Saturday, 26 June 2010

Day 169-171-Palace 1st Guests

The Palace is proud to announce the arrival of its most esteemed  guests:

Dale Of Philly, the Princess of All Things Fabric

Bearing gifts of 2  exquisite floor pillows,the most magnificent screen, both hand sewn by the  Princess herself, 1 majestic brass table with 4 equally regal brass chairs , a larger than life carved coffee pot and 4 accompanying goblets plus 1 life size Victorian tea cup (not in pic)


Snowfern Clover, the Singapore Sling of All Food Mini

Bearing gifts of 2 dozens Turkish delights in exact scale and incredible details and the most  awe-inspiring doilies, impossibly hand tatted by Snowfern. 

After travelling 25 hours from the US to Singapore, Dale finally arrived on the dot at 12 am on 23 June 2010. I met her at the airport and brought her for a cup of tea before we went home. Picture above is the "tea" I prepared the next day after work to welcome her, Cindy and Asuka. 

It is amazing but Dale knew more Singaporean miniaturists than I do and so we went out after that to meet another Singaporean miniaturist PeiLi and had one of the best  Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore. Of course, we had to show off the best part of a miniaturist in this picture. 

Thanks to Cindy, who  is the official tour guide and who really took care of  Dale, they went and saw quite a few places yesterday . As you can see in the pic above, Cindy has packed to stay over for 2 nights here. All I contributed to the day was raisin cheese bread (only the best of course) which nobody ate except me yesterday.

And today, after a very full lunch of roasted pork and dumplings noodle, dry beef noodle, spring roll, rojak and oyster omelette, we went to Arab Street to shop for fabric. We were there for about 4 hours and at about 6pm, we came back for our appointment with Mum.

Mum cooked my favourite chicken curry and Dale's favourite cabbage and carrot which could be "chop suey" to her  and we then had the best durians ever for desert. We were very proud of Dale for sniffing the durians for a full 1 minute.

Dale has only been here for 3 days and I have already eaten my year's quota of forbidden foods. By the time Dale returns home, I may be able to apply for a job at this shop we saw at Arab Street.


Ascension said...

Me alegro muchisimo que os lo hayais pasado genial!!!
Me encantan esas preciosas minis, pero lo que mas me ha gustado ver, es la reunion de todas vosotras disfrutando de una explendida comida!!!!
Que maravilla de fotos, que envidia..........!!!!
besitos ascension

Caseymini said...

Sans! You all look like you were having so much fun. Wouldn't it be nice if all of us in blogland could get together for one big party? All of you have fun for the rest of us!

The Old Maid said...

I support Casey! Have fun for all of us that are not in Singapore!;)

Glenda said...

What a great time to get together!! Yummy food!!
The screens and doilies are beautiful, you and your mum are beautiful, the Palace is beautiful!

Enjoy yourselves!

rosanna said...

Such a good fun! I know Snowfern works and her doilies...gosh, she has fairy hands! as well as Dale, the screens are lovely. I shant say anything about the food which looks yummy even in pic :oP your Mum loks so much at ease with you all.Tonight we have been talking a lot about the impending trip, we cannot look forward to it (^_^) Big hugs to you all, Ro + W
PS I'm trying to teach W your sisters,bro and kids' names but he says that they are too many (????)He will learn on the spot.

Norma said...

Oh how much fun! I'd love to join in and not even care about qualifying for the 'biggest momma' title at the belly dance place ;)

All of the minis are wonderful Sans, and I know that with your scene making talents they will be put to very good use.

And how right Casey is, what a party we'd all have!!!!!!!!

Daydreamer said...

Thank you Sans! And Dale and Snowfern for sharing your visit with the rest of us out here in blogland! I agree with Casey... what a party that would be!!! And of course, those are gorgeous gifts too! The Palace has very Worthy guests visiting....I love seeing the big people tea party and the little people tea party side by side here! What fun! Enjoy your time together in a little extra for the rest of us who are only there by internet magic!

Flora said...

This post is fabulous and I enjoyed myself as if I were there with you. But if you do not offend, this time the palace and the miniatures have been obscured by the fantastic lunch of your mom! Unfortunately for that, I was not there with you :-(
it is great that you're experienced, friendly and air you breathe, I am sure that Dale will remember this holiday in Singapore as a kind of dream ...
Have fun for me too!

Liberty Biberty said...

How awesome to have Dale there!
And what beautiful gifts she brought.
How do you find the time for all that food?!!

Katie said...

So glad you had so much fun! And that you took the time to share you adventure with us! Although all the food looks wonderful, I'm a plain jane kinda eater, lol....I'd probally of only eaten the raisin bread with ya! Love the pillows! I keep buying material to make different pillows, but have yet to get around to making any, lol...I still have to finish the quilt for Cora's gothic room, lol. I'm so behind! Good to see you working though! And glad to see you trying new things! See, You can do it:)

Big Hugs!!

Eva said...

I ma so happy that you have had a great time together. And how wonderful all these great miniaturist together (including you :) )
Love the gifts that you have received!!!
The food looks so yummy and your mum lovely (say Hello to her from me)
Un beso

Sans! said...

Yes, Ascension. I think it is for me like history in the making. This year has been like an incredible dream. To be able to meet Rosanna in February and now Dale , Cindy, Asuka, Pei Li and seeing Rosanna again in July. You are right, being able to meet everyone is the best reward of all!

Sí, la Ascensión. Creo que es para mí como la historia en la fabricación. Este año ha sido como un sueño increíble. Para poder cumplir con Rosanna en febrero y ahora Dale, Cindy, Asuka, Li Pei y Rosanna ver de nuevo en julio. Tienes razón, ser capaz de cumplir todo el mundo es el mejor premio de todos!

Un día, y esto es de mi corazón de corazones, espero encontrarme con mis amigos españoles, uno por uno:). Espero que, la Ascensión es uno de ellos:)

Sans! said...

Casey, what a dream it will be, to have a tea party for everyone ! And a great suggestion too! It is not as impossible as it seems. Imagine one such party once a year in a host country where we not only enjoy each other's company but also visit museums and shops together. Or just to see the sights of that country. For all the imperfections (don't some of us just love imperfections) of my little country, we have much to offer in terms of cultures , food and quirks :).

Wouldn't it be grand that we are not just confined to our little world of miniatures but given the opportunity to see other worlds in real life too with people who get along and who share the same passion? What a beautiful dream! Perhaps we can make that come true. And in your honour for making this suggestion, we can call it "The Tessie's Tours" (not joking).

Sans! said...

Ira, if we carry Casey's idea further, I will be happy to be part of the organising committee in Singapore :). Cindy, Asuka and me have made a pact to meet at least once a month now :). It is terrible that it took Dale to fly 25 hours here for us to eventually meet each other but I am sooooo glad we did.I am so proud of the fact that despite the really really small dollhouse community here (maybe 6), many of them are miniaturists par excellence!

Perhaps you can do it for Finland ? :):)

Sans! said...

Glenda, I am just going down the list here and we have 2 of you from New Zealand :):). Truly 4 corners of the world where we can find firm friends. :).

I just saw your work in an exhibition organised by callsmall. It is great that your work too travel far and wide. :) YOU are really the epitome of "beautiful"- kind, generous, sweet :). I hope to meet you too. Soon :)

Sans! said...

Hehe, Rosanna, Walter can't remember Chinese faces so soon! :) My mum asked me if it was a long flight here for Dale from Italy and why Walter wasn't here..haha! She thought Dale was you at 1st until I told her no mum, she's my American friend, my Italian friend will come next month. NEXT MONTH!!!!! WOOOOOT!

Mum can't speak English so she identifies you from where you come from. I am afraid she won't be able to say your names in English properly either :). Tell Walter it's VERY ok that he cannot remember the other names. Just remember SANS!

We talked about you a lot and Cindy wanted me to post some of her doilies to you. I tell you, they really are amazing! Very flat and even stitches with pretty patterns. I told her no, you will meet Rosanna and can give her in person. She said ok :).

Sans! said...

YAY Norma, perhaps you can join the New Zealand or Australian contingent for The Tessie's Tours ? :):)

I really love the idea. It will be so much fun and we will love to have you :). Asuka is from Indonesia and I told her about you speaking Bahasa Indonesia. I am sure she will love to meet you!

Merry Jingle said...

What a fabulous miniatures you've gotten! And what a fabulous food you're eating :D

You must have so much fun, enjoy you all :)

rosanna said...

Shall I really meet Cindy? I'm a huge fan of her even though I seldom leave comments (blame on me) I think she is uber talented!ig hugs to you all Rosanna

Jean Day said...

How fabulous to hear so many familiar names, Cindy, Dale, Pei Li. You must have had a fabulous time, what wonderful gifts too. You share your experiences so beautifully. Jean♥

dale said...

She said princess! LOL!!! ;)

The food has all been fabulous and the company even better.

San's mom is a delight and her food is very yummy! I cleared my plate, twice. :)

It would be very cool to have the bloggers meet up, this has been so much fun for me.

I think they are trying to fatten me up like a Christmas goose. lol ;)

Snowfern said...

*jiggles and wiggles with arms raised above head*


miniaturist59 said...

Ok, where the hell was I, you shitheads??? I WANT to be there too!!!!!! Susan, the palace is ridiculous, just insane!!!! And the food you guys ate.....I am sighing.

That's it. I am coming next time, mark my words!!!!!

Snowfern said...


Meli said...

Sans, I'm so glad you had such a lovely time with Dale and your family!!! Lucky Dale to had the opportunity of meeting and have lunch with your mum!!! The food really looks so delicious!!!
Warm regards,

dale said...

giggles @ Kiva

sagrario said...

Me alegro mucho de que pasaras esos dias tnn magnificos,y de que os divirtierais tanto,las comidas se ven suculentas y las minis maravillosas .Yo tambien espero poder conocerte algun dia,besitos

Gemma (Gempo) said...

Congratulations for this metting Susan, all so happy is the best. The food is incredible. Best wishes

Sans! said...

Betsy, I hope you have seen the beautiful pictures taken by Dale. In may ways, Dale has brought lots of magic with her on this trip. She saw 2 oriental hornbills at my home, there was orchids sprouting from a tree where none has even been seen and on Sunday, when there was a lunar eclipse, I saw the moon with a rainbow ream round it! 1st time in my life. Maybe I will post some of these magic pictures :).

Sans! said...

Flora :)I once sent Rosanna some curry powder and she made what looked to me like a pot of most fabulous chicken curry.Maybe not the same as mummy's but if you wish, I will gladly send you some spice :) and the recipe :).

Mum made 2 types of curry that day, one that is not spicy for Dale, one with a little spice for Asuka and Cindy and a separate bowl of chilli paste just for me to add to my country. You should have seen Asuka's face when I put a huge spoonful into my curry ! :):)

Dale being here is a dream to me as much as it is for her :)

Sans! said...

Mercedes, it is our custom never to allow our guests to be hungry so you feed them every 2 hours. I often complain when I am away at friends' or relatives that I eat too We just want Dale to try everything!

Sans! said...

Katie :) . we have raisin breads too and biscuits in like 100 varieties :). I think you will like the raisin cream cheese ones if you can take cheese that is :).

Just went to your blog and read your tutorial on the little garden lamps. I want to make those too but so much possibilities!

Sans! said...

Eva :), it has been quite a week. Poor Dale :(. Right after she arrived, we got news that mum would have to undergo an angioplasty procedure for a blocked artery. This is commonly known as the ballooning of the artery? That was Monday and the kids are now sent to my house after school so that mum could rest. I haven't been able to do my duties as a host at all since Friday when I heard the news! Thank goodness for Cindy!

Mum is out from hospital now and resting and recuperating well. Doc has proclaimed the surgery a success! Hopefully mum is brand new again :). I will tell her you say hi. She's beginning to love all my friends here like her own :)

Asuka Sakumo said...

Sans, Dale, I hope you two can wake up in time for the flight! XD Thank you so much for inviting me to the mini-business-trip-of-minis and culinary-tour!

Glad to hear that your mom is doing well. :)

Sans! said...

Asuka, it's 1.15am and I have just woken up, thinking I better not go back to sleep. :) But it's another 2 1/2 hours before it's time to send Dale to the airport. Time really flies and before we know it, it is 10 days since she was first here and I am 2 kg heavier from all that food!!! HahahaBack to exercise and diets!

Look forward to our monthly meet , Asuka! Thank you for all those bowls and plates. I will use them in the tribal house :).

Sans! said...

Ira,there are some of you whom I feel I will eventually meet one day and you are one of them :). I can also see you, Ewa, Nina and Glenda meeting one of these days. :)

Sans! said...

Rosanna, everyone here is a fan of yours and have heard of you :). I am sure they all look forward to meeting you!

Sans! said...

O Jean, you know Pei Li too??? I am ashamed to admit that I have only recently realised how popular her work is overseas . She gave Dale something really pretty and very very well made :). There are so many talents here and I didn't even know. *hangs head , face red.

Sans! said...

Kiva, if you are reading this, we took Dale out for her last meal in Singapore before she leaves at a Hongkong restaurant. I ordered fried intestines and everyone admit it is quite tasty ! :):) I took pictures for you :).

I hope you and Linda will be able to visit us. Bring your sis too. I guarantee you this will be a trip to remember especially if you make time for Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia.

SO, MAKE IT HAPPEN, shithead! :)

Sans! said...

Eva, Meli, Sagrario y Gemma:) un día, espero conocer a todos mis amigos españoles. Ahora que habrá una fabulosa fiesta de té para mí:)

Sans! said...

Dear Cindy, it has been a great pleasure meeting you :). I hope to do it again soon *giggles

Minnie Kitchen said...

wow! what a great post~ I feel like I was with there with you guys!

Snowfern said...

sorry i couldn't make the dinner, i was totally wiped :( took 3 naps yesterday and i still feel out of sorts! i need to get out more (wanting and needing are 2 different matters though..)

good to hear your mom's mending up well. she's quite a toughie!

Sans! said...

Haha, Minnie. I guess you are a foodie too? I have taken pics of our dinner last night at a Hongkong restaurant. Maybe next post :) Come by and "eat" with us :)

Sans! said...

Cindy, rest well :) . Woke up at 1.15am this morning and then slept again and Dale walked into my room to wake me up at 3.37am!!!! LOL

Sent her to the airport and dropped her at 4.15am , came home and slept till 7.45am. :)

I guess I was "napping" too :).

Took pics of last night's dinner for you :). Very sinful.

You do need to get out at least once a month for our meetings :).

Sans! said...

O yes, Cindy, mum says thanks for the plants :) and for asking after her. :) . She really appreciates your concern :)

dale said...

Sans! I hope mom is feeling like herself now. :)

Have you recovered from my visit yet? lol

Watch it, you're liable to have a swinging door on that guest room now. ;)

Kiva, you should get over there, you would love it. :)

Our last meal was good, I feel very brave for trying the fried intestines. It was so good to be with you and get to hang with the other girls. :)

Happy sighs. :) (((Sans))) :)
Thank you so much dear!!! :)

Sans! said...

Dale, I will get the pics from Cindy. I don't have those with you posing with the vegs but those images came to my mind when I saw the one I took of all 3 of your backs and Cindy with skinny arms.

I am including you in our monthly meet. We will do virtual with you. You have webcams on your laptop. If not, do get one :). You want to see what we are eating, don't you? haha

dale said...

Don't you dare post the veg picture! lol!!!

I wondered where this comment was, took me a while to find it. ;) I know, I'm so techno! not! ;)

I do have webcam. I'll have to make sure I have some chinese food so I'm not drooling over what you all are eating. :)

Sans! said...

Dale , my replies to comments are not showing up. Mum is doing very well :). She has re-potted the plants you and Cindy gave her :).

Till we next meet or either of our next post!

Asuka Sakumo said...

Your welcome Sans!
(And glad to know I'm not the only one gaining weight)

Varma said...

Hello! You have a GREAT project! I can't stop watching you palace and details.I notice that I have same majestic brass table.

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