Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day 172-Heralding The Rolla's Arrival

And so it was with a heavy heart (and eyelids as well) that I said bye bye to Dale at 4.15am on 1st July 2010 after a most unforgettable 10 days. I have decided however that I shall not make a goodbye  post as  I am sure we will meet again. Just as I will be  meeting Rosanna again in another 23 days.

O dear, 23 days!  I shook my head as I stared at the empty bedroom in dismay. Where are they going to sleep? And I am really behind in all my swap commitments too,  I started to whine. Get a grip, Sans! I scolded myself and decided that I should just get on with the work. And get on I did.

It is never too early to make the bed and what better bed than a special edition charpai by Sans! I fell in love with the charpai or a woven 4-post bed when I was in Pakistan .  I could not carry one home then due to the size.  Finally, after 20 odd years, I am happy that I finally have one.

Ro loves the depiction of the Tree of Life in tapestry and so I hung this precious gift from Ira behind the bed. This is a most luxurious item in the Rolla's home and is likely to be passed from generation to generation, like a treasured heirloom.

Speaking of heirlooms and treasure, this is Ro's dowry chest. A gift from Eva, it is made of ivory and wood on the outside and lined with soft velvet on the inside. It is now used to store the best of Ro's embroidery and her precious china.

For better support of the back and for another really important purpose which I will reveal later, Ro's dowry chest is placed under the bed. Notice how the bed immediately firms up?

I started the Banjaran blanket in May, intending to make it in the same style and fashion as the Banjaran toranam. As you can see, it took me a while to put the 100 over pieces of mirrors and cowries on the blanket. I think it was at least 1 hour but really, who's counting.

There are many  gifts in this room, especially the ones from Ira which I received on 7/6/2010 or somewhere between  Day 164 -165. If you click through to her post, you will see them in their splendour. Everyone of them however, is way better in real life than the pictures, no offence to your photography, Ira. I really wanted to use them in this house and asked for permission to "de-glam" them, you know, make them less glamorous so that they will fit with the tribal setting. Ira graciously said yes.

There are three bowls in the picture above. If you enlarge it, you will see that the last one in the middle of the second bowl is two  of Ira's bowls,  de-glammed to simulate my real life  metal plates from India. I made it into a potpourri bowl with cover. Ira gave me enough to make another smaller one, without cover.

Now in this picture, there are two pillows.  If you enlarge it, you will see that the one in the middle of the big pillow is an imitation. I know you can't really tell the difference which would make this pillow quite ideal except it commits the mortal sin for pillows. It is not fluffable. You see I have used an iron-on embroidery and so this pillow is only plump on the back and not the front where the iron -on is. I am posting a reward for anyone with suggestions on  how to make a fat and not flat pillow with an iron-on.

Ro is worried about mosquitoes so the net is a must. It will also help prevent any creepy crawlies from landing on her face when she sleeps. I know you were concerned, Rosanna, when you saw the reed roof.

Alas, Ro may still not sleep well with the flat pillows. We can always use the magic pillows Rosanna made, the ones that make you dream sweet dreams.

I built two things to place the potpourri bowls. On the right side of the room, I made a small shelf and put the loveliest red doily I have ever seen on it. Tatted by Cindy, it is incredibly flat and intricate and I love it to bits. Next to the shelf are  pin-ups of "hot babes", one in a rather compromising position.

This is the wardrobe space for Ro, an old Indian chest I made in a hurry from the box that Mercedes gave me. So small, you said. Actually, I made it for the big potpourri bowl . By that time, I have worked almost non-stop for 17 hours. I was getting sleepy and the bedroom is  90% done  save for a few final touches.

I placed 2 books by Ewa on the small bedside table that Susanne made. There is no chance that Ro will be bored for in those books are materials on subjects ranging from palmistry to embroidery,  henna to nail polish. As long as the subject matters relate  to "hands",  they are covered in those two books. A single peony from Ira's garden in the prettiest vase is set down right next to the table.

Then , a fingerful of  sandalwood in Ira's bowl on the shelf  at the left wall  of the room and

dried dessert flowers in the bigger bowl on the old chest placed against the right wall. Breathe in deeply, people  and smile for the room smells like morning dew after the rain.

And so this is what it is like to wake up in the morning at The Rolla's Bhunga. You know, now don't you, the real reason for the dowry chest under the bed?

Breakfast in bed, of course. Only the best Turkish delights from Cindy in a jade bowl which was Ro's dowry and painted crockery, de-glammed from Ira's golden set

They say you can't build Rome in one day but thanks to my friends, this bedroom was finished in 24 hours, from 12 noon Friday, 2/7 to 5 am Saturday when I only stopped to  have dinner.  By then I only had the breakfast set to finish which I did from 4pm to 8pm Saturday.

So thank you, Ira, Cindy, Ewa, Mercedes, Eva and Susanne. I am sure Ro will welcome you all to her bhunga anytime for in there are little bits of your love and effort.

And Rosanna, I know this room is a little too feminine. Too much Ro and no Walter. I wish I could make a little Semporia football jersey but I really don't think that's tribal enough. Instead, I have picked a song for Walter.  Fifa World Cup Anthem with an Arabic twist! And a repeat just to make up for only 1 pair of shoes! Enjoy!


Eva said...

LOL...our "mind connections" is working....this weeks I was searching flights to Singapore...just curiosity how much costs..... :) :) :)
I want to go.....I do not know when but I will go....

And now I have seen that Rosanna is going to take a flight. :)
I am happy for both of will have a great time.
Great bedroom you have bilt...with turkish delight include...yummy and sweet. Love the colours and the bed (is great). I am happy that you can use the wooden box made with ivory :)
Take care....
Un beso...

PS I write you an email for you mum...

Ascension said...

Que maravilla!!!!!!
Primero enhorabuena por los detalles que has recibido de tan buenas amigas, yo conozco a Eva personalmente y es un amor de mujer.
Con el traductor, no me entiendo muy bien jejeje, pero creo que si metes algodon dentro de los cojines quedaran mas redonditos.
Me encanta la cama, es tan bonita!!!!
El conjunto es expectacular!!!!
Enhorabuena, ademas de grandes trabajos, eres una gran narradora.
bsitos ascension

Debbie said...

Rosanna rang me yesterday, and is so excited about her trip. She's got her tickets and she's ready to go..
I hope you have a wonderful time, which includes plenty of shopping

Susanne said...

Hi Sans! What a beautiful bedroom, who wouldn´t love to stay there? I am glad, you could use the small table (or stool), I made.
Love, Susanne

Sans! said...

You know, dear Eva how incredibly happy and gratified it will be for me that I will get to meet you. Especially in my home. I know in some ways, you have a link to this part of the world, at least with Malaysia and I am like 45 minutes away ! Anyway, when I read those words "I will go" from you, I know too that it will happen :). It will be like a dream come true in some ways. I look forward to that magical day :).

If we plan it carefully, it may not even cost you as much as you think. It is really so much cheaper here than Europe and of course, you stay with me :).

Eva, I am very moved by your email to mum. I just had brunch with her this afternoon. I will let her know what you wrote :).

Un abrazo y beso, Sans!

Sans! said...

Ascension, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Firstly for the compliments and secondly, for your suggestion. It seems you understand me perfectly. I did put foam in the pillow but the front part of the pillow will not fatten. The iron-on makes the cloth stiff. Is there a way I can soften it? Maybe I should have washed it 1st?

Ascensión, MUCHAS GRACIAS! En primer lugar por los elogios y en segundo lugar, por su sugerencia. Parece que me entiende perfectamente. Puse en la almohada de espuma, pero la parte delantera de la almohada no engordar. El hierro en la vuelve rígida tela. ¿Hay alguna manera de que se ablande? Tal vez debería haber lavó primero?

Un beso

Sans! said...

Debbie, Rosanna will be seeing South East Asia and it will be something else. If nothing else, it will be colourful and yes, plenty of shopping. She may very well go home in a batik sarong and tanned like a girl in a Balinese painting :).

I pray for no unforeseen circumstances for we have planned this since early this year.

Sans! said...

Susanne, thank you for the lovely stool. I was admiring the legs on Friday and thought those are some amazingly beautiful wooden beads you used. They looked vintage or maybe you aged them. I just love your stool. It is one of a kind and something money can't buy. I was very, very lucky.

Papillon Bleu said...

Hi sans, it has been ages since my last vist. Your palace has evolved in such a magnificent way! WOW! the visit with the music is an absolute delight. Feels like being on holiday.

The Old Maid said...

Another beautiful interior Sans! Love it! Everything from the different parts of the world looks soooo good together!:)
Have a good time with Rosanna!

Glenda said...

I have spent a very happy half hour here - thankyou for the invitation to see Ro's room, it is so lovely and welcoming. She radiates love!!

Well done, Sans, for another eastern treasure!! I love it to bits!!!

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans!, Only you could take new things and "de-glam" them and have them turn out so much better than before!(Apologies to Ira...that sounds like they weren't beautiful to begin with...they were!) You have the eyes and hands of an artist! Bravo! I love your details ..... and to do it all in such short time! I bow to you in admiration. Your little house is becoming a dream home....sweet dreams to all who are so lucky to sleep there!

rosanna said...

Oh oh.... I feel overwhelmed. And I feel touched. And moved. And lucky and happy. I shant say anything but thank you. Hugs Rosanna

Merry Jingle said...

The room has turned out beautiful, you do wonders with your hands :) And the de-glamming has worked wonderfully!

Daydreamer, no apologies needed, I really love that Sans has been able to use the minies and made them look right for the room - I really don't mind people altering/adding to the minies I've made so that they fit better their houses :)

I always try to think carefully what I send so that the person receiving the minies doesn't feel obligated to use them in their scenes even if they don't fit in there - that's why I told Sans that I'm really not offended what ever she makes with them, I'm just happy that she has found some use for them :)

And hope that you have wonderful time with Rosanna :)

dale said...

You are just amazing my dear!

The room just looks incredible and you have left no detail unattended to.

I love what you did with the blanket, it is perfection. :)

It's all so marvelous, but I can't believe the marathon session this was created in! :)

Norma said...

Sans you have taken my breath away yet again, your imagination knows no bounds! And bringing together all those wonderful gifts, tweeking them to 'fit' if need be, makes it all the more special. Rosanna will delight in it, and I am sure that Walter will be honoured to be invited to share such a special boudoir!

dale said...

I dunno... I think they should seriously consider staying in the life size guest room. I'm thinking there's only room for Walter's big toe in here. LOL! Sorry, I could not resist. ;)

Norma said...

Haha, too funny, Dale has a point there ;)

Sans! said...

Hey Patricia *waves. GREAT to see you here! (",) Alas, this is not the palace but a tribal home for the Rollas, my Banjaran dolls :). Thank you for your compliments.

I so love the World Cup song. Makes me want to watch football. I will watch the semi and finals when they telecast it here on free to air channels.

Sans! said...

Thank you Ewa, for thinking of me when you made those books. And for the coral table top and the mirror. As you know , there is no way I can de-glam the peacock compact mirror. I actually took out the coral "table top" and place it in the room but put it back almost immediately. No way to de-glam that one either. Even if I can, what a pity to even put a scratch on it.:)

Sans! said...

Thank you, dear Glenda :). It is always good to have you over. You stayed for 1/2 hour , maybe you heard the football anthem? Hehe:) Are you a fan?

You know the 1st thing I did was to take out all my shoes bases and spray painted them. I am sure you can guess why. While waiting for the paint to dry , I looked at the room and thought maybe I should work on the bedroom and boy, there was no turning back after. I even painted where I left the shoe bases so if you get the one with a dash of blue, it's from the shelf in this room :). I am so glad you are working on the lake house. I am sure you are using your current house as a model :). I want a bit of my love and effort in there as well :).

Sans! said...

Betsy (I kept typing your name as Besty :) haha you are the BEST! :))

Firstly, thank you. You have once again made my morning cheery.

Secondly. I hope you have read my earlier comment to reply to your light question.

You know, over this wonderful era of my life when I started blogging (hehe,I sound like some history book) I have received so much love from other bloggers. They have made truly precious, money can't buy , one of a kind minis for my projects or send me little minis they bought which they thought may be more suited to my projects. Many times, I can't make what they have made, we all have our own styles. So when I add something to their work, I feel like it's a collaboration between us and it is unlikely that the pieces can be made again unless we collaborate again. I hope the others feel the same way I do. It will be interesting for me too to see my work being collaborated on by others so that they are used . I much much rather that than to see my gifts in boxes :).

This room is quite different from the embroiderer's room because in the other, I made most of the items myself. I really prefer the bedroom because the different styles put together adds a certain "fabulousness" to this room. I have always loved the whimsical better :).

Sans! said...

Rosanna , I hope this little effort brightens your day, poco, poco :)

Creating always make me happy and like Glenda says, you radiate love :) so making this house makes me feel really good. You know, maybe its time soon to start your la casa rossa :) cos I am sure there are many of us who want to put a little of our love and effort there?

O, by the way, Fai and I discuss your 1st day here. Can you starve a little the day before and while on the plane cos Fai wants to bring you both for a huge seafood dinner by the East Coast at a restaurant called "Jumbo" . LOL. Do you know you will both be at the airport on the same day, him and Marg just coming back from England? After dinner, you and Walter can take a nice romantic river cruise on Marg's very rustic little boats and then come home to sleep before Bali. If you are jet lagged, we can stay up and talk . You can always sleep in Bali..hahaha!

Sans! said...

Ira, I don't know if you notice that I have used your bead curtain for the doorway between the living room and the kitchen :) (see the 1st pic). Really love that piece and for me, that's pain-staking work that I find very difficult to do. I really love that and the flower. That bead which you use for the vase is so unusual I will never be able to find the same, I think. I have the same pieces that you use for your little bowls as you probably can tell from some of the things that I have made but I would not make the bowls the same way so the 2 potpourri bowls would still be fairly unique because they are Ira-Sans creations.

My project is very specifically Indo-Anglo but for this house, it is very "Indo" so the items I used must have a place in Indian art and craft or culture. I love the whimsical but I do try to stick to the facts as much as I can with a little artistic licence since this house is occupied by artisans and artists.

Like the flask and cups for the breakfast tray , I tried to make it in the style of Kashmiri folk art enamel painting which they use a lot to decorate their tin cups and canisters. Of course, the real ones are way prettier.

Sans! said...

Thank you Dale :). I was pretty surprised myself when I looked up and lo and behold, 5am. It's the magic hour for me because if I am not lying in bed and I get reallllllly sleepy, like cannot open eyes kind of sleepy, then it must be 5am. I almost never get past that hour, awake. Haven't been able to stay up late for a long while now. You should know, hahaha!

Liek I said to you in our emails, I must have really missed making minis in those 10 days :). 10 days x 3 = 30 hours . Ok, I have only chalked 17. Back to work :).

Sans! said...

Hehe, Norma, I think Walter, like Andrew probably just think we are a little mad.

I nearly made the mosquito net pink or orange or some other girly colour instead of white :). I think the white a little glaring for the eye. But luckily I didn't. I think even Walter's thumb won't be able to stand so much femininity , Well,thumb, you can always sleep in the embroiderer's room, you know :),

julie campbell said...

What a wonderful room Sans ! and I'm sure walter and his toe would not mind such a feminine room when it is filled with so many wonderful things :0)
I love the music on your blog, I always read your blog with my cup of tea in the morning and feel like I am on holiday !
Hope you have the best time ever with rosanna :0)
julie xxx

Liberty Biberty said...

What a fabulous room full of beautiful gifts. You have transformed my humble box into something wonderful.

Lucky you with all your international visitors!

Flora said...

The room is wonderful, so full of detail and LOVE for detail.
I am sure that Rosanna saw her, already feels at home ... are open to you wonderful day and your mom will still prepare that wonderful welcome lunch (I still salivate for the other pictures !!!).
I wish you a holiday of friendship and creativity :-)

Snowfern said...

*thinks of leaping into bed*

**then thinks of the pain i'd be in once i bounce off it**

i think....i'll lounge on your sofa instead. XD

again, a very wonderful's like, when i finally recognize certain's like, HEY!!! really really wonderful job at making the items fit into your 'home'. i'm into a painting/paper kick now, man that painting stuff is rough :(

dale said...

Sans, I think you need a clicker on your blog to log your ten thousand hours. ;)

I think you just felt so relaxed around me you found it easy to sleep. :)

Cindy, you are not allowed to leap any where before being covered in bubble wrap. I know you. ;)

Sans! said...

Good afternoon, Julie, it's lunch time here in Singapore and I am sitting here having "chee cheong fun" and typing.

The literal translation of "Chee Cheong Fun" which is in Cantonese is "Pig Intestine Noodles" but it is nothing like that. It's just plain rice noodles with chilli sauce :). I have gained an ungainly 2 kg thanks to Dale (",) and am now trying to lose them all before Rosanna is here so I can gain everything right back :).

I like that you describe what you do when you read my blog, this way, I can visualise and pretend we are really having a conversation over tea.

You know, as I looked at the pictures of the 2 rooms, Walter may pick the embroidery room to be closer to his shoes ...hehe. Thank goodness I can chat like this with my girlfriends here, I will feel so silly saying this to Walter in his face :).

Sans! said...

O Mercedes, imagine how pleased I was when I saw your box without which I would not have been able to make a chest that opens nicely like this. I love boxes, so thank you :).

I check everyday for your update post on your own travels. I want to read all about it !:)

Merry Jingle said...

Oh yes, I noticed and I'm happy how it looks like there with your de-glamming :D

The house is going to spectacular with all the little details :)

Sans! said...

How has your day been , Flora ? I bet its great, great , great :) Well, you have made mine terrific :).

You know my mum is probably just as excited as me whenever friends visit. Rosanna was the 1st girl I met through this blog and she was also the 1st to tell me she would visit :). Mum of course offered to cook and to me, that's really the best welcome gift for having travelled so far, home cooked meals :). She's so cute, she "reports" to me every time she learns a new recipe from TV and told me this is what she would cook for "your friend" . :) I love my mum :). To think that I use to give her so much grief as a teenager :).

Sans! said...

Cindy, before I forget, (been meaning to email you about this) remind me to pass you back Dale's MRT card!

Next thing, how are you feeling, girlfriend? Have you recovered? Rosanna's coming on the 26th, get well by then! :):):)

Hehe, don't worry, they are going to be very busy with Bali and Malaysia although I think I will want to go to the bird park with them AND our very own swampland/ wildlife/wetland reserve, Sungei Buloh. LOL

You have been painting??! I want to see!!!!

Sans! said...

Ira, a little package has been sent to you. DON'T start the greenhouse until you received my package, you work so fast, I just have to warn you. :):)

I am so silly. I wrapped everything up without putting in a note!!!! Email me when you receive it, plz :):)

Meli said...

Sans, what an incredible work you have done with the bedroom!!! The result is a lovely and very detailed!!! Love all the minis you have put in it!!!
Warm regards,

Glenda said...

I love the idea of a bit of each of us in each others' dollhouses!!

And no, I'm not a football fan - cricket's the only sport I like in the background.

Michelle's Mad World said...

What a wonderful bedroom and fantastic minis! I love the book and tapestry. So many were kindly and well thought out presents too! :o))

I think it's just wonderful to have so many bloggers and mini collectors coming to stay with you too! ;o) You'll have to get your bottom to the UK as there are so many of us here! lol

Michelle xxx

Snowfern said...

*cough cough hack wheeze* (amidst other gaseous emissions)

ahhhh Sans *slumps in the corner of your sofa* i am hopeful that i will survive this *chest rattles* *arm reaches out weakly*

ok la enough of the dramatics. XD i will try to be as healthy as i can possibly be when Rosanna gets here ^ ^ i have almost completed a little gift for her, hope she likes it :X

i keep staring at "Rosanna's slippers" and they also remind me of peranakan beaded slippers. i think it's awesome how you always manage to pick out items and transform them wonderfully. i've seen the blanks/bases for them, never would i have imagined they could look like this?

Sans! said...

Dale, that clicker idea rocks! Except how am I going to make it run only when I work on minis ??? hehe

Can you tell it's lunchtime again here?

Sans! said...

Forgot to tell you, Dale , what I am having for lunch. Today it is "Lou Shi Fun" which literally translates to "rat noodles" (hehe) only because the shape of each noodle is shaped like a rat's tail . Yummers :)

dale said...


grasps the weak hand, "there, there my child." ;)

Take your vitamin A, B, C, D, E and all of the goodies up to Z. ;)

I did get to purchase some of those shoes, not sure that I'll ever get them up for purchase, but, I'll be adding my own twist for my house.

Oh, I've been looking at every thing so much more deeply now and I really love seeing the pieces coming together. :)

For the limited crafting supplies you all have, Sans is phenominal with what she accompishes with them. Without a doubt! :)

Sans! said...

THANK YOU , Meli :). Once again, it's through the generosity and love of friends that makes this room so fabulous for me. I love that I am building little rooms with gifts from all over the world. I can tell which friend I met at when just by looking at the rooms or scenes and remembering when the scene is built :).

Like when I was building the temple with Mercedes' Buddha, my 1st ever swap partner :):). And Rosanna who gave me my 1st set of embroidered pillows :). And you, :) my 1st ever knitted baby clothes! You guys are part of my perfect little giving world.

Sans! said...

Glenda, exactly my sentiments :).

A little status update, (I know you are not in a hurry :) but nice to let you know anyway) the paint has not dried - very difficult for metal-so I could not varnish it before I come to work this morning :).

Sans! said...

O dear Michelle, you don't me in the UK especially anywhere near your summer house/craftroom/San's dream workroom! I will sneak in , put all my things there and never leave ! :)

Sans! said...

*****BUUUUURP back to you :), Cindy. One day, when you least expect it, you may hear your own gas when you visit my blog..haha! Try to pop by when you are feeling your weakest, barely able to get out of bed type of melodrama ill. Those sounds will make you jump up for sure!

This morning, a package from Amazon arrived and brought the Angie Scarr's "Miniature Food Masterclass ". Ordered this way before I met you (do you know Amazon has been amazingly slow in their delivery, sometimes, more than 2 months!!!)

There is a chapter on Making Doilies. I can already see your reaction when you read . I won't say more in case I offend her fans :). It is still a great book for people who don't know much about working with polymer or making food. But I am glad I will be taking lessons with you.

I made the shoes with new material. And using the same base, you can do many different types of shoes. It's the base that make the shoes convincing, I think. You will be able to do even better as my work is not as fine as yours.

Sans! said...

Arghhh! I have just made 10 replies and they are not showing up here? This is a test comment to see if this one shows up.

Snowfern said...

Sans, did you have your blog open when you made the comments? some of Mag's comments have disappeared too, blogger seems to be aware of the issue though, let's hope they fix it soon :(

i should have come over last night then. woke up at least 3 times, it seems i've caught a stomach bug that's going around...the charcoal pills finally worked but i have to head to the rest for the weary!!! :(

Angie Scarr's books are great! if i had a bookshelf i'd definitely get them, and leave them to collect dust like all my other books. me, not so good at following instructions, but you know that arleady :X

Sans! said...

It has been scientifically proven, Cindy , that every time you finish your "business" in the toilet, you lose between 800g-1kg. My bro claimed he loses 1.5kg each time. Scientifically proven because my doctor friend weighed himself before and after . :) He lost 800g. You must have lost 2.4- 3 kg last night?

I am seeing this comment issue popping up everywhere :). Now my blog says I have 50 comments but when I open the box, they only published 40.

I tried clearing my cache yesterday , that helped a bit and 3 more comments appear but anyhow, I think everyone who subscribed to the comments will get their replies in their email, that's fine for now.

About Angie Scarr, her book is a big leg up for a beginner , at least , we now know where to start. And to be learning someone's techniques for such a small price, I too strongly recommend her book. At the end of the day though, only practice can make perfect.

Snowfern said...

i highly doubt i lost that much weight. but let's not go into the gory details XD

yes, Angie Scarr's books are a great way for beginners to pick up basics, as with almost any craft, practice is key. i guess you -could- learn how to swim without actually getting wet.....XD besides, you already have the intuitive mind and eye for scale, colour and setting, so i really don't see why you would need formal lessons :-/ put some of those 10,000 hrs (or was it 17,000?) to clay! XD

some of my comments were lost too. bleh. ah well. i'm waiting for your other rooms to be completed! i want to go over and beo!~!

dale said...

Apparently everyone was losing comments today. :(

I think it's all worked out now.

I'm very much looking foward to the next room's completion.

I hope the worst is over now, Cindy. Feel better.

Sans! I missed the post about your lunch the other day. We'll just need to give you a case of Tabasco. ;)

I took pictures of all of my treasures today! (happy dance)

Sans! said...

Today I asked my niece, Qesha what she thought of the bedroom, she told me she preferred the other room (embroidery room) because of the shoes. hahaha She said this while holding my 1950s "auntie" pocketbook handbag. I fear she will end up like me , having a shoe and bag fetish! :)

Finally, I finish my holiday swap, Cindy. And now waiting for varnish to dry for Glenda's and this weekend, visiting the Chinese Medicine shop for some weird herbs for Ewa. Cindy, you think they will sell them to me in 1:12 scale, ie, just a weeny bit instead of a bunch. Am dragging my mum down with me in case the shopkeepers yell at me ..hahaha.

Sans! said...

Dale, it is still wonky. The number still does not tally at this point for me.

Mum made chicken rice today for the kiddies. I had 2 spoonfuls of the rice and 3 of the chilli sauce. YUMS!

Pubdoll said...

I've been away again, to Denmark and Legoland! But I didn't buy the Taj Mahal, but at least now I have seen the box with my own eyes. I bought a lot of other Legos though, and some bricks and pieces for the children as well - ha, ha! (But it is true that I bought the most for myself, I'm a terrible mum!)

And you have made a whole new rom while I was away! The room is gorgeous,I love the colours and all the details everywhere made by you and your blogfriends in perfect collaboration! So funny to see you got the tree of life wall hanging! I got one too, and thought of sending it to you, but it's so lovely I had a hard time giving it away, beacuse I wanted to keep it for myself as well. And now I can, hee, hee! Thanks Ira! :-)

Sans! said...

Bad, bad mum..... NOT! Never! :) Dear Helene, I know that :). By the way, Bendik look like Dr What in that pic!

Welcome home, dearie :). Saw your pics. It is really a case of "Have dolls, will travel!" They really let you get away with a lot by allowing you to pose your dolls with the buildings.

And you mean you have the exact same Tree of Life tapestry? WOW! I really like this one. So now we both have similar ones. It's like Rosanna and I having the same set of Tree of Life dinnerware. Now we can call ourselves the Tree Of Life Gang with branches (sic) all over the world. This is too fun, it's like a group of little girls discussing our Barbies :):) ..hehe.

Pubdoll said...

The Tree Of Life Gang sounds great, count me in! :-)

Snowfern said...

Sans, i'll bet that if you shaved up some bits of twigs from your back yard, nobody'd be the wiser :X

just sayin'......:P

Sans! said...

For the longest time, Helene, there has always been 4 Tree of Life members where I am concerned and since back then, you were one of them. :). You having the same rug just proved me right! hehe

Sans! said...

Hahahahaha, Cindy, you are the best :) but you know me, it will bug me to hell because I will be the wiser :). I am bringing my camera down to take a pic of the place too. Would you believe there's a traditional Chinese medical shop just across the road from Mum's? Everything's done in the old style including the 100s of drawers for the herbs.

I am not sure how one can preserve herbs though. Bet they will disintegrate after 100 years.

dale said...

Oh, that's the tapestry I was looking at while I was there. :)

Maybe some finials on the ends??? (I know, I'm a nervene!)

Your niece is very smart! I'd go for the room with the shoes, too. :)

Asuka Sakumo said...

LoL girls....

Is this going to be a food-to-be-shared-chat?
You keep on mentioning and talking about real food!
Sans, are you sure you don't collect food minis? XD

And stop sneaking into your shoeboxes!
(No wonder you still keep them) XD XD XD

Snowfern said...

Sans, i ever considered making a chinese dispensary type miniature, cos bf is crazy about Ancient Chinese History and other 'cheena' stuff that totally puts me to sleep. imagine making those teeny weeny apothecary drawers OMG!!! i'd die cos i'd have to have PERFECTLY uniform and TO WORKING SCALE. speaking of scales, can you also imagine actual brass balances (i know of a miniaturist that made some but i think he's retired) how cute would that be!?!?!?

damnable OCD. so i totally understand your -need- to use the actual herbs.

i know the herbs -will- probably disintegrate after 100 yrs or so, but that's where museum curators step in, and you wouldn't be around to care, right!??!?! omg what depths of hell are you placing yourself in for this 'hobby'?!??!?!?

(hi Dale! hi Asuka!)

Sans! said...

Haha Dale, yes, it's the one you advised me on. You know, fold in the fringe and then iron? I did exactly that.

I thought about the finials too but decided that since this is a tribal house, finials are way too fancy? I even cut off the ends of the pick to roughen the edges :). hehe but after the mosquito net, the bar is almost completely hidden from view.
Then again, I made the cloth holder for the bar behind the tapestry knowing full well no one will ever see it! haha

Thanks for the suggestion. Keep em coming!

dale said...

But, I wanted a fanicier tribal hut. lol ;)

You are right, it does not show. :)

Learns from the master. (bows)


Sans! said...

Yes, Asuka, I have rats' tails noodles for lunch again today . My dear, I have lost the weight I gained already by eating this for lunch everyday! Could have lost more if I didn't have the bag of chips for dinner last night!

Hehehe, so you noticed I still keep my shoe boxes? Actually , unless you have a good storage space for your shoes, they are kept best stretched with shoe tree in their boxes :). I try to wear them periodically and then clean them with wax etc. I always wash the soles of my shoes after I come home. I am proud to say that my shoes still look good after 10 years :), some are almost 20+ years old now! :)

Sans! said...

Cindy, your attention to detail is killing ME :). I am easily influenced, you know :). Luckily we are to meet only once a month!

Sans! said...

Eeew, I don't want to be called "master". That's a very young man? You can call me "Mam" , Dale, or better still, "Young Lady!" :):):) . Hehe

dale said...

ya know, it's like entering a whole new dimension visiting this blog, you've got the music... oh, and I've been here a few times to hear the fight song ;)

then all of the conversations, we've got shoes, hot sauce. ;)

I will now refer to you as oh, eloguent one! :)

if it so pleases one :)

LOL, here comes the fight song, too funny! ;)

dale said...

I really have to laugh! You'd have thought someone would have taught her to spell! lol ;)

it's late, I digress, have a good day love, make some tribal minis. :)

Sans! said...

It's ok, Dale, call me "eloguent" :), I like that very much.

Muahhhhhhhh, goodnight, sweetheart!

I am deleting that fight song with a new post! omg, here it is again!!!

dale said...

Cindy kept me up late. Yup! I'm blaming her. ;)

Daydreamer said...

Hi Sans! Thank you for telling me you responded to my lighting question.....I still get a little lost here in blogland and forget to go back again to see the comments :) ....I REALLY appreciate your BRILLIANT instructions.... your even MORE BRILLIANT idea for the light! I HAVE one of those tea lights! I went right over, fetched it from the useless lantern it sits in.....the flame and the flicker are JUST what my castle torches need....hmmm....I will have to cannibalize switch is on the bottom of the candle unit...we shall see what I can come up with! :):):) Can you see me smiling? DEAR SANS! you are amazing and I am so glad I have "met" you too! Btw my other name is happens a lot to me! :)That and Bitsy 'cause I'm not very big....! Looking forward to your next post... tho I'm getting used to the fight song... coming around for at least the fourth time tonight! I feel the hippie love too...:)It must be YOU!:)

Flor said...

Hola Sans!!!
Viendo tus cosas simplemente quedo maravillada O =
¡Eres única!!! Cada detalle , cada cosa maravillosa!!
Un beso

Sans! said...

Girls (Cindy, Dale & Asuka),I have finally replaced the fight song :)!! We talked about watching an epic movie about the great Mughal King but never did. The movie is called Jodha Akbar.If you click through my virtual radio" to the youtube video of the 1st song, you can watch excerpts :):).

Sans! said...

Hey Bitsy Besty :):) Betsy :):), I have seen how your castle is turning out! You sure can paint! You know I can just imagine all these flickering lights used as torches planted at the sides of walls of dungeons and bridges and towers!!! But I can imagine the problem with the switches. Be careful when you cut out the bulbs (I am sure all our candles are made in China) the wiring is very loose. I have spoilt one and have had to solder this one that I am using a few times! I am trying to find out if I can bulk buy these bulbs and switches. :)

I can't wait to see how you will use them in your castle, Betsy :).

By the way, if you subscribe to the comments you can read replied without coming back to the blog posts :).

Sans! said...

Muchas gracias Flor por visita mi blog :):):). Estoy muy feliz! Es domingo por la mañana aquí. Su comentario hizo que mi domingo un brillante y soleado uno:).

Mi trabajo está inspirado por la belleza de la India. En cierto modo, su cultura mexicana es tan intrigante y hermosa. ¿Sabes que mi casa de muñecas todo el favorito del tiempo es el mexicano Mansion? Puedes verlo aquí mismo, en

Daydreamer said...

Okay, Got to figure out how to do THAT too! (Subscribe, that is....) :) I LOVE this music - the Akbar to find a copy of these movies....
BUT I LOVE to come back to see your posts again and again! They are so beautiful...and the music is so wonderfully chosen.... another spiritual link across the ether...I don't want to miss THAT! :)

Sans! said...

Hey Betsy, to subscribe to a post commenst, just click the box asking if you wish comments to be emailed to you . This box appears after the comment box and below your name :). After you click that, the box will disappear and in its place is "Follow-up comments will be sent to youremailaddress." Easy peasy :) But I much rather you come back here too :).

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