Thursday, 31 October 2013

HellllllllllloooooOOooooooo Again

The Conniving Lawyer and His Evil Dentist Son

send their love and coldest greetings!

This is what happens to Little Children With Itchy Fingers!

My brother Winston and the now going on 5 year old Xander going to the school Halloween party in costumes his mummy made. Xander who insist he's a dentist and not a surgeon can't wait to share his finger food with you ...


Happy Halloween!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Day 409- Back To My Happy Place

6 weeks...

Today, I finally made my way back. It has only been 6 weeks but it really felt like I have been away for 6 years. 

Poor Abandoned House. Just when  it thought it had found a new lease of life, never to be neglected again, I have all but disappear. I was practically living there too. 

Thank goodness, you are still standing, House! And if I may say so, none the worse for wear!


And that's dear Teddy, still sitting at the porch. Sweet old Teddy, who came back with me from Barcelona, was a gift from Francesca  who made him out of clay in just a day. 

Hi Teddy! 


O dear, Teddy, please don't be mad. I am sorry I have been away for so long. But I had to, really. I was so low on inspiration, I was constantly singing Where Have All The Muses Gone? I couldn't build, I couldn't write, I couldn't even think. I really thought I might never create again and had to resort only to running to de-stress for the rest of my life. I was really terrified so I went desperately seeking  mojo. 

I am afraid what I found took me away until now. 

Dancing Shoes

Actually it started as early as late July. My sister had asked me to join her in one of her dance classes and by the 2nd lesson, I was head over heels in love with dancing all over again.  My classes went from once a week to twice to four times to nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. All within 6 weeks. 

I wore out my dance shoes so quickly that pair you see is my 5th. Of course I injure myself from dancing so much so quickly but did I stop? Of course not! So now I walk with a slight limp and move normal only when I dance. 

I guess I went a little overboard. Actually, my family and friends called me insane.But I am back now. And I intend to stay. Really, I swear! And you know how I know I will definitely be hanging around a lot more? 

I am building a dance studio here! Yes! It is so exciting, right? Can you tell I have already started? 

Night Again

Time really flies when you are having fun. When I finally took a breather from all that hammering and drilling, installing and yes, a little dancing, I saw that night has fallen and a little drizzle has begun. So I stopped.

I went downstairs to put the kettle to boil.

Then I placed the cushion I made right by my quiet tea, still  piping hot.

There, I sipped my tea slowly in the cool cool night, 

looked around my studio and thought:

This is just like old times. 

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