Monday, 23 March 2009

Day 43-My 7 Loves

MY 7 LOVES in gif images but 1stly, thank you, Rosanna, Jayne and Mercedes for giving me this award last Friday.For the reason you will see in my next post, I have not the time to post it then. But here it is now, another wonderful award from 3 wonderful bloggers. My TOP 7 Loves

No. 1

No. 3 & 4No.5


Hot Comments

And last but not least,

PS All the images are others. Click to see the link.

I will return to this post to list 7 other creative bloggers who have yet to be given this award unless I absolutely can't resist just adding them here..

Here are my 7 choices for this award. The artists/artisans behind these blogs are sometimes quirky, other times whimsical and once in a while even spooky BUT they are invariably KREATIV. I salute them and their art. Please click on the image which will link you through to their blogs:


rosanna said...

Hi Susan, I love the way you have shown your loves. It is great!! Can I copycat the library? it is TOO cute.

Sans said...

I copycat somewhere else too :)..oh dear did I not link I cannot remember.. I love the library too. Perfect isn't it for a mini project?

Jean Day said...

You are so great at expressing yourself!! Love your loves, Mini Hugs, Jean

Liberty Biberty said...

San, I think I've given you this award too! Just haven't gotten around to notifying anyone! Love that library pic.

Sans said...

Thank you guys! Thank you Merce. I will edit this post soon to say that you have given me the award.

I was so tired last night while doing this post I did not realise that most of the images were not linked. I will do so by tonight so you guys can also copy the images and link it.

Sans said...

Just done all the links and posted 1st blog choice
on 24/3/09
1. iTkUpiLLi-mY aRt aNd cRaFT at

Sans said...

On 26/3/09 I listed my 2nd Blog choice:


adelesspookyart said...

Merci mille fois,
I'm Honored to receive this award...So Pleased to Hear i'm a Favorite...

~Adele who is sometimes Audacious~

zaphia said...

Thank You! :)


Sofia ( Zaphia)

Sans said...

On 31/3/09 I listed Zaphia and on 4/4/09 I listed The Tree Wizard

Sans said...

On 28/5/09, I listed Grumbler and Popper

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