Friday, 16 July 2010

Day 173-A 5-Step Guide To Rusty Tin Cans

In 1810, nine years before Singapore was founded, a patent was granted  to an Englishman called Peter Durand for his method of canning food. In those day, these cans, made with sheets of iron, were so thick they had to be hammered open

 Sardine Can c1900

One must credit Napoleon for the advent of tin cans for he was the one who came up with the reward of 12000 francs for anyone who could invent a way to preserve food for his army. Having just been defeated by Nature, his army starved on retreat from the harsh winter in Moscow, Napoleon had dreamt of victories by preserving food to feed his army. Till today, rationed canned food remains the staple for all armies of the world. (February 1937 article entitled "Romance of the Tin Cans")

 "Hole and Cap" can C1889-1919 CW Swaim Canning Company
Picture courtesy of National Museum of American History

I wanted to make some rusty tin cans for the next room in the tribal house. Having convinced myself after 2 hours of extensive research that tin cans were already prevalent in British India, I then searched the net for how early tin cans were made.

Hole and cap vegetable can. Early food can labels featured the product inside, rather than brand names or logos.
Picture courtesy of National Museum of American History

This is what I found out from this site called "Can, A Visual History" -an amazing resource for pictures of antique tin cans:

The earliest cans were laboriously made by hand. Iron was pounded into sheets and dipped into molten tin.... Using considerable skill and muscle, artisans cut the sheets into rectangular bodies and round ends. The body pieces were bent around a cylindrical mold and the seams and ends were soldered in place. One of the ends was made with a circular hole through which the food would be stuffed. Once filled, the holes were plugged with a soldered metal cap. This soldering process sometimes left a bit of soot mixed in with the can's contents. This process allowed even the most skilled craftsman to make only 10 cans a day.

Armed with my new found knowledge, I set about recreating the ancient art of can making.
 STEP 1:
Gather your old aluminum tea light cups. Most importantly, you should keep the metal wick tabs or wick clippings that can be found at the bottom of each candle. If like me, you have kept them around for ages, the parts would have been perfectly rusty by now. 

Above is a close up picture of 3 rusty wick tabs. The hole in the center  of each tab, make these bottoms perfect  tops for  "hole and cap" cans, if you know what I mean. 

STEP 2: 
Cut the top part of the aluminum cup leaving the circular bottom. Don't throw away the bottom, you may never know what you can turn it into but for now, you won't need it.  Cut the top part with the edge at the bottom so that it will look like the edges are  already nicely crimped. 

 Varnish Can courtesy of Maine Marine Museum

Before the next critical step, examine this picture of an old varnish can carefully. Notice the haphazard soldering and irregular seams of the humble tin can. This is because the can was stamped, cut, folded, rolled, seamed and crimped by hand. IMPERFECTION is KEY.

Roll the top part of the can into a cylinder to fit the bottom piece which will be glued together eventually. This is the tricky part because rolling an aluminum sheet is not as easy as it seems. Also to prepare for the glue, make sure all residue wax is removed from the pieces. 

This is my cylindrical mold.
After gluing, this was what my tin cans looked like. Completely irregular and distorted, anything but perfect. As you can see, I have made them in slightly different sizes with different looks. Tins can have personalities too, you know. Step 4 is my favourite. Painting !  I always spray paint my 1st coat for metal parts. The paint stick better. I used my favourite colour, "Brown", of course.

After you have spray painted Brown, dab a bit of Metallic Black mixed with Burnt Sienna onto the cans,. They should look pretty rusty after that.If this look suits your project, you can stop at Step 4. If you like something fancier, proceed to 


Pick suitable vintage labels and again age them with rough handling and  tearing before gluing them onto the tins. Finally , give it your best rust touch up with dirty  paint water.

These tin cans have so many uses, I am sure I won't stop making them. And if you make some rusty cans, I will love to see them too. 


Fiver said...

Too cool Sans! Thanks for sharing how to make them. Very interesting history as well.

rosanna said...

FABULOUS !!!!!you and Mercedes must put up an Empire of rusty, rotten, damaged tins ! and everyone will love them.
They remind me of the little village were I spent my holidays as a kid; each balcony and window had its proper can (mostly tomatoes) filled with plants. Mostly basil ;o) for pesto, needless to say.
Hugs Rosanna
PS I sent an email to you a few minutes ago. Big hugs

The Old Maid said...

Absolutely fantastic turtorial and cans!!!! Thank you sooooo much Sans! Your imagination is faaaar ahead than mine:D
And you knowledge about cans is really impressive! :D

Kim said...

wow- fabulous!!! I keep looking at those empty tea light tins and wondering what I could use them for- I must try this out!! Isn't it a shame that things are not handmade anymore- and even worse, that most of us throw out those cans now instead of finding another use for them. I can remember them hammered to a shelf in my Dad's garage and holding all sorts of screws, nails, bolt, nuts,etc. Thank you for the tutorial and the interesting background too!!!

Ascension said...

Una gran tutorial.
Las latas te han quedado perfectas.
A mi me cuesta muchisimo darles ese toque de oxido, no me quedan reales las cosas que quiero envejecer y oxidar.
Ha sido muy interesante toda la informacion que ha recabado.
besitos ascension

Minnie Kitchen said...

i love the effect! great tutorial :)

Merry Jingle said...

They look absolutely fabulous! Thanks for the tutorial, maybe Mr.Poe would need some rusty cans - with moldy food inside :D

Eva said...

Wonderful clever is nice to know the origins of the cans too.
I will try to make one of your cans (one of these days) for sure....
Love and besos

Pubdoll said...

I prefer your shabby cheap look to shabby chic any day Sans :-)
Perfect rusty look, great and easy to follow tutorial and lots of interesting facts about a topic I never had thought of as interesting :-) And with this post it's all preserved for eternity...

Nina said...

Super Tutorial, I will do so !!!
Sans, don`t miss my giveaway.

Liberty Biberty said...

Spectacular, spectacular!!...(you know how the rest of it goes).
Your cans look awesome!!!

Maria Narbon said...

very good idea!
Really old!

Asuka Sakumo said...

Aw, Sans! What a great idea!
I was thinking to make some also, but there's too many ifs until now!
Darn, I just threw out my used tea light cups! :(

Flora said...

Ha ha ha :-)
Even I myself have done so, using the tin of tea lights.
Your jars are fabulous and historical information perfect!
I have a terrible sleep then I salute you ...
Mini good night, flora

MiniKat said...

Very cool tutorial, Sans! Thank you for sharing it with us. :-)

Daydreamer said...

Brilliant! Simply BRILLIANT! It takes a true artist to invent the process as well as the product! I will never look at tin cans the same way again! I will have to try that method for my artist's studio which will eventually find its way into the attic of the Lovely Old Dollhouse...they always have rusty cans with brushes and old paint.....! You are a genius Sans!

Snowfern said...

!!!!! OHEMMGEE OSM!! (read: OMG AWESOME! lol been picking lingo from some young'uns)

and OMG TRACY CHAPMAN!!! and OMG TUTORIAL!!! the results are wonderful~! *rushes off to make some*

*keeps page open for the music*

Marion said...

Hi Sans, you're not only a fantastic mini maker, you're also a perfect researcher. Thanks so much for your turtorial and the background information. I am sure I am going to try. Not just yet, but I do have some spare tealight cups, so one day I'll get to them.

May said...

Muchas gracias por el tutorial.
El resultado es perfecto y esta muy bien explicado.
Tendré que intentar hacerlo.
Besitos, May

Sans! said...

Hey Kristy, just happy to share my new found favourite material, aluminum sheet from candle cups :). They cut like paper and makes for far more realistic metal cans/canisters etc than say paper. Can't claim credit for using tealight cups of course. I saw someone mentioned that they use it to make watering cans. I just like that all the material for the rusty tin cans are already available from these humble cups. Humble cups make great humble tins :).

sagrario said...

Sans como siempre muchas gracias por la clase de historia y felicitarte por esas latas,son preciosas y te quedaron ideales,besos

julie campbell said...

These look fab Sans, really authentic ! I love the history too, its fascinating what you can find out about the humble can :0)
julie xxx

Glenda said...

Sans - you are a magician - yet again you see the beauty in everyday things, and present it so very well!!

Metal - you can get very soft brassy metal from the inside of some tomato paste tubes - it can be pierced, embossed, cut, (even sewn with a sewing machine with no thread in, to make a row of even holes!). :)
xxx Glenda

maria said...

Thank for sharing this great tutorial.
I will make it later (just need to save the tea lites)and let you know when i made some myself.
I made painttubes of this stuf earlier in my first dollshouse but nevber thought of this idea.Thanks

Sans! said...

Oh Rosanna, what a week this has been for me ..BZ BZ BZ :(. I haven't felt so pooped for a while now , luckily I did these cans last night or I would not have any energy today. Or maybe I don't have energy because of these cans...hahaha! You know me, everytime I make a post, it is likely I didn't get to sleep much :).

Hmmmmmm basil , yummers yum yum! Am I glad you will be here cos I am definitely going to pester you for pesto! :)

By the way, check out this picture where they used old coffee tin cans as planters. Very pretty :

Sans! said...

Haha Ewa, I don't deserve your praise! 1stly, the facts for the tin cans are just from 2 hours of googling :). Before I make anything for my dollhouse, I always like to make sure that those things are not too modern or from a wrong era. I enjoy doing the research.

2ndly and more importantly, there is no way you are less imaginative. You may be wrong (like imagining you have little imagination) but you are super imaginative. Who else can come up with a doll carrying matching tiger striped bag and shoes and wearing a Dita Von Teese black dress and still looking like the classiest dame I have ever seen striding through the door? I can't do that ! Swear!

Sans! said...

Kim, you are so right ! I have always loved these tin cans. And now , they are being replaced rapidly with plastic and other non recyclable materials because they are cheaper and lighter. Soon they will be extinct and immortalised only in minis:). So take out those cups and start making em :).

Sans! said...

Ascension :) I wanted to say :

Jeje, Ascension, you must be a very clean person not t have any rusty things . But, but you are a witch (the nicest, loveliest type of course) and don't all witches love rusty old things?

This is what Google Translate said in Spanish:

Jeje Ascensión, debe ser una persona no muy limpia para tener las cosas oxidado:) Pero, pero tú eres una bruja! Y las brujas amor viejo y oxidado?

And when I translated it back to English, it says:

Jeje Ascension, a person must be very clean to keep things rusty:) But, but you're a witch! And love the rusty old witch?

Jajajaja :)

Sans! said...

Thank you, Minnie Kitchen :). Thank you for visiting my blog :).

Sans! said...

Ira, no wonder Mr Poe is so skinny! Moldy food in rusty cans??? LOL

Sans! said...

Thank you Eva :). I was inspired as well. You know that Casita Mini has some tutorials on making tin cans as well?

One of the tutorials show how you make a rectangular vintage can. Same principle :) ,but I think they use aluminum sheet. I thought the one by Caterina (cockerina) was really clever . She used metal tip of a pencil that is for the eraser. The ribbed part looks like a modern can :). She really has the mini eye :).

Sans! said...

My dear Helene, after all this time , I thought I'd have heard all the sweet nothings uttered by you , encouraging me but invariably, you'll surprise me and repeatedly I am touched by what you said. This time is no different :). Thank you, my dear, I am so blessed to have friends like you :).

O yes, don't forget the Guggenheim and Empire State Building ( I didn't go), no point going up the Statue of Liberty but little bookstores at the village I enjoyed :).

Sans! said...

Nina, thank you for the reminder ! I have pop right over and got a place for the lottery ! :):) You are such a darling! I love that you came by :):)

Sans! said...

Mercedes, you think our little Moulin Rouge project will ever kick off? lol. O well, at least we start the Empire of the Rust , as Rosanna puts it..hehe

Sans! said...

Thank you Maria :). I just went over to your blog and saw your fabulous dolls! OMG! All that personalities! I want to make tin cans for all of them!! hehe...ok, I am spewing rubbish already and it is only 11.40pm here.

It must be the lack of ice cream....

GB said...

Genius! I love a well-researched article, and this was awesome! I'm so glad I found your blog.

Lize said...

As always, most informative! Great project Sans. At long last a purpose for the leftovers of the t lights... they will no longer end up in the bin.

All my regards to Hassan. Him and I, we have something special going on... No, not like that! ... I am writing a book about our 'friendship' (were you wondering what I was doing during my Sabbatical?) I am calling the book 'Driving Miss Rose'. Wanted to call it 'Driving miss Daisy' but it seems Hollywood already used that title!

Sans! said...

Hehehe, Lize! This is too good to be true.You are back and you are writing a book about Hassan..HEY!!

Hassan: Yes, Lize, I have snatched the mouse away and am writing this . "Driving Miss Rose"? But where is the Rose , who is she? Shouldn't it be "Driving Miss Lizzie"? Hang on, how about we have a little twist : "Driving Me Nuts-A Hassan's Perspective." ? That's for torturing me with your disappearance, of course :). Back to you Sans.

Me again. I think you both are "Driving Me Crazy" !

Sans! said...

Asuka, I am burning essential oil every minute now just to have used t-light cups and more importantly, the wick tabs :). I don't know why but I have a special affection for the tabs and see much potential for when they grow many possibilities..I am going to educate them , nurture them and make them useful citizens... <---yes, a definite nut case. Too much work and no mini play, that's why :).

Sans! said...

Flora, why are you not sleeping well? Let me introduce you to aromatherapy. I think Lavender is good for sleep :). But don't burn them in an enclosed room with the air-conditioner on:). After a fitful sleep, you wake up and will have new used t-light cups! Yay! More mini play which will give happiness and result in never suffering from terrible sleep again!:)

I hope you will show what you made with your t-light cups :).

Sans! said...

Kat !!! Great to see you here again :). I visit you often to see your progress with your stitching. You are fast with those hands :). And beautiful work.

It is not exactly a tutorial ( I still find it strange to be giving tutorials, I am too new, only 1760 hours,8240 to go ..hehe). I just share the process of my work and see if someone can use it or better still, come up with an easier or better way to do it. :).

Sans! said...

O Betsy! I look like a beetroot now! *flushing madly :). Thank you but as us Chines say " I cannot elevate myself high enough to match those praises".

But may I just say, great minds think alike..hehe :) That's exactly why I made those cans. The flowers were put in just for the shoot.But I quite like them and am burning more essential oils to collect the tabs so I can make more cans I now have to make some paint brushes. I bet you can guess what the next room is now. Yes, it has to do with ganjifa, colours and Carmen :).

Sans! said...

Yo Cindy, I just pick this one from a young urn, my 8 yr old niece:

So Ms Sum Ting Wong was at a job interview for a receptionist post.
The boss was not impressed because Ms Sum came wearing a loud and colourful spaghetti top with a short and tight mini skirt. What is she thinking? He thought.

And so while shielding his eyes from the glaring colours of her blouse, he told her "Look, Ms Sum Ting Wong, if you can form a sentence using the words "Green, pink, yellow, white, purple and black" then maybe we can talk further..."

And she promptly replied:
"Ok, so I hear the phone GREEN.. GREEN.. GREEN.., then I go and
PINK up the phone, then I say YELLOW........BLUE's that ?
WHITE did you say? Aiyah, wrong number lah....Don't
disturb PURPLE and don't call BLACK, ok!?!? Thank You."

Sans! said...

O, forgot to mention I love Tracy Chapman too! Did you notice that all the songs have "tin" in the title? :)

But you are probably too young to ever know this band called "America". I remembered when I was a teen, I always put on their cassette (yup, those days) before I go to bed. Whenever I hear their songs in the middle of the night like when I was making this post, I still feel pretty overwhelmed with nostalgia. :)

Not tutorial lah, just 5 step guide with a lot of 3rd party info. :)

Sans! said...

Welcome home Marion :) I gather that you are home? Just went to your Young pups blog and saw that you speak Dutch too? Wow! Are you Dutch? A Dutch friend of mine told me most of them are at least bilingual :). It is common that they are trilingual or speak more then 3 languages :).

I am trying to learn Spanish using Google Translate but it is hard to learn a new language without someone to practise with :). And using google translate make me so lazy! :)

Thank you for your compliments, Marion. Hope to see your tin cans soon.

Pubdoll said...

Just had to say your nieces colourful story made me laugh out loud! (No slang language here :-))
I even read it to Trond. And how clever just to have music with tin names :-) I love Tracy Chapman as well, she has such a special and beautiful voice! I didn't notice first time around because I usually have the sound turned off.

Snowfern said...

Sans, your niece is a hoot! i was looking for the full version, cos i tried telling it to Asuka, but my joke telling skills stop at the story of the 3 wells.......:P so ASUKA IF YOU'RE READING THIS, SCROLL UP AND READ THE FULL VERSION XD

-my- full name should be "Sum Ting Wong" XD

i LOVE tracy chapman too! in my teens, "Fast Car" was a hit on the radio, and i begged my mom to get me the cassette. i couldn't figure out why a MALE would have a female name :X hahaha

yes i noticed the common word "Tin", i didn't know about "America" though....good stuff good stuff!

anyway, tutorial or not, it's really nice la. i had barely woken up that morning and my skin tingled when i saw the first pic, damn nice lor.

orz orz <----you know this one? :P

Susanne said...

Thanks for you great tutorial, Sans, and for the information about cans. I will sure try to make some rusty ones too, and let you know when I do so ;-) I´ve been looking a lot on tea candle metal, and even tried to make some things out of it now and then, but I never got fare. I found that you can cut great things out of it with punches too, I made some summerbirds that way and put it on a piece of wire.
Love, Susanne

dale said...

Oh, my goodness, so many comments already! Coming here is a major time commitment! lol ;)

Love the cans! Would never have thought you could make something from the tea light holders. Wonders never cease!

Cute, cute joke, will have to share that with hubby.

Can you get cut with the metal (fears for Cindy injuries).

Very cool!
When's the virtual party? lol and how many days til Rosanna??? :)

Heather said...

Great tutorial! The amount of research you do is wonderful.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I did make the girl doll. It's a start. I need a lot of practice.

Lize said...

Hi Sans,
Now I have to say... I am very partial to Driving Miss Lizzy! Got a nice ring to it and quite frankly, I AM NO Rose! But then, you have offered me so many alternatives its now making miss Lizzie dizzy!

All my love to Hassan

Piikko said...

Hi Sans♥
I just stopped by
to say hello to you!:D:D:D
-Your tins are awsome!!
The light cups are so useful
material for so many things.
Greetings, piikko

Gemma (Gempo) said...

Wonderful Susan, I like very much. Best wishes

Ara said...

Another wonderful project from SANS!! And thank you for sharing how you made them! I will definitely try making some of these for Grandamams kitchen :) Also - I had no idea Napoleon was the guy responsible for the cans of tuna in my pantry! Hope you are doing well!! hugs, ara

Sans! said...

The pleasure is all mine, May :) You cannot imagine how happy I am to be able to at least reply to 1 comment before I have to go back to work again :). But it is really really good to see you here, May! I can't wait to read your next post :).

El placer es todo mío, May:) No te imaginas lo feliz que estoy de poder por lo menos a responder a un comentario antes de tener que volver a trabajar de nuevo:). Pero es muy, muy bueno verte aquí,May! No puedo esperar a leer tu próximo post:).

Sans! said...

Sagrario, :) thank you very much for visiting my blog again. Maybe you can make some rusty cans for your wonderfully "Shabby" old house :). I love how you did the colours of your walls. Not too obviously old. Very Gustavian :).

Sagrario,:) muchas gracias por visitar mi blog de nuevo. Tal vez usted pueda hacer algunas latas oxidadas por su maravillosa "Shabbyo" casa vieja:). Me encanta cómo lo hiciste con los colores de sus paredes.No demasiado viejo. Muy "Gustavian":).

Sans! said...

Julie, just a few years ago, I never imagined I would one day be interested in the history of a tin can. Or meet people who would be interested in them!

Just before I got all caught up with work, I was researching paint brushes!!!! Don't worry, I shan't bore you guys with how sable hair makes the best brushes or how the Indian paintbrush actually is the name of a parasitic plant called Castilleja!! :)

Sans! said...

Wow Glenda, thanks for the tip! We don't really use tomato paste in a tube here. They are either in a bottle ala ketchup or tin cans (haha!) . Will probably need to try the gourmet stores. Can you imagine buying a tube of tomato paste for the tube? *giggles.

How about tooth paste tube? But they are all in plastic now, I think.

Sans! said...

HI Maria, thank you :). These tea light cups are just great, aren't they ? :). So you made an atelier too? I am beginning to think that an atelier or artists' workroom is another "must do" , building one is almost like a rite of passage for dollhouse lovers :). Even in an Indian village, we have them :).

Sans! said...

GB, I am so glad I found you too! I can't believe you have only been blogging since June this year and in the almost 2 months, you have made more posts than I have since the beginning of this year! LOL :).

Love your blog :). Can you tell I am an Indo-phile and am crazy about Indian decor and that I go to all your blogs to find inspiration for my dollhouses? :)

Sans! said...

Helene :), my niece has several versions of this joke but it is especially funny for us because some of us do speak like that! :):) Dale can attest to that! We call it "Singlish", a language I love dearly but our government wants to ban it ..haha! Ok, not exactly ban but close.

Do you know our government has such a terrible reputation of being strict with the law that once, a Chinese national asked my sister if the punishment for littering in Singapore is a "on the spot" slap by the official who catches you ? Really funny especially when the punishment is a fine of S$150 and a video session of how you must keep Singapore clean and if you are caught a second time, you wear a CWO bright green vest (corrective work order) and clean the streets. In the beginning, they even publish your face on the papers! Uniquely Singapore :). I do love this country. It's way too weird not to love :).

Sans! said...

Cindy orz orz? I think I may have to wait for niece to grow up to tell me :). The 2nd one kept calling me "Dude" like I am Tracy Chapman..haha!

Ok, I just went to google, orz orz is like some kind of "bowing" gesture or emoticon? (",) <--- I like that one, it looks like Olive (",) .

O gawd, I need to do the next post quick! That country song is driving me daisy! I don't even like country music, only chose it for the "tin".

When we meet this Friday, gotta show you this page on my "Handmade in India" book. They have this tatted doily that look just like yours!!! Soooo pleased that your doily fit right into my setting like they are made in India. Can I just tell you AGAIN they are truly priceless? Asuka can tat too ! Am I the only Singaporean mini lover who can't tat???

Sans! said...

Susanne! Wow, yes! Thanks for the suggestions! The possibilities are endless with the aluminum cup. I can cut a cockerel out of it and make a weathervane! Or some rusty mobiles. Or windmills :). They are great for steampunk projects too. So easy to cut. Maybe even a mini metal tooling art or tramp tin cabinet! You always do have the best ideas, Susanne!

Sans! said...

Dale ! You are not the only one with no time for me! :) I have no time for me too ! hehe

The aluminum tin foil is fairly safe but yes, we know Ms Cindy. Ms You-Need-To-Bubblewrap-Her- Cindy who probably can be injured by a flying feather or a piece of foam :). Seriously though, some Chinese Kung Fu masters can cause grave injuries with a flying feather !

Hoping to meet the others on Friday. Where will you be? At your comp or your laptop? (hehe, can you imagine our geographical position is which computer? The one in the living room or kitchen? hahaha....sorry!) Lets FB chat or skype. Have you got a webcam yet?

Sans! said...

Thank you Heather :). I love dolls too although I may never make them from scratch. I buy commercial resin dolls (thank goodness for Little India) and then hack and saw off their heads and arms to make them into someone else :).

And no, I do not feel any particular tingling sensation or thrill whenever I saw or hack them :).

Papillon Bleu said...

Hammer te cans open??? I STILL DO THAT!!! he!he!he

Apart from that Sans....How amazing! those mini cans are just so fine and realistic.
Love, love, love, love, love, LOVE THEM!!!!!

Lorraine Escapita said...

Sans, I can't beleive I didn't find your blog before! Everyone is always talking about you and your great minis, I finally headed over to see what all the fuss was about and I was amazed!

Thanks for this great tutorial on the cans, I can see so many uses already :). I will be watching your blog enthusiastically!

Sans! said...

Lizzie, is that really you? Not a big burly policeman impersonating you behind that computer? Did Patricia (Papillon Bleu) tell you the exchange of emails we had as we built up the horrors of what could possibly have happened to you in the 3 months that you were on "sabbatical"? :).

In case you ARE the big burly man, let me warn you about Hassan! He will beat the sh8t out of you if you even touch one strand of Lizzie's hair. Then you will truly know the meaning of "dizzy"!

Sans! said...

Hello Piiko :):)♥♥♥♥♥

I had to cut and paste this adorable ♥. How did you do that? It's sooo cheery :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Where did you find it ? Any more? I love emoticons..hehe.

As you can see, I love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ so mucccch :).

Sans! said...

Gemma (Gempo) You are a gem :) and me a corn.:):):)

Thank you :). Good to see you again!

Sans! said...

Ara, that's why you must say "Napoleon BonAppetit!" before you eat your canned food, ok? :):)

Sans! said...

Patricia dear, why am I not surprised that you hammer your cans???? :):)

But I can tell you one of the worst feeling in the world is to be hungry holding a can food with NO can opener!!!!! So I am going to bring my hammer everywhere I go now!

Thank you for ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ my cans :). Added a few more "love"s for you :).

Sans! said...

Hellllllllo Lorraine!! THANK YOU and WELCOME to the crazy world of SANS! You are an amazing artist ! I will be watching you! *making the watching sign with 2 fingers pointing at my eyes then at you BUT in a friendly warm way albeit a crazy grin. :).

I may be crazy but I am harmless. So no worries! :)

dale said...

Sans, the cutest thing is that I can see your facial expression and hear you when you comment now. You are a beautiful woman. :)

Why, Singapore is a Fine country!;)
You did tell Rosanna not to bring any gum, yes? :) I dunno, Singapore is doing a lot right, it is a beautiful clean city. Can't argue with that. :)

LOL! I think our fair Cindy could be injured by an ordinary flying feather. :) She's precious, one of the many reasons she is so loveable. :)

I do believe I hear screeching when you are hacking off limbs. ;) of dolls, of course! ;)


Sans! said...

Dale, you win COMMENT OF THE CENTURY for calling me beautiful :).

Just finished a new post and its 4.36am here! OMG!

Goodnight Dale dear :).

Flor said...

¡Muchas gracias por el tutorial!!! Te quedaron increíbles esas latas!!! Tienes una manos únicas ( =
Un beso

dale said...

Awww... sweet! I tried capturing you, but, you kept moving and I know you don't like having your picture taken. :(

There is a cute one of you with your nephew. :) Look on your puter. :)

Night dear, or will you be waking or up now?

I think when you all meet on Fri. it will be in the wee hours of the morning for me. :(

Thanks for the heads up, off to look at the new posting. :)

Sans! said...

Flor :) muchas gracias por el visita :). Su inundaciones aquí en Singapur, pero siento que este blog está inundando también, de una manera muy buena con la más dulce comentarios!

besobesobeso :)

Sans! said...

Dale, will check if you are on facebook when we meet :).

Meli said...

This tutoral is wonderful Sans!!
The final results is indeed perfect!!!
You are so talented and don't stop until you find out how to do it!!
Warm regards,

Asuka Sakumo said...

LOL! I just read your niece's joke! XD
and =.=; it is indeed velly singlish! I'm still learning though, do you know there's even a singlish dictionary book? I found one at Times bookstore, Plaza Singapura. It made me and my friend laugh so much, and we were not even finished with the "A" list!

oh, i do not tat (i might consider it one day if i'm bored with clay). for now, let's just leave Cindy do her "crazy" magic. ;)

Sans! said...

Thank you Meli. :):). Have to work harder and cut myself many times to get to your level . Every method I use is so primitive, I still don't know how to file properly without cutting myself! Will show you what I have filed , probably in the next post :)

Sans! said...

Asuka, I am shock that you are reading that dictionary!!! It is mainly to explain all the local bad words! Next time, I see you, I will quiz you to see if you remember them :)

dale said...

You guys never taught me any bad words, clearly this should have been my focus. lol ;)

Look up coal region speak

I always tease hubby about this. Getta job, ya bum ya. ;) They almost sound Canadian, no offense to the Canadians reading!

miniaturist59 said...

Susan, you disgust me. You are a fucking genius!!!! Jesus H.!!!!!!

Sans! said...

Now, now darling Kiva, at least 40 people (commenters of this post) will be thinking of child proofing their email :).

I hate you too! :):) besoooooooos :).

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