Monday, 9 March 2009

Day 35-Palace Dolls

T'WAS MUM'S 69th birthday and here, we have the Banjara gypsies dancing in her honour and good name.
Actually this post was supposed to be my Day 34 post and has been sitting in my draft box since. It was indeed my mum's birthday, the day after I went out and bought all those flowers.

That day, to celebrate, mum and I decided to spend quality time together strolling down Little India. What a coup it was for I found a new shipment of Indian dollies similar in calibre to my dancing girls. As stated on Day 36, thanks to my frantic buying spree, population Maharajah's Palace is now 49. This means at least 41 new palace stories (why don't people like dolls in their dollhouses? Where are the stories if not for them?)

So here they are:

Firstly, we have 8 Banjara gypsies. Taller and bigger than most (men, 7", ladies, 6 1/2"), the Banjara (also called Lambadi or Lanbani) are a nomadic tribe in India. In the early 1800s, they worked for the Moghuls as carriers transporting provisions and arms. They lived in camps on the outskirts of army encampments.

These gypsies are usually poor and need to supplement their income by making such items like broomsticks, iron tools, and needles. They may also repair tool or work with stone.

The 8 here however belong to the group who believe that one does not have to work for a living, but may earn their keeps by "religious begging." Amongst them are acrobats, magicians, tricksters, story-tellers and fortune-tellers. We even have 1 tattooist. They have to be "adaptable" and change their profession when need because they depend on the people in that society for their livelihood.

The End

That was the reason why this post stayed in the draft box for so long . I have not been able to come up with the other stories, largely thanks to trying to work on my Persian carpet which is very time consuming, amongst a million other things.

So now I am appealing to the generosity of You-Who-Are-Interested and seeking your kind assistance if you wish (or not :) ) to offer up your version of who you imagine my characters are (just pick anyone you like (or not), any number of them in any number of words and they will form part of the myths or legends or folklore of My Maharajah Palace (eg: "Set A: Lady in pink -She is a rumour-monger.") A dedicated post will be made subsequently in your honour for your kind contribution. Here are the characters.

Set A: (from 5 1/4-5 1/2")
Set B (5 5/8" ladies and 5 7/8" men)
Set C (5 5/8" lady and 5 7/8" man)Set D (5 5/8" ladies and 5 7/8" men)
Set E (5 5/8" lady and 5 7/8" man)
Set F (5" ladies and 5 1/4" men)
Set G (5 5/8" )
Set H (4 1/2")
Set I (5 5/8" lady and 5 7/8" man)
Set J (3 3/4")
Eagerly anticipating,


rosanna said...

I'll shrink my head to find some idea. Wait for me. Mini hugs Rosanna

Liberty Biberty said...

I love the way you've placed them in front of those pictures. It really looks like they're already living in a palace!

Sans said...

Hi Rosanna, just a simple idea will do, I will take it from there. Just need some inspiration. Sometimes all it takes is a word :).

Merce, those pages are from Taschen's "Indian Interiors". Its a large enough book for photos :). Any ideas for my characters? Maybe something from a musical?

Jean Day said...

I love these couples so much, they look very romantic and really enjoying the moment... dancing. painting etc. I like the first couple in Set B, the lady in blue seems very encouraging of the artist but yet is holding back, as shown by her posture and does not want to spoil the artist's concentration by showing him the lovely flowers she has picked.

Sans said...

Thank you Jean, you have given me an idea already.

Liberty Biberty said...

Hey San, love the new blog header!
The book I used behind my tulip pics the other day is a Taschen book too! (really confused my friend Frederica!)
Hmmmm, can you have an evil Maharajah??

Sans said...

Haha! An evil Maharajah indeed there will be, like Satine's in "Moulin Rouge"?
By the way,check out iTkUpiLLi blog (go to Day 36 to see samples of her work and various links). She has the most amazing blog accessories for the offering.
You are very good with the "book" photography thing, got me as well. :D

Liberty Biberty said...

Yes, just like Satine's! I have long wanted to re-create Satine's room in miniature. I think you'll have to take care of that for me. You really must find a hollow wooden elephant, I'm counting on you to complete my dream!! Ha, Ha!!

Sans said...

You are on, Mercedes! Mind waiting a couple of years while I master my skills?

Liberty Biberty said...

A couple of years will still be sooner than I can get around to it!

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