Thursday, 15 April 2010

Day 138-148 Three Windows & A Door

A long, long time ago, on Day 28, a Jr Victorian Cottage, was slowly being eaten up by termites . A heroine who loves to convert junk into better junk, saved it from eternal damnation . Unfortunately , she also christened it "Termite House" and since Day 31 when she was gifted with this house and 3 others, she has been going on and on about rebuilding this Termite House . 

At first, it was to be a tea house. She even thought of a name : "Bombay Tea Leaves- Where the Party Never Ends" because when 45 of her dolls were squashed inside the house, they looked like they were having a party (see Sumaiya's comment on Day 36). Fate, however, soon intervened, sparing the house of yet another embarrassing name.

The genesis of the idea to convert the Termite House into a Tribal House aka bhunga for the Rollas started on Day 84 although the colour board was posted as early as Day 81. Since then, this  house was also often referred to as "The Next Project" although it never was. Until April Fool's Day 2010 that is, when it  finally fulfilled its destiny. The  picture above was the last one taken of the house as it was. SO, Goodbye Jr Victoria Cottage and 


I did this over 2 long weekends and 4 weekdays. I finished the thatched roof using the towel method in a couple of hours but it took me a few coats of paint before I was vaguely satisfied with the shade of biege. It was not easy trying to determine exactly what colour it is that I wanted and the process was made worse because the colour shifts depending on where you place the house, as you can see from the 2 pictures above. Before I did the roof,  I  plastered the walls with plaster of Paris, put in some embellishments on the walls and painted  the preliminary colours but they are not finalised.

Most of the time I worked on the windows but the truth is , as at last night, I still wasn't completely happy with them. Enough is enough, I thought, after spending almost 8 out of the 10 days still trying to perfect the look. So I started on the door and completed it within 2-3 hours on Tuesday.

This was made from the original door. As you can see, it was a perfectly good door, exactly the type we don't want. Have you heard of the term "dollhouse kit bashing"? I learnt it from Ilisha.  It also explains why it took me so long before I started on this house. Kit bashing phobia is very real. And for me, it started with this door.
But what the heck! I took out my saw and bye bye, good door . Then I filed away all the smooth edges and removed the knobs for later use.  

A miracle ! I sawed it unevenly in exactly how an old two leaf door should be! I like the door so much better now.

I then spray-painted the doors brown, mixed a shade of turquoise that is suitably Indian tribal and dry brushed the door. Only a few strokes and I got the desired effect. Now why were the windows so much harder?
By the way, don't throw away the newspaper with all that beautiful spray paint. We are going to make an old door latch with that.

I have fashioned a pair of *ahem knockers out of the original doorknobs (because I don't own no frills beads!), jewellery parts and wire. It is unfortunate that the *ahem knockers remind me of rings for  our knockers (no pun intended). This is a closer look

 of the old door latch.

Fixing the doors back was a real pain but I am pleased that the doors can be opened and closed, just like the real thing.

I am afraid the windows are not as successful. SuZ said it was because the window shutters are stuck to the walls. That made them unrealistic. Should I bash those too?

In the meantime, I guess I will  have to resort to tricks and decoy (again!) when showing the pictures.

Sans:  Say Cheeeeeeese, Cami...
Camo: Hey wait for me, I want to be in the pic too....

Camo: Wooooowww, the inside look so comfy, Cami,
lets go and roll in those hay...


The Old Maid said...

I love your house and the door are fantastic!

Norma said...

Oh Sans, I LOVE it, the colours are wonderful, fabulous shutters, door, doOr fittings, window, EVERYTHING!!!

sylvia said...

Wow Sans, the door is GREAT!!!
You know, I like old and dirty (LOL)

Mini Beginnings said...

Wow, what a transformation!! I love the door and the intricate window, beautiful. Do you do full size 1:1 transformations too lol?!?

I love the idea of kit bashing and making it into your own personal style, that might have to be my next project :)

Sans said...

Thank you Ewa :). Looks like a group of us are kind of sponging and aging walls and doors :). I was just at your blog last night and thinking we are working on achieving roughly the same effect. Something old and very imperfect :).

Sans said...

SHUTTERS! Of course! Thank you Norma, for giving me the word I have been searching for :). I have amended the post a bit now.

I am so happy you even love the windows! They and the shutters love you back loads :).

Sans said...

So Sylvia, I know how you LOVELOVELOVE old and dirty and are such a master at creating it. That's why your opinion, my Queen of Dirty is so important to me :).Thank you, I shall now safely declare " The doors are completed!"

Sans said...

Hey, MB, I saw the house you bought for your daughter. It really is perfect for bashing! It won't be expensive. Processes like the towel method for a thatch roof is practically free (I used a very old towel that was already torn- if I didn't use it for the roof, my man would still be using it as a bath towel..haha). O, and it is sooooo darn easy, you can work with your eyes 1/2 closed, lying on your side while watching TV all at the same time! I make a point to note the cost I incur while transforming something. They are minimal which leaves you $$$$ to buy something for the real house! :) I have seen your work. Yours will be fabulous!

And yes, I transform 1:1 too but only interior . Its my love way before I started mini . :):).

Merry Jingle said...

I love how the house looks like now - the dirtying and bashing really brings the best out of these ready made dollhouse kits!

And I adore the colours you have used, they are just perfect!

Can't wait to see what you come up with the interior, it's going to be fab, that's for sure :)


Liberty Biberty said...

That is a SPECTACULAR transformation my friend! LOVE that door!

Atrus el mistico said...

esta es la casa que quería ver, se quedaran todos a cenar? felicidades por la decoracion de las ventanas y puertas, las has trabajado mucho y bien ha merecido la pena el esfuerzo.



this is the house I wanted to see, they were all at dinner? congratulations on the decoration of the windows and doors, has worked hard and has been well worth the effort.


*annina* said...

WOW! The door is amazing! I especially like the door knobs and the lock - so gritty!

rosanna said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!!!!!!! I love the doors, the windows and even the shutters ! Are the Rollas really living in it ? THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH !!!! it's much more roomy than our home :o) you are great at bashing, I have never been so brave , I shall have to start.... Hugs Rosanna

Mini Beginnings said...

Hi Sans,
Yes I did have a bit of 'kit bashing' in mind for that house. Trouble is there is so much I'm not very happy with that I'd end up ripping out and replacing the actual floors and the front, changing it into a back opening house rather than front - I think that might be taking kit bashing slightly too far - especially for a novice like me! It would probably be easier to build one from scratch lol! But thank you for the tips on the roof - it looks great btw!

Meli said...

You made an excellent work!! I love how it!!!
The shutters are fantastic!!!

Sans said...

Wow thank you Ira :). I haven't really finished with the front though. LOL. There is a lot of work still to be done but yes, I am happy with the kit bashing (I am already wondering how in the world I am going to bash the humongous Queen Anne). My aim is to kit bash em all.

My next step is to cover up all the wiring for the lights.

You like the colours? I am thinking of changing the white to mud brown which is more typical of Indian village mud houses. Decisions, decisions.

Sans said...

Mercedes, thank you for kicking my ass about this :). I am glad I am doing this now that I have slightly more experience though :). I am beginning to really love that door too, thanks to all of you :)

Sans said...

Haha, if not for you, Jorge, this post would not be out today.Maybe I would still be trying to perfect that window :).

I am so excited that you are building a Moorish roombox. I can't wait to see it. Please do not take too long :). That Moorish table of yours is exactly what I would like to make myself.

Haha, si no fuera por ti, Jorge, este post no estaría fuera today.Maybe todavía estaría tratando de perfeccionar esa ventana:).

Estoy tan emocionada que está la construcción de una roombox moros. No puedo esperar para verlo. Por favor, no tome demasiado tiempo:). Este cuadro moro de la suya es exactamente lo que me gustaría hacer a mí mismo.

Sans said...

Annina, I love the word you used. "Gritty" is such a strong , hardy and uncompromising word for my metalware :). Love, love it! Yea, I get excited by words :). Thank you.

Sans said...

Really, Rosanna ? You love it? Ok, I can tell that you do like the house. You must stay tuned for the story alright? Because the Rollas are such sweet souls , they are going to make this house very, very special. Ro's talent will also be showcased in this house. I hope I can achieve that! :) I have some surprises in store and am crossing my fingers that I can pull it off.

By the way, it has taken me more than 1 year to bash this house. I am not that

Sans said...

Emma, it has taken me more than 1 year before I summon the courage to bash this house. I picked the smallest to start with of course and hopefully, with the experience, I will later tackle the really big one.

Way before I even know how to make a goblet out of beads, I already wanted to build an Indian palace. LOL. I didn't even know how to draw or sew but I know if I do not bash the 4 houses that I was given, I will never love them. So I plan the most complicated kind of houses to build, all Indian of course. My next one is a haveli. You will think I am a fool if you know the architecture involve. I did a write up on havelis on Day 50, if you are interested :). Of course, at the moment, I haven't the faintest idea how.:)

I have absolutely no doubt at all when the time is right, you will know exactly how to bash that house of yours. You are moving so fast in your project and progressing at an amazing rate! Keep at it!

Sans said...

Meli, thank you :). So now you know when you were showing your Mediterranean house, why I told you I am using the blue colour on your doors :). I was very concerned that my house should not look too Mediterranean. That's why I am thinking of changing the white walls into sienna or mud brown.

Ara said...

This looks awesome Sans!! And you're right - sawing it unevenly made it look absolutely perfect!! I could never imagine a Victorian cottage looking as great as that one does!!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

i LOVE it!

Tallulah Belle said...

oooh me likey very much. It looks awesome.

Knockers lmao...they don't use that word in the US :-)

I love the embellishment you've put over the window...I want one full sized.

No mail yet :-(

Who is Jorge and what is this Moorish house...I want to see it.

Norma said...

*laughing* at Tallulah Belle's comment about the "knockers" (te he), pretty important to call them specifically "door knockers" I think to avoid confusion LOL (especially for your American readers altho it has a 'naughty' meaning here in Australia as well - oh the joys of International English - such fun)

dora said...

I always love as relatas, is a small novel.
Your work is perfect, I am delighted the door.
A Carmen hug

Sans said...

Ara :):) , have you got time to breathe a little now, Ms Busy Bee?

You are too generous with your compliments :). I am pretty sure you are a great kit basher and can make any Victorian cottage look like a castle :).

Uneven is good, isn't it ? :) I am a firm believer of "flawed". :) Only God is perfect and can create perfect things like leaves and flowers and snowflakes, I really have seen a perfect flower and leaf and yea, snowflake, when they are never handled by humans, of course. But us human? Always flawed but the flawed things we make can still be breathtakingly beautiful, right? lol

Sans said...

Sumaiya, sweetheart, thank you :).

Norma said...

Hey Sana, check out the new post at Gypsy Purple, some images here you might like I think

Eva said...

Lately I am always late in your posts...
I love the knockers.
I do not like too much the standards dollhouse so now your tribal house looks much much better.
So the door looks perfect and the upper windows is great.
You are becoming a master!!
Un beso

Sans said...

LOL, I have always thought it was an American slang like hooters :). I was just making these and wondering if they look like nipple rings :). Better not say them on the post, I am always afraid my nieces read my blog :).

Jayne, what a coincidence you notice that window because guess who's room that one is going to be?

That mail is taking forever. It's been 2 weeks I think.

Jorge is "Atrus el mistico" and he has a few blogs. If you go to , you will see in his last post that he is building something Moorish for a competition , I think . Scroll down and you can see an entry on a mini Moorish table that is amazing even though he hasn't completed it yet.

I am not sure but I think Jorge is a gentleman? His stitching is fabulous I think it is 1:48 or something like that.

Jayne, I have hit the 300 blogs max. Shucks , what did you do after that? Create another ID? That's such a pain.

Sans said...

Hehe, Norma , over here, so many words have double meaning (English not being a native tongue so we just use everyone else's , including Australian's love for the word "mate" , we are no longer so careful. In school, the standard is British English so I am never used to the way the Americans spell certain words. And since they write most of the computer programs, my words are often underlined in red because it is not spelt (see, even the word "spelt")

I will go check out that website after replying all the comments :).

Sans said...

Carmen (Dora), my Spanish teacher. :) I learned many Spanish words because of your comments :) Like " Una Besitos" :) So you can continue to leave me comments inSpanish, if you wish. I always translate and learn something :).

Thank you for your always always encouraging words :).

Carmen (Dora), mi profesor de español. :) He aprendido muchas palabras en español a causa de sus comentarios:) Al igual que "Una Besitos":) Así que usted puede seguir para mí dejar comentarios inSpanish, si lo desea. Yo siempre traducir y aprender algo:).

Gracias por tus palabras, siempre, siempre alentadores:).

Sans said...

Eva, I am so happy to see you here. I don't care if you are 1 year late even :), as long as you are eventually here :).

You and I both, there are very few standard dollhouses that I like. The very 1st one I saw was made by a charity group in Indonesia. It is very rustic, now that one I will probably leave as is. But until I can go to Indonesia to pick it up, I will have to modify all my existing ones.

The tribal house makes me want to change my tent! AGAIN! Next Chinese New Year, not now :).

I am by no means a master, but hope that one day I can get It's never even in the horizon last time, to imagine I can be good at using my hands. So I thank this hobby for the new skills I am acquiring or for revealing my potential and the wonderful bloggers who share their work and their opinions about mine.

FaiZ who knew me since I was in my teens, always use me as an example to people who say "I can never do that!" LOL He would say "She used to always say "I can never draw or paint"". I didn't believe him when he said you can practise. I thought you had to be born with the talent :).

Sans said...

Norma!! Wherein the world do you find these gorgeous blogs!! My o my.

JAYNE! If you are reading this, go to the link suggested by Norma. I see many ideas which you may want to adopt for your room. Here it is:

Norma, you must be following more than 300blogs by now. Do you create a new ID? How do you keep track of new posts with different IDs if you have? Really want to know what's the best way to do this :).

Norma said...

I'm following 253 blogs presently. Is there some sort of cut off at 300? I didn't know about that. I'll worry about it if I get there. I could certainly set another ID for the decor blogs. I haven't done an analysis but I think that more than half the blogs I follow are for decor ideas, most of them are junky, brocante or shabby/white european style. I leave comments only on about 4-5 of them whereas I comment on pretty much all the mini blogs I follow, altho not on every post. I especially try to be vigilant with comments on new mini blogs. Some of the decor blogs are blogs with thousands of followers. I "find" most of them from the blog links (with pics) on the ones I already follow - if there is a post pic that looks like a style I'm interested in I'll go and have a look. I'm going to put a list like that on my blog soon but it will take a bit of work to decide which to include because obviously I can't include them all - my page would be longer than the Great Wall of China!! Glad you like the stuff on Gypsy Purple.

dora said...

I have a challenge for you, my blog awards.
Would you like to do?
Because pasate.
A Carmen hug

Lize said...

Your House is saved! It was becoming, quite frankly, a house of ill repute! But you saved it with a daring and courageous attitude. Believe me... I know all about 'dollhouse kit bashing'. It does take COURAGE! Love the roof, no one would ever guess it to be a towel!

But my favourite has got to be the door, it is a KNOCKOUT!


Sans said...

Yes, Norma, at 300, they will let you know with a red bar that you have reached your max and will reject any further additions. For now, I have had to look at my list and "unjoin" the inactive ones. I still follow everyone who follows my blog (those with one that is) and will continue to do that. The ones I am "unjoining" are mainly art / graphics blogs that haven't had a new post for more than a year. But these blogs are so beautiful! I still save the links, in case. My bookmark list reminds me of my stash cupboard. lol Like you, I also follow ID blogs but mainly with a focus on India. I agree with you though, once I hit 300 again, I will create a new ID.

Sans said...

Carmen, you are so sweet to think of me. I have received so many awards from you :). I love awards but your movie challenge is quite a Challenge as I no longer watch so many movies. BUT, if I can change the rules, maybe I will try the challenge with a twist. A Bollywood one? :) Give me some time. I am behind with giving away 2 awards too ! LOL But thank you Carmen and I hope you will find my Indian movie reply soon ! un beso :)

Sans said...

Lize, have you been hanging around my house of ill-repute?? LOL. I know it looked WILD but it's just the overgrown grass. The gardener I wanted never turned up for work!

So you have bashed quite a few? If my tent is a kit, that's the one I practised on the I suspect my tent will remain a lifelong project.

This towel thing is very effective. Even with the benefit of feeling the roof, friends/relatives are still surprised when I told them it is towel. Those boys doing wargame miniatures are so clever. You can get a load of great ideas from them.

You like my door? Very effective in knocking out the vice/ ill repute, I tell you. Who wants to pay for rusty knockers, right?

Tallulah Belle said...

hey you

Nope no knockers over here but plenty of hooters :-)

That is my room…wooo hooo. I love it :-) Now if I can just have it enlarged to real life size please.

Thanks for the link to Jorge. Awesome work. I love that table and the shape of the wall he is building. I just love that style.

As for the 300 blogs thing…that’s a bummer huh. What I did was just go and clear out some old blogs that had closed or are no longer active. I thought about another ID but then it is a pain to keep signing into another account. With gmail I can only have one open at any one time. I will likely do that though once there are no more to clear out. I have a lot of decor and Indian ones on there for inspiration.

Still now mail :-(

Off to look at the purple gyspy :-)

Tallulah Belle said...

Have you seen this one :-)

Sans said...

Jayne, the 1st time you told me about this issue of Elle Decor, I went nuts! I searched for a physical copy high and low and called 4 bookstores in Singapore not including the distributor for Elle Decor Singapore who as good as told me "Go to India if you are that desperate". I even contemplated whether to subscribe and pay 6000 rups just for this issue.

I went nuts again today after I re-visited the link you gave and saw the last 2 pics on India Kitsch. I just loooooooove India Kitsch ! I really want to MINI that!!! Mercedes and I discussed doing Satine's room in Moulin Rouge once which is a true blue India Kitschy room .

And you know what???? All this while, my bro is in India , right now! Gurgoan too where the blogger in An Indian Summer is..hahahaha! I have just msn him to see if he can get me 2 copies. He wan't optimistic since it is a back issue but I told him to try calling Elle Decor India. Guess where the other issue is going if I can get them???? You Lucky Girl :). Ok, lets keep our fingers crossed.

Tallulah Belle said...

I so nearly subscribed to the lot as well....that's desperation lol.

There isn't' one to be found anywhere over here either otherwise I'd have bought them all up. I even asked the bookstores if they would order some but no.

If your brother can get any copies I'll owe him big time :-)

I've never seen Moulin Rouge..must go look that up now lol

Norma said...

I'm pleased to have been 'warned' about the 300 blogs issue. I do have another email account in my maiden name which I use mostly when I leave notes on family history message boards etc so I'm already checking/working 2 emails so ti would be easy to add another. However maybe the idea of just adding newly found decor blogs to Favourites is just as good a way, it's not really necessary I guess to receive updates all the time for decor blogs that are just used for inspiraton/eye-candy.

And to TALLULAH BELLE - I think you'd love Moulin Rouge - it is a visual feast (on most other levels - eg script, singing) I thought it was pretty crap but the sets and the choreography are a treat to behold. If you can't find it in your video store to buy or rent send out an SOS and I'll arrange to get a copy to you.

Tallulah Belle said...

Thanks Norma...I am sure I will be able to get hold of it.

dale said...

Sans, it's awesome! I love how you did the roof, what a cool idea!

And the windows and especially the door came out just fabulous!

You'd have never known what the house looked like before, what a transformation.

I bet your head is just clicking away at how to change the big house now. ;)

Sans said...

Jayne. so far no news stands are selling the back issues :(:( but I am bugging my bro to call Elle Decor India.

Will keep you posted.

Go watch Moulin Rouge, Jayne. You will love the set designs. Baz Luhrmann & his wife was in India and saw a Bollywood movie poster. On a whim, they went to watch the movie with 2000 other audience. The 4 hr melo-comic-musical-Hindi-drama inspired their making of Moulin Rouge! So you will see loads of Indian influence in that movie.

Sans said...

Dale, thank you!! Good thing I found this towel method :). I was going to use reed from a reed window blind I bought from the S$2 store. I actually bought 3 sets of blinds just for the roof! :) It would have been so much work and I am not sure if the effect will be as decent. The reed is still added horizontally for some realism. I also also use the reed for the inside of the windows.

This towel method does not feel so realistic (too smooth)up front although it looks alright) but from about 2-3 feet, the shagginess of the towel really makes the roof thatchy. The towel method is highly recommended by me for beach houses.

You are so right about me thinking about the next house. I will bash the windows more for sure. Make it movable. I may still use curtains for these. From the inside not outside.

At the moment though, I am planning what to do next with this house. Probably the floor and ceiling and then hiding the wires.

dale said...

Hang on to those reeds, I'm sure you can think of other places to use them.

I'm thinking flooring.

Sans said...

Dale, the floor is one of those big things I have to decide on. The current wood strips are really quite nice. Just need to age but the flooring of a mud house is actually mud :). Hmmm, I don't think I have the heart to plaster over the wood. Decisions, decisions.

rosanna said...

Mud ?! are you sure about mud? after all now the house belongs to an artisans' couple and their friend Flower Queen and whomever will come. I'm not sure they'd love mudding their feet. But I'm sure that their muddy feet will "live up" the woodden boards.Oh,decisions, decisions...

Gemma (Gempo) said...

Wonderful house Susan inside and outside, congratulations. Best wishes

The Visionary Butterfly said...

Sans I love your makeover on the the house, especially the doors.

Sans said...

Rosanna, it is not just mud they use, they also mix in cow dung and cattle urine for hardiness. Apparently, the dung also serves as an insect repellent , especially mosquitoes. I would lined my walls with them but we don't have cows in Singapore except in the :). If you go to , you can catch glimpses of the floor in the mud house. They look really clean :).

BUT you are absolutely right. This is not really a mud house. This is an artisans' house. I will talk to Ro tonight and see what she says :). I think she will want some wood on top of the mud floor. They have made some money and can afford a little luxury :).

Sans said...

Thank you so much, Gemma and I hope you will come again when the inside is lovingly furnished by Ro, the lady of the house :). She is reputed to be the best embroiderer, very good with her hands :).

Sans said...

Chadina, welcome and thank you so much for your kind comments :). Your dolls are also welcome to visit and stay over if they don't mind a bit of a time travel and squeeze:).

Faizz said...

That was an amazing effort - especially the doors. You have indeed improved tremendously!!

Sans said...

Faizzzoo! hahaha! You are really reading my blog now without me forcing you??! And COMMENTING! A historical moment!

So CONGRATULATIONS! For putting in the only 60th comment in this blog, you are now the lucky winner of a secret giveaway. I am giving away, to you, of course, ALL MY MINIATURES & HOUSES (since you are such a fan) for you to display in your current home. I will take them back when you move.

Marie Antionette said...

Your beautiful new house goes beyone awesome. There are no words.I love your work .Its all so inspiring.
The work you done on the door and your windows too are superfine indeed.
Also thank for stopping by and leaving such words of encouragement.
I guess they are not looking for my type of doll yet,maybe next time.
XXOO Marie Antionette

Tallulah Belle said...

Bummer they are all sold out...I'll keepo looking though :-)

I will get moulin rouge...I had no idea what it was about...thought it was some chick flick about Paris lol.

Sans said...

Yes, Marie, definitely next time. I am telling this from the bottom of my heart, I think your dolls are truly unique. It is so clever of you to do a peek-a-boo underneath the skirt and invariably, you would come up with something fresh, whimsical and surprising. And very very pretty too. And when you wire them up, they are just precious! Your dolls are collectors' items, Marie :).

So please keep at it.

And thank you for popping by, dearie and I appreciate so much your generous compliments :).

Sans said...

Jayne, STOOOOOP! Look no further :):):). Darling Win called the publisher and arranged for them to send him 2 copies of the Feb/Mar issue. He showed me over the webcam last night. 2 huge magazines and my very handsome brother , lol. I am so very happy! He's coming home at the end of April. I will send your copy to you then. WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!

Tallulah Belle said...

OMG No freakin way...OMG tell your brother I love him and give him a big sloppy kiss from me....OK you can skip the kiss but tell him thanks you sooooo much.

Oooohhhh I am so excited now.


Snowfern said...

OH HELL. i get busy for a few days and you go and post 2 posts and i missed them!!! AUGH!!

SO WONDERFUL this transformation! you teach me so much and i'm always in amazement of how you can visualize something sooo different from the original :O your knockers look great btw ;) *ogles*

Sans said...

Jayne, I have cut and paste your comment and sent it to my bro. I have yet to hear from him. He probably could not understand why 2 perfectly sane and dare I say, clever women can act so crazy. Actually I am pretty sure he's used to my over the top ways. Likely he couldn't believe there are more of us out!

Sans said...

Cindy, I must insist you come over every single time and tell me what you think. You always make me laugh so hard. I haven't had anyone compliment my knockers for a long time.Actually I don't think anyone has ever told me "your knockers look great btw".So thank you! hehehehehe..shijes, I can'y syop giggling n maa not typin right!

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