Saturday, 14 September 2013

Day 407- Place of Rest

Peonies By Drora

I was exhausted. After months of creating, it felt as if the abandoned house has taken every last ounce of me. Nothing was all I wanted to do. And nothing was what I did.

Sanflowers by Birgit

My generous and creative friends did all the work for this next room. A secret little jewel of a room that brought the garden from without to within. Scented by peonies and cheered with sunflowers, this is my Happy Room.

Bed cover from Helene

Here, I can finally lay my weary bones down on a soft billowy cloud and float off; close my eyes and dream the wondrous dreams. There is no place my imagination cannot bring me, nothing my fanciful strengths cannot achieve.

Pillows By Mercedes

Love, Truth, Freedom, Beauty. Abstract concepts that are at once evident from a glance of my sanctuary. How is it that everything that is important to me in my life can be contained in this little space? Ahhh.. but that is the magic of what my friends do.

Golly Siblings by Drora

I will never be lonely here in my sanctum for everything in it will remind me of my friends from the world over. I know I am in their hearts and they know they will always be in mine. Even when we haven't spoken for years, haven't ever met or may never be able to kiss each other hello or goodbye.

For they have with their hands created lovely pieces stuffed with love, art and generosity. And they have sent their creations with a piece of their heart far far away to this little room. A room where all the pieces of our hearts can fused and be threaded through with our common passion. 

May I now present

Sanctum Santorum by My Friends

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