Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Day 78-Ara's Wedding Chair

The palace is abuzz! A gift has arrived from Tara's new best friends, Morticia and Gomez Addams. A gold leafed Americanised Indian double seater wedding chair with interchangeable cushions to suit mood swings! A legendary work of art that is to last for generations to come!

Episode 1-How They Met

After the unfortunate incident with Taenia, Tara has sworn off making friends with single ladies. Already, she was plotting her revenge..Luck has it that when she was wallowing in her grief shopping for a cemetery lot in the USA for Prince Raj Singh what did she chance upon but the condemned site of the Addams Mansion.

In the distance, she heard cries of "Bubbele, bubbele" and saw the handsome Gomez kissing Morticia's arms, up and down, up and down, while Morticia was cutting off rose-buds from the stems.. Oh, if only I have this, poor Tara cried. There and then, she wanted to be their fiend.

Episode 2- The Exchange of Gifts

Morticia and Tara connected immediately, largely due to Morticia's supernatural ability to connect telepathically. For a brief while, Tara lived with them and joined their cult. She soon found out that the Addamses are celebrities and very rich and that they love hookahs!

Of course, Tara immediately summoned one to be made in their honour and told Sans! she better let the Addams cut the long queue or else her head will be the next football for the Addams' children! Today, one of Sans! range of Katrina hookahs (named after Katie and not the hurricane) is now sitting at the Mansion. You can read all about it at Ara's delightful blog.

Weeks passed and then months. You can't stay here forever, the Addamses told Tara, it's time to go home, they persuaded her. And so with a broken heart, Tara pleaded for a memento. She was given a lovely family portrait (1" by 7/8") with the tiniest autographs. It will be placed with all the other luminaries ' pictures at the Palace, Tara told her hosts.

But we know that is not all. Tara had shared her tale of woe with her fiends and unbeknownst to her, the dear darling Addamses had immediately commissioned Ara, their Sans! equivalent and better, much better, to make her the most remarkable wedding chair( 4 1/2" w, 4" h, 2" d) Remarkable not only for its beauty but also for its magical power!

Having ceremonially smeared the sedan with gold leafed spit from Morticia and Gomez, the chair is now empowered to make any male sitting on the chair so smitten with the female sitting next to him that he will not stop kissing her arm! That was why the Addamses shooed Tara home, so that she could test the chair for them.

Episode 3- The Magic Wedding Chair

News of the magical chair spread fast and wide, news always do in India. The buzz around the chair was loud , very , very loud

for there was already a queue of eager girls and wives with their reluctant men lining outside the Royal Pavilion where the chair was safely placed under balls and chains.The queue grew and grew and

in less than 12 hours after the chair arrived,that queue is already longer than the one for Sans! hookahs.

Season Finale: Tribute to the Addamses

It was one of Tara's happiest days and she really wanted to let her fiends know how grateful she was, pronto! But back in those days, there was no telephone or email. Then Tara had an idea.

She prepared herself and dressed up accordingly. Shortly before the stroke of midnight, she left for the nearest cemetery.

There she found many dead twigs and gathered a huge bouquet for Morticia.

At the stroke of 12, she squeezed her eyes shut and telepathically transmitted her bouquet and tribute to Ara, Morticia and Gomez. Here is Tara, in the Addams' fashion with the only black attire she could find in the whole of India and fake saber teeth.

I hope you like my tribute, Morticia and I pray that the pictures in your head won't come up blur. Thank you, Ara! It is clear everyone at the palace loves your chair!


MiniKat said...

Such a wonderful story! I'm so glad Tara has good friends she can rely on now. :-)

Ara said...

Sans, what a wonderful story, I am so glad to hear and I will pass it on to the Addamses for them to see how well the chair was received in the Palace. Morticia receieved her flowers loud and clear! And told everyone about the wonderful tribute from Tara! We all hope she can put the chair to good use!!!! Love, Ara and the Addamses :)

Pubdoll said...

That chairs is exquisite and a fabulous story Sans! Some of my girls would be eager to try the chair too!

rosanna said...

You make me giggle and laugh! I love it. The chair is truly a delight! and what a crowd has gathered at your house, I wonder if they will find a place to get a nap....Hugs

Mary said...

What wonderful craftsmanship! If I'm not mistaken, I spy some Chinese fan fretwork???

Katie said...

OMG!!! What a beautiful chair! How perfect!!! And I love how everyone gathered for it's arrival!!! WOW! :)

Sans said...

Hi Kat, Tara sends her love although she cannot speak through those teeth very well !

Helene, bring the boys too of course!

LOL Rosanna! You made my day! Did you notice that the Rollas are last in the queue?? That's because Rosanna just got back from a buying trip in Paris. Luckily she already napped in the train!

Sans said...

Ara, glad you like the story. I may have to make a guest room for the Family now :). They are very popular and will be mobbed when they arrive, just like superstars! I love that picture you sent me of them and the hookah so much. Don't you think that room looks like it can belong to my palace? It will be fun to have two of these rooms, one in Texas, one in Singapore, both with slightly different interpretations. :) I will be sending you some pics of Indian wedding chairs soon. I own one too! Real life :)

Sans said...

Mary, yes, that was what I thought too, at first but no. The back piece for each chair is 1 piece and not joined. The craftsmanship is as you said, amazing and it really is hard to tell how it is made because it really really look like Ara has carved the chair from 1 piece of wood. Even the little daisies are glued perfectly and the paint job seamless. The chair is very photogenic too. The picture I posted on top is a glossy card Ara made.

Katie, isn't it great what a Katrina hookah can get me? lol.

Ara said...

I think that's a fantastic idea Sans.... you know the Addamses are world travelers and would really love a place to stay when they are in your area. Just have Tara contact Morticia if you need any decorating tips - haha! Can't wait to see the pics of the chairs - I am very curious! -ara

Tallulah~Belle said...

Wonderful story as usual :-)

That chair is really amazing...lucky you.

Sans said...

Ara, I will,and in your honour, Tara's nickname is henceforth!

Jayne , thank you, thank you :) and more thank yous to come. I am already picking my Jayne doll.

Tallulah~Belle said...

A Jayne doll huh....make her nice :-)

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