Saturday, 16 May 2009

Day 66-Carpet Couches

MY 1ST CHAIRS, these low Indian chairs are made to accompany the "carved table" for Maharajah Ranjit Singh, my carpet seller. The measurements are: Base- 4 3/8" by 3", height 1" without the bolsters and another inch, with.

I did this while working on another project. They are my "carpets" projects with carpets that I showcased on Day 64. This one took me 2 hours while the other which I shall not name at the moment has taken me almost 2 months from conceptualisation to Step 1.

Anyway, I thought of making these chairs when I bought the handwoven coasters for S$2 each. The wood base are from the clay dolls which I pried off so that they can fit into the "party house".

The "legs" of the chairs are beads I picked specially for the chairs. 24 of them cost only S$3.

Apart from sanding the chair base, construction method is really just glue, glue and more glue. Sanding really makes glue stick. So it is highly recommended.

Here's the 7 steps to successful carpet chair making:

Step 1: Sand base
Step 2: Glue carpet onto base top

Step 3: Stick 2 beads together for height

Step 4: While waiting for glue to dry, make bolsters
Step 5: Glue beads onto base of table
Step 6: Fit bolsters onto chair base and admire or groan

Step 7: Make a scene (optional) and take pictures (must)
This is so simple, you don't even need all 7 steps.

On the other hand, the other project is still at Step 1. If I can finish it by tonight, I will post it up and then I will have completed my Weekend Carpet Projects.


Katie's Clay Corner said...

Yea!!! The chairs look really good! You bought those mini rugs as coasters??? LOL, those are some fancy coasters!!!!

rosanna said...

Yu have been very clever! I love your chairs. You are learning very fast, I cannot stay behind you any more. Hugs

Sans said...

Katie, these are coasters in real life :). I saw these at the shop and started rolling one into a bolster to the chagrin of the shopkeeper haha! Anyway, I thought I could make chairs out of them so I bought them after bargaining a long time. Thought I could get them for S$1..LOL.

O Rosanna, it's been 6 months since I started dreaming of this palace and this is only the 9th thing I have made so far! I am surely way behind.Thank you for loving my chair. Let me know the style of your Red House and dimensions and maybe I can make you an Indian low chair :)

rosanna said...

The Going to Be Red House will have a contemporary inside despite its vintage facade. BTW the Aubusson carpet is as big as yours but I have been very lazy. I lost my enthusiasm, you know why, but now I feel I can get over it.

Josje Veenenbos, said...

Great seats you have made Sans! The little carpets are wonderful and at such a low price too!
I found a fab picture in a book my husband bought me today. I think you'll like it! I'll do a post on it tomorrow.

Sans said...

I really can't wait to see your carpet, Rosanna. The reason I picked up stitching was because handmade mini carpets are exorbitantly priced. I can byuy a few real size ones for one of these arusan piece. If you click through to Ludwina Akbulut's site (under Artisan, left column), you will know what I mean. I can't imagine how much an Aubusson handmade carpet will cost especially when you are so good with the needle, Rosanna.

Josje, I am very lucky in some ways to be able to get these handmade mini rugs (although it is a little too thick and the print is not quite to scale). The economy is not great here so merchants want to just sell them off cheap. I can get more if you want.Drop me an email if you fancy anything. The things I buy are really not too expensive and I usually list the price of the really cheap ones. I can't wait to see your picture too.

Texas Belle said...

I just love these! What a clever use for those little coasters!

Meli said...

San it just lovely!!! The palace is coming to be a dream thanks to you superb well done job!!
I love the carptes that you have used.
Warm regads,

Sans said...

Thank you Belle.

Meli, that is a really sweet thing to say. By the way, one of these is coming your way :)

Pubdoll said...

These chairs are so great, thanks for the tutorial!
I didn't have the time to write anything when I first saw your page, but love your style!

Sans said...

Thank you Helene! Haven't heard "love your style" for quite some time now LOVE THAT! Thank you again!

Jean Day said...

Your chairs are wonderful, what a great idea! You were so lucky finding the coasters. Such a great scene.

Mini Hugs, Jean

Sans said...

Thank you, Jean :). You are always so generous with your praises :). Jean, if you fancy some, just let me know. My offer is opened to anyone who wants some carpet coasters while stock last lol. Just drop me an email. NO need to craft chairs from them, can really use them as coasters except they make your cup slightly

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