Thursday, 12 February 2009

Day 27-Making Miniature Oriental Rugs & Carpets

I BOUGHT this book last Friday so that I can make my own mini Persian which would have otherwise cost me thousands of dollars. When I was searching for an image of the book online, today I found Lynne who has actually completed many of the designs in the book. These are some of them (if you visit Mini Mum, you can also find her mini rugs from other books):

So pretty, I must start on them soon.


Meli said...

OOOOhhh!!! They are indeed beautiful, How I wish to make one of them.. Hoping to see your work soon.
Kind regards,

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Lovely designs!

San said...

I was so tired and sleepy when I did this post. Fell asleep right after "So pretty.." When I woke up, there were already 2 comments from Meli and Sumaiya :) :). Thank you again for reading. I will try and buy the materials for the rugs next week. My mum told me there's a shop in Chinatown.

Sandra Morris said...

I once made a stair carpet which took me almost 2 years to complete!
Never again!!!
But good luck with your carpets.......I hope you are more dedicated than me :-)

San said...

2 years!!! Your carpet is worth thousands then. I don't think I will have your kind of dedication!! Sandra but thanks for the heads up! I know carpets are tough to make even with a pattern book.

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

thanks darling for putting me on the the way, i love your list of new favorite is the Hiroyuki & Kyoko plant makers...I am blown away by their quality of work!

San said...

Dear Sumaiya, let me tell you, I am quite picky on who I put on this list :). 1st criteria- must be absolutely mind-blowing to me. I don't know if you have gone through the competition catalogue of the Miniature Book Society. Check them out if you haven't because some of the books are just out-of-this-world beautiful.

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