Sunday, 11 July 2010

Day 166 & 169- Treasury of The World

Postcard advertising the "Treasury of The World" exhibition.

The Mughals- one of the wealthiest and most powerful empires the world has ever known ruled the Indian subcontinents between the 16th and  19th centuries. By the late 16th century, India was estimated to control a quarter of the global economy. Many accounts of India's fabulous riches reached Europe through the letters and journals of its ambassadors, merchants, physicians and travellers. Such dazzling account stirred the hearts of covetous men who then travelled eastward to the land of the Great Mughals. It was this intrusive foreign presence that propelled the Mughal emperors to what the West described as theatrical displays of pomp and splendour.

Renowned for their lavish lifestyle, love of beauty and vast collection of precious objects, the Mughal emperors are ostentatious in their dresses and jewels. Sir Thomas Roe, then British Ambassador was so astounded by the opulence of the Mughal court that he wrote to Prince Charles (later King Charles I) in a letter dated 1616, describing  the Mughal emperor Jahangir as the "Treasury of the World". Do you know it is the Mughals' association with enormous wealth and power that the word "mogul" was coined? 

I was so excited when I found  out that the  Treasury of the World would be coming to our very own Asian Civillisations Museum.  This exhibition,  drawn from the Al-Sabah collection of Kuwait with an impressive array of 400 pieces (60 pieces lost during the Iraq-Kuwait war) of jewelled art has travelled to British Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Louvre Museum in Paris. This is their maiden exhibition  in Asia and what a treat it was for me.  For the first time ever, I booked myself on the curator's (Nicola Kuok) tour ,  the very last one left  on 18th June 2010.  I was to find out at the tour that this was also the last stop for the exhibition.

  Courtesy of  British Museum-Image of Jahangir weighing his son Prince Khurram (Later Shah Jahan, builder of Taj Mahal) against bags of gold for distribution to the poor. This is a royal event celebrated twice a year by the whole palace but only men attended the ceremonial weighing. C1615-25.

Ms Nicola Kuok shared with us many of her own observations.  For one, she noted that most of the exhibits are artifacts made for use by men; paintings of courtly life depict only the men. Where were the women , she asked. And so, if I may use her words and her picks, I will like to devote this post to the Women of the Mughal Empire, showcasing the few artifacts that were made and used by women. 

Among the most desirable activities for ladies of the court were religious studies. This is a miniature Qur'an with a white nephrite cover inlaid with gold and set with rubies and emeralds. The pendant case is enamelled with champleve and set with diamonds, rubies and emeralds.
The following is an excerpt from Nicola Kuok's article entitled " The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The Empire-Great Women of The Mughal Empire "


Huqqa (Hookah) smoking is a common past time in the courts even with the ladies. Huqqa  mouthpieces are not shared and smokers usually had their own.This gold piece is made by the imperial workshop in India, probably Hyderabad.

Many tales of extravagant debauchery in the imperial harem (or zenana) were often perpetuated by foreign courtiers in the Mughal courts. It is easy to understand that their imaginations were fuelled by the knowledge that the emperors kept around 250-300 wives and concubines. But as they were not allowed to venture into the emperor's private quarters , their sources of information came largely from the gossip of the bazaar and other courtiers.

Finger ring with rotating and bobbing bird. Nicola was relating about how her colleague who was handling the ring had watched in horror when the bird moved because he thought he had broken it.
  Ladies of the Mughal court spent much time throughout the day beautifying themselves. They ornamented themselves lavishly, even adorning their toes with jewellery. The top of these toe rings are gem-set with rubies and gold, whilst the inside is intricately enamelled with motifs of four-petalled flowers.

It is true however that the ladies of the harem did live in relative luxury. Confined to life within the walls of their harems, their needs were provided for in every way. The ladies were given excellent education and had access to the best medical care in the kingdom.

Gold cup enamelled with motifs of grapes and poppies.It is likely that these cups would have been used to drink a mixture of wine and opium.

The Mughals adore perfumes and scented oils. The emperor Akbar (1542-1605) even established a perfumery department within his workshops which created concoctions using musk., ambergris, aloe wood and sandal paste to please the noses of the royal household. This miniature cosmetics bottle set with rubies emeralds and diamonds comes from North India, c1600-1633.

Sequestered within the inner sanctums of the palace, the ladies of the harem had many long hours to pass each day which they mostly spent beautifying themselves, sampling delicacies and indulging in intoxicants.

A gold archery ring enamelled with the image of a lady playing a flute , India, probably Hyderabad c.1700

The royal ladies, concubines and their female companions also enjoyed playing games to pass the time.Some of the popular games in the Mughal court were shatranj (chess), chandal mandal, chaupar and pachisi (variations of the modern board game ludo), ganjifa (cards) and ankh michali (blindman's bluff).

Armbands set with navaratna or nine auspicious stones. These are ruby, diamond, pearl, coral, zircon, sapphire, chrysoberyl (cat's eye), yellow topaz and emerald.18th-19th century.

However, the ladies of the harem were also artistically and intellectually adept. They were skillful designers of jewellery and clothes; composers of music and poetry (sometimes writing under the pen name "Makhfi" or concealed one); articulate in Qur'anic recitation and storytelling; and accomplished painters and dancers too.

The calligraphic arts were an important part of Mughal court life. This object comprises a cylindrical container for ink, and a matching pen case for the calligrapher’s reed pen. Carved from pale nephrite jade, it is set with emeralds and rubies in a delicate floral.

They were economically and socially conscious too . Some of the cannier and wealthier ladies owned ships and dabbled in overseas trade to further supplement their income. Others put their time and wealth towards charity and building works. 

Painting of Nur Jahan seated with Jahangir and their son Prince Khurram. 


I have always loved art and more than anything else I love receiving as presents paintings done by loved ones or friends. Despite having siblings and a best friend who can  draw and paint and  in spite of the million hints I have dropped, I have had no paintings from them. 

Until the 11th of June 2010, that is , when I received this "beyond-words , beyond -description and beyond-belief"  beautiful painting from Carmen. This is a miniature painting Carmen drew especially for my project.   

I am truly honoured and touched by  your gift,  Carmen. I really have been wanting one since forever My very own 1st masterpiece drawn especially for me, Carmen, you are inked in my history book as the "1st Orientalist of My Maharajah's Palace". Words cannot begin to express my gratitude. I  am afraid it will have to be a simple "Thank You" for now.I will treasure this .


Glenda said...

Seeing these opulent treasures in real life must have been awe-inspiring!! I just want to touch them!!
Thanks so much for sharing the 'women's quarters' of the tour, Sans. Soooo satisfying!!

And the little painting is exquisite!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

What a beautiful painting. I have long been a fan of Mughal art...I am thinking of printing out some Mughal or Rajput minis for my dollhouse.

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful beautiful painting! And absolutely great jewellery arts. Thank you Sans for all the knowledge about India! Reading this is already a travel there!:D Thank you!

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful beautiful painting! And absolutely great jewellery arts. Thank you Sans for all the knowledge about India! Reading this is already a travel there!:D Thank you!

dale said...

That must have been a fabulous exhibit! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. :)

Too funny, the first thing I thought was moguls!

Such beautiful items all, love the rubies!

It's all so interesting... I was wondering where you where, this was well worth the wait. :)

Fabulous painting by Carmen. It will be wonderful for your projects. :)

Flora said...

Is fascinating to think that many objects that were part of the cultural heritage of the past, now we see only in museums and even do not understand well what they were ... (I remember my amazement to discover that Egyptian widows kept the penis of her late husband in secret drawers placed in small votive sculptures ... This seems to have seen him at the Louvre).
Thanks Sans, for showing these beautiful objects from "Arabian Nights"
mini gold kisses, flora

rosanna said...

OMG Carmen's painting is beautiful. The jewels are simply beyond words !

Debbie said...

Beautiful Treasures. I can't get over the perfume bottle, totally decorated with Rubies. It reminds me of a pomegranate.
Carmen's painting is wonderful. xxx

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

I really enjoyed this post, Sans -- thank you so much for showing us these treasures. I'm grooving to the music as I write :) I love Carmen's painting -- what a thoughtful and loving gift!

Snowfern said...

oh beautiful! i wanna see up close! :P i promise i won't touch it!!!!

Fiver said...

Sans, thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos and such interesting history. I'm such a dork, just sitting here listening to the music, LOL. I LIKE very much! Sounds Arabic to me - but I'm assuming it's Indian.
Your friend's miniature painting is Perfect for you! What a good friend Carmen must be.

Sans! said...

I have enjoyed the article that Nicola Kuok has written where she focused on the Mughal women. If you wish, Glenda, you can read the rest of the article here : I am so glad I did not miss the curator's tour. The museum extended one more as it was already completely sold out. But 1 hour wasn't enough.

I just love reading about court life. Mughal or Persian, Chinese or Medieval. It is always fascinating and intriguing.

I hope to use Carmen's painting in the tribal house and later in all the other houses until the palace is finally built :).

Daydreamer said...

Oh Sans! Oh My! Oh LUCKY you! To see that exhibit on the last chance! And to share it all with us! You are too wonderful! The movie & music are divine! I want to go to your Mughal Palace NOW! As I told you earlier, I adore the Persian and Mughal Miniatures....The details are so amazing....and to see the jewels up close for real must have been so satisfying! As usual, your post is an education as well as a delight for all the senses! Bravo!

Sans! said...

Sumaiya, the Mughal influence is still so prevalent in India and in anything lux !:) It is even in the way you dress your prince! :) Mughal minis is a must for your pleasure palace .

Actually, I want one of those armbands the ladies wear. LOL. Think maybe I will finally make some real life accessories for myself :).

By the way , I have seen the progress of your Garfield! OMG, your details are plain amazing!

Sans! said...

Thank you Ewa. I was wondering when I post this, whether friends in the mini world would be interested in this. I did pick all the small tiny articles to feature :). The pictures are taken from the museum magazine and they look so big but in real life, they are truly delicately tiny, which makes all these craftsmen all the more remarkable.

I love our museums now :). And I love with every tiny mili-inch of my bones and body, the painting from Carmen :).

May said...

Precioso post.
Gracias por compartir con todos esta preciosidades.
Verlo al natural debe de ser sorprendente.
Enhorabuena por la pintura, es muy bonita.
Besitos, May

Norma said...

What a wonderful gift, the painting is so lovely.

Those exhibition pieces are exquisite, how amazing to see them in person.

(BTW I didn't get a notification of this new post, I just happened to see it on Ira's blog - seems Blogger still having a few 'issues' - I wonder if maybe their servers just aren't managing to keep up with all the new blogs coming online.)

Pubdoll said...

The painting from Carmen is wonderful! She is really talented, although it's a miniature she managed to get it so detailed, no wonder you treasure it so much!

And thank you so so much Sans for sharing all these other mughal treaures, they are all so fantastic, and as usual I love all your background facts. When I had great ambitions reading "Millennium" by Fernández-Armesto, the world history from the last thousand years, it started with court life in Japan about 1000 years ago. Very fascinating to read about the court men making poems and competing in painting, dance and in blending perfume and incenses. Not very like the Samurai warriors we tend to connect with Japan :-)

contar said...

las joyas indias son todo un regalo para la vista, y un tesoro que nadie debería desconocer en le mundo.
el regalo de carmen es precioso y seguro que en su palacio lucirá perfecto.
un abrazo

The Indian jewels are the whole gift for the sight, and an exchequer that nobody should know in him world.
Carmen gift is beautiful and sure that in his palace it will seem perfect.
An embrace

Ascension said...

El regalo es precioso, seguro que lo sabras utilizar muy bien.
Las joyas son verdaderos tesoros, me encantan
La pintura es una maravilla!!
Me ha encantado pasarme por tus blog y ver tantos tesoros juntos
besitos ascension

Liberty Biberty said...

Carmen's painting is just stunning! How lucky your Maharajah is!

Eva said...

Carmen is a great painter!! It is a wonderful gift for you :)


PS The football world cup...Amazing!! :) :) :)

Sans! said...

Firstly, SPAIN!!!! YAY!!!! Octopus Paul is right 100%! OMG!!

Over here, it is as if there is a holiday , from work or school, thanks to the world cup. The telecast time was 2.30am and in our household, at least 2 people were up watching. FaiZ and Fafa. My brother-in-law took leave today to watch the finals only to wake up at 5am when the match was just about over..haha!

How sweet that this post is dedicated to my Spanish artist friend, Carmen. To be honest, if Spain had been fighting Singapore in the finals , I don't think I will be cheering for Spain :) hehe. Seriously though, the whole nation will go completely nuts if we are in the finals, no need to win!

You know Eva, the 2010 finals was touted here as the game with the most good looking players. They call Spain and Netherlands " teh 2 best looking teams" and boy, too many cuties to watch :):)

Congratulations, to my Spanish, Dutch and German friends for clinching the top places and the millllllions of dollars :). WOW $420m is distributed just for the World Cup! Hopefully , they will get the economy back on its feet! :)

Sans! said...

Hey Dale, what a crazy, busy Monday it has been for me :). I didn't even have the luxury of reading blogs during lunch time!!

I am finally home, had a shower and just finished my mum's home cooked dinner :). And reading my comments- HAPPINESS !

About rubies, we were told that until 1725, India was the sole source for diamonds in the world! Whereas rubies were only available from Burma and Ceylon and because of that, rubies were prized way above all the other precious stones especially diamonds! So you have great taste, Dale :) just like the Mughal Empress! :)

Sans! said...

Flora, I have to tell you, even in Chinese customs, there is a practice of hanging the penises of Eunuchs in temples. I have once watched a movie about the last eunuch of China. Apparently after each castration, a eunuch will keep his testicles and penis in a pouch,preserved with special herbs, put his name down on the pouch and hang it, together with thousands of other pouches in what looked like a scared place of worship. When a eunuch passed away, his pouch would be retrieve from the temple and buried with him so that he could be reunited with his preserved genitals. The pouch was therefore like these precious gemstones to a eunuch, except 10000 more so. The movie was based on the life of the real last eunuch and it was very sad. He was castrated just months before the last emperor was overthrown. He became like a joke to the communist and in 1960s during the cultural revolution, his family threw away his pouch for fear that they would be persecuted by the Red Guard for believing in what they deemed to be a decaying anachronism. It was heart wrenching to see the man weeped in dismay when he found his pouch gone.

Sans! said...

Hehe, Flora, I just realised thet "family jewels" is also a polite term for describing a man's genitals! LOL!

Sans! said...

Rosanna, I must tell you a quote from your countryman, Marco Polo (I found this on a forum devoted to discussing "India Royal Jewels" (hehe)).

"Marco Polo, teh famous Venetian traveller, gives a vivid description of kings of the Coromandel coast (somewhere in Sri Lanka) in the 13th century. “The king...goes stark naked, except for a handsome loin cloth with a fringe all round it set with precious stones-rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other brilliant gems-so that this scrap of cloth is worth a fortune. Slung round his neck is a cord of fine silk which hangs down a full pace in front of him, and strung on his necklace are 104 beads, consisting of large and beautiful pearls and rubies of immense value... What need of more words? Suffice it that he wears in all so many gems and pearls that their price exceeds that of a fine city.”

Sans! said...

Debbie, I couldn't get over all the preciousness as well!! I absolutely cannot imagine creating these in 1:12 scale for my palace! And how awfully shiny everything would be! *shudders

Sans! said...

Heyyyyyyy Nina!!! So happy to see you here again :). It's been awhile. I know you have been so busy with all the performances :).

I love the songs as well. They are AR Rahman's (the same composer/songwriter for Slumdog) and all from the movie "Jodhaa Akbar" , an epic love story between Emperor Akbar, the greatest Mughal King and his Hindu wife. I strongly recommend the movie just for a taste of the resplendence of the Imperial household in the Mughal time. Like the movie, Kama Sutra (another must watch as far as I am concerned) , every scene in this movie is a view to behold. Of course, they also have Ashwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan, the handsomest couple to play the king and queen.

When I look at Carmen's painting, I see her portrayal of Akbar and Jodhaa in their intimate moments :). I am thrilled beyond thrilled, happy beyond happy :).

Sans! said...

Cindy, you can touch of course, after I lend you my gloves :). Maybe you must also wear a mask in case you exclaim and then "shower" the painting. Actually, you may also need my goggles in case you are moved to tears by its beauty. :) Hope you understand that no water can touch the painting! :)

Can I take a picture of you after you are suitably equipped to touch the painting?

rosanna said...

OMG I'd pay to see Cindy in such attire !!! but I perfectlu understand the need of cautiouness! big hugs.
PS do you know that Marco Polo wrote, rather had it written , his Milione while "residing" in the secrets of San Giorgio Palace in Genoa? he was a prisoner of one of too many wars between Genoa and Venice. Each time I read the Milione I wondered at the marvels he saw and he could possibly come back to Europe that was so barbarian in comparison.
Milione means...million:o) and it was chosen because he kept starting his speaches saying:" I have seen a milion things...".
Those were travels !

Sans! said...

Wow, it has taken me more than 4 hours just to visit some of your blogs :):). Already 11.30pm, time for ice cream :) hehe

Kristy, if you clicked through my virtual "Ipod" through to the youtube video of the 1st song , you will see snippets from the movie Jodhaa Akbar. In there is a scene of the Emperor Akbar being weighed against bags of gold. You can also see the "peacock throne" and both the Emperor and Empress all decked out . The dancing and the colours ...I have watched the movie 3 times and probably can watch it another 30. LOL. This movie is to me, like the Twilight trilogy for some people ( I heard a woman has watched it 300 times!!!)

Sans! said...

You know Betsy, if ever I have the pleasure of meeting you, what an education it will be for me to learn all about Persian illuminated manuscripts from you. And anything about medieval Europe and their harems and the intrigues of court life. They will forever be fascinating to me.

I have to tell you, the one truly incredible palace I have ever been with some of the most unbelievable jewels I have ever seen has to be the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. The palace itself is so well maintained and I love how in some rooms, there are still furniture . The Ottoman empire is another that fascinates me no end. Argghhh, I don't believe one lifetime is enough for me to make all the minis I want of all these cultures that I'll love to know more about.

Kim said...

what an gorgeous post! I cannot imagine how much more beautiful it is to see these items in real life!

Sans! said...

HELLOOOOO MAY !!! I just went to your blog and realised with a pleasant surprise that you are the ever talented bougainvillea lady! I love them and want to make loads and loads of them for my houses :). Bougainvilleas are very popular in Singapore and brighten up many otherwise boring buildings, bridges and walkways. :)

Acabo de ir a su blog y me di cuenta con una agradable sorpresa que usted es la señora buganvillas siempre talentoso! Me encantan y quiero hacer montones y montones de ellos por mis casas:). Buganvillas son muy populares en Singapur y alegrar muchos edificios aburrida, puentes y pasarelas. :)

Guss lo que está en la televisión ahora? FINAL COPA DEL MUNDO (repetición) España V Países Bajos. Me pregunto quién va a ganar; p

Muchas gracias, May, por visita mi blog :)

Sans! said...

Norma, when I first started, my bro told me Blogger was unstable and that I should use Wordpress instead. But I find Blogger so much more user friendly.

By the way, I have to use 2 browsers when I read my blogs. Google Chrome does not show more than 20 blog updates on my dashboard!!! So I too use Ira or Nina or someone's blog list to catch up with the latest entry! LOL

I also can only make my new post using Mozilla and not Google Chrome.

I fear Google is not doing well coping with the explosive rate of blogger growth.

Snowfern said...

i would do it too, if you insisted. pardon the expression of bewilderment and slight shame, but i guess it wouldn't matter putting me through that humiliation since you wouldn't be able to see it under the mask anyway. T_T


really lor. i have such a terrible sense of scale, when i look at pictures, they always always seem so big, nothing beats being awed by the actual item itself. i only fear i will drop the minis and ruin them (i have before T_T), or even lose them (which reminds me, i have to sweep the floor)

i've been on a real Antiques Roadshow kick lately, watching it on, and after i read this post, an episode featurred some Mughal vases....omg they were worth....a gabijillion dollars and so beautiful!!!!!

p.s. out of curiosity Rosanna, how much -would- you pay ;P

Sans! said...

Helene, as Betsy puts it, we have another ether connection here! Just on Saturday, I walked past a 2nd hand book store selling so many wonderful books for cheap , I bought about 12 hard cover, 3 of which was on Japan :). One of them is a beautiful book on woodblock prints. I also bought 2 on early civilisation. One is called the Great Civilisations of the Ancient World and another Everyday Life In The Ancient World or something like that, got to go home and check, yes it's lunch time in the office again :).

I am putting all these books next to my bedside and hope that I can at least read 1 chapter a night..LOL.

I have just discovered that I can download free books on my iphone! Classics that I have always wanted to read. I will never have to worry about the lack of reading material! I just need time and a good eye sight. lol

Sans! said...

Hello Contar !! I agree that the jewels are truly a feast for the eye. It is all the more amazing to see this level of craftsmanship when one looks at the humble beginnings of the Mughals a nomadic race with ancestors linking to Tamerlane and Genghis Khan, and how they really prefer to camp in gardens then to live in the palaces :). I will always remember how they put 10000 mirrors on their walls (shish mahal) because it reminded them of the stars in the sky in the days when they lived under them :).

Contar Hola! Estoy de acuerdo en que las joyas son un verdadero festín para los ojos. Es tanto más sorprendente para ver este nivel de la artesanía cuando uno mira a los humildes comienzos de los mogoles una raza nómada con los ancestros ligarse a Tamerlán y Gengis Khan, y la forma en que realmente prefieren acampar en los jardines luego de vivir en los palacios: ). Siempre recordaré la forma en que poner 10000 espejos en sus paredes (mahal shish) porque les recordaba a las estrellas en el cielo en los días en que vivía debajo de ellos).

Sans! said...

Ascension :):) I just saw on the news that the streets of Madrid are filled with people welcoming their heroes home :). It says you will party all day and night! :) Is it a public holiday in Spain today? I have not seen Carmen on line for so long, if you see her party on the streets in Madrid, tell her I say "hello" :). You do have the best football team in the world, all my friends say so and if I may say so, your captain, world's best goalkeeper, is also the cutest :):):). So Spain not only has great miniaturists, you can play football too! :) jejejeje

Congratulations !

Ascensión:):) Acabo de ver en las noticias que las calles de Madrid están llenas de gente acogedora casa a sus héroes:). Se dice que se parte todo el día y la noche! :) ¿Es un día festivo en España hoy? No he visto a Carmen en la línea durante tanto tiempo, si usted ve a su partido en las calles de Madrid, dígale que yo digo "hola":). Usted tiene el mejor equipo de fútbol del mundo, todos mis amigos dicen que es así y si se me permite decirlo, su capitán, el mejor portero del mundo, es también la más linda :):):). Así que España no sólo tiene grandes miniaturistas, puede jugar al fútbol también! :) jajajaja

sagrario said...

Sans, me encanta leer tus historias,cada dia me sorprendo mas de la magnitud de sus joyas, su cultura y sus costumbres.
Sobre la pintura decirte que es preciosa ,besos

dale said...

shhhh! just sneaking in to read Little Women and take a snooze on Sans's couch. (don't worry, I'm quiet as a mouse)

She won't notice...

Rosanna! You are going to love Singapore! :)

zzzzzz..... ;)

Sans! said...

Mercedes, I like what you said about believe! Believe and it will come true :).I am a FIRM BELIEVER! I always knew eventually someone will give me a painting , even though it's 20 years later...hehe.

My Maharajah is not as lucky as me :):) cos he does not have friends like moi :). You guys are like imaginary friends, the kind with all the pluses without the minuses, the best kind, except you are real :).

Sans! said...

Rosanna, if not for you, I probably would never see Genoa and it had turned out that although Genoa may not match Venice in its extraordinary
splendour (who can compete with all that water??) it sure more than compensate for its rich history. I am so glad I have been there and now can imagine how it must be like for Milione Marco when he was squatting in the corner of a palace garden writing down the million things he had seen :).

Exactly 11 days before you board the plane to come here. I hope you have not forgotten to renew your passport and bought your bikinis :):).

Sans! said...

Hi Kim ! :) I am lucky I am not a jewellery kind of person or I may be so envious. The only thing I really like are the arm bands. I understand that Mrs Al-Sabah who's family own the jewelled art, uses one of the golden gunpowder pouch as her clutch bag when she attends a dinner :). Now that, I really like :).

Sans! said...

Cindy, you have given me an idea. How about I post a really tiny pic of you in your "Star Wars" protection gear and then if anyone wants to see you properly, they have to click through to paypal and pay maybe $1.00 before they can save the pic on their computer for them to print ? We can split the earnings 30-70 in my favour ..hehe . Models never earn as much as their agency :).

Sans! said...


How do you sleep with that music baffles me :):). I think it may be just as bad as the fight song?

Sans! said...

Hola, Sagrario!! :) muchas gracias:)! Estas historias harem son los mejores:). ¿Has terminado ensuciando la casa? No puedo esperar a verla!

Meli said...

Sans, what a lovely story and the jewellery!!! It's incredible all you can learn reading your blog!!!
Congratulations to Carmen for the beautiful painting!! She`s a great artist!!
Thanks to you Sans!

Snowfern said...

Sans, i highly doubt we'd make enough to even cover the cost of the costume T_T

'fess up, what you really want from me is to record my heavy breathing.......*snort*

AHHH 11 days???? *consumes more vit C*

Patricia Torres said...

Oh my... Your blog is like a palace of treasures.. wow!! I'm inspired to read.. and stay here longer.. Loved it!!

Sans! said...

Hola Meli :). Thank you for popping by :). Carmen's art is the jewel in the crown for the Maharajah's treasury :). I miss her and hope to hear from her soon .

Sans! said...

Cindy, don't worry, for you 20 more days :). But yes, we have to make ourselves strong in order for "Good Times With Rosanna" :). Did you see from Kiva's comment on Dale's post? The one about her coming to Singapore next year?

Sans! said...

Patricia, THANK YOU! Again :). Now your blog is the real treasure trove :). I have subscribed to your posts via email and look forward to reading everyone of them. I kept going back to the Siddhagiri Museum website. So loving it! Eternally grateful to you for the link. I think I am going to post something here about that museum. Hopefully more people will go and see it!

dale said...

I miss you Sans!

It's always a little crazy in here, lol. Family jewels! tee hee!

Poor Cindy, get her out of the getup! ;)

Sans! said...

I feel like I have been gone for a long long time, Dale :). There are 205 messages in my inbox just from the posts I have commented and about 100 more I haven't caught up with

Miss you dear :). Cindy, I heard is busy playing her DS at Asuka's :). I hope to meet them this Friday :) And then hooooooray, Rosanna on Monday :)

dale said...

Please, don't even tell me about the email messages! lol, do I have to sign up for every email? yes, cause I hate to miss anything, so I have to read them all. lol and then facebook and that's way more chatty! lol

Cindy is a gamer! :) Friday, what time??? I wonder what it will be for me. I gotta set up the webcam.. maybe facebook would be best?

Oh, time flies, Rosanna, already? you all are going to have so much fun! :) Make her taste the durian. ;)

Meli said...

It's always a pleasure to visit your blog!!!

Meli said...

It's always a pleasure to visit your blog!!!

Rudraksha said...

awesome and very informative post thanks for sharing

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