Monday, 16 November 2009

Day 97-Fine Foods, Fresh Fruits

Fine Foods, Fresh Fruits
(Also the last instalment of my "Bazaar" scene for this year)

This last stall had been 90% done for the longest time, shortly after I returned from my Bangkok trip in August with the fruits, in fact. Even now with the cats, it is a work in progress.

I have decided this shall be a family store run by 2 relatives,
one selling fresh fruits and vegetables

and the other fine foods, like the best beans, lentils and rice you can find

Unlike their more popular neighbours, Rolla and Ro and Tallulah, the patronage at this stall is of a different breed, not so illustrious but no less welcomed.

This is a family who love cats and pedigree cats, mind you. Alas, the family's love for the feline has outweighed their business cents (sic). Clear to all but themselves, there is a severe lack of paying customers at this stall and here is a close up of why:

Now, will you even walk into a stall where the signage are cats prowling and sniffing your produce, right at the shopfront?

So what if you provide extra services like grinding and pounding seeds into powder if you allow Bengal fur to be in the mixture .

Who cares if you own the loveliest pair of Persians in love

when your tom cats don't behave?

And when you finally have a customer, will she be more interested in your cat spilling the beans than the beans themselves?

There is no wonder why it is another bad day at the stall

when your fruits are bruised by your kitty stuck in a basket

or your pet is the one sampling the cut kiwis instead of a customer.

OR maybe we are getting it all wrong.

Maybe when you are a cat lover, like our Family

you play, live and work how you like
"like owner, like cat," they say,

Carefree, CareLess and Cashless.

I have been having trouble naming the store until now. I think I shall call it "Feline Family Fine Foods & Fresh Fruits" unless someone else has a better idea. Helene perhaps?

Postscript: In planning my trip to India early this year, I bought a guidebook called "Nelle's Guide, Northern India" (1990 1st Edition) for S$2. It turned out to be a gem not for its tour tips which are almost 2 decades too old, but for this beautifully written extract on Chandni Chowk and my inspiration for my Bazaar:

Chandni Chowk pierces into the very heart of Delhi. This largest trading center in north India was once a quiet road , shaded by Banyans, with a canal flowing along the entire length . Jahaara, Shah Jahan's daughter, had a square built on this road and in its center a pool fed by the canal. On a clear night the water reflected the light of the moon: so it came to be known as Chandni Chowk, the moonlit square. The nobility built mansions here, shops sprang up along the street, and Chandni Chowk became the most fashionable place in the empire. Emma Roberts , an Englishwoman, recorded in her diary that the streets often echoed with the shrill roar of many caged cheetahs being hawked and hooded hunting leopards. The title of great men were shouted by their followers. There were Persian cats and greyhounds for sale while the trumpeting of elephants mingled with the sounds of cartwheels and itinerant musicians....

Apart from my palace, this Bazaar is the other dream scene I really want to create. But as you can see, the display for each stall is so big that I fear I may not be able to execute this without losing some furniture, like a dining room table. I have built the 3 stalls inside out, interior and no exterior, and each stall already measures at least 32" long and 19" wide. I hope to build the facade of the Bazaar and a street scene with howdahs, roaring cheetahs . There's also Chandni Chowk's legendary perfume store and of course, the ubiquitous tea shop.

This Saturday, there will be a party for 20 kids at my house. It's Tasha's 9th birthday and I will have to shift the "Bazaar" away from the dining table and to the guest room. Good luck to me!


Katie said...

A family after my own heart:) I LOVE all the cats!! And I'd shop there for sure....but I couldn't promise not to take a kitty or two home with me!! LOL And I LOVE ALL THE FRUIT AND VEGGIES!!! So much to see:) Looks amazing Susan!!

Did you find the bag tut?? Hopefully it helps you out!

Can't wait to see these stalls you've built:)


rosanna said...

You never disappoint me!! I love your curious cats who go snooping everywhere and I love your fruits and beans. I only had half a hour to play with my minis in the coffee table... I guess it took you a bit longer to arrange the bazar and now 20 kids!!! keep up your defense and do not give up till they are all out of your home Hugs Rosanna

Sans said...

Hey Katie, I am glad you read this one cos you are famed for your love of cats! I know you will shop here but it won't be for the fruits or food!

Luckily your posts are titled nicely so it is not hard to find your tut on the shopping bags! Thank you and will let you know when I used your tuts! You can let me know what you think of the bags :).

Sans said...

Rosanna, I just read that you too were part of a party for 45 people? Over here, its 20 kids, their parents and us..we are expecting 50 people and I am having a slight anxiety attack now but not enough to stop me from! I was thinking after this one, then I shift the bazaar. I used to own 3 cats at once (now only 1 :(..) so I dare say I know cats rather well.

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

what a "cat"astrophe!

Liberty Biberty said...

Love what you've done with the cats!
Crikey, you're going to need another 1:1 house to house all your minis soon. Good luck with moving it all!

Snowfern said...

LELONG LELONG AH!~ and your two contrasting stores are so cute ^ ^ i wish i could own a cat :(

good luck with the party, i'm terrible with/at 'em so i never host/attend them where possible :P

and 20 kids too! :O hide your cat's tail!

Sans said...

LOL! Sumaiya! Clever!

Mercedes, thank you! :). Not sure if you remember my email to you long ago about me building a school for Tasha's birthday and here it is in less than 4 days and no school! Next year, lol! But you have going and done for Emily a roombox in such a short time! You are my hero!

Sans said...

Cindy,you know what's the weather forecast here for Saturday? STORMY! No outdoor games ?? I am really going! My lone cat , Xerxes, is very scared of human beings, especially children. He will be hiding for sure.

Texas Belle said...

Awww, I love the feline family! I had to laugh about that cat fur in the powder part, as I'm sure I've ingested plenty of cat fur over the years!

Super job, as always, with the scene. I love all the trouble the cats are getting into - so realistic, lol!

As far as space is concerned, I'm thinking you might need to devote an entire room to the miniature city you're creating. Or maybe the entire house? Eventually, you could just charge admission, like Miniature World in Victoria, and quit your day job.

Pubdoll said...

"Feline Family Fine Foods & Fresh Fruits" sounds like a great and very appropiate name for the shop, if you shouldn't also add Furry and Furious somewhere in there :-)
Love the Feline family and all their cats rummaging around, must have taken you quite some time to set up this scene, too bad you have to move it so soon!

Sans said...

Haha, Belle, if only! Although I must tell you, my sister, SuZ had designed the "museum" space I will need for my palace and the bazaar scene etc! One of these days, I should post her design.

The space issue has put me off making minis, I must confess. I love big scenes, with many people, bustling etc (I know you don't fancy dolls, you are from the other school and I appreciate that too. I wish I am of that school, maybe my space issue will be less of a headache. What do you think?). I still have the 4 dollhouses..

I am going to re-do my guest cum craft-room-to-be after this weekend. Will see if things are better managed after this.

Sans said...

Helene, what about foufou and frou frou? What a fouthful!

You know, this scene took the shortest time because I didn't make many of the minis. I therefore have the least feeling for this stall except for my kitties. This explains why it is a work in progress. It just seems incomplete.

The move has made me realise that I am likely to be re-doing all the scenes, this time with the structure. I am glad I posted the works in progress so that I can see the germination of my bazaar.

By the way, guess who will be running my famous Chandni Chowk perfume store?

Eva said...

I'm late but here I am. I love cats and animals in general and we can not expect they behave like human adults ...So I like the part where your cats play pranks.
And also we can not expect that 20 children of about 9 years old do not make noise and be quiet. Because that's not what they should do. They should give color to the party with shouts, chases and laughs so save your Bazar this weekend ...I am sure that you will have a lot of fun with the kids :)

Victoria said...

omg, this is soooooo great! I just love it! I love everything about India, and the things you make - it's just one of my dreams to create and oriental roombox or dollhouse one day. It's amazing, such a great inspiration for me!Thank you!

Sans said...

Eva, I totally agree with you on how there's to be as little expectations as possible with animals. They say dogs are smarter than cats because you can train them. I say its the cats who's got the brains cos they control the human! And where
children are concerned, send them to school if you want them to behave :) not at a party ! My 1st aim is to let them have fun, everything else is a distant second. I can cry the next day but not at the party. haha!

Roberta said...

Always fantastic what you do!!!!
Cats are very lovely and funny..
A big hug from a very loved cats.

Sans said...

Victoria, just went to your blog to give you my 2 cents worth on your roof trimmings :)

I am building an Indian palace and its various "annexes". I have so many books on India (my era is British India with Maharajahs plus the intrigues like jealous mistresses and vengeful wives) so if you need any material, let me know!

Victoria said...

Thank you, yep, I already replied.:) British India is one of my favourites, it's just a great pleasure reading your blog and seeing all those wonderful details.

Sans said...

Roberta, you are always so kind and generous with your encouragement! THANK YOU!

Marie Antionette said...

Sweetie you outdid yourself.This vignette is wonderful.I love the cats.Of course I see the lazy man in the lounge chair. Just like a man to sit around while we woman work...LOL...Love the color and splendor of all your stalls. I can see it growing .you can handle it.
Happy birthday to your child.I'll know you will make room...You take care Hon and thank you so much for visiting.XXOO Marie Antionette

Sans said...

Thank you so much, Toni, for visiting and for leaving such sweet words. It's my niece's birthday, and I will let her know your wishes.

Snowfern said...

D-Day tmrw.... :P

Ara said...

I absolutly love this scene!! The fruits and vegies, and people are all great but your cats really make it come alive!! It's a wonder you painted a little bit of mischief into each ones face!! Have fun on your trip! Sounds like a blast! Hugs - Ara

Sans said...

I have survived the party, Cindy!!!

Ara, lol, I have made the trip to India and back in Jan this year :) but yes, I want to go back and do the "India in Slow Motion" 2 week trip which is only available in UK :(. But you go from castle to castle, savour rural life and meet descendants of Maharajahs. How great is that? Thank you for loving my cats :)

Norma said...

An absolute riot of colour as an Asian market should be! A feast for the eyes, and those darn cats by the look of it! I think someone should set up a fish stall next door - that'll enourage them to 'move'!!!

Such fun to see such a different type of project :)

Meli said...

Well this is just incredible!!!! It's our of the ordinary Sans... It's so colorfull.. with so many details!!!
The cats are just genious!!!
Mini hugs

Sans said...

Thank you, dear Norma & Meli.

I love your idea of a fish stall, Norma. I may very well make one :). I already own some fishes.

Meli, your sweet compliment is putting a silly grin on my face and I don't think I can wipe it off!!

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