Monday, 6 April 2009

Day 52- I Love Your Art

I am extremely proud and honoured to have received this award from the very talented Tracy Topps. Tracy has been real generous with her tips on how to make your dollhouse look really fabulous so I check her blog ALL THE TIME and I have bookmarked, saved and "favourited" all her how-to posts because they are just such priceless tutorials.

I am combining my 7 Loves and Likes with the 7 blogs I picked for this award because these are some of the mini work of art that I love, symbolising also the 7 loves of my life. I have decided to narrow down my picks to only those who have not received this award.

Not in any order of priority:

Chris aka The Tree Wizard and his model of an Old Conserved Shophouse

I love old houses. I live in one and I work in one. I recently did a post on my friend, Chris in my projects blog featuring one of his earliest work featured (1992). It was a model of an old conserved shop house in Singapore.I really love this model even though I have never seen the real thing because it was built to be blasted in a movie and is now been blown to bits. The good thing is my friend is going to build a doll house modelled after this one and I can't wait to see it finished.

Sylvia of lotjesdollshouse and her Old Enamel Wares

Sylvia does such incredible work that I often cannot tell the real ones from her miniature versions. I have heard from a very reliable source that Sylvia's paint work is what makes her ware 1 class above because she can make lightweight papers look like rusty enamel wares that had been lying around in an open air kitchen, a run down shed or the abandoned garage for decades! I, like my reliable source, believes Sylvia to be some sort of a genius when it comes to mini art we love.

Mercedes of Liberty Biberty and her Rundown Summer Porches

I found Mercedes' work way before we became great blogopals. So I guess I was her fan first. There is an old charm about her porches that makes me want to move out and go live that life her porches promise. A simple, cosy and happy life filled with beautiful handmade things. A life with no worldly concerns and no petty worries. That's the kind of life I love.

Sumaiya, her Indian Dolls and the Ancient Art of Henna Tattoo

This is the one work I have seen in real life and if you think Urvashi, now known as Maya is incredible in these pictures, your jaw will drop when you hold her in your hand. I have given Sumaiya almost all the awards I have received because everytime the award seek a certain quality, Sumaiya has that. Like the ancient art of mehndi (as henna is called in India or Pakistan), the beauty of her dolls is more than skin deep and like henna applied to a young bride to be, they are symbols of joy.

Taenia's Miniatures and her Marvellous Vintage Travelling Trunks

Taenia was also on my list of 15 favourite blogs for the Blog Award and I remembered writing about how she, like me, is a bag lover. Lately, Taenia has taken to making incredibly realistic vintage trunks and I can feel an old fire coming back. You see, I love old travelling trunks. I actually owned a couple of metal ones, given to me by a shopkeeper who got them from India. but I have forgotten about that. That's why I love her work for beyond their beauty, those trunks remind me of that happy afternoon when a generous Indian vendor let me lug home 2 precious metal trunks.

"1001 Night" Team and their "I-Wish-I-Did-That" Artifacts

I believe this room box was a collaborative effort by a group of Spanish artisans who had named this "The Thousand and One Nights". It is currently on tour as part of an exhibition entitled "La literature imagined. Scene in miniature books and on narraciones" from 18/03/09 from Alcázar in Toledo to Cádiz, Burgos, Ciudad Real and other parts of Spain. This is a scene right out of my palace and I was so charmed by it, I had to feature it here. I love all the work but in particular, I will like to single out 2 artisans whose work I relate more with and here's why:

Keke and her Marvellous Marquetry Table

It is amazing for me that I was just commenting about how I am learning marquetry and then I found her work. As I can't read Spanish, I am not even sure if this table is made by a person named lulustrabonita. I have left a comment on the blog and hope someone will correct me if I am wrong. I also hope to be able to find her blog. So, here's the update. Keke actually is the author of the blog where I found these treasures!

Jorge Cubells and his Heirloom Rug

Jorge also made the Tapiz hanging on the "wall" of the roombox. When I visisted his blog, I fell in love with his craft especially this carpet (22.5 by 33cm) which is just incredible.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

A BIG HUG for all your kind words of praise and encouragement! If I can ever afford to visit Singapore, I will definitely have to come hug you in person! :D

Sans said...

Yes, Sumaiya, save money now cos I want that hug!!

sylvia said...

Thank you for all your kinds words, it makes me blush!!
Big hug, Sylvia

Atrus el mistico said...

Muchisimas gracias por tu visita en mi blog y el que te haya gustado mi alfombra, la verdad es que yo tambien estoy enamorado de ella, es una de las más grandes que he bordado y de las que más orgulloso me siento. Gracias por tus palabras, que me han dejado un poco cortado. Menuda sorpresa me he llevado al ver la escena de las 1001 y una noches y mi alfombra. Visitaré tu blog más a menudo, tienes cosas muy interesantes.

Jorge Cubells

Raquel y Kike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kike said...

Sans Hi, my name is Kike and I am the author of marquetry tables of the 1001 nights. Look no further because I'm my page mienbro http / /:
Congratulations for your blog I find it very interesting
Thank you very much for following our blog.

Hola Sans, mi nombre es Kike y soy el autor de las mesitas de marqueteria de las 1001 noches. No busques mas mi pagina porque yo soy mienbro http//
Felicidades por tu blog lo encuentro muy interesante
Muchas gracias por seguir nuestro blog.

Sans said...

Thank you Jorge and Keke for popping by. I am following both your blogs closely and hope to see more of your work. All the best to your exhibition! Love, Susan

Gracias Jorge y Keke para leer mi blog. Estoy siguiendo tus blogs, tanto de cerca y esperamos ver más de su trabajo. Todo lo mejor a su exposición! Amor, Susan(I am sure this is badly translated lol!)

Liberty Biberty said...

Dear San, Thankyou! You say the loveliest things and you are a truly wonderful friend.
Vive la vie Boheme!

Sans said...

Sylvia, I hope you receive my pop-up post card because I meant every word I say in there :).

Mercedes, sent you a pop-up post card too all the way from Taiwan as I said I would.

For both of you, you are deserving of the awards and more.

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