About 1/2 an hour later,Fafa finished her "big" elephant while I was placing birds on Kreistel's finger nails and taking pictures. We both started working on the "mini" version with her intrepreting to me what the book said. Since it was so complex, we used a 4cm by 4 cm paper. Surprisingly, they took a shorter time than the birds (actually, it was easier because we cheated and cut a few steps including the confounding Step 7). You can check out the easier version here.

My 1st mini elephant (1/2" tall, 1/2" wide", I made 3, Fafa 4) :

A week later, i.e. today, I strung them together and made Indian wall hangings or mobile.

To protect the paper, I used Krylon "Preserve It", a paper protectant which is also good for other material. I sprayed on the mobile after they are done.

Here they are in the tent:

Kreistel hasn't seen them yet. I am sure she will be thrilled that her masterpieces are displayed here. I am very proud of her. Just so you know, she can also make origami lotuses and stars and loads of other "advanced" pieces and she learnt it all by reading an origami handbook, no coaching.

Thank you, baby, for these precious gifts.

By the way, there are other "new products" but they pale in significance.

I am sure Kreistel will want to dedicate her peace cranes to the memory of all those who have left us, including Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett, if only she knows who they are.


Pubdoll said...

This is outstanding work! Kudos to both Kristel and you!
And the mobiles looked really nice too!
I especially love the elephants of course :-)

Tallulah~Belle said...

Oh my gosh...those are too perfect...I must have a go lo.

I have a ton of origami paper here but I can only make Kimonos...actually I've never tried anything else...till now :-)

they look soooo fab strung up...I love them.

Sans said...

Helene! How in the world do you re-post, regurgitate my comment and then be the 1st to comment here I have to admit, I love my elephant mobile as well although the photographs show up some imperfections. Can't see them

Jayne, KIMONO????! My goodness!

Thank you both :).

Pubdoll said...

It's because of the time warp, my dear :-)

dora said...

Han quedado perfectos, me encantan los moviles.

Eva said...

These origamis birds are the only origami animal that I know of to do it (in real size of course...).
I always spend all my familiar meeting showing to the children (my son, nephews, nieces....) how to do it by themselves. Again, again and again...LOL
But I never thought in mini sizes..I guess that is very difficult.
I love your elephants and the mobile. Very good idea.
Mini Hugs

Liberty Biberty said...

Absolutely awesome! Tell Kristel she is extremely talented! They look so good all strung together. When I was Kristel's age I learned to make origami pagodas, they could be fitted on top of each other. But I made them in different sizes, drew clothes and faces on them and they became a family! Just like your cranes the smallest was the size of my nine year old finger nail!
Encourage Kristel in the ways of mini making!

Taenia said...

The origami is wonderfull San!
Congratulations for this fantastic work :-)

I'm looking forward to see more pictures of your maharajah's palace!

Katie said...

Oh...So neat!!! And what a great idea to do them in mini!!! I LOVE the mobiles!!! And they look sooo godd hanging in the tent!!! :)

rosanna said...

BRILLIANT !!!! Kristel has been so good, tell her that I love her work. The mobiles are wonderful, I love them in real size even though I do not have any. I prefer the cranes one, it is moving to see all those tiny birds flying. It reminds me of a book I read as a child, it moved me to tears and your cranes have the same effect.

Caseymini said...

Sans! You have done it again. What wonderful idea. The mini cranes and elephants are perfect on the strings. It is great that Kristel wants to work with you. You just might get your 2000 crane wish!

Meli said...

Sans I have no words for Kristel work!!! It's amazing what she did!!! excellent idea!!!
Mini hugs,

Sans said...

Firstly, I really appreciate all your comments, everyone. Kristel will be soooooo happy when she read what you have written!

Dora, Me gusta demasiado el móvil:). Tienen que ser mi favorito de decoración del hogar de todos los tiempos! Un número favorito.
Mobiles are my number 1 favourite home decor item :).

Eva, before Kristel taught me how to make cranes, I could only make boat and planes :). Long time ago, I also knew how to make balls you can blow up but need to refresh my memory with the steps now. Origami is a great way to connect with children. I love it, more now. Mini sizes are best achieved by children because of their small fingers and it makes them feel great that they can do something better than an adult :). I love watching them light up after that, that pride, priceless!

Mercedes, I look up origami pagodas. I will tell Kristel what you did when you were 9. She loves art and is going to get art supplies for her birthday :)

Sans said...

Taenia, thank you for popping over! I know you are so busy with exams and the German fair :) and yet you make time for the comment. Will let Kristel know. The next time she is down, I am going to show her the luggage you made :) especially since she loves craft.

Katie, thank you! I kept going over to the tent to watch the I think it finally look like a shop with those mobiles.

Oh Rosanna,I wonder how Kristel will feel if I tell her they moved you so much. Kids, you an never tell what they are thinking or feeling sometime.

Meli, thank you! Kristel will be so pleased that you have praised her craft. I am going to show her the beautiful baby clothes you crocheted!

Sans said...

Casey! THANK YOU :). I have to think of a new project with her soon and a new little girl (Jewel) who's mum is another craft genius! They want to make a cake shop !!! I am also going to email you soon because I am finishing my 2nd carpet!

Petit/ Debby said...

Ooh WAUW! What a gorgeous mobiles have they become. I don't know how MarG is as a parent, but the childlabour of her nine year old has proven fruitfull.

If she is interested let her see this link.
Not to be discouraged! On the contrary; I'am sure she will find heaps of inspiration there. A very talented girl!

Sans said...

Debby, I just checked out the link you gave me. They are some of the most incredible and mind blowing origami I have ever seen! Wow! Thank you! MarG is Kristel's aunt :).

Ara said...

Sans, the hangings are gorgeous and so tiny!!! You never fail to amaze me with the things you come up with!! And you have an amazingly talented neice. I remember trying origami when I was probaly about her age and giving up rather quickly... haha! -ara

Living said...

Ooo, I like it. :) I'd be interested in putting the palace, and maybe a closeup of your oragami hangings, on fluffybricks some day... if I can.

Her house really is awesome isn't it! More will be coming soon.

Sans said...

Ara,good to see you back !! Comp fixed I hope? LOL Kristel's not my niece. She is MarG, my housemate's niece :). Yes, she picked up a lot of the origami herself.

Fluff, wow, I will be so honoured! Just email me whatever you need :). My goodness, Kristel will be thrilled to bits! Also, I can't wait to see more of Amy's house. I wish she would create more dollhouses but that one has so much details I can go back and look at it again and again. Her house has been listed in this blog as one of my inspirational dollhouse!

Jean Day said...

What a wonderful activity and excellent results, so great to pass on your love of minis to Kristel!!! They are so tiny! The tent looks wonderful lit,

Mini Hugs, Jean

Sans said...

Hey Jean!!!! Nice to see you again! Have been wondering as you have posted anything for a while! Thank you ,my dear for your encouragements!

Caseymini said...

Sans, you have an award waiting for you at my blog. Please come and pick it up.

Sans said...

Wow, Casey, just when I have dedicated Day 80 post to you. :) Thank you.

Snowfern said...

wow that's a really good idea! they're soooo teeny weeny and so lovely!

Sans said...

Hey Fern :), thank you for following my blog! I am also interested in what you are doing. Are we a rare bunch in Singapore (dollhouse enthusiast) or is it me not being out much ? lol. Let's talk more :). I think what you do is awesome!

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