Saturday, 16 May 2009

Day 65-Sylvia

It is quite an incredible feeling being named one of the coolest blogs Sylvia of lotjesdollhouse has ever known. Thank you, Sylvia! I usually use these award passing opportunities to write about artisans whose mini works I enjoy and today, I want to dedicate this to my giver, Sylvia.

There are many cool blogs I adore for the creations featured by the makers but I have to say Sylvia's Alcoholic's Attic has to be the coolest miniature room I have come across. Hot off the press is a picture Sylvia just emailed me of the whole room. (Kismet perhaps, but right at the moment I finished this post and checked her blog again, there's a post by her saying that this room has been featured in "Dolls House Nederland".)

I love a room that tells a story and for me this room and its simple title speaks volume. I am never tired of looking at this room for with each new "visit", I spot a side of Mr Alcoholic I did not see before.
You know it's a mister because it's a masculine room and there's a man's belt hanging over the small cabinet. He is of course messy and you can imagine what the toilet bowl must look like. I can even "smell" the room because of the leftover food, soiled cutlery in the basin and the toilet with no door, revealing unwashed laundry. I believe there is even a overflowing rubbish bin next to the small refrigerator. The little fridge must be where he keep all his beer and liquor.

Yet, you can't help thinking Mr.A must have had a good life before alcohol ruin him because his furniture, though few, are exquisite. Look at his bed with the rococo headboard (Gustavian perhaps?), the "torn" Victorian winged chair or the moose head on his cabinet, do they not strike you that this man had taste? What made him resort to alcohol for comfort? Has he lost all hope? You can tell he is in pain, all from the details Sylvia put into her art (by the way, I have a bottle opener that is exactly like the one Sylvia made, see details on table).

To me, that's the success of Sylvia as an artist. For in this little attic room, she told a lifetime worth of stories.

I am so happy Sylvia has become a friend and she has so generously gifted my palace with her wonderful creations. Apart from the tulips featured on Day 59, these are her work received by me yesterday when she also gave me the beautiful Butterfly Award:

(1 7/8" square stool 1 1/4" height)
3/4" high base of jug 3/8" diameter1 1/4" square pillows2 1/2" by 1 2/2" shelf
They will all go into my pretty Sylvia's room, one which I hope to make, although it will not be as prolific as her Alcoholic Attic.

Thank you, Sylvia, for the inspiration, the gifts, the award.

I share some of Sylvia's butterflies so I will not repeat hers. Here are my 10 butterflies and their cool blogs:

Tessie (Casey) of Casey's Minis for being the coolest doll I have ever met. And for her big feet and even bigger heart.

Jean of Jean Day Miniatures for being the coolest 1:144 scale artist I have ever known.

Kim Saulter of It's a miniature life for being the hottest baker and her equally piping hot cool cakes.

Roberta of IL...BORATORIO DI PITOSFORA for her heartfelt creations and beautiful rooms.

Texas Belle of Myrtlewood Manor for her brilliant ideas, beautiful craftsmanship and big dreams.

Minimaker of Creating Dollhouse Miniatures for her relentless efforts in providing the most interesting video links of minimakers.

Katie of Katie's Clay Corner for being a Cool Character. Katie, this is for your courage, your cool cats and your cool creations.

Tracy Topps of Custom Styled Dollhouse Kits for all the generous tips, her inspirational art and being a hot babe. Congratulations, Tracy, on your hot new bod!

Minikat of Little Thoughts of An Average Mind for being incredibly brave through her adversities. You, my dear, are the coolest paleontologist I have ever come across.

Sumaiya, for you and your newest(?) blog: Dollhouse Blog by S Mehreen. This is for your talent not only in making the coolest Indian dolls but also for your eye in spotting cool minis.


sylvia said...

Thank you Susan!!!

Love Sylvia

Sans said...

Welcome, Sylvia :D

MiniKat said...

I agree! Sylvia is a true artist!

Thank you for my award, San! You made me smile. :-)

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Thanku!!! *BIG HUG* :D

this attic room truly is exquisite! Thanks for sharing :)

MiniKat said...

And I gave it to you too! You have one of my favorite blogs!

MiniMaker said...

Thank you so much!
Mini Hugs =)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

LOL! Thanks Sans....I didn't know I was that cool, lol! So glad to have met you!!! :)

Texas Belle said...

Oh, how sweet. Thanks Sans!

Caseymini said...

Sans! I ammended the blog entry about the awards. You may want to go see what Tessie said!LOL

Jean Day said...

Sylvia is a wonderful artist, that is so interesting to see the room though your eyes too, it is amazing. I am so honored to have a cool blog, thank you so much for this lovely award. You are always such a kind and generous person and have beautiful blogs that I delight in reading. Beautiful gifts from Sylvia.

Thanks again, Mini Hugs, Jean

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Thank you so much for the Award!! You are so sweet and I LOVE following your blog. You always have something new and Fresh. The attic room looks Wonderful & so realistic! I can almost smell the warm musty attic room scent! ~ Tracy

Liberty Biberty said...

It is an absolute blessing to know Sylvia isn't it?! Her palace gifts to you are exquisite.

Pubdoll said...

Sylvias attick of a alcoholist is also my favorite miniature room ever! I have showed it to friends and people at work, I think it's so fantastic and cool!

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