Saturday, 11 July 2009

Day 83-Jayne, The Bonsai Priestess

As some of you may have known, I am a big fan of Jayne's (Tallulah Belle) cherry blossom bonsai, so much so I nicknamed her the Bonsai Priestess in one of my write-up about her work. Jayne has mentioned in a February post on her blog about how her 1st cherry bonsai was her favourite piece and that making it was hell. Of course, I had to torture her after that and when she accepted my commissions, one of the bonsai and the other, the national flower of India, I was thrilled.

On 27/5/09, she finished my sacred lotus pond and posted it on her blog. I left a comment claiming my piece and demanding that it be signed off a certain way and my dear Jayne did exactly that.

On 6/7/09, happiness arrived in a box, not only of the pieces I commissioned but so many other wonderful creations as well as a souvenir from one of Jayne's trips and even chocolates.

Everyone who follows Jayne's work will know how incredibly difficult it is to find any more new adjectives to praise her littlest creations. I am in a double fix because Jayne is also a professional photographer, or she might as well be with her talent. I also don't have a palace yet (oh, you mean you didn't know that?). So I decided to showcase the beauty of her work in the only way I know how. Trompe l' oeil photography, a fusion of Roman mural art technique, Indian architecture and artistry and Singaporean art of cheating. This is partly inspired by Rosanna's La Casa Rossa which probably will be built sooner than mine and she's only started documenting it, 7 months after I have started this blog.

The 2 books I am using for this endeavour:

And so, without further ado, I present Palace Blooms from Tallulah Belle as recorded in the pages of history:

each flower measures about 1mm in diameter, height of plant (fully extended 2 1/2", pot- 1 3/4")

no ruler small enough to measure flowers, pot is 1/4" height of plant 1/2"


each flower measures about 1 cm, leaf slightly smaller, pond is 4" long and 1 1/2" at widest

HOT PINK DAISIES (she named it, not me)
flower 5mm, pot 1/2" wide height of plant including pot 1"

flower 6-7mm, pot is 3/8" wide, height of plant 1 1/4"

1/2 " at its widest and 1/2" high

Kokopelli Wind Chime
life size, "a little bit of America", says Jayne

This note came with the gift : Who was Kokopelli?

Known as a fertility god,prankster, healer and story teller, Kokopelli has been a source of wonder throughout the country for centuries. Kokopelli embodies the true American Southwest and daes back over 3000 years ago when the first petroglypohs were carved.

There are many myths of the famous Kokopelli. One of which is that he travelled from village to village bringing the changing of winter to spring; melting the snow and bringing about rain for a successful harvest. It is also said that the hunch on his back hold the sacks of seeds and songs he brought. Legend also has it that everyone in the village would sing and dance throughout the night when they heard Kokopelli plays the flute. The next morning, every maiden in the village would be with child.

Whatever the true meaning of Kokopelli is, he has been a source of music making and dancing and is always welcome in our homes.

and last but not least,

I laughed when I read the tag line on the box "Handcrafted in Small Batches". She is truly a perfectionist. Even my chocolates are crafted by hand.

I am deeply indebted, my dear friend and will treasure your gifts. Even the chocolates will be eaten only to celebrate, maybe the completion of my next project!


rosanna said...

OMG OMG !!! every thing beautiful from the wind chime to the tiniest blossom.Sooner or later I'll fetch courage enough to call on Jayne and ask something for me. At the moment I'm happy for you.Have a nice day. Hugs

Sans said...

My sentiments exactly, Rosanna. I exclaimed the same way when I opened the parcel :)

Texas Belle said...

What clever displays! In a few of them, I actually had to search for a few seconds before I could spot the mini. Very lovely little gifts.

TheKeyBunch said...

Lovely gifts! This is the first time at your blog, and I love it!


MiniKat said...

What great treasures, San!

Sans said...

Thank you Belle :). I was hoping to achieve the effect but too successfully since you only took a few seconds :).

Welcome here , Sharon and I hope to see you here often :).

Thank you Kat! I think so too as dear Jayne has mentioned that she may want to cut short her calling as a miniaturist :( but we will persuade her not to, right?

Ara said...

You are so lucky!!! This bonsai is so pretty and will go perfect with your palace!!! I love the colors on everything! And your photography idea was just too clever! I love it! -ara

Tallulah~Belle said...

Well, well, well, what do we have here then :-)

Susan, I love the way you have photographed them. Even I had to look and I know what I am looking for. You are right...they do really blend in well.

I am SO pleased you love them all....for me that is the best part of making them. I love to see where my little creations end up.

As for the got what you asked for. Luckily I had something big enough to put it on :-)

The Kokopelli was just a little bit of Southwest America for you and as for the choccies...well I don't like most American chocolate but these are pretty good...and handcrafted lol.

Thank so much for liking my work enough to buy it and for showcasing it in such a wonderful way (((((())))))

Sans said...

Thank you Ara for always saying the sweetest things. When your skills are not great, you always fall back on tricks! :)

Sans said...

Jayne, I really did not know how to showcase the beauty of your work.Ad I have explained in the email to you, in presenting them this way, they have blended so well with the background that the details of your work may not be obvious.
As you already know, this came to me when I was flipping my fav reference book while deciding how to photograph the flowers, I was amazed at how the flowers fit seamlessly into a palace setting.

Anyway, I notice that your latest post ( shows the pictures of these flowers perfectly :). Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Liberty Biberty said...

Wow!! You lucky, lucky girl! Jayne's flowers are stunning! Your photography is simply amazing! I have one of those little choco boxes that I got from somewhere when I was a kid!

Tallulah~Belle said...

You are welcome my dear :-)

Sans said...

Merce, the box is still under plastic wrap as I cannot bear to eat it. I hope it is coconut flavour but I will love all others as well.Guess I have taken the book background trick a little step further. :)

Pubdoll said...

Wow Sans, these flowers are awesome, you lucky, lucky girl!
The tiny cherry blossom bonsai are unbelievable, I can't understand how it's possible to make something that small!
My dear, you really have become a gifted Trompe l'oeil artist and taken the Singaporean art of cheating to a completely new level!I love your photos of the flowers, especially of the red geraniums, very clever!

Sans said...

Helene, the 2 girls with the geraniums is my fav. Close 2nd is the 1st pic, aerial shot of the bonsai. I am a little surprise that these pictures turn out rather well.

I don't know how she does it but they are all made by hand. No wonder her eyesight is getting worse now :). I am indeed very lucky and very very blessed to have all these wonderful gifts from everyone, including you!

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