Sunday, 20 July 2014

Days 412-416-From Candle Light To Wood Fire

I still can't believe sometimes how long it has been since I first chanced upon the Abandoned House. It is of course hardly abandoned now but naming it thus reminds me of how it once was before life was brought back to what is now a sanctuary. 

From a place doomed for destruction to a space for creation, my personal belongings now mingle companionably with the Old Man's tools, books and effects. 

Candles burnt down to decorate old bottles, 

the kettle is almost always on the boil. 

It is now a home, constantly warmed with wood fire from makeshift hearths.

I used battery operated candles for all my lights here.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 415- Painting Nature

When Nature fades, 
is there really no stopping the perish?

Can we not pick up our brushes, 
dip them in the most vivid of colours

and paint it back to life?

 No, not just life
But Immutable!
Immemorial life!


Painting Nature was made this afternoon. This mini sculpture was done in about 2 hours. With a splitting headache from a terrible toothache, I knew I had to get my brushes out again so I could forget the pain.

Will you believe that the bouquet is in fact THE Bouquet , one of the blooming tea leaves from the flowering tea bundles? I hope your flower tea leaves will also inspire you to create something for your minis. If it does, I will really love it if you can show me?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 414 - Of Friendships, Gratitude and Blossoms In A Pot

Flowers really speak to me. In the language of beauty, they conjure up stories, evoke memories,convey feelings.  Silently and in a single stalk, we can say I am sorry, I love you or I am really happy for you.

So I picked flowers again for my very belated anniversary presents (in December when I fell off the edge of blog-land)Balls of blossoms in a pot with names like Bliss, Bouquet, Eve and Angels.They were selected for you based on the history we shared, the significance in the name or the state I think you are in. 

When I was in Bangkok last week, I began to receive email from some of you telling me that you have already received my little bundles. 

I hope you have a glass jar or pot or any kind of transparent drinking vessel. You will want to watch the story unfold, trust me. Carefully place the ball of leaves in there before you pour hot water about 30-60 seconds after boiling. Then just put your chin on the table, let the tea steep and watch...

and you will start to hear my feelings, maybe even to a tune.

For the times you were here when I was not,
 for the times you shared when I was, 
for the times you thought of me, 

I thank you.

All over the world, dear friends, we are drinking our teas and thinking of each other, conversing without speaking. What is your flower tea saying today? Will you tell me? 

By the way, don't throw the tea leaves out so soon. Re-brew the tea leaving some water in the pot by adding fresh hot water, 2-3 more times. You can drink it all afternoon as you work on your minis. And of course, you can think of me that while longer. 
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