Friday, 23 April 2010

Day 150-151- Tree Of Life

The Tree of Life, with its branches reaching toward the heavenly Father and its roots digging deep into Mother Earth, is a universal symbol illustrating how everything in life is connected. Playing a significant role in science, religions, philosophy and cultures, the Tree of Life has come  to  symbolise  love, fertility, immortality and friendship. 

Some scholars believe that the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that was planted in the Garden of Eden, (you know, the one that Adam stole the apple from?) are in fact the same tree. Some believe that they are part of the World Tree or Cosmic Tree. That is why a tree is used to symbolise the birth and rebirth of Christ on Christmas Day. 

Painting done in 1801 depicting a temple, Bodhi Gaya under a Bodhi Tree.

In India, the Banyan and the Pipal tree,also known as the Sacred Figs,  are both regarded as the Tree of Life. The Bodhi Tree which Buddha sat under when he found enlightenment was a pipal. 

In Islam, it is  said that just before Prophet Mohammed’s birth, his father had dreamt of his unborn son with a tree growing on his back.  This tree was climbing  upward and upon reaching its full height, had emitted a light that spread around the world. Some yogis believe that this was the Tree of Life.

My Baluchi Prayer Rug 
With The Tree of Life
Rug with Helene's Koran

The Blauchi  prayer rug was finished late last night. It measures 7" by 4" without the fringe and depicts a Tree of Life in a mihrab or niche.  I started it right after I finished my last one on 4th of February this year.

The pattern is a traditional Baluchi one with a square mihrab on a camel field. You can see the "hands of Fatima"  (Prophet Muhammad's daughter) in the spandrel which represent the "five pillars" of Islam: profession of faith, prayer, pilgrimage, fasting, and alms-giving.

Prayer rugs are traditionally taken care of in a holy manner. It is disrespectful for one to place a prayer mat in a dirty location or throw it around in a disrespectful manner.  Decorations are not only important but also have a deep sense of value in the design of the prayer rug. Here is Jai with the precious and readable Koran made by Helene.

This Rug Is Special

Although it only took me about 2 months to finish this and mind you, I did not stitch everyday except when I was in Europe, I have managed to overcome my warping problem by listening to friends' advice (thank you, Cindy, Dale, Rosanna). A valuable one from Dale is to try the basketweave stitch which is to stitch diagonally. This time, I also  did not go "outside -in " all the way but worked from the "center-out" after the initial borders. It has taken me 4 rugs and 1 over year of practice but as Higgins would sing if he is my stitching coach, "By George, she's got it! I think she's  got it. The rug is finaaaaaally STRAIGHT!" I made other mistakes, dumb ones like using ink to draw the squares and not finishing the fringe first before gluing. That's why the fringe is messy but I think I can repair that if I want to. I have decided to keep them for the moment  for an "antique" look. 

But that is NOT why the rug is special. 

Setting for a Tree of Life picnic with friends

2 days ago, I emailed Rosanna to say I would get off my butt and finished edging this rug. Actually I have already completed the rug  since March leaving only the edging. Coincidence or not, on that very day, I received Rosanna's parcel from Italy. It was a set of dinnerware with the "Tree of Life" motif! In the accompanying card,  Rosanna wrote:

I remember someone sent you a dish with the tree of life (emphasis added).
In one of my boxes I found two sets with the same design.
One for you and one for me. 
Our dolls might have chicken curry the same day with the same dishes
Keep playing.....

The person who  sent me the dish was Eva who over this past year, has become a dear friend. Eva has not been feeling so good lately and as she wrote on her blog,she was due for an operation on Wednesday this week. That was also the post she did on The Magic Tree:

Everything was sculpted by her, including the birds. Eva is thinking of selling her tree. I took to the tree instantly,I just love Eva's sense of humour in her work. Mostly though, I love the birds, especially the one on top which reminded me so much of the Oriental Pied Hornbill living in my neighbour's garden. I even asked Eva about it but she told me hers is a toucan. Now some of you may know that I have been yearning to meet Mr. Hornbill. Everyone else at home has met him, even my sister, SuZ, who does not live here. Everyone except me.  
 Tree of Life No.1

And this morning just as I was going to do my usual morning run,  Mr. Hornbill  granted me an audience with him. On a tree for almost two minutes, I stood there watching him as he moved his head slowly from left to right and then right to left again. When he jumped to another tree, I told Mr Hornbill , please wait for me while I go in and grab my camera.

 Tree of Life No.2 

And wait he did. He even posed for me, jumping from one tree to another.  I was thinking when I took these shots, if they turn out well, I will title them "Trees of Life" . I took a grand total of 4 pictures before he glided away. 3 of them are posted here.

 Tree of Life No.3

This was my last glimpse  of him ( I think it's a him) under the eave of my roof. Right after this shot, he spread his huge wings, flew over my roof and disappeared into the neighbour's. I went back and kept my camera, then  went off on my run. 

When I came back and checked my email, Eva has written to say all was well with her. I was happy, relieved and very amazed.

I am amazed at how everything in life, as the Tree of Life symbolises, is indeed connected. And how if you pray and wish for something hard enough, it will happen.  

Early this year, I have written to 3 friends about how I wish one day we would meet and visit mini museums and fairs together. Perhaps this picnic that I have recreated here with my rug and Rosanna's dishes will happen and it will be with these friends that I have made. 

Happy Earth Day, Everyone!


contar said...

Es muy interesante como en las diferentes culturas y creencias se entrecruzan algunas que son comunes a todas y seguramente la raíz de todas.
Yo siempre asocio el árbol de la vida a los arboles genealógicos, si uno pudiese trazar su genealógica desde el principio, llegaríamos desde el barro primigenio, a las alturas del cielo junto a lo eterno, y desde allí veríamos que todos salimos desde la misma raíz, y por tanto todos somos familia

Realmente el trabajo que realizo con su alfombra de rezos me gusta yo no le encuentro nada en falta
un abrazo

It is very interesting since in the different cultures and beliefs interbreed some that are common to all and surely the root of all.
I always associate the tree of the life with the genealogical trees, if one could plan his genealogical one from the beginning, we would come from the original mud, to the heights of the sky close to the eternal thing, and from there we would see that we all go out from the same root, and therefore we all are a family

Really the work that I realize with his carpet of prayers I like I do not find him anything in lack
An embrace

Norma said...

What an amazing job you have made of the rug! And how wonderful to have such fabulous things from dear friends to grace it.

Susanne said...

Fabulous rug, and a fabulous setting too.I love all the details.
Annie and I are going to Copenhagen to attend a miniature fair this weekend, it will be so much fun.
Love, Susanne

rosanna said...

Susan you have done a great job with the rug! I'd like to have the pattern if you don't mind.The Hornbill is such an incredible bird, it's quintessentially exotic to me and the trees too. You live in a wonderful place.Tree of life is very important in Genoese culture as well: the mezzeri were always adorned with it and they were the usual costume for women of any age and status. I own three mezzeri which I commonly use in my home and have a couple of prints hangimg from the walls with the tree ( may be you remember them), I love thinking how everything is connected and mixed up.An enjoyable post as usual :o)) Write you soon with the updates on my stitching. Hugs Rosanna

Sans said...

Contar, I love your interpretation. It is such a unifying concept. We too believe the same thing. That the colour of our blood is the same, that we came from the same place and will end up in the same place. The world should be such a beautiful place if we all truly believe this. :)

Thank you also for the compliments.:) I will start the next one using a smaller count. I hope you will let me have you feedback when the next one is done.

Yo adoro su interpretación. Es un concepto tan unificando. Nosotros también creemos la misma cosa. Ese el color de nuestra sangre es el mismo, que vinimos del mismo lugar y acabaremos en el mismo lugar. El mundo debe ser un lugar tan hermoso si todos creemos sinceramente esto.

:) Gracias también para los cumplidos de mi alfombra. Aprecio realmente sus palabras amables.

Sans said...

Norma, are your exams over yet? If my memory serves me right (and you know it is quite defective *hehe) it should have been over yesterday? Thank you for coming over and for your encouragement. I am blessed with befriending the most wonderful people :).

Sans said...

O Susanne, I am sure you are going to have such a great time with Annie. You guys have miniature fairs coming out of your ears. Wasn't there just one is Arnham? And if you are willing to jump on the train, there will be Kensington soon? And then SIMP. And all that fabulous museums! Be sure to post about your outing

Thank you fir your compliments. This is a blog with a huge dose of oriental. :). Can't wait to see yours.

Norma said...

I wish your memory served you correctly on this occasion but alas I am not done. One assignment is finished, another due on Tuesday is about 75 finished and then there is another 4000 word research essay to be considered... However I needed to give my brain bit of a break tonight so of course I headed for 'blogland' :) I hope to play a little with the 'boutique brocante' next week before launching into the research for the essay. Now it's time for sleep before I turn into the zombie I feel like ;)

Sans said...

Of course I remember, Rosanna. I have never forgotten the mezzeri that you have posted although I have forgotten the Italian term. I always look at fabric to see if I am lucky enough to find a mini print mezzeri. I will buy enough for the 2 of us for sure :).

By the way, if you google the word "mezzeri" do you know "la casa rossa" came up no. 1 & 2 in the results? :)

I hope you will get to meet Mr Hornbill. I feel a bit sad for him because he has no mate. Do you know they are monogamous and it is very hard to breed them in captivity because the ladies are very picky. :) I think they mate for life. According to wiki, they make a lot of noise when they mate. This is what wiki said "During the breeding season they become very vocal. They make loud duets. These calls begin with a loud "kok" about once a second given by the male and joined in by a female. The pair then calls in unison turning into a rapid mixture of roars and barks" I look forward to the noisy day.It will make me so happy to know Mr Hornbill is in love :).

I have emailed you :).

Sans said...

O yes,about trees, funny you should admire them , Rosanna. Just last Sunday, I was telling my friends how I think it is impossible for Singapore to compete with Genoa when it comes to architecture,even scenery. Or anything natural with 1 exception. We have very handsome trees here, some just lining the roads, a few young Banyans in my home and some really spectacular ones in the parks. So I really hope you like trees :).

Sans said...

Haha, Norma, I must have mixed up Tuesday with Thursday, this with next! Are you glad your memory is not like mine or you will not pass any exams! :). Sleep now, dear one although 9.30pm on a Friday night is surely party time for most people. :). Oops, you are ahead by 2 hours. Good night!

Eva said...

H! I am already at home!!!
Wonderful post as usual from you!
The tiny rug is amazinh, you have done a great work.
As contar says is it true that all of us come from the same seed and everything is connected.
It is incredible that you see evry day this beautiful creture (Mr. Hornbill) and I choose a Toucan (that in fact are similar) to decorate my tree, is it a casuality? I do not know but for me it seems like if Singapore is very close to Barcelona ;)
I have to say it again: your Mr. Hornbill is the most prettiest bird. I am shcocked that you can have this neighbourg. (I am green of envy!!!)
Muchos besos guapa and THANKS

Sans said...

O thank you Eva :). I have experienced so many of these "connections" on this blog , I am now a believer of magic :). Maybe it is just a sense of destiny binding certain aspects of our fates as a group of friends, I don't know but they are not coincidences, I don't think.

Mr Oriental Pied Hornbill has to be the most drop-dead gorgeous neighbour anyone can have. I think we are unbelivably lucky that he chose to stay here for a while. And for me to be able to take these pictures, the Gods must be pleased with me :).

Apparently yesterday when I was at work, he came and sat on top of my craft cupboard (I showed this cupboard in my storage and studio post, it is the large one outside next to the step). When someone opened the kitchen door, he apparently was startled and gave a loud "kok" before flying

Ana said...

Sans, you have a lovely work, it´s so original and plenty of good taste, congratulations, and thank you for passing on my blog.

Tallulah Belle said...

By George, you do have it....that is just wonderful...really wonderful. I love it.

You can see how flat and square it is in the pic...well done you.

We all have the same color blood...oh how I wish everyone believed this :-(

What an amazing neighbor you have. I'd love to have something as beautiful as that live by me. All I have is my sparrows, inches and hummingbirds....I love them all though.

Susanne said...

Hi Susan,
Yes we would love to go to all the fairs in Europe, but it takes both time and money to travel around, maybe sometime when I get old...
To get to Paris would be easy, but Arnheim?? I guess it would take a lot of time from my place in Denmark.
Love, Susanne

Lize said...

My dear Sans,
Your lovely post have touched my heart. Despite your usual good sense of humour, I sometimes sense an undercurrent of melancholy, today however, your post is pure melancholy with an undertone of joy!

Your carpet is absolutely perfect.

A long time ago, when I lived in another world, I had a different specie of hornbill in my garden too. They made the most beautiful bubbly sound when rain was expected.

Tell Hassan I have prepared for the arrival of his village. Special price SR 25 per family. Rock bottom price. All camel milk for free.

Atrus el mistico said...

hola sans, que alfombrita más bonita, me encanta el personaje arrodillado sobre ella. Gracias por tu comentario en mi blog sobre las dos estancias, mañana se celebra una feria de miniaturas aqui en Valencia-España, y comprare las telas que necesito para seguir con la escena moruna que tanto te gusta.


hello sans that rug more beautiful, I love the character kneeling over her. Thanks for your comment on my blog about the two rooms, tomorrow holds a miniature fair in Valencia, Spain here, and buy the fabrics I need to continue the Moorish scene that you like.


Daydreamer said...

Hi Sans! As usual I am amazed at your handiwork! It is stunning!I have wanted to stitch rugs for my dollhouses since forever.... but have not yet started! Soon I will get all the pieces together, I have some cloth, but no pattern to guide me and what kinds of thread do I use? See, I need to get a book to tell me how! You are an inspiration! And I adore banyan trees.. and Mr Hornbill ...he's a show stopper!Thank you and him for sharing and connecting us! I LOVE the tree of Life! Your blog is magical! :)

Sans said...

Ana, it is always a pleasure to read your blog. Your painting is fabulous and the work you do on those cabinets are just to die for. I will always pop over when you have a new post, don't want to miss all the good stuff.

I wished I could stitch from memory or create the pattern off the top of my head like the carpet weavers of India :). I got the pattern from Ian & Meik McNaughton's book "Making Miniature Oriental Rugs & Carpets" and thank you for your compliments! :)

Sans said...

Jayne, I was just going to type "I think it is easier for us girls to get over the colour bar" when I realise that that statement is itself a bias :). I only said that because all of a sudden, 2 of my best male friends have turned slightly wonky with very un- PC remarks as they grew older. I firmly believe that we have to WORK at eradicating prejudices because like it or not, most of us have :). That's why I love the whole Obama movement so much. I am so glad it happened in my lifetime :)

You know this rug? I didn't even liked the pattern at first because of the funny looking animals. They sure don't look like camels. But it was a tree of life motif and like Rosanna, I love trees. Now it is precisely patterns like this where I can work from inside out that helped make the stitching straight :). I know I may be talking gibberish to you but I sometimes check my comments for records (sorry more gibberish!)

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Beautiful work. I received so much from this post -- not just the gift of the beauty you've shared but a spiritual truth about the connections between us all.

Thank you!

And I loved the photos of the hornbill. It seems so extraordinary to me that they're real, and that people can just go out and take photographs of something so exotic (to me) :) Glad you saw him and shared him with us!

Sans said...

Jayne, I had to google "inches" for birds. What kind of birds are they??

Before Mr H, we have mostly crows, pheasants, a blue woodpecker and a couple of yellow birds. People used to trap birds here until I call the SPCA on them . Haha.

O yes, grey squirrels :):). We have them around alot. Birds have to be my favourite uninvited guests of all time. Unless they fly inside and shit !

Once you settle in and grow trees,Jayne, you will have them coming when you least expect them to :).

Sans said...

O yes, Susanne, I found out how expensive it is when we were in Europe this year and we are sort of budget travellers where we share rooms etc :). Quite different from this part of the world :).

Isn't Arnhem which is in the Netherlands, just in a neighbouring country for you? You see, when you "Eurail-ed" to 7 cities in 3 countries in 10 days, suddenly everywhere seemed less than a day away :) and quite near ! Hmm, maybe I got the name wrong ..

Is the air space cleared at your end? I understand that they are still closed in Northern Denmark? Are you affected by the volcanic ash?

Sans said...

O Lize, I bet you and I could yak like the hornbills if we are neighbours. Not everyday, mind you, because we will need our space, you know ;), but often enough. Especially when you need to borrow some glue from me or if I gate crashed one your fabulous tea parties. Or if my hornbill bit your hornbill :). Bet mine is bigger ! Actually he's my neighbour's but if you are my neighbour ..shikes, I am getting a headache.

I guess no matter how much you started off a blog thinking you will only do totally impersonal posts like dollhouses and silly stories, inadvertently or not, you reveal something about yourself , don't you? So beware , Lize :), soon we will know who's behind that hijab!

Hassan said to tell you SR18. He has his own camel milk . Last price SR20 only because of Sans! She adores you :).

Sans said...

Jorge!!! Master Alfombra himself :). One day, I hope to be able to stitch carpet that looks like pile carpet. The ones in your last post are just too incredible. Now those are magnificent! Luckily for me, the Indian carpets are flat weaved :).

I get excited just reading the word "Moorish". I really cannot wait to see your fabric. I am sure it is not easy to find them at all. I have tried and nothing in scale! I will be waiting for your posts impatiently!

Jorge, the doll is made by Sumaiya Mehreen. Go see her blog of exotic dolls at

Jorge! Maestro se Alfombra:). Un día, espero ser capaz de coser alfombras que se ve como alfombra de pelo. Los que están en su último mensaje son demasiado increíble. Ahora, esos son magníficos! Por suerte para mí, las alfombras indias son planas tejidas:).

Me emociono sólo leer la palabra "moro". Realmente no puedo esperar a ver la tela. Estoy seguro de que no es fácil encontrarlos a todos. He probado y nada en la escala! Voy a estar esperando con impaciencia para sus entradas!

Jorge, la muñeca se realiza por Sumaiya Mehreen. Vaya a ver su blog de muñecas exóticas

Sans said...

Thank you, Betsy :) You are pretty amazing yourself :). Stitching is real easy to start but takes time to master. It is good I have seen with my own eyes work by truly talented artisans like Rosanna who is famed for her embroidery. Rosanna's work is so fine, they look and feel like prints! And then there is Jorge (Atrus el mistico) who works in various scale, some so small, it blows my mind. Again, they are print-like!

As I have written in my earlier reply, the pattern is from the book " Making Miniature Rugs and Carpets". If you wish, you can email me and maybe I can send you a pattern or two to start off? They recommend DMC threads but over here, I use a Japanese alternative called COSMO. Just google and see. I posted about all my carpets even my 1st disastrous one lol. So if you wish you can read and see what not to do. haha

By the way, I always start learning with books. Very good basic teacher. My mind is like a sieve :) so I will have to keep practising in order to remember. After that for refinement, I rely heavily on friends in this community who are always so generous with their tips. Everyone's work is above par and they kind of push you to keep bettering yourself. You will find out soon enough , Betsy, that you are in an incredible place here :).

Sans said...

Nina, those are truly sweet words from you and I really appreciate them :).

It has been one over year since I started this blog and I still marvel at how magical and wonderful this "community" is. The internet is no stranger where I am concerned and I am sure you have heard how nasty things can get. But the kindness and generosity here is incredible and it is so contagious even a cynic like me (as Lize could probably tell) believes in fairies and magic trees now ;p.

By the way, I have been staring at my own pics and to tell the truth, it looked a little unreal to me too . Haha. I will be completely flattered if someone thinks I am capable of making a bird and trees that gorgeous. I looked at Mr Hornbill real close and swear it looks like someone sculpted him out of polymer and then feathered him. Like I have said before, God's creations are so perfect, they seem unreal .

Lize said...

Hassan! (Doing this only For Sans...)
Last offer SR15!!!
Ooops, I see you offer SR18. Me a little confused when haggling.

PS Tell Sans: my Horn bill bigger and camel milk better!!!

PS 2: I think you're right Sans. We'll talk the socks off the old Horn bill BUT we'll both need our space ... sometimes or even often.

dale said...

Sans, your posts are always so incredible! :)

I too believe we are all connected in some way as well and now, we really are through the internet.

Here's another tree of life for you, from one of my favorite designers, William Morris

The carpet came out fabulously well and yes! very straight! Good job, I'm glad you were able to utilise some tips from me. :)

I'm so behind as usual! Seems I'm up to my eyeballs in folding screens, some with a moorish print in a new shape. :)

Love the bird! We don't have that much exotic around here, but have humming birds in a brilliant shade of gree, baltimore oreoles and the other day I saw a woodpecker with striking yellow markings. I love birds. :)

At some point, I'll catch up thoroughly with you, Sans, dear. :)

Snowfern said...

:) nice touching and personal entry. very apt too, for the occasion (i caught it this time, since it was explicitly stated heh)

mr Toucan looks spiffy! both the real and polymer clay one ^ ^ their beaks are really light, despite the size, but they're also razor sharp. they're really not very friendly birds. (i had my vocation training at the bird park hehehe) lucky you to be surrounded by so much of nature's beauty. :)

Sans said...

Lize, some of us will never be really good at haggling. I once travelled with someone who could sit in a shop for an hour! We were in Thailand or Bali, can't remember, but then the practice was to offer half of what they asked for. India is the same when I was last there. LOL. Haggling is pretty much a way of life :).

By the way, I can tell you are a recluse like me..haha! ;p

Sans said...

Dale, thank you!! Both for the tips and the endorsements :). Henceforth, I will move to 25 count. I just tried marking out the fabric and it damn near made me blind. LOL. I just ordered 28 & 32 count fabric. I must be mad :).

I have a William Morris pattern for cross-stitching. Maybe I will do it someday. I was fascinated with the arts and crafts movement for a while and bought a book with his wallpaper:). I have always preferred folk to opulence.

Did you say "Moorish"? I am spasming with excitement. You must let everyone know when you have finished making the new screens. I am sure we will all want to see them and place the orders :).

I think there are hummingbirds here as well :) but not so colourful. We get really excited when we see colours flying in the sky because they are rare.

Sans said...

Wow, Cindy, you never fail to amaze me! So you interned in the bird park?? You know, after this sighting, I have been reading up on the Oriental Pied Hornbill.

Firstly, they are listed as 'Critically Endangered' in the Red List of threatened animals of Singapore. According to some report, they are no longer seen in mainland Singapore which means Mr Hornbill is an exception as I definitely live on the mainland!

Secondly, "Oriental pied-hornbills nest in a suitable hole in a tall tree. The breeding pair seals the female inside the hole with a plaster of mud and fibres. The male gathers and delivers earth to the female, which seals herself inside the hole. A narrow slit is left open so he can feed her and the chicks. He brings them mostly fruits, insects, crabs and lizards, and sometimes, smaller birds. This remarkable behaviour is believed to deter large predators." I therefore now think maybe Mr Hornbill is not single but his wife is sealed in a mud house (sounds familiar?) on a tree in my neighbour's garden.

Thirdly, they don't do well in captivity and can exhibit an aggressive behaviour.

Fourthly, they are one of the rare breeds who commit infanticide or siblingcide where the weaker newborn are kicked out of their nests by the stronger siblings or killed by the mother and fed to the healthier chicks.

I find them so fascinating!

julie campbell said...

Sans I love your posts so much :0)
This was wonderful to read, I love the Hornbill too what a fine fellow he is !
I hope so much that you and your friends get to visit the fairs together, I'm sure it will happen one day :0)
julie xxx

Sans said...

Julie, we will :). And we may very well visit you in one of the UK fairs :). And speaking of fairs, Kensington is just round the corner and I am overwhelmed that you took the time off your busy schedule to make Wilbur and Jack for little ole me :). By the way, I totally identify with someone who speaks to their dolls :).

Thank you, my dear, your words mean a lot :).

Meli said...

Susan, as alway it's a pleasure to visit your blog, where I learn everytime I came in something new!!!
The rug is so lovely and perfectly stitched and finished!!! It's an excellent work Susan and you should be very happy with the results!!!
Warm regards,

Atrus el mistico said...

hola sans, te he dejado un premio artesano en mi blog porque creo que mereces unos cuantos por hacer de este blog taa ameno e interesante.


sans hello, I've left a craftsman award on my blog because I think it deserves much more to make this blog as entertaining and interesting.



Texas Belle said...

What a beautiful job you did on that prayer rug! It's just stunning! Did you design it yourself? I really want to stitch a rug but am still a bit intimidated, I admit.

I, too, love the tree of life. I picked up a large papyrus painting of one while we were in Egypt last fall and loved reading all the history you've written about it (I always learn something here!).

My Fair Lady is one of my favorite movies. My sister and I quoted nearly entire scenes and sang the songs to each other years ago when we were on our first big trip away from home (we backpacked for 6 weeks through Europe). It helped stave off the homesickness. To this day I still get a big smile whenever I hear a line quoted.

What a handsome fellow in your tree! My husband and I feed the birds around here and have such fun watching all their antics. We have nothing anywhere near as exotic, though.

Ara said...

Oh my gosh Sans - that rug is gorgeous!!! Your a professional now!! Its perfect!! Perfect in color and in presentation! You need to open Sans' Rug and Hookah store!! What a wonderful story about the tree of life and Rosanna! It's strange how that happens!! How I wish I could be sitting with you at that picnic!!! I would LOVE to be able to visit you someday! hugs, ara

Sans said...

Meli, thank you for taking the time to come over. My email logged your comment at about lunch time Barcelona, I think :):). You are 7 hours behind us :).

As you know, my next one, being 7 count more is going to take forever I can't get over how you can finish your Aubusson in 2 weeks when I am taking 2 months for! You are incredible.

Sans said...

Thank you Jorge. Your award is posted on my left bar. I am very proud that you have picked me. I feel really connected with your work. I really hope to see more of them.

Mucho gracias Jorge. Su premio es colocado en mi barra de la izquierda. Estoy muy orgulloso de que me has escogido. Me siento muy conectado con su trabajo. Realmente espero ver más de ellos.

Sans said...

Belle, I love the way you calmly walked in here and commented like you have never left :). So I am smiling sweetly and typing real calmly although I am sooooooooooooo EXCITED!!!! that you are back!!! :):). You have been dearly missed, my friend :). You and your fabulous work. I hope everything has settled again and the little pet is well and that you are building your beautiful mansion again.

I wish I had designed the rug but not this time (*hehe, like i have ever). It's a pattern from Ian & Meik McNaughhton's "Making Miniature Oriental Rugs and Carpets". I hope to sew ALL the rugs although there are some patterns I am not crazy about. If you ever need one, email me and I will gladly send you to get you started.

You will like my housemate, FaiZ who knows every single song in My Fair Lady, including "Ascot Gavotte" , now how many of us remember that?? My fav song is "On The Street Where you live". :)

I haven't seen Mr Hornbill since the photos. He is on our critically endangered list of birds, Belle. He IS totally EXOTIC! I am thinking of writing to our National Parks Department about this sighting. :)

Sans said...

Ara, I will so looooooove for us to meet. One day when I make a trip to the US :) I will call on you and Jayne etc :). Or we can meet in Chicago lol. Better still, you come down here ! :)

You are way too generous with that compliment! I am no pro, please. I wish you can tell me all about life as a professional miniaturist . I can tell it makes you very happy that you own your own " Bentley House Productions". I am truly happy for you :). You are such an inspiration!

Carolyn Mohler Kraft said...

Thanks for such an interesting read, Susan :) I need to go backwards and catch up.

I'm glad that Mr. Hornbill co-operated. I love his , or her, pics. How cool to have such a magnificent bird outside your window. I'm thrilled when I see a cardinal in my yard, and they aren't rare!

And you rug is totally awesome!

Sans said...

Carolyn, thank you for visiting :) and your generous compliment.

I will be thrilled too if I see a cardinal in my garden. It is extremely rare here to see a red bird. I wonder if the Cardinal with his red robe is named after the the bird or vice versa :).

Carolyn Mohler Kraft said...

Susan, your question peaked my curiosity, and I found this:
Cardinals are found in North and South America. There are many types of cardinals, but the type that most people think of is the Northern Cardinal. The “Cardinal” name was derived from the vivid red plumage of the male, which resembles the robes of the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church.

I don't see them often, but when I do it's always a surprise to see such a red bird, and they are always standing very still and looking very majestic.

Sans said...

OMG! Carolyn, I cannot believe that they are indeed named after the red robes of the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church!! Thank you for taking the trouble! WOW!

Carolyn Mohler Kraft said...

No trouble at all, Susan! I love to research and learn.

I forgot to add in my last post that I was impressed with your query. I never bothered to think about it, but if I had, I may not have even made the connection.

Well done to you!

Sans said...

Actually,Carolyn, I used to read Ellis Peters' monastic murder mysteries (a long long time ago). I also love period movies especially relating to medieval Europe. So the association with red + cardinal (church)+ cardinal (bird) may not be so surprising :) for someone with my interest. I may not remember the contents or story lines but images sort of stick in my mind.

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