Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Day 74-Lego's Taj Mahal

I have been following Helene's blog at PUBDOLLS rather faithfully. And in almost all ways, she is responsible for this post. You see, she builds her dollhouses with Lego bricks . I know, I was sceptical at first until I saw what she did with her house. Helene also introduced Lego's Frank Lloyd Wright's "Architecture Series" in one of her posts. Now I am a big fan of Frank so of course I am very interested.

Yesterday when I was out with my sister and her kiddies at Plaza Singapura , a mall very near my home, I visited the Lego store. They had only 1 box with architectural theme and it was this one:

Lego's largest puzzle in 74 years with 5922 pieces costing S$576 (if I pay S$30 for membership, I get a 10% discount).

For those of you who did not follow my journey to India on Day 23, I was in Agra on Jan 22 this year, visiting Taj Mahal. Not exactly a palace but a mausoleum, I was in there , completely awed and tearing at its sheer magnificence. (I know you don't believe me but I do cry over buildings).

Trust me too when I say this Lego set is an amazing replica . Experienced Lego fans are expected to finish construction in 35-40 hours. This is a You-Tube video of someone fast-forwarding the building process.

This Lego set canot replace the palace I want to build. For one, it does not have enough rooms for my palace.The size is over 20" wide and 16" high The actual mausoleum does not have any furnishings inside except for a tomb in the middle of the main hall. It truly is just a huge , beautiful and extravagant tombstone for Shah Jahan's wife. And that is how Lego has designed this.

This means that if I acquire this set, it too can only serve as a tomb and of course, that means someone, someone important enough, has to DIE. Decisions, decisions...help me?


Meli said...

Sans, don't know how to help!!!

Josje Veenenbos, said...

Oh Sans, this post made me laugh, I'm sorry I know...When I started reading this post I thought "Gosh, Sans should visit Legoland, where the've built all of these famous buildings with lego-stones, including the Taj Mahal. I had no idea they sell it as a kit! (don't tell my son, he loves Lego, although he's more into the Star Wars ships and all that).
Now Sans, with your imagination I am sure you can come up with some amazing love story and maybe it could end somewhat like Snowwhite, where it turns out she wasn't really dead at all. Or Whatshername, who sleeps for 100 years (enough time to build a beautiful mausoleum)and then finds her prince...

rosanna said...

I agree with Josje; you can make up EVERYTHING!!! BTW the Lego set is beautiful. I've been to Legoland in Windsor and it's incredible what they are able to do wih a "few" plastic brics

Tallulah~Belle said...

OH my.....amazing....couldn't imagine building it though.

I forgot about legoland.....yes they have all the big buildings there.

Katie said...

What an amazing Lego set!!! And so many peices! I checked out part of the blog you suggested, and am going to have to go back for more later!! I never really had thought about using Lego peices for furniture.....although I must admit, I have been seriously thinking about building a wall out of Legos for Cora's house.....Need something strong, and what's stronger than Legos......lol!!

Maybe if you were to get the set, you could make it a family members tomb...maybe someone special that has already passed??

Liberty Biberty said...

You have got to be kidding?! I have never seen a Lego set like that!! I am truly amazed! I'm guessing its not cheap?
Well, I can think of an evil Maharajah that should die but the evil ones always live the longest don't they, guess it'll have to be some beautiful heroine. Why not wait until you have your first breakage...and then entomb the poor wretch...let those neices play with the palace people...lol!

Pubdoll said...

I'm flattered be the attention:)
And yes, you do need it!
I think it's a mausolum for poor (taj?)Mahendra,
as a memory of her Dance of Eternal Beauty.
And since the Prince regrets to this day the execution of Mahendra and his lost chance for immortality, he seeks the different kind of immortality the making of this tomb will give him.

Sans said...

Thank you peeps for all your suggestions, even poor Meli..lol.

Josje, I saw the Legoland Taj online..wow. You too, can be a scriptwriter for Indian melodrama..lol.

Rosanna, you lucky thing although before this whole dollhouse thing, I am not sure if I would visit Legoland..maybe only with the kiddies. I am not a fan of Disney either, only Pinocchio ;p.LOL

Katie, can you imagine these for your boys?? Check out the Star wars version. They say that it is comparable to the Taj for size and beauty and well worth the money.

Merce, it is S$576 (before 10% discount+S$30) lol. Not this month though. completely broke even though it is the 1st week only.

Helene, you can be my ghostwriter!! LOL

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Wow!! this is such a beautiful piece of art!! Thanks for sharing the eye candy!! I am blown away!~ Tracy

Sans said...

Yeah Tracy, it is quite amazing, isn't it? If you check out the Frank Lloyd Wright series or other monument series, I am sure they are as mind blowing as this one. This is the biggest though.

Eva said...

I have a light award waiting for you (if you want) in muy blog.
Mini Hugs

Sans said...

Wow, a new award!! Eva, thank you :).I will go and collect it now!

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