Thursday, 22 July 2010

Day 175-My Friend, The Royal Portrait Painter

ONCE UPON A TIME , IN A LAND FAR FAR AWAY, lives my friend, the royal portrait painter. Her name is Helene and although we have never met as she is so very far away, she has become  very dear to me. 

While Helene and I may seem worlds apart- she loves to sing, I can only dance, she bricks her Lego one by one when I can only bash- we both bonded at first through our common love for the colour blue. Most importantly, we share the strongest passion for all things small. 

I have only known Helene for slightly over a year now but my friend already knows what  are some of my favourite things  and often spoils me rotten with many, many of them. 

Twice, I swear she could hear my stomach growled for moments later,  the doorbell rang and  lo and behold at the door were some fine breads from Christel Jensen,  compliments of Helene.

She is generous almost to a fault. Look at this uniquely beautiful earring, it is one half of a pair.  I wonder how she can bear to part with it but she told me it reminded her of me because there's a Tree of Life

One day if you should be at an airport, and see 2 ladies wearing one big Tree of Life earring each , please understand that we know it is no longer in fashion. It's just the only way we can seek the other out. In the meantime, she says I can use mine to make a table and she may hang hers on a wall. Whatever it is, halfway around the world, we both have the same one earring, just like childhood friends.

Helene knows when I am happy for I would tell her in my mail but what is really special, is her when I am down.

Like today when I was at the peak of stress, I received her box of cheer. I opened my  parcel of  treasures and oodles of joy just bubbled. Amongst all the many goodies you saw on this post is  a darling Helene's original. 

My royal  portrait artist had painted me  " My Maharajah", the cutest man to me. And precious, precious Helene even gave him glittering robes!  Let me tell you, like a good girlfriend, she thinks he's hot too. 

Helene, you are so lucky to be so gifted. Just like Vincent with his Starry Night,"My Maharajah"  too will go down in history because with this post, it will be preserved for all eternity.

How will history remember, I often ask myself? Perhaps only very remarkable things and  only if they are terribly  special.

ONE DAY, A LONG, LONG TIME IN THE FUTURE, if someone will chance upon this humble blog,  I hope they find in my records, the remarkable stories of how a group of strangers  had bonded through their  extraordinary passion, talents and loves. And I hope they will see, like I do now, how these terribly special  friendships can make the world a truly wonderful place.


Ascension said...

Elena debe ser una persona muy especial!!!
Es una maravilla, conseguir buenas amigas en el mundo de las miniaturas.
Porque ademas de tener un hobby en comun, si es una buena amiga la tendras siempre para todo y eso hace que la vida sea mas feliz.
Me encanta tu retrato de tu Maharajah.
besitos ascension

Eva said...

Helene has made a great picture, this handsome man is idetical in mini :) :) So clever
Friendship is a treasure, a valuable tresure!!! Enjoy the Rosanna&family's visit is so close now....WOW! are you nervous? :)
Un beso!

Flor said...

¡Cuantas cosas lindas!!!
El cuadro de las puertas me encanto!!
Un beso

Janice said...

What a wonderful parcel, it would certainly cheer me up1

rosanna said...

My dear, you deserve everything.Helene has done a incredible wor, he is so handsome and regal. A Prince! and I love the earring too. Big hugs, Rosanna

GB said...

Here's to friendships! may yours bloom and grow. I love the earring story.....mine involves my BFF--she saved two last pieces of Ferrero rochers (very rare in India) for herself and for me. When I asked her why she hadn't had hers...she replied that she wanted to have it with me; we savored them after a movie and dinner.... sometimes sisters are born to a family and sometimes they are found along the way...

Lovely Post. :)

dale said...

Goodness, between the post and the music, I am drawn to tears!

Hugs dear one! :)

Helene, that is just awesome. :)
Very cool! :)

Glenda said...

Love is here in abundance!! :)

julie campbell said...

Oh your maharajah is so handsome Sans ! the portrait is wonderful, Helene is very talented and a very special friend too, I love that you both have an earring and I agree yours will make a beautiful table :0)
julie xxx

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful picture! He is so sute;) And great bread and earring! And as usual great story Sans!:)

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Sans, you're so sweet! Your wonderful stories turns giving you presents into a treat for the giver :-) I loved the earring story, even though I don't have pierced ears, I thought it would be so fun if we could meet like that on the airport!

I do think he's hot too (I mean of course the original Maharajah), who wouldn't with those eyes! But so far I had managed to keep it a secret from Trond, but now the cat's out of the bag. Luckily (?) Trond kept his calm when reading it :-)

And thank you to all the others, for your kind comments too! (Some of them too kind, now that I see the painting scaled up to almost a double size in the photo, I see all my faults :-))

Sans! said...

Helene, there are NO FAULTS!

Just at lunch today, I was sharing with a friend about the insecurities of an artist, even the best ones :). Sorry, darling, I do think it's in the natural make up of creative people that they suffer pangs of self doubts that seem a little ridiculous to the bystanders :):).

I think the resemblance is remarkable. No one can deny that, it's in plain sight. I like the sternness you projected too. By the way, in an interview with the director of this movie, (peeps, the pic is of ooh lala Hrithik Roshan playing Akbar in Johdhaa Akbar), he had mentioned that it was imperative that Akbar maintained a regal demeanor so there was to be no dancing around trees and singing from waterfalls, at least not for him. Helene, you must have interviewed him when you drew the portrait? Cos you got the "regal" down pat!

The glitter is playful and whimsical and makes me giggle the whole day and brings me joy. What's there not to like? :):):)

I am making this comment while "My Maharajah" is blown up almost full screen behind the comment box. I am starring at his almost life size moustache as I type so I know exactly what I am talking about!

I am sorry though because the photos seemed so blurry for some of the items. I am also not very happy with the writing , it was a difficult piece. I don't feel I conveyed how I really felt without sounding cliche. I can only blame it on the late hours when I finally finished. This is not self doubt-artist style. I'll know it when it is..hehehe. Yes, if there is an oxymoron personified, her name is SANS!

Sans! said...

Ascensión, la mejor cosa que ha sucedido desde que empecé a casa de muñecas son los amigos que he hecho. La oportunidad de conocerlas es don del cielo. Me siento especialmente bendecido cuando los amigos de crear proyectos especiales sólo para mí .:):).

La vida no puede hacerlo bien ahora mejor.

Sans! said...

Eva , I have to tell you this portrait is all the more outstanding because mini portrait is not Helene's usual style! Like Carmen, they are both trying something outside their comfort zone.

It is another 4 days before Rosanna arrives and emails are flying across the universe to prepare for her trip. :) I can imagine when it is your turn, the excitement will just be as frenzy :).

Tomorrow Cindy and Asuka are coming for our 1st Singapore mini lovers meet and I am offering them your peanut candy. It still taste sooooo good. I love it so much I am slowly savouring it. Only half way gone and all by me...hehe :).

abrazoooooooooos :)

Sans! said...

Gracias Flor, que son realmente bonitas, ¿verdad? Tengo la suerte suerte suerte:)

besitos :)

Sans! said...

Janice, parcels like this make me feel like a schoolgirl again. Actually, I often feel like that now, you know, young again. :) Spoilt, loved and high on friendships :)

You don't need the Tree of life for that :). Just this community.

Sans! said...

Rosanna, I can't wait to show you everything. My pictures are not so great, took them late last night. Must see them in real life!

Yesterday I was at the garden festival and saw these minute gardens where they make 1:144 scenes of farm life in a bonsai!!!!!! It is the loveliest and I wish you could see it. The show ends today and I downloaded my iphone pictures onto my lap top and now cannot open the pictures and I already deleted those in my phone!!!! URGH! Will see if Shir can help me :) and post them on the projects blog. :)

Still don't know exactly what to show you , just too many things I don't know where to start. Must ask Dale for suggestions :)

Sans! said...

GB, that is such an incredibly beautiful story! I have seen my nieces (even my nephew sometimes) who are sisters, doing that. One of them always ask for just one more if people offered them sweets, "for my sister", she says and they really do share. But to hear this about friends is even more moving :).

You guys must be close :).

I know you are in a different community in the blogosphere from me as yours is not exactly miniature art and craft but decor? I wonder if the other girls in other communities are just as giving? Almost 2 years now and I still find this generous spirit surreal. The thing of course is that postage is much more affordable for minis :):)but seriously, the frequency of parcels flying across the world is just mindblowing here. I am sure this community alone accounts for at least a good fraction of the postal GDP of the world ..hehe

Sans! said...

Dale, I put on happy music !!! :) Except starry night I guess . Next time, I am doing a Bobby McFerrin special. OMG , he's a hoot! Did you hear his version of "My Favourite Things"? He's on No. 4 I think. Another blessed person with incredible talents :).

Sans! said...

Glenda :) Here and all the way to and from NZ :):).

Of course, when I was doing this post, I took out my treasures from you to admire. I am keeping "it" a secret till I use it and post about it. I am planning a "special interest" post just on "you know what" ;p. In my head I have a whole secondary scene planned just for it, entails building many things including a man ..haha:). I have decided it won't go into a kitchen.

Sans! said...

Julie, Helene is a special friend :). One of the 4 girls in the Tree of Life quartet :). I don't know if you start blogging in 2008 like me.

Anyhoo, I am one of those who don't experience explosive growth rate in "followers" . Mine increases slowly and in that way, I have the time to get to know someone on the blogospehere well through correspondence :):). I love that :). Again, it's like when I was a young school girl with pen pals. If you have pen pals, you may remember how you feel you can connect with people you have never met just from the letters they write :).Then one day , you meet and the rest is history :):) cos you feel like you have known this person for a long long time.

Sans! said...

Ewa :):). Thank you for being here :) and for always being so encouraging. Do you know you are one of another quartet in my circle of blog friends ?? :). hehe :).

Kim said...

oh- the painting! It is incredible- I see no faults! What a wonderful gift- it's all wonderful, but the painting is just fabulous- and even more special now that I read it is outside Helene's comfort zone.

Ara said...

What a wonderful portrait!! I think she truly captured his hotness!! And what a wonderful story of friends!! I will be looking out for you two and your earrings!! hugs, ara

Flora said...

Sans, but because when I finish reading your posts, I have tears in my eyes?!
Aside from the fact that you could succeed as a writer, write things that are so intimate and feel that I seem to know for ages!
Is normal to feel great affection and appreciation to you: your friend Helene will surely be full of emotion for the beautiful words that you addressed ...
She has sent you wonderful things, of course you know you deeply.
Your palace will become a real treasure :-)
P. S. I'm glad you like my kitchen: is my real kingdom!
Mini hugs, flora

Gemma (Gempo) said...

Hello Susan, beautiful words you write, wonderful portrait. Best wishes

Daydreamer said...

Oooooh, Oooh, what a MAGNIFICENT portrait! Portraiture is THE most difficult part of painting! And Helene has captured him so well! And in such tiny perfection! I agree he is SUCH a Hottie! (I had to turn my fans on when I watched your Akbar movie sequences!):)You are so lucky to have such a friend! Before you know it you will have a whole gallery of Royal paintings for your Palace!:):)
I can totally relate to the insecure artist's just that it is so difficult to make the painting look like what we see in our own head! The audience just sees whatever we DID manage to show, so they are entitled to their opinion! But the artist knows better....:)I think it will always be that way!

Snowfern said...

tee hee i saw i saw!!! ^ ^ and i didn't touch!!! XD

*puffs up chest and gloats at all your other blog friends*

Meli said...

Sans, as usual, the story is so lovely and the picture from Helene is gorgeus!!
Love the Tree of Life earring and what means to you!
Have a nice week-end!!
Warm regards,

NB: I know you should be very happy in receiving Rosanna... enjoy and have a wonderful time!

Tallulah Belle said...

What a wonderful post Susan.

the painting is are right that we each see our own faults that are often not there. I think it is wonderfully done.

The earing story is so moving. You are so very lucky to be meeting friends from all over the globe.

One day perhaps it'll be me...unless you fancy coming to the US first :-)

You will have a wonderful time with Rosanna. I am very envious.

Sans! said...

Kim, I was so moved when I saw the painting. Helene and I met at a time when we both hardly make our minis :). And today, I received her mini portrait! It's like a quantum leap from "I don't make" to "artist" !!! We have both come some way in our craft, feels like we are growing together. NICE!

Sans! said...

Ara...hehehehe! I am really giggling and almost falling on my keyboard ! Yes, giggle, she has!! Giggle ! Hotness captured indeed ! :)

Come to the airport as Morticia so we can recognise you :)

Sans! said...

Flora, you are a poet :), you know that right? I can spot a poet a mile away because they move to a different rhythm and for you, it is to the loveliest and uplifting songs.

I felt goosebumps reading your wonderful words :). I am so happy everytime you pop in here !

I feel the same way about kitchen. The heart and soul of a home is there. That's why I love yours. A lot of heart and definitely soulful. :)

Sans! said...

Gemma, thank you , my dear:). I put in very manipulative music so you will think my words are nice..heh heh heh!

Sans! said...

My goodness, Betsy, you should have been at the lunch with me and my friend.

Of course! I totally get it now about the insecurities. That's why it can never be bridged. An artist paints something that she feels is not what she wants in her head. An audience sees the painting but not the artist's mind. And the audience in turn, forms a picture of the picture in her mind and with that, comes up with her opinion of the painting. Since the artist cannot also see the audience's mind, she will never really know what the audience "sees" in the painting! Which results in the insecurities.

Shoot, I need a strong cup of coffee now :)

THANK YOU Betsy,for your insight! I love discussions like this :).

dale said...

Sans! I was not sad, at all. Just moved. I cry when every happy or overwhelmed with emotion. :)

Flora expressed what I lacked the words to say.

don't worry, be happy! lol ;)

Sans! said...

Yes, Dale :). Sometimes. I am just teasing you :):).

I am taking a break from cutting 100 discs. NO FUN!! Still have the dreaded task of making 100 paintbrushes . Arghh

Sans! said...

Jayne, you bet your bottom dollar we will meet :). I am waiting for you to finish your guest room Indian style :). Then may I have 1st bite at posting it on my blog? ;)

We can also meet 1/2 way. India? Will be the absolute fun doing India with you :).

Sans! said...

Meli, Rosanna is maybe at her comp right now , waiting for the time to go to the airport :). We are still emailing each other, hahaha!

I am very excited and I usually am lazy with housework but I was pottering around like a good hostess, making sure nothing is out of place. Everywhere except the dining room which is a mess :) I am trying to finish the next room in the tribal house before Rosanna arrives :). Then the 2nd floor will be complete. After she sees it, I will post pictures :).

About the earring, I will always treasure it. I am thinking of what spectacular item I can make it into.

Hehe, I just have mental picture of me wearing an Indian screen on 1 ear, looking for Helene wearing a Tree of Life lamp on her other ear.

Sans! said...

Cindy,I should have taken out the 100 circular discs to cut when you guys were here! :):):)

dale said...


Is she there yet? lol ;)

Sans! said...

No, :) but soon :)

Nite Dale :)

May said...

Has tenido la suerte de que Helena se cruzara en tu camino y que naciera una bonita amistad, compartiendo los mismos gustos y hobbies.
Precioso el cuadro del Maharajah y el collage
Los abalorios son preciosos y la lamina de las puertas me encanta.
Besitos, May

Liberty Biberty said...

Ooooh! Lucky you, that portrait is just perfection!

Sans! said...

May, a menudo pienso que un día me puede cansarse de esta afición como lo hice con muchas otras aficiones. ¡No más! Si tengo amigos como este para seguir adelante, voy a estar aquí durante el tiempo que yo vivo:).

Muchas gracias por tus hermosas palabras :)

Sans! said...

Mercedes, Rosanna is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I am at work now and she is out with Walter to roam around my house (where the Chinese & Hindu temples are) to our IT mall which will make Walter very happy :)

They have already met my mum and little Nathaniel quite by accident when we walked home from a beer yesterday evening :).

miniaturist59 said...

Wow!! Susan, every time I visit your blog, I am astounded at all the little details you keep on adding :-O. PLEASE tell me when the palace is in completion, because it SO deserves to be published for the world to see!!!! It is just....words fail me, in all honesty.

Sans! said...

Hahaha! Kiva, you WILL know because when I am done, I will throw a party for everyone -seriously- and I will need to order a finale feast from you!!!!

Tallulah Belle said...

Damn Skippy we'll meet.

Of course you can put my Indian room on your blog may have wait though lol you are just being a tease lol

Sans! said...

Jayne, you should know by now that I quite often mean what I say, no matter how ridiculous it may sound ...hehehehe!

My sis has a project in Goa and I heard you can see dolphins jumping out of the water when you are having breakfast at a hotel balcony! :). Best thing is it is not that expensive !

Tallulah Belle said...

I know you mean do I :-)

That sounds wonderful for your lucky she is.

When I first came here to meet up with Mick again we stayed in a hotel right on the beach.

I was woken by seals frolicking on the sand just feet from my door.

Is it any wonder I went home, sold anything I owned and moved here....and Mick thought it was for him lol.

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