Thursday, 5 November 2009

Day 96 & A Moon-Kreativ Dreams

In a bid to rescue me from my stupor in the accursed moon I was "bewitched", some of my blogger friends threw me lifelines back to blog land.

Ironically, my 1st ones came from another witch, Tessie from Spiderwort Manor who gave me not one but two awards, the Kreativ Blogger Award and the Blog and A Dream Award. How apt, I thought. Wake up! Dreams' Over. I can just hear Tessie screeching over my head with her dragon. Then there's the darling and ever talented Jean Day (who herself had been recalled with the same award) and sweet Roberta, who despite the foreign language, struggles through my long posts of nightmares. Of course, there is also my dear dear friend, Rosanna and then Kiva, who gave this award to my other blog with an impossible long name. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

I love awards but not always the rules. So no rules today, just a celebration. Tonight, I want to celebrate the wonderful worlds of Kiva, Eva, Ara and Rosanna, who are also the miniaturists and the recipients of both the awards from me. I picked them not because their names rhyme, but because their work fulfil both the creative and dreamlike elements of both the awards.

So here they are, the incredible Kiva, Eva, Ara and Rosanna and the 7 THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW and which I have made up about them:
"The Poisoner In The Box"-Kiva Atkinson

No.1 - It is clear from her miniatures that Kiva has been making minis for a loooooooong time (that's why she is soooooooo good). In fact, I understand it was since Obama was a teenager running in a tank top around her neighbourhood. This explains Kiva's penchant for tank tops and why she's never made her minis without them.

"Root People At Play"-Kiva Atkinson

"Mr Witchy Tree For a Bookcase"- Eva Perendreu Mata
(pic fresh off the press!)

"Pumpkin Man"- Ara Bentley

"Pumpkin Man T-Cosy" -Rosanna Rolla

No.2 - Our girls often make images of men in vegetation. They in fact believe that the 1st human beings are plants and not amoebas. They therefore do not eat vegetables.

"Fairies' Picnic"- Eva Perendreu Mata

No.3 -So strict a non-non vegan is Eva that she absolutely does not depict vegetables as food in her mini picnics.

"Addams Family Picnic" -Rosanna Rolla

No. 4 And where Rosanna's work is concerned, the ideal picnic scene should be one without food so that noone will be distracted from her beautiful embroidery.

"Octopus In A Bucket"- Kiva Atkinson

"Aristotle The Octopus In An Organ"- Ara Bentley

No.5 No guessing what Kiva and Ara's favourite seafood is and how they like it prepared.

"A Tudor Boar's Head"-Kiva Atkinson

No. 6 Kiva is a household name with the Singapore loan sharks. Over here, when you don't pay up, they hang pig's head over your front door as a warning.

No. 7: Our girls never sleep.

Kiva churns out commission work overnight and only perfect ones, make some more for her virtual shop in ebay, updates her website and then blogs and writes 55 posts just in October.

Eva holds a full time job, mothers and then make room boxes after room boxes to give away to hardworking doctors and little girls while posting regularly for her 2 blogs.

Ara drafts plans for houses into the night, have 2 mini mansions in the works, makes complicated minis, runs her photo studio , organises swaps and owns 2 blogs which she updates faithfully.

Rosanna works, washes, cooks, irons, replies to emails, nurses her sick child and still make tens of cushions and tea cosies to give to friends and admirers while building her casa rossa. She also owns 2 blogs and is running a swap for Christmas.

So put your hands together please, for Kiva, Eva, Ara, Rosanna, the wonder girls!

"Thing/Hand-(work in progress)"-Ara Bentley

I am so proud that a bit of their artistry will eventually lie in My Maharajah's Palace and even prouder that they have become my friends.

All pics click through to the website or blog where they are taken. Go and feast your eyes but be prepared for a long and plentiful feast.


Ara said...

Sans!! First I am completly honored to be included in this post! And what a fun one to read!! haha! I gratefully accept these awards and will hopefully be posting them soon! Once again your creativity astounds me! Hugs - Ara

dales_dreams said...

A most enjoyable post! :)

rosanna said...

Wow, you make me feel a mixture between Wonder and Bionic woman, Thank you very much my dear, I really had fun reading your post. Did ever think about writing a book ? Hugs Rosanna

Eva said...

You are the best!! Seriously, you are great!!!
As Ara said, I feel so honoured and overhelmed for such beautiful post and moreover I have a lot of fun reading it..
Thanks for the awards, This weekend I will be very happy to post it....
It is true...why I never have done vegetables when I Love vegetables??? A mistery... :)

Pubdoll said...

Your posts always crack me up :-)

miniaturist59 said...

HAHA!!! This was great fun, thank you so much, Susan!! Like the others, I feel SO honored! I'm also blushing :-)

Snowfern said...

ha ha ha Sans you sneaky git! i'm still trying to dodge this one from Jocelyn....i can't possibly copy your style and not have a whole slew of your 'gang' come after me can i? CAN I PLEASE?

nah. it's still too much work. :X *snorts*

(where oh where do you come up with such creative posts?? i need some of what you're drinking.)

Snowfern said...

oh, and uhm, i hate to tell you this, but your blog is suffering from a bad case of dandruff...

*tugs on Kiva's tank top and runs off*

Marie Antionette said...

Hello Sans,
A wonderful post and such fun.Nice going to all the girls.Love the color.
XXOO Marie Antionette

Sans said...

Firstly, I want to thank all the award recipients :):) for their kind permission to use their photos and the liberty of stretching the truth. I maintain however that all good things about them is 100% heartfelt and sincere.

I am also glad you all had fun.

Sans said...

CINDYYYYYYYY! You had me giggling for a full 10 mins and now I am paralysed with a silly grin on my face. Shit! Can't wipe it off. I did think that the snowflakes' too small. Seriously, you think I should use the ones with bigger blobs?

If you want to know, my posts often take at least 2-3 hours (not counting prep time ie photos). Even award posts. Then I spend time looking for widgets to "decorate" the blog or links to add etc. You don't want to do what I do.

Right, Marie? LOL. Thanks for popping by.

Snowfern said...

*giggles* yea i think maybe snowflaked shapes? i am on ADSL, so it's not so bad, but for your readers on dialup it might be a nightmare to load....

it's a nice touch though, i was just being silly, forgive me! *properly chastised*

dales_dreams said...

Watch out Sans, Cindy is known for being a naughty girl. ;)

Wow, it takes me two hours to make a boring post on my blog. lol ;)

I enjoyed reading this for the second time as well. ;)

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