Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Day 149-Aubusson and Limoges For My Maharajah

Employing the Aubusson technique, this tapestry depicts an Asian elephant resplendent in its finery as it treks through a mystical forest of exotic fauna. This was inspired by an original, called L'Asie (Asia) which  was first shown at the exposition of Industrial Products in France in 1844. L"Asie  was  woven in an Aubusson factory owned by Charles-Jean Salloundrouze de la Mornaix, sometime between 1840 and 1843, and it is now a permanent exhibit at the Louvre in Paris. 

The influence of the East began sometime in  the 1660s when  tales of the East were beginning to circulate amongst the wealthy in Europe, brought back by Jesuit missionaries from the middle and far East. This created an interest in anything Orient, inspiring many artists. Many of the early depictions of the Orient were not experienced firsthand by artists and were often copied from engravings made by missionaries. 

According to some tapestry experts, this interest was maintained though to the 19th century because the largely non-Christian countries in the East were still sufficiently different in culture, language and customs to seem very exotic to Europeans. Over time this led to the development of a style of tapestry known as Oriental. Always distinctive, they tended to be tobacco colored and featured striking images of exotic creatures and people, set against a vibrant backdrop. Many were complemented with detail of local flora and fauna that was often remarkably accurate. 


It was said that  the French poet, Theophile Gaultier had commented on this tapestry display at the Exhibition of Industrial Products in 1844 with these words "It was especially noticed a large carpets depicting an elephant in an Asian landscape, vegetation bushy, variegated peacocks making wheel, macaws, cockatoos of ..."   

I am not sure of the  poetic merits of that comment, thanks to Google Translate, but one thing I know, a tapestry like this will not only enhance the beauty of my palace, it will bring with it a sense of history befitting of a stately Maharajah's Palace.

I have been  an ardent admirer of  Carmen's work (Las Miniaturas de Marillum) for some time now. I  have read all her posts and often times, she left me in awe and amazement of her artistry. Her miniature tapestries,for example, blew my mind because I thought she had stitched them. Even though Carmen quickly corrected me  in an email to say they were printed, I had thought they were rather convincing. As if she wanted me to see it for myself, that day, Carmen  asked if she could have my address so she could  send me "a small gift". 


I was a little taken aback, to say the least. Apart from that email, Carmen and I have not corresponded. I did not even think she followed my blog. And when she posted on her blog last Wednesday about "Road To Singapore", I thought, half seriously that maybe these gifts were going to another dollhouse lover in Singapore, Cindy perhaps. You see, Carmen did not email me to tell me they were for me, nor was it mentioned on her blog. She kept me waiting, wondering and  hoping. 

Last Friday, the parcel arrived. Inside that bag was her interpretation of L'Asie in miniature, an Aubusson rug, patterned in the style of an elephant paw print, in my view at least and something else that made me dizzy with delight.

I have fallen in love with Carmen's porcelain plates from the first time I laid my eyes on them. And she remembered  probably because  I just could not stop gushing every time she posted about her new ceramics. 

And now that I see them for myself, I am pleased to say I was right all along. Her work is impressive and convincing and utterly lovely. 

All the above are pictures from her blog. Her posts are usually briefly worded , unlike mine. I do know however that Carmen sells her work at fairs and by commission

Here is  a little opulent setting I have created,  in tribute to Carmen's artistry. In it is  a miniature howdah I bought at the Miniature Museum of Taiwan which I thought echoes  the pomp and ostentation of  L'Asie appropriately.  

Carmen, please accept my gratitude and these are for you:


For the sunshine you brought me, 
for the artisan and friend that you are.
for making me very happy
and for another unforgettable  experience.


dora said...

Alas susan, I am very happy, gifts of Carmen, apart from being a good homemade. He is a very good person, I know personally, and is charming and generous. the Tapestry is a beautiful and very nice ashtrays.
You will be very nice in your wonderful Palace.
A Carmen hug

Eva said...

When I read the CArmen post few days ago I was sure that the gifts were for you. I am so happy, they are really beautiful and perfect for your palace.
Congratulations Susan, you deserve them.
Un beso

Carmen Llorca said...

My dear Susan I heartily thank you your wonderful words to me, but I assure you that my work is not bad. I enjoyed the intoducción you've done on the carpet of the elephant really is so. I like to see you recognize it and you've documented. Now I will tell the story: When you first visit your blog is amazed by your work, especially because I feel fascinated by the Taj Mahal and your work reminded me that I would have liked to make but that never kept me this image atrevi.Tenia for my future project and I thought his place was for being in your beautiful palace and if we accept my humble carpet I feel very proud and happy as it has.
Since I am in the world of miniatures, this has brought me much personal satisfaction, but your words have touched me infinitely, perhaps because I am not worthy of it, I just enjoy doing my little things and try to reflect what I me like.
Thanks again and remember that if you ever visit Barcelona, here's a friend.
With all my heart

Lize said...

Lovely gifts Sans, and you used them very well in your little setting. And they will fit in perfectly when you furnish that grand palace. So many posts from you lately... I am in awe!

Her tapestries are beautiful!

rosanna said...

OMG how could I skip her blog? she is great and your gifts are fabolous. Sans you are a lucky lucky gal.I love everything and it will be handsome in your settings.Really love the elephant..and the colours of the carpet...and the plates...I love everything! hugs Rosanna

contar said...

son unos regalos maravillosos conozco el blog de carmen y sus trabajos y los que le mando son perfectos para usted.
Cambien quede impresionado con su conocimiento sobre el tapiz.
un abrazo

They are a few wonderful gifts I know carmen's blog and his works and those who I send him are perfect for you.
They change he remains impressed with his knowledge on the tapestry.
An embrace

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Wow!! Carmen's gifts are fantastic!
Lucky you!

Tallulah Belle said...

Oh my...you lucky girl. That tapestry is to die for. I can't beleive how real it all looks.

The other things are great but that tapestry makes my heart skip a beat. Love it.

I had a parcel from you today...thanks soooo much. It is just perfect and I knew where I would be hanging it before I read your note :-)

I love all the colors in it...it is really just perfect. I bought a dish that I'll put on y blog in a day or two that has similar colors and will be what I base the entire color scheme on.

Mick is getting on my back about doing a room we live in first rather than a guest room lol but it is the most fun :-)

Anyhow, I emailed you as well
big kisses from me xxx

dalesdreams said...

Divine, divine, divine!!

I love the china as well.

Lovely gifts, perfect for you, Sans! :)

Sans! said...

Carmen of Dora :):), you know when I first started blogging, I was a little surprise that there is such a strong community of Spanish artisans. Spain is only 2nd to the US where the readership of my blog is concerned and truly if there is a foreign language I am going to pick up from blogging, it is probably Spanish ..lol.

I am so so lucky that some of you have accepted me into this circle of a very special group, like you, Carmen. There's also Eva and Meli,of course, whom I feel like I have known for a long time.

And lately, there's Contar and Gemma :). And now,dear sweet Carmen of Marillum and Jorge.

About those "Limoges" plates, I don't think I ever have the heart to cover them with tiny cigarette butts and ash but you are so right, they do look like nice little ashtrays :).

Carmen de Dora :):), sabes cuando empecé a bloguear, que era un poco sorprendente que existe una fuerte comunidad de artesanos españoles. España es sólo del 2 al los EE.UU. donde el número de lectores de mi blog es que se trate y en verdad si hay una lengua extranjera que voy a recoger a los blogs, es probable que sea española .. lol.

Estoy tan tan afortunado de que algunos de ustedes me han aceptado en el círculo de un grupo muy especial, como tú, Carmen. Hay también Eva y Meli, por supuesto, a quien yo siento como que he conocido durante mucho tiempo.

Y últimamente, hay Contar y Gemma:). Y ahora, querido dulce de Marillum Carmen y Jorge.

Acerca de los "Limoges" platos, no creo que alguna vez tengo el corazón para cubrirlos con colillas de cigarrillos pequeños y cenizas, pero está tan bien, que se parecen a buen ceniceros poco:).

Sans! said...

Hehe, Eva, I was also 80% sure but you know, I did not want to get my hopes up! But seriously when I saw her post previewed on my dashboard, I thought she was the one coming to Singapore since I do not read Spanish. (But I think I have learnt at least 10 words now: Y, si, un, beso,mucho, gracias, amigos, artesanos, premio, flamenco :)) The plates were a surprise but a big pleasant one. How come so many of you are so good with your hands?

Sans! said...

Dear, dear Carmen, you are way too harsh on yourself. But I think your work speaks for itself. I will never forget how very early on when I discovered your blog and saw what you did with your cupboards.It was the blue one. I thought then that you were a genius in "miniaturing" techniques. They are very effective and look superb!

I love researching and when I saw your tapestry, I suspected it could be Aubusson inspired :). So I googled and imagine my surprise when I saw that the one you made me was actually based on a museum piece. I love the name L'Asie too. By the way, I found an Aubusson round carpet made in the style of a elephant paw print and although it was much less floral than your carpet, the structure and pattern is similar :). And of course those plates. Took me a while to identify the style . I hope I haven't been too far wrong with the Aubusson and Limoges. Do let me know if I have.

Your Barcelona invitation,I hope you are serious because I am going to take you up on it :):). Ask Rosanna ..lol.

Sans! said...

Haha Lize, just got back from your blog. Too funny :). Love it. Just my kind of tour.

You think I am posting often these days ? I use to do 15 posts a month haha,1 every other day :). Not anymore. But I think April is a good month for minis. So maybe I will do 6 instead of my usual 5 :).

Unknown said...

you fricking lucky woman!!! those are gorgeous :O i am a huge fan of plates myself, i have been collecting them in mini only due to lack of space, and those are....*gasps* frickin' hell! *swears up and down the alley* i am SOOO jealous of you!!!! hAHAHAHA i have your address, keep your doors locked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*evillest grin again*

actually, up until i found your blog, i had no idea there were that many miniature artisans from all over the world either, i am very narrow minded (ok maybe even one-track minded) when it comes to my personal pursuits. that is why i enjoy your posts and pictures so much. saves a lazy bum like me from all that research :X :X :X

Meli Abellán said...

All the gifts are absolutely beautiful!!! I believe you should be very happy!!
What a lucky girl you are!!!

Sans! said...

I am, ain't I , Rosanna, lucky, to have so many wonderful friends , like you for example!

Dearie, your parcel arrived today! I just opened it and you should have heard my "Oh My God!" Yet another surprise! I really don't deserve you guys. I was just thinking yesterday when I did this post how I must hurry up and work on the tribal house because I still haven't shown what you had given me in Genoa.I want to try and fit them all in the house with my Rollas. And now this package. You really really shouldn't have ! But yes, now I must really get back to working on it.

I slept 3 hours last night doing this post..lol. So tonight I will sleep early :). Tomorrow I start again :).

Just want to say you guys really make me so happy in so many ways, so very often.

Sans! said...

Contar, thank you! It is so exciting for me to find that I have a piece of history in the palace :). I took me till almost 4am this morning before I finish the post and I realise now that there are still errors on my post! lol

Carmen is truly an angel.

Contar, gracias! Es muy emocionante encontrar que tengo un pedazo de historia en el palacio:). Me llevó hasta casi 4 a.m. esta mañana antes de que termine el puesto y ahora me doy cuenta que todavía hay errores de ortografía! lol

Carmen es un verdadero ángel. Seré muy feliz si alguna vez tengo la oportunidad de conocer a todos ustedes en España:)

Sans! said...

Hey Merecedes, just came from your blog and saw that you too was gifted with Aubusson rugs lol! And that sewing box! Aren't we a pair of lucky lucky girls :).

Sans! said...

Jayne, I have no email from you :) unless its the comment on this post and the last :). I think I finally found another Indophile in you :). Maybe not as crazy as me but close..haha! I know you will like the elephant and the howdah. :)

I am glad the "giveaway" finally reached you. It sure took a while . I think you were the last one ..lol.

Did I tell you I bought the last mobile? I hope it reached you in 1 piece. Can't wait to see your bowl. Take your time with doing up the place. And buy your things carefully :).

Sans! said...

Dale, divine they are! Thank you. OMG, I can hardly open my eyes now...lol

Tallulah Belle said...

hey you

No I sent you a regular email.

I might not be as crazy as you but I'm not far off lol.

You've lost me saying I will like the elephant and the howdah...and I can't be having a blond moment as I am dark now ha ha ha .

I am glad you got the last one...and that it was for me...I love it. It is in my living room for now till I get your room done :-)

I was dreaming last night I was making a carved wooden pelmet for in there lol.

I am buying very carefully....side effect of being broke :-) But I also made a promise I'd only buy things I absolutely loved.

Sans! said...

Awwww Cindy, you have brightened my day with your insane jealousy :)..hahaha. Green suits you well, mwahahaha.

But what talking you actually, I knew you from Sumaiya who featured your work all the time! And people like Kiva and Kristy and Dale rave about your work! Which puts you on the map with the best!

You are crazy good :). I am so glad you are lazy and don't like research, hehe or there will be ZERO reason for you to be here!

By the way, you forgot I also have your address and you definitely have more plates than me. heh!

Sans! said...

Meli, I hope you got my email about the carpet book :).

As you know, I am very happy :). I am encouraging my sister who loves to bake, to start a baking blog.

It is otherwise a little hard to believe that there are such nice people around the world, that we encourage and give feedback about each other's work, that we send each other gifts, even the mothers ;), and sometimes, when we get very lucky, we meet one another. It is like a miniaturists' heaven. I find it hard to believe myself and I have said this a million times,I don't know what luck it is that I am in this community. 1000 times better than striking the lottery.

dalesdreams said...

runs in to hug Sans! :)

Sans! said...

Jayne, no email from you. Send again? Checked the trash can, nada.

I meant the elephant and the howdah (wooden carriage/sedan on the elephant) in the tapestry :) which you said made your heart skipped a beat :)? Once a blonde. always a blonde ;p..hehe!

You know when you have done up a little space that you are completely happy with, that sense of satisfaction? Sweeeet! No wonder you are dreaming about making things for your room :).

I still remember when I first moved into the current house. I tackled the smallest room 1st, my bathroom . I sat in there, so happy, for 1/2 hour after it is finished. On the cold ceramic floor! Then I went to Ikea and bought 6 small round rugs for the floor :). LOL, the floor was never cold again.

Sans! said...

(((((Dale))))) back!

Carmen Llorca said...

Hi Susan, I think we have a problem with emails, because I'm sending you emails, but I do not seem to arrive. Why do not you give me your direct mail?
Confirm if you receive this.

Sans! said...

Carmen, I have replied . I received both this comment and the one email from you. I checked the junk mailbox and your mail wasn't there either. I hope you get my reply!

Merry Jingle said...

Oh, you have real treasures there! And I have also so missed her blog, what a great stuff she makes!

I especially love your little plates, they look so wonderful, you really are piling little real treasures in your palace :)


Susanne said...

Such wonderful gifts, the plates are fantastic, you are a lucky woman! And a lovely scenery youve made.
Love, Susanne

Sans! said...

Hi Ira, this is such a great community, isn't it?

For me,the best part of building any scene is putting together all my friends' wonderful creations. My very own special museum :).

Sans! said...

Thank you Susanne :).It's Carmen's wonderful creations that make the scene :). I always believe that you need good material to make good minis and likewise if you have good accessories, it's easy isn't it, to make something pretty :)?

Unknown said...

*still green*


Sans! said...

Cindy, you would have fitted right in with the St Margaret Primary's funfair yesterday. The theme was "Green" for Earth Day and everyone was to wear green. I saw their fish tank which they converted into a mini forest for frogs with real tree barks and branches. I love it so much, I want to create one. I will name my frog Fern, in your honour ;p Frog, Fern and you, all green :):)

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