Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Day 18- My 1st Project-Goblets

TWAS A really hectic day at work. It was non-stop and brutal. But at the stroke of 1900 hrs, my brains went "ooofed" and amalgamated into one huge polymer pumpkin. I gave up, packed up and went home but not before sending a quick email to a model maker in India who built this :

I am of course, praying that they will think "how cute, someone wants us to build her a dollhouse. Such a breath of fresh air from our back to back, demanding, big budget projects. Let's make her day. Reply to her and let her know that we will take a fee cut, give up our way more lucrative commissions just so we can be part of this incredible dream."

To cheer myself up, I decided I should visit our "craft" store, Spotlight, again just a stone's throw from my house. I am sure the one in Australia is huge with floors and floors worth of doll making sections. The one here has 5 "hook-space" displaying 8 packets of dolls' curly hair in 4 colours (ok, ok so I was wrong in my last post), 1 12" doll and 2 18" dolls.

Just to sidetrack for a moment. Not many of my friends know about my latest passion. They would never believe the blogger here is the same person as the one they thought they knew. This is because I was never interested in anything remotely "house-wifey"- (sorry but I know now how silly I was so you have the last laugh, ok?). Can't cook, don't sew and there is not a single household chore I like, not even making coffee, unlike some of my PMEB friends who find therapy in ironing/washing dishes/cooking. I therefore have to be the least "crafty" person in the world of miniaturists or their wannabes.

Can you imagine how lost I was at Spotlight? I had to ask a salesperson to show me how to use a pair of rubble thimbles cos I didn't know what they were for. I was thinking I could use them for my over-superglued thumbs when I start making ..whatever.

I went over to the "loom" section and thought maybe I could handweave my own persian rugs cos they are so rare but Spotlight did not carry any of these patterns in doll sizes or for the matter, whatever sizes. All the other gadgets on sale, I did not know how to use but they looked very interesting.

After wandering and wondering through aisles of interesting whatchamacallits, I decided I better start with something easy. So I spent the next 2 1/2 hours at the beads section and only left cos they were shutting. I decided I would not compromise and bought only their best.

I came home, almost 2300 hours and started working. At 1.45am, I made my 1st pewter goblets:

Close up shot of the intricate handiwork (5/8" h, 1/8"w (bottom) 2/8" (top)) :

A real pewter goblet and when I get better at it-Morani enjoying her goblet:

After a few more and her eyes crossing, no longer able to stand straight:

Will make accompaniment next.


erika said...

San: So lovely and beautiful things, I almost can´t find words to describe them.
Welcome to my blog!!

San said...

Thank you, Erika! Popping over to yours shortly :)!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

i love the goblets! maybe you could glue them to flat silver tinsels or flat beads to make them free standing? Morani enjoys her drinks too much :D

San said...

Wow,thank you Sumaiya. You are always so sweet. I thought the goblets looked very "handmade". Yes, about the beads. My next set should be able to stand.Have found beads with broader base. Actually these can stand too but they topple easily cos they are top heavy. I used head pins to "string" the beads together before I glue them. Thought that will give more weight to the base but alas no. Will try again soon.

Debbie said...

San love the Goblets..I'm enjoying reading your blog.
Mini HUgs

San said...

Thank you Debbie! Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment! Really appreciate it.

Pubdoll said...

Nice goblets! "Will make accompaniment next." LOL

Sans said...

As you can tell, 53 days later and still no "accompaniment". By the way, the goblets have since come apart. I am going to have to make new ones when I finally have a dining table setting.

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