Thursday, 26 February 2009

Day 33-Mahendra's Roses of Misgivings

I was so inspired by what Doreen and Jayne had done with their flowers that I went out and bought a vase (very beautiful Japanese bead (1/2" (w) & 1 1/8" (h) which I thought has a Mughal feel and will look good in Tara's room) and these pretty white rosettes. This is the result (2 3/4" h total) after a failed attempt and 4 hours. The leaves are from the Daiso batch which I bought in Day 2.

For me, apart from a sense of accomplishment, (no matter how amateurish the effort may seem,) the fun part is also the photoshoot of my handiwork afterwards:

It starts with a simple arrangement, a table, maybe a rug:

Then someone, ah, Mahendra, following the sensual scent of the fresh blossoms, comes in and starts dancing with joy at the sight of my priceless beauty:

She decides it will look great in her room at the Haram Sara and so "commandeers" what she thinks is a masterpiece and places it carefully on her dressing table.

There is more prancing and preening while Mahendra admires the vase and of course herself

You can see how she is so mighty please with herself in the close up shot here:

The next day, someone reports Mahendra's theft and poor Mahendra is promptly sentenced to die by being pricked to death with rose thorns.

Strangely the roses in the vase never fade or wilt or die. Legend has it that it is due to Mahendra's dancing as she has done so with the purest and most complete joy. That dance is now known as the Dance of Eternal Beauty and the Prince regrets to this day, the execution of Mahendra and his lost chance for immortality.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I love your stories! :D pricked to death with thorns...almost as bad as Jai's fate, but certainly takes longer! :D

I love her photo in the mirror...I hope she didn't have to die though; couldn't she sneak the vase back without being seen?

San said...

I was just shooting and messing around and when I posted the pics the story just came.. I am afraid Mahendra Must Die though, or I can't make Prince kick himself. haha!

Liberty Biberty said...

San, you have a wonderful imagination. I think we all need more flowers in our lives! They transform any room, big or tiny. I laughed and laughed when you said it took four hours. It's very frustrating isn't it when something so little takes sooooooo long to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

I love the story that came out of the photo shoot. It makes everything so much more fun.

San said...

Oh Merc, I actually discounted the time, it was almost 4 hrs 15 one point, I was sitting on the floor working in semi darkness cos all the parts kept dropping to the floor. Went out and bought 12 more kinds of tiny flowers after reading what you said about "we all need more flowers", how long do you think I need to make a garden full of flowers ?? Aren't we masochistic?! ;o!

Glad you like the story Doreen, all becos of your various posts on your lovely plants and the rose trellis :)!

Liberty Biberty said...

Ok San, please show us the flowers you bought, are they real miniature ones or 'real life' ones you'll have to adapt? Beacuse there is absolutely nowhere here where I can just go and buy miniature flowers.

San said...

Ok Merc, I will postpone the post I wanted to make about the new Indian dolls and dedicate the next one to you :).

pussman said...

Oooh, you made this flower beautiful!
I love the pal colours, and the leaves are so realistic.
I love the carpet too! Where did you get it?

San said...

Hi pm, the rug is one of 2 handwoven mini rugs my brother gave me. He told me he bought them from Arab Street in Singapore :).

Pubdoll said...

What a terrible way to die! Poor Mahendra!
Loved the flowers, the vase and the story though!

Sans said...

Wow, Day 33??! lol. I admire your determination to go through all my jabber babble.

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