Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Day 75- I Am The Light

I am a ware and wish to share,
I am a new, my needs are few
I will be assuaged, at peace, Alas

When I find for my temple, my tent, The Light
No illumination, not electrified
Let me see please, give me sight
My ladies moaned, my Rajah cried

I have been tasked to pass the torch
by Eva, our Spanish Notch
Famed for an injured bird and knives
she painstakingly mi-nia-turised

So here they are, My Blogs of Light,
be day or night, they so delight
For darkness pass quickly with them for company
Be it tea with Rosanna, Helene or Katie

And if five of them I must choose
There's also Zar and Tessie, Casey's moose
But if they be counted as one not two
Then there's Jodie Creager too.

My blogs of light are picked because these bloggers are "light"hearted story tellers apart from being de"light"ful miniaturists/artists (stop groaning please, I am in a poetic mood)
I hope to hear what they have to say after the line "I AM A LIGHT AND I WANT TO ILLUMINATE" and who they pick for their own 5 blogs of light.


Katie said...

Oh Sans!! I am soooo honored!! I'll have to think on this one...haha! Stayed tuned....

Hey....When did Casey get a moose??? LOL

Creager Studios said...

Dearest Sans... I accept this 'Point of Light' with Pride and Honor...and see it as a sign...today is my Father's Birthday...but sadly he is no longer with me ...so this award of light is almost as if he is...in the form of 'Light'

Thank You

Big Hugs,

Eva said...

LOL I love your description of mine LOL ;-)

rosanna said...

My dear, you take me aback! I took some time before answering because I do not feell a light at all. All the contary I'm the one who searches. Not in a Socratic mood, I'm not looking for just man, but simply for a just myself. I'm honoured and delighted. Now I have to thik.... I'm no poet nor writer,but I'll try and do my best. Thank you

Pubdoll said...

Wow, this is so nice! Thank you again! Impressive work, the poem is so lovely, you have really lit up my day:) And no one deserves this award more than you! With all your research and wonderful stories you have enlightened us all!

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