Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Day 137 & 139-A Doll In A Dollmaker's House

Mercedes made me a doll so sweet, it almost made me cry
I know how long she took to make her dark
I know how hard she'd tried

Can you see how little's my doll
Just one and a half inch tall?
And that tiny floral sari ?
I love that, best of all

Then just last month when my luck ran high
And my name was drawn from a bowl
I've won Susanne's gifts so fine
Made only with me in mind

I love my little wooden doll,
That came with the wooden chest,
And I love the Oriental pieces
That forms the purple set

But most of all I love my friends
Who seem to know me well
Isn't it strange how they knew what they knew
When we all have never met?

This Oriental Purple Set has 2 pillows, a purple fabric, a wooden table, a working lamp and 3 ornamental jars, one of them can also be made into a small hanging lamp. Mercedes also sent me some laces which I will definitely use for my project.And here is my play time with my prezzies.

A Doll In A Dollmaker's House

Thank you, Mercedes!
Thank you, Susanne!


Eva said...

They are the perfects gifts!!
But you deserved them, you are a very beautiful woman.
The tiny doll is amazing (I have one too and I love it). And I love the tiny table as well.
Un beso

Susanne said...

I am glad that you like the gifts that I made..
love, Susanne

rosanna said...

Sometimes it's not necessary to meet. The doll is really precious, I love her little bun of hair and her cute sari. And I love Susanne's work which captures the emotions of your palace. Have fun my dear. Hugs Rosanna

Jean Day said...

You are so blessed, they are beautiful gifts! Nice birds chirping in the background.

Liberty Biberty said...

A dollmakers house, now that sounds very exciting!
I am so happy that you like the doll! Hubby wasn't so sure she looked Indian!
Susanne's gifts are beautiful.
Keep playing!

Debbie said...

Wonderful gifts. Love how Mercedes has made the little Sari on the Doll. She is so very talented.
Susanne's gifts are beautiful. xx

Sans said...

Hi Eva, I told Mercedes that she should really make more of this for her etsy. They are exquisite. Have I mentioned that I saw the life size version of wooden dolls very similar to what she is making at the Toy Museum in Salzburg?

Sans said...

Thank you again, Susanne. I am very moved that you have taken so much time and bother to make me something special for the palace. I feel very blessed that there are so many people involved in my project that really started just as a wish. :) I can tell from your work that you take a lot of care and that you are really good at it. I will treasure your gifts :).

Sans said...

Rosanna, I agree about sometimes not having to meet. But I really think that the miniaturists in this circle are really special. I haven't seen this level of generosity and affection and charity as much as what has been exhibited here. In so many projects, I have seen how each other's work are being displayed in each other's houses as gifts, so much so that some of these work can be recognised by now, like your embroidery :) or Merce's shabby items. And now little etsy shops are being set up by you guys because your creations have grown. I just love how I am a part of the whole process almost from day 1.

Sans said...

Thank you Jean :).Yea, I was getting a little sick of the music but wanted to just leave my ipod. Could only do this if I have at least 1 song so I decided to go with nature!

I should just leave a note to tell people to switch it off if it gets irritating.

Sans said...

Mercedes, you know eventually I hope to build houses for all my merchants :)

I thought my doll is an Indian lady the moment I lay eyes on it! You know exactly how to tug at my heartstrings.

Thank you, darling! You have made me so very happy. I am in the Merecedes Doll Club!

Sans said...

Isn't she now, Debbie ? Not to mention that incredible generosity! Thank you again, Debs for being here :).

Meli said...

Sans, the doll that Mercedes made is realy difficult to do, but the result is perfect!!!
You have realy good friends all over the world y is nice to see that they sent you what you love!!

Lize said...

You lucky girl! You got some great presents! And a purrrrrfect display as well.
After listening to the hypnotic birdsong, I, who was verrry relaxed to start off with, am now 5x more relaxed and it's hard to fffind the right 'nottttes' on my keyboard.

Oh yes, and whennnnn can I sssstart asss Dir of gardening services? But not now, me going to ssssleeeeeeeeeep

Pubdoll said...

Yeah, Trond has brought home his latop from work, so I can comment :-)
All the gifts are truly wonderful, I love the little doll and her Sari and the jars and lamp and the chest and... You see they are all so lovely! And beautiful setup as well! I think giving you presents is a treat also for the giver, just for the thrill to see one's creations being part of the magnificent world of Sans! :-)

dale said...

They are all such lovely treasures, you are a very lucky lady, Sans.

The doll is really special. :)

Sans said...

O yes, I totally agree with you, Meli. I am sure it is very fiddly. How do you breathe when you are handling such small parts, I really don't know. All The parts are very well glued too and to make such a small sari and then the tiny bun! She should definitely sell these dolls. It is obvious the appeal is universal!

I feel very lucky to have friends like you all.

Sans said...

I have recently been introduced to hypnotic induction. You tell your brains a set of things and put yourself at ease and then you drift off to sleep. It apparently can help insomniacs like me although I always say I am not an insomniac, just someone who needs very little sleep. I think Lize, you brought hypnotic induction to a new level with "sleepy typing". I am seeing so much "s"es, they look like zzzzzzzzzz *yawwwn and then snores.

Sans said...

Helene, hooray for Trond :) and the repaired computer :) and of course your sweet words :).

I am really struggling with the current "world" now i.e. the tribal house. I just realised that you really need time to work on a house. Once it is interrupted, it is very hard to get back into the swing of thing. Unlike, say stitching.

Sans said...

Dale, it really is :). I was telling Mercedes that I have been researching craft in India. There is this wonderful book called "Handmade in India" and even though Mercedes didn't know this, there are arts of India that made wooden dolls that look a little like the one she made me :).

Ara said...

Lovely Poem and lovely gifts!!! You should go into song writing Sans!!! That little doll is beautiful and I can picture sitting in a princesses room! A reminder from her childhood!? I hope you're having a good week! Its been such a busy few months for me... I have a long list of stuff to do and just no time! Hopefully some will clear up soon! Hugs, Ara

Pubdoll said...

I'm sorry to say the hooray for the repared computer was a bit early.. I'm just borrowing Trond's work laptop and it doesn't have any programmes for editing photos. (Not that I have any photos to edit either...)

Sans said...

Ara dear, dare I say you are busier now than when you were slogging away as a draughtsman! I have missed your posts :).

The title of this post is the title of a poem so I thought I will try some poetry too. I had a headache right after I wrote it..haha! So I thought I would make you guys suffer as well and kept the "poetry"

Sans said...

Helene, I am thinking of downloading GIMP in place of photoshop because my new comp also does not have photoshop. By the way, if you are looking for freeware, try xnview (I use this alot) and the other one is of course, Picasa.

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