Friday, 4 December 2009

Day 102- Love Letters Bearing Gifts

2 Envelopes (1.9cm by 9cm) sitting on an upside down pot

Maya and Jai have been apart for almost seven months now. Remember RoSanNa's pillows? Well, that was the last time they saw each other.

(Gift Bags in Vintage Papers by Katrina)

Being states apart (Jai in Chandni Chowk Delhi, Maya in Rajasthan), they write each other everyday. Occasionally, their letters bear gifts. Presents that were painstakingly planned, then lovingly made and finally, carefully wrapped and sent off. So thoughtful were their gifts for each other that they usually bring with them tear jerking moments or screams of delight.

One such moment was tonight when Maya received a parcel and a long awaited letter from her beloved. She quickly settled in her favourite corner of the room and started reading. Soon, there were tears in her eye with yearning:

My darling Maya,

A million kisses from Chandni Chowk. I have missed you dearly. Have you missed me too? I dreamt of you again last night, sweet cake. I am afraid it is yet another naughty dream and I woke up shivering and screaming. In agony for missing you (at this point, Maya blushes). I shall not give you the details lest you blush. And you know how much I can't stand not being next to you when you blush. Ohhh, Mamamia, mwah mwah mwah.

I must thank you for your lovely gifts, mutton chops. One of them I am holding now in my hand as I write. The December issue of "Masala Glam" with my favourite actress, Katrina on the cover. Could it be you wanted her to keep me company? Dar-Dar, she may be Bollywood's most famous stand-in, but how can anyone take your place?

Speaking of fame, my curry puff, have you framed up the 2 pictures I gave you? Did you like the green and red frames? I bought them from a British lady who told me they are "Christmassy", whatever that means.

Back to this "girlie" magazine. (By the way, I have sent you a copy of Mahatma Gandhi's latest biography, the cover is in blue, your favourite colour) You know I hardly read these fluffy stuff, but I was at the barber's , so I read your Masala Glam from cover to cover. "8 Ways To Tell If She Really Loves You" by Roberta is particularly fascinating and I want you to take the test, Baby BuBu, by answering these questions:

What are the names you are called (should be easy for you, Cootie Koo)
What are you wearing now (ooooooh, do you want to know what I am wearing? is something very se
xy, ok ok, its my golden turban)
What did you do last night,
yesterday, today (hehe, you already know what I did last night...)
4. What are the 2 things you eat ( I don't really understand how what you eat equals how you love me. Maybe it is a trick question?)
Who did you wri
ng today? ( I think they mean "what")
What are the 2 things you will do today? (I know this one! Read my letter and then weep!)
7. What are your 3 favourite drinks (hmmm, another puzzling one but I have sent you some pitchers and a pot, so you can brew and boil whatever your heart desires)
8. What are your 3 wishes? (For me, I wish you were here or I was there..Argh! This is neither here nor there!)

Please do not let me wait too long for your reply. Yours longingly, Jai

Maya's reply:

Dear Jai, my Chapati, Peanut Head, Godzilla,

I am welling up again just writing your names. My heart is broken into pieces from your absence.

I am glad you have enjoyed Masala Glam but that was last year's issue and I have put it in your parcel to protect the scented candles I made you. I didn't know you like Katrina. What else haven't you told me, Pontek? Do you think she is pretty? O never mind, PooPoo, my imagination is getting the better of me. Have I told you I miss you?

I have decided to put your photo in the green frame instead of the pictures you sent which I have pinned up on the wall. I am returning you the red frame with my picture so now we have "couple" picture frames. How sweet is that? And you can throw away the silly magazine with Katrina on the cover.

You know the blue chest you sent the pot and pitchers in? I love it so much, it is now my favourite (and only) furniture in the room. But why the utensils? Do you think I should be stuck in the kitchen my whole life?

By the way, did you like the oriental cloth I sent? You didn't say anything in your last letter? I have begged, stole and borrowed to buy it. It's for your bed so don't put in on the floor (Oops!) or have you done that already?

Oh yes, and why are you wearing your golden turban? You men only dress up for weddings or funerals. Why so fancy all of a sudden?

You want to know what I am wringing? I am wringing my hands in exasperation for not knowing what's going on with you and I will wring your neck if you are messing with any of those gypsy girls you are drumming with.

I hope you know I am jealous only because I really love you.By the way, you did not say those 3 magic words in your last letter.

Lastly, I just want to tell you that all my 3 wishes have to do with you but I can't tell you what they are or they won't come true. Write me soon! Yours faithfully (emphasis added), Maya

Post Script: Sometime back, I have made a range of silver hookahs which I named after Katrina because she had inspired my creation with a comment she made. In gratitude, I have sent her one of these hookahs.
Since then, I believe poor Katrina or Katie as she is more popularly known, has been ridden with a guilt she should not feel, for not sending me something back. She has emailed me numerous time apologising and explaining that she just could not think of something that would suit my palace.
Yesterday, I received all 22 of her surprises. Like advent calendar gifts, one for each day counting down to Christmas. Every piece is painstakingly planned, lovingly made and then carefully wrapped. All of them, suitable for my palace.

Katie, I love them all and I am overwhelmed and very thankful. I hope you have enjoyed the story because this one is truly inspired by what you have done for me.

And for anyone out there curious about what I am wearing , it is .....


It is my wish that you are wearing one too.


Ara said...

Wonderful story as usual Sans! I love Maya's response..... I can see a little of myself and my hubby in there... not knowing what the magazines were for - haha! Katie's made so many beautiful things for you!! I love the tiny letters and gift bags! hugs - ara

Sans said...

Thank you Ara. Those envelopes with the Indian postage and Gandhi stamps have to be my fav fav but I also love the Marlies' jugs and the red pot as well as the magazine and book and shikes, everything else.

dora said...

I love stories as recounts.
It has received some very well-deserved and precious gifts. Luciran very well in his palace.
Carmen hugs

Pubdoll said...

Ahhh, they're so sweet! Even though I'm a big romantic I never would be able to write love letters like that! But both Jai an Maya does it so well!
So many beautiful and thoughtful gifts as well, no wonder they (you) got inspired! Love the envelopes!

Sans said...

Carmen, thank you so much! I think I will use most of them in my next project, the tribal house.

Sans said...

Of course you can Helene, and definitely better. :):) I know how you write, remember? I was combining Roberta's 8 question quiz with the letters, so that helps because I didn't have to think too much about how to structure the exchange. It was already determined for me. Ok, too early here, 6am and typing in gibberish..haha..not sure if anyone can understand this.

My pictures don't do justice to the envelopes, very hard to capture something so small.

Snowfern said...

so beautiful! i especially love the picture frames, and their contents XD

Lize said...

Hallo 'Pumpkin',
Today I'll be going around calling people names like 'Muffin' and 'Honey Buns' because of this story. But seriously 'Strawberry Cake', nice gifts! Like those letters.

All you 'Sugar Dumplings' out there, have a great weekend, mine is over and my week is starting today.

Signing off,

Sans said...

You know Cindy, I have always known that I am good at drawing and today, you are my affirmation! I am so glad I am such a confident person :p! Thank you for noticing. I don't think anyone else did atm. They may have thought Katrina did it..hah!

Sans said...

Lize, I just found out from some of my friends that for terms of affection, the men call their wives "siao" ("mad") and the women call their husbands "gong" ("dumb"). How's that for perverse?

You mean you don't get 4 weekends since you are a foreigner? LOL! A friend was in USAid Singapore (back then when there was one) and he enjoyed all the local and US holidays :).

Katie said...

Oh Susan....everything looks amazing!! So glad to see it got there so quick! I LOVE the story you put together to go along with everything! Make me 'Grin' the whole time!!!

so...I don't remember what I put in the letter, so I wanted to explain some stuff real quick. I picked up those frames at a second hand store...even kept a couple for myself, lol. Did you notice the Alice in Wonderland pitcher?? That's for you! If I'm right, I do think we talked once about how much we love that when I found the paper, I thouhgt how perfect! I made a book once from the material I sent one of my favorites!! Just so pretty, huh?! Most of the paper goods were found while out surfing the net...Anytime I see something that reminds me of you , I put it aside:) And the candles.....those are can light them if you'd like, just don't let them burn for long or you won't have them anymore, lol....although, I have about a hundred more sitting if you get addicted to lighting and burning them, like I have, lol....I do have more!!! Again so glad you got everything....and so quickly!!

Liberty Biberty said...

Gorgeous gifts from Katie, all palace perfect!
The mini mail is fantatic!

Carmen L said...

Exquisite, everything what you do is precious(beautiful) and it(he,she) me does not stop amazing the colors and shades in all your creations Sans. I am useful to wish a happy cristmas you and that the new year you otorge of happiness, from espaƱa a friend who shares your aficcion.
An embrace

Sans said...

Katie, I love that card of yours and what it says on the cover. Inside you started with " I bet you thought I forgot .." lol and then went on to explain a little about the cloth and the candles :).

The pitchers are all gorgeous and I was thinking you have deliberately picked the more "Indian" designs. I didn't notice that it was Alice in wonderland though ..duh! But thought since it was British India, you might have picked a vintage European picture.

I am very touched by all your Gandhi references since you probably saw on my blog that he is my hero. lol

Thank you, my dear. You have been super duper thoughtful.

Sans said...

Merce, I must confess when I saw what Katie did for you (she sent you some mini mails too) I was like, wow! and a little envious. Now I have em too! Yay!

Sans said...

Carmen, those are precious words from the master herself! I hope you have met Mercedes, who's the other shabby chic queen.

Forever your fan, Susan.

Marie Antionette said...

I always wear a grin when I visit here.Everything is just so beautiful.The color is always brillant.I love color.Your story is just wonderful to read. The scenery is to die for.
Thank you for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments.I'll try and tell you about my Christmas village.
If you ever see Lemax brand houses or Dept 54, my village is on those scales.My porch is 40 ft by 8 ft. Half my porch is classed in. My village goes down about 18 ft...across the 8 ft, back up abou16 ft. The houses are not doll house size.These are full size Christmas village pieces. I did make the graveyard. and I've made other thigs as well. The wireing is under the table.The snow covers everything else. My son inlaw made the video and put the music to it.My village grows every year.I've been doing this now for about 23 years. I'm glad you enjoyed looking at it.It makes putting it together every year worth while.I have a very big closet. I put the houses in chicken boxes and just stack them.Its only my husband and I living here.Daughter grown and gone.Its her old bedroom that I do my crafts in.Its her old closet that I store my village in.If you need to know anything else about the village ,let me know.
XXOO Marie Antionette

Sans said...

Oh Marie, your village is all I can think of now. What a fantastic collection! I just went to search Lemax & Dept 56. The scale may be 1:48, the houses are like 8 by 11 only (inches of course). I also saw some with furnishings. I think it's the pub with the pool table? I bet you are mesmerised every time your village lights up. I will be. Of course, the packing away is hell after that. I don't even put up a Xmas tree now because it took us months to put it away after..haha!

Eva said...

I love the Maya answer too *GRIN*
The gifts are wonderful and very special for your palace *GRIN*.
And I love the envelopes with Gandhi's face.
Congratulations Susan, you deserved it.
Your imagination is fab and always make me *GRIN* :)
Un beso

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I am reading it in the middle of an ongoing class while other students are presenting their final I can't laugh out loud...but this was crazy funny... :D
I hope the professor doesn't see me grinning :D ....

Sans said...

Eva! Haha! I have just visited your blog this morning and may I say again your bookshelf is incredible! I can't wait to see what else you have come up with for Christmas. You setting up a village? Gotta go check what's "un beso" now. Ok, got i, un beso back GRIN GRIN GRIN!

Sans said...

Sumaiya, you are back to school??? Wow, I want to do that too, man, one of these days. So congrats!

Not sure if you know I have been playing with Maya a fair bit lately. She's so versatile and always always, so beautiful. Do you know it is impossible to take a bad picture of her? I tried to make her look "crossed & upset" but, no, there's always that ethereal beauty and Mona Lisa smile.

Finally, someone thought this is crazy funny! WHOOPIE!

dale said...

This is fantastic, Sans!

You do have quite the sense of humor. :)

(I'm a bit behind and I am trying to catch up)

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