Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Day 180-Rolla's 1st Inspection

The day has finally arrived  and everyone's excited because this is to be the Rolla's first inspection of The Rolla's House. Everyone except Sans! Understandably, she is quite the nervous wreck. Especially as it has taken her more than 3 months to finish only 3 rooms.

They climb the rickety stairs up and Rosanna walks straight to the last room. I have finished that room just the night before, said Sans! Let me explain how everything was done.... Before she can say "pastel and pestle" , coming from behind them is a thunderous exclamation of "my shoes!" 

"Bless you", Rosanna turns around to say to Walter. It is at that moment that she sees the pillows. She shakes her head and mumbles something about not right and my own.

She smiles however at the little bucket of toiletries. You are prepared for us, she says sweetly to Sans! Courtesy of Carolina, explains Sans! She made this, amongst others for the summer swap .

When they reach the embroidery room, Rosanna finds a comfortable spot and settles down. And then slowly and rather deliberately, she takes out a piece of her legendary embroidery. No one  breathes, it is as if time has stood still as all eyes are on the incredible stitchery that appears to be the work of the littlest fairies.

Please, it is only a work in progress, Rosanna says, and  close your mouth, Sans! Your drool will spoil it. There is general laughter and everyone starts talking at once.  Without a doubt, everyone knows  that when finished, this will be the most beautiful piece of embroidery that the world has ever seen.

You want to know what's her secret? See that fairy golden needle and the smoothest silk thread? That's Rosanna's secret. Now you know ...

Isn't that just to die for? In Singapore, this is what we call a "can die" piece. Let me see if I can explain this terminology. Like when I was telling Fafa, I must show you what Rosanna did, can die type. And after she saw it, she went, you are right, can die! You know what I mean? 

Here they are, my  fairy finger friend and the Queen of Embroidery, Rosanna and her Walter. I was so happy when I met them at the airport, I think I peed in my pants. I was 30 minutes late too and the poor dears were in a little bit of a panic. 

I brought them home so they could change and freshen up. They were so excited and oohed and ahhed like I told them to in my email. But really, they are super easy to please. Look how happy they were in the picture and it was only plain water I gave them . After they changed, we brought them to try some foot reflexology but the queue was too long, so we went to have a beer instead. By chance, when we were walking home , mum was just bringing little Nathaniel to meet his dad and we saw them.  I am very proud of my 5 year old nephew for saying to Rosanna "May I shake your hand?" How did he know about those precious hands? I think he is psychic! 

The magic hands at work again. These two have never used chopsticks before! And here they are fighting over one peanut like a pair of Kung Fu Pandas. 


The last 2 pictures were taken at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant where we had chilli crab with fried buns, cereal butter prawns, Malay fried noodles cooked Chinese style, kale in garlic sauce , spicy sour  little squid and steamed fish. We then brought them to Mustapha to change money but Walter fell in love with the place and did not want to leave.

We reached home and after about an hour, Walter called it a night. Rosanna and I chatted until past midnight and we opened each others' presents. They brought something for everyone, including mum. You have already seen the piece of beautiful embroidery by Rosanna. That was just one of many minis which you will see in due time. She also gave me a beautiful porcelain plate from Provence, a real life mezzeri made by an artist and miniature ones made by her. She even made Walter buy me 4 beaded boxes from Tunisia ! Rotten , I am, thoroughly and rottenly spoilt!

It is soon time for bed and Rosanna hesitates , then says apologetically, I hope you don't mind, Sans!  But I am used to only my own pillows. 

Darn darn darn ! More can die pieces! If only I can darn like this, I too will only want my own pillows! 

This morning, Walter and Rosanna went on their own to Little India and just like someone who has lived here for a long time, they went shopping at Mustapha. 
1st chopsticks and now Mustapha!
I am very proud of my friends.

It is 1.35am now in Bali, Singapore as well. Time for bed again.

Sweet dreams, Rosanna...

While I continue to admire....


Liberty Biberty said...

How fantastic to have Rosanna and Walter right there in your home!
It looks like they are having a great time already.
Rosanna's peacock and cushions really are 'can die', I can understand perfectly what you mean!
Have spectacular time, enjoy every minute!

Michelle's Mad World said...

Just fabulous to see! I love the beaded curtain and the dents in little floor cushions too! ;o))

Rosanna and Walter ARE having a great time! :o)))

Michelle xxx

Merry Jingle said...

First of all I'm so happy that you have the Rolla's there :) And those embroidered pieces, she really has magical hands! Love the pillows to pieces :)

From the eating pic came into my mind - did you ever eat the Finnish candy I sent you? I bet that the black filled sticks tasted quite strange :D

You have FABULOUS time with your friends!

Flora said...

Poor Sans, how many emotions, all in one day ...
When friends come, is always the same: we want everything to be perfect and then, things go differently and we discover that it is also so perfect :-)
Have fun and live every moment available as if it were the rare pearl :-)
Hugs to all, Flora

The Old Maid said...

Oh what fun it must be for all of you there!! Beautiful gifts you've got Sans! Have a good night and then a lot of fun with friends again!:)

Las manos de Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

Me encanta La casa es preciosa y todo los detalles.

Daydreamer said...

Oooh, Can Die! Really Really CAN DIE! That embroidery is so amazingly beautiful.....WHERE can you get fairy needles? You are so lucky to have your friends to visit AND bring such treasures! Enjoy every minute you can!
The Rolla's house looks amazing, Sans, with all three rooms done....and those spaces are tiny but SO intricately detailed and perfectly laid out...I know how small because I have a small house like that and I'm always finding things that are too big.......... Like in the big world, houses come in all kinds of sizes!

Debbie said...

So pleased that Rosanna and Walter arrived safely. Hope you all have a wonderful time. xxx

GB said...

Wonderful needlework....can die!!!


Leo Furtado said...

Olá Sans!!
Que bela discrição do seu dia com os amigos!!!
É sempre bom renovar amizades e ter dias diferentes e alegres - n0s ajudam a renovar...
Quanto ao Palácio... está simplesmente deslumbrante, cheio de belos detalhes e sempre surpreendente.
Parabéns belo excelente trabalho!

Glenda said...

Have fun with Rosanna and Walter!!

The embroidery surely is to die for, and the little house is so enchanting!

I am entranced by your storytelling, Sans :))) Thankyou, you have brought sunshine into my day!!

Pubdoll said...

Oh, the Rollas have finally arrived! And bearing great gifts as well! You're absolutely right, both the peacock and the cushions are to die for! I'm enjoying myself these days putting together a scene with the lovely cushions I bought from Rosanna! They are even better in reality than on photos!

And you have prepared a really lovely room, I love the turquoise wallpaper on the side walls of the room. And even though Rosanna understandably prefers her own cushions (lol!) your cushions were really lovely too :-)

And I forgot to say it in my comment to your sweet post on my gifts, you choose such wonderful music for your posts! I have kept your blog on while reading other blogs just so I could keep listening to the music!

Fiver said...

Sans!!! That house is AMAZING!! I'm surprised it didn't take a lot longer than 3 months.
Is that Rosanna as in the La Casa Rossa blog Rosanna?? If so, HIIII Rosanna! If not, tell her to ignore this stupid stranger, lol. Love the needlepoint and pillows!

Sans! said...

Mercedes, you know sometimes how a piece of work is so truly magnificent, it just looks well, magnificent, no matter what are the angles, under whatever light , macro or microwave..ok maybe not microwave.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, I have shown the embroidery too truly had that "suck in breath" moment and then the "omg"s . Some who was a bit overwhelmed, could not stop swearing in admiration!

I know I am going to make the whole world jealous by saying this but I dare say I have got the best of Rosanna :):):). Her best though, is definitely yet to be!

Sans! said...

Michelle, I love that beaded curtain too :). One of my favourite items in the house and it was made by Ira :). I have so many wonderful gifts that I haven't shown yet because they are appearing in the 1st floor or the exterior of this house. You know, areas where I have not completed :).

I wish I have more time to blog so I can post all my gifts when I receive them. But each post means I sleep only at 4-5am! LOL! I look back at the earlier posts in 2008 & 2009 when I could make 15 posts in a month!!! I wonder how myself! I tried to do just 6 for this month and already failed! I had so much to say but so little time ! :).

Sans! said...

Ira :):). Huggles to you for the curtain again. You know I love it to beads right?

I swear I wrote you about the candies / chocolates because I was a little addicted to them! Now I remember I wanted to do a Father's Day post (I told you that, I think, in that email) I even got pictures of dad when he was young etc etc. Dad's birthday is like 3 days away from father's day. I always post about mum but actually, I am a bit of a daddy's girl when I was little, being the eldest girl in my family. I think we have a very special bond with dad, the oldest girl. Just as youngest boy with mummy. Because on his birthday, I gave him the sweets . I wanted to write about that. He let us try some and I was hooked. OMG,I LOVE THAT licorice (??) in the center. When no one's looking, especially the children, I grabbed them and put them in my purse. They are all gone now of course. To my waist and buttocks. Me . Alone. Ownself. Eat all!! hehe

I wonder if I would have made this awful confession if you didn't ask.

You wanna trade some shoes for chocolates? I may need to buy XXL panties after that but who cares , right?

Sans! said...

Flora, I think you can tell exactly how frazzled I was. You see, that afternoon, I kept watching my screen for flight information and for Rosanna's flight, it kept saying "Delayed--est arrival time 4.04pm" I thought ok it's going to be late, let's wait for it to say "confirmed-..." . I realised much later that it was saying "delayed" because the scheduled time was 3.30!!!! OMG! DUH!

In the meantime at the Changi airport, Rosanna was in a panic thinking they have missed me because they were delayed for 1 hour..sigh.. poor them !

But all went well after that. In fact, it went beautifully :). The excitement is throughout my household because Rosanna and Walter met 2 of my housemates when we were in Italy in Feb. We now can't wait to make the road trip to Malaysian. It is a very special one as it is a route none of us have taken. Not even the Malaysian , FaiZ.

Sans! said...

Ewa, we will, you bet my bottom, we will! :) It will be rocking and rolling! We will be visiting a firefly park in Malaysia and one of the best beaches in the world! Then there is the Kenyir dam and hopefully a lotus lake if we have time.

Sans! said...

Virginia, muy bueno ver una cara nueva:). ola, ola! Veo que usted es un estudiante de arte de construcción Lioncourt! ¡Qué gran proyecto:). Vuelve pronto, ¿ok? Y voy a ser más de las veces que tiene una nueva entrada! :)

Sans! said...

Betsy! Thank you! I truly am lucky lucky lucky! All these wonderful creations from all over the world has elevated my house to the level of excellence I can NEVER EVER achieve on my own! I think most of us will need to specialise if we want to master in a specific area. I know now after seeing Rosanna's work that 10000 hours must be put into stitching alone to do what she does. I just want to go and look at them again and again, you know. The needle, OMG, I can't rest now because just this morning, I was playing with it again and can't see if the fairy needle's there!

Ok, just called home. Everything's fine! Phew! Seriously, I try not to breathe when I look at work as fine as this.

I wish I can show you the house and you let me know what you really think! I kept wondering if I am overcrowding it :). The space is really limited. I no longer care about the delineations of the rooms. Although when Rosanna saw it, she said it was bigger than she thought!

I will post details of the artists' workroom next :).

Sans! said...

IRA! So funny! My mum and I were just talking on the phone and she asked me when you are coming to visit??! LOL! She calls you "the girl who grows peonies"!

Sans! said...

Debbie, I will let Rosanna know when she is back that you have asked about her :). She will probably get online . She is also supposed to say hi to Mercedes from my computer..LOL!

Sans! said...

O yes, Gagan, can definitely die! And go to heaven of course :).

Sans! said...

É sempre ótimo ver você, Leo! Concordo plenamente com você sobre amizades. Eles estão tão perto de seu coração. E bons amigos são como família. Caso contrário, por que nós dizemos sempre "família e amigos"?

Embora esta casa não é minha Maharaja's Palace, espero que para construí-lo a ser como uma casa de sonho para o meu artesanato. E, talvez, para eles, é um palácio:).

Sans! said...

Awwww, Glenda, thank you very much!

I am sure I will write better if my eyes are not 1/2 closed most of the time! haha Every post takes a really long time for me :).

I have attempted so many times to write short posts, maybe more times but they just don't get any shorter! And invariably there are at least 13 pics I want to use in every post! Often more!!!

It is lunch time now and I am still sleepy! SHEEEESH!

Merry Jingle said...

Noup, never got the email, stupid cyberworld :( And happily trade you some chocolate, do you want me to send some pants also :D

And don't I wish I could come and visit you, but with this amount of animals travelling is really hard - 2 of the dogs are quite difficult to handle so the people who can take care of them are quite non excistent :D

Say hi to your mom and dad and Rosanna and Walter :)

Tallulah Belle said...

Wooo hooo they arrived. They look so refreshed too :-)

I love the photos of them...especially the chopsticks lol. I can't use them either :-)

You are so very lucky to be meeting them...for a second time. I know you'll be the best hostess ever.

Rollas house is wonderful and it looks like it took 3 years to put together did really well doing it in 2 months :-)

Everything about it is divine.

Where did you get the blue wallpaper from is lovely.

And I just adore all your shoe lining up on the shelves. I must show oyu a pic of my real life shoes for my Indian room :-)

The peacock embroidery is mind blowing. I am in awe of people who sew...let alone embroider like this. Amazing...lucky you.

Kim said...

Sans! Lucky you- another visit from such a sweet blogging friend! I wish I would win the lottery so I could visit next! yes- I did just invite myself, but no worries, I cannot afford it anytime soon :) The house is so gorgeous- and what wonderful pillows from Rosanna- you are right- she has fairy hands of magic! I have to go now and keep enlarging the pictures so I can see more and more ♥

Daydreamer said...

Sans, I have to laugh when you mention overcrowding the house... Since I had to "downsize" from my old home (remember early posts), I now live in a MUCH smaller house...with most of my big furniture and all of my art and craft supplies and now the about overcrowding! I just think you have nailed it perfectly with the lifestyle of the artistic "poor" craftsperson! I TRULY think you have got it just right!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

The Rolla's House is can die for sure. I just love the colors and the embroidery room is just amazing. Have a wonderful visit with your friend Rosanna, her work is beautiful.


Sans! said...

Helene, :) do you realise that only Rosanna has seen us both ??? :):) She is like a conduit.

AND I can totally agree with you that your 60s "psychedelic" swirl cushions really are fabulous up close and personal because I HAVE SEEN THEM TOO!!! So amazing right? that I have already held them ( with very clean hands) in February. I knew then that it would suit your house! But very frankly, at that time, I thought she hadn't completed it yet because months later, I emailed Rosanna to ask if she could tell me how to print patterns on canvas because mum wanted to stitch some cushions with peonies design but she wanted the designs printed on the cloth already (eyesight not so good for counting from a paper pattern). I asked Rosannat because I thought she had printed that swirl pattern. When Rosanna told me that she didin't know how to print on canvas, I then realised to my utter amazement that what I thought was print were in fact stitches so fine and perfect!!! OMG!

On music, this is my Bobby McFerrin special. Rosanna loves classical music and I thought he is a good combo of both our taste :).

I finally finally saw SARDIS and the teleporting phone booth with the blaring sirens..hahaha.I left mt TV on and it woke me up at 3.30am in the morning!!!!

Sans! said...

Yes, Kristy :) that's the very Rosanna from La Casa Rossa but her main blog is la stanza di giugiola. I feel like I am hosting a very well loved personality:)! :)

OOOOOO! I have just thought of something!!!! You must remember this moment and I am going to email you about it. So hold that thought! ;p

Sans! said...

Ira, don't worry about the panties. I may have to commission someone to sew mine special :):).

I will send your regards to Rosanna, Walter and mum. But if you find someone to take care of your dogs, or if you are flying to Hongkong, I am only 3 hours away :).

julie campbell said...

I hope youre all having a wonderful time and making lots of memories together :0)
I think the Rollas house is beautiful, full of so many wonderful things it could never be overcrowded.
I love Rosannas fabulous embroidery, definitely can die !
You have such wonderful things planned to do , I will look forward to hearing about your adventures :0)
julie xxx

Sans! said...

Jayne, both Rosanna and Walter are very funny people. They leave me in stitches all the time. It was especially funny when they were fighting over their food with the chopsticks :). They did that to make us laugh of course!

The blue wall paper is wrapping paper!

I really can't wait to see your Indian room :). If I go over to visit, I will bring you Indian memorabilia for sure :) maybe a real jutti just to add to that shoe collection and just to say Sans! was here ..hehe!

Lize said...

I am sure the Rolas are having a great time... judging by the smiles they are sporting!

And can I move into that bohemian abode already? Love the colours and all the 'stuff'!!

Have a great time y'all! I love summer, don't you.

Snowfern said...


can't wait to meet them! and your new gifts! prepare a mop for my drool!!!!!!


Meli said...

I'm sure that you and the Rolas are having a great time together you just need to see their happy faces on the photos!!! How lucky!! The house is so beautiful and love all the colors you have used!!!
The one I love is the embrodery room!!! It's a dream!!!
With best wishes,

Sans! said...

Kim dear :):) I think if I ever have the good fortune of having you stand in my garden, you will not be very approving of its state :):). I can totally understand why you may never want to leave that gorgeous paradise of yours!

But what you will absolutely go gaga over is the feel of Rosanna's embroidery in your hand. I can guarantee you that. :)

Sans! said...

Betsy, OMG! you have made me so happy :). "The artistic "poor" craftsperson!" is exactly what I wanted. I will show you what I mean in the next post. :) *happy happy hippy dance :)

Sans! said...

Victoria :):)!!! THANK YOU for visiting . Now you are one artist who can really "crowd" well :). I saw all your hutches and cupboards and just love how everyone of them is so filled with things without tipping the balance. That is some masterful assembly! :)

I am really flattered that you like the house :).

Sans! said...

Julie, those memories began in February this year :):). I just feel so blessed with the friends I have made and I know i have said that ad nauseam already!

I have to exercise ALOT of restrain when it comes to overcrowding. I overcrowd my real house ALL THE TIME! haha :) . Then every 2 years, we would bring in a 3 footer garbage container so that I could throw away the junk. Invariably right before the container was to be pulled away, I would climb into the filthy container to retrieve some junk that I just couldn't bear to part with. Another 2 years, I said to myself. Then history just repeats itself! hehe This tribal house would have been one of those junk because it was attacked by termites :).

Sans! said...

Darling Lize, it's crazy summer here ALLLLL the time with intermittent showers. Our weather guys have a great job because it is ALWAYS the same! No need to sweat over whether when the 1st snowfall is or whether Spring is finally here! Onlly 3 variations,hot, hotter, hottest :).

This year we have some freakish flash flood but I think it was more the bad drainage then the bad weather. Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when it rains, don't you ? :) :)

You can move in anytime. You know who will help :).

By the way, Lize, you MUST try and watch "Amal", the movie about the auto rickshaw driver. I tried looking for it at Mustapha everytime I was there but to no avail. I finally saw it on youtube. Jean Day told me Hassan reminds her of Amal :). This film is now one of my ALL TIME favourite!

Sans! said...

Cindy, the drooling is mutual. I will need 3 mops or suffer a very sticky floor. I gave her the presents made by you and she was just awestruck. That doily of yours lah! :):) Par excellence .

She also thought Asuka's teabag is very original :) and mind blowing.

We will be back on National Day from Malaysia . Between that and 14th ? Will email you.

Sans! said...

Meli :), thank you :). I made the embroidery room to celebrate the artistry of our fairy fingers :):). So it is to be the most important room in the house, and why it was the 1st thing I tackled. :). Definitely inspired by Rosanna's work. I know it is so different, she's so neat and I am so messy. hehe I am sure she's wondering what happened to cause the " lost in translation"..haha. Well, who knows how the mind works, right??!

rosanna said...

My dear Sans, w and I had good fun reading the post and the comments and the answers to them ! we are now in Kuta and we think it's overcrowded and lousy! but this morning we were in the east coast and saw wonderful floating palaces which were really worth the trip. Tell Cindy and Asuka that I LOVE LOVE LOVE their gifts: they really are mind blowing.
And thank you again for your kindness, we truly loved being at your home. see you next wednesday, Rosanna

Snowfern said...

^ ^ i am living life voraciously through your experiences and stories kekeke am popping vitamin pills like craaazy!!! haven't been out of the house much since Dale visited XD oooo i'm feeling so shy now, and undeserving of the praise. the peacock is stunning.....*sighs wistfully*

My Realitty said...

This post, "can die" CM

Minnie Kitchen said...

this is too beautiful!

Sans! said...

Oooooo, palaces on water???? WOW!! I am happy now. I was worried about Kuta. You know I wasn't impressed either. :). BUT there are truly magical places in Bali and I am glad you found them :). Please please please take loads of pictures :).

We are trying to see if we can arrange some foot reflexology when you are back on Wed. And hope you won't be too tired out for the trip to Malaysia. On Thursday, we are setting off at about 12 noon. Will take an express bus to Johore Bahru to collect the car :):) and have lunch there. We must have a good breakfast :). Then it is a drive straight to Kuala Selangor for the fireflies :).

No need to thank me, Rosanna, you know I will do anything for your pesto pasta :)! O and those embroideries. CAN DIE !!!!!!

sagrario said...

Sans, eres una artista,no solo por las miniaturas que haces si no por la pasion que les pones y como las muestras con tus narraciones.He estado unos dias de vagancia y a la vuelta me encuentro con tantas maravillas, los cojines son preciosos y el pavo real una maravilla, te felicito por tantas cosas bellas,besos

Sans! said...

Cindy, keep popping ok? Need you to head our Singapore Society of Small Stuff or the SSSSS. LOL

Sans! said...

Rosanna, in case you have a chance to read this again, MarG has asked me to check if you and Walter will like to model for her . They are launching an ad campaign for their trishaw or rickshaw (remember the gondola of Singapore?) and need models . She think you both will be PERFECT :):). I am not joking and it is ok to say no. I think it will be sooooooooo awesome if you say yes! It will be rather memorable :).

This is subject to the timing of the photoshoot of course because your holidays come first :):).

If you say yes, can I have 1st right to post it here? LOL hehe.

Sans! said...

Carol ! Where's Jim? I am going to make him die! hehe

Sans! said...

Thank you, Minnie Kitch :). Your oysters, OMG! Now those look too much like the real thing! Congratz!

Sans! said...

Sagrario, usted es demasiado dulce:). ¿No crees que hablo demasiado? lol

Pero estoy feliz de verte de nuevo. Tus alabanzas me verá a través de cuando me siento como una mierda por no hacer algo bien:):)

Gracias, mi querido amigo. Tener un gran fin de semana ... ¡Hurra! PARA EL FIN DE SEMANA :):),

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Really like your blog. Hope you can visit mine. Would love to connct with you.

dale said...

Wow, wow, wow!

Fabulous post, love all of the pictures, the embroidery is to die for!

Sounds like a wonderful time for all!!! :)

(worries I broke Cindy)


dale said...

Wow, wow, wow!

Fabulous post, love all of the pictures, the embroidery is to die for!

Sounds like a wonderful time for all!!! :)

(worries I broke Cindy)


Lisette said...

Wauw....Rosanna visiting you, great! A beautiful embroidery dress "peacock" and pillows, so beautiful.

Sans! said...

Anu, I will pop right over :)! Wait for me :)!

Sans! said...

Dale, haha, you must be real busy :)! Cindy is a strong girl :).

Sans! said...

Lisette, will let Rosanna know you said hi :). Nice to see you here.

Her work is way better up close and personal. I think you have the pleasure of knowing that already? :)

My pictures don't do justice!

Sans! said...

DARLINGS!!! I am off to Malaysia with Rosanna till 9/8/2010. Will chat when we are back ! :)

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