Sunday, 5 July 2009

Day 81-Planning Rolla's Bhunga

I have finally compiled from my reading and researching the colour board for my next project, the Tribal House or "Rollas' Bhunga" which I will post today. That's why this award could not have come at a more opportune time.

1st thing first, Thank You , Casey of Casey's Minis for this award.

When I translated "Pasajes de la Historia", it says "Passages of the Story" , an utterly romantic and evocative sentence. I really love how it sounds. And the 2nd half of this post is precisely this, passages to an India few has seen.

Anyway, I am to pick up a book that I have at hand, turn to page 161 and write the fifth sentence on that page here. Then I have to pass it on to five other blogs. I have at least a dozen books stacked on my side table on India, 3 of which even bear the same title , albeit by different authors:

None of them have page 161 so I picked another 3 books:

1st one is "The Maharajas (Treasures of the World Series), no words on page 161, only a blown up picture that looks vaguely like this

"Arts and Crafts of India" does not have pg 161 and neither has "India" except that the latter's last page is 160 which makes the back sleeve pg 161! I counted and the 5th sentence says "Printed in China". There we have it! And my 5 readers alongside a book I identify them with (and who also happened to be the 1st 5 people to comment on my carpet story post or their proxies so they are obviously readers if they read my long long stories and sentences) are :

Ara of Addams Family Mansion and her favourite book apart from the Bible. This is an edition she will love.

Rosanna of La Stanza Di Guiggiola and a book she featured written by one of her favourite authors. She buys books for the covers, just like me.

Sumaiya Mehreen of The Garfield Blog and from 1 bookworm to the other, I dedicate this book to her.

Mercedes of Liberty Biberty who loves making books and this is her best-seller!

Rebecca of Rebecca's Collections & the book the kids were reading in her 1950s schoolroom.

And now pages from
"India" by Henry Wilson, here is

The cOlouR bOaRd of Rolla's Bhunga,

The Architecture


The Rooms


Women and Children

Their Art

A Little Sidetrack..

The reason why this post is so late is because I can no longer upload image using the "Load Image" icon. This is the alternative method I am using and it means I now have to execute 10 more steps (no exaggeration) before I can upload images. It also means that the picture does not click unless I manually add link to each of them.

Taking twice as long will mean halving my posts. May not be a bad thing if it means spending more time making than talking!


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Susan Dearest ... Thank you for the Book Dedication! :D

Sans! said...

Just in case you are wondering, my dear Sumaiya, the book is "Traditional fashion from India Paper Dolls ". :) When you left the comment, I haven;t added the link You sure were!

Ara said...

Thank you Sans! for the lovely award :) And how awesome that you put such time into finding books to compliment your awardees!! I will do this one when I get home tonight seeing as all that's near me right now are code books...booo.

Love, ara

Eva said...

wonderful pictures!!

Dawn said...

These are wonderful photos. I can envision an awesome miniature rendition. Will you use clay? I think rubber stamping into clay would be a great way to do the relief work on the fireplace and walls. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

rosanna said...

Thank you sans and excuse my delay, today I had few, or nothing at all, chances to get to a keyboard.Thank you for the award and for the Rolla's Bhunga. It is a charming building with stunning details. The clothes are wonderful and the printing on the walls so inspiring. I already have some ideas humming inside my brain.Let's keep in touch. Big hugs

Sans! said...

Wow Ara, code books? lol. That's fun too and I am sure the 1st one will run to more than 161 pages!

Eva, all thanks to Henry Wilson's book on India :). I am completely in love with these village houses in Gujarat and the artistry of their women. I hope I will do them justice.

Hey Dawn, thank you for your great suggestion. I am still exploring the hows of making the relief walls. I also hope to do some of the painted walls and if heaven permits, the embroidery, lol but maybe just my interpretation... I think the clay idea is great. It would have been easier to do the interior if I build from scratch, not that I know but I am converting a farm house junior into this. We'll see. Really appreciate you taking the time to give me the suggestion. I will try that for sure. Hope you come by more often :).

Sans! said...

Hey Rosanna, do take your time,it took me 5 days thanks to my upload problem! I tried to look for solution for your "link" problem (why you could no longer cut and paste) but found nothing so far. Will keep looking.

Anyway, I have big big plans for this house, one of them is all the items must be handmade or at least modified to be as "one of a kind" as possible :). There's gonna be much ups and downs here, I am sure and it will be great to have you to talk with during the process, Rosanna!

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Thank you for this award my dear. I shall endeavour to find a book when I return home.

Sans! said...

My dear Merce, I really just wanted to show off your book :)

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