Saturday, 21 February 2009

Day 30-Rajiv, The Model Maker From India

MY TEENY WEENY LITTLE outburst with Win has its consequences. On Day 28, after I put up my post, Win and I had a short peace talk over the phone where I had asked him if he needed some time off. I jokingly remarked "Please don't tell me you need 9 months until ZanZan is 1 year old ??!!". He had laughed and then we hung up.

I thought all was well and he would finally get down to working on my palace plans. Remember how it only took him a mere 2-3 days to complete version 1-3? Surely, he can let me have the full and final version 4 in a couple of days if he really wants to?

Well, I guess he did not see the double question and exclamation marks in my jokingly made remark because last night SuZ said to me " I understand you gave Win a 9 month hiatus. He was so relieved". !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......

Poor Win, I know he has been mainly in charge of night feeds and hardly slept for more than 3 hours in a row before he had to rush to work the next morning (he has just been promoted too). And it is already DAY 50 for him with no easing in sight. This house must surely figure quite high on his list of to-do's, NOT!

I have decided I will just let him be for a while and stop bugging him.

To TORTURE myself, I am therefore devoting this post to the great talent of Rajiv and his team by flooding the page with pictures of the architectural models built by them .

I have sent Rajiv a few more emails just to keep him warm. I also tried to ask him for an estimate of the costs involved but I think we are having a teensy bit of communication problem because every reply from him is a request for me to send him the completed plans!!

I think there is only one way to do this properly. I will need to meet Mr Rajiv in Gujarat although not any time soon but yes, eventually.

All these pics are making my heart ache :)>. Sometimes I wish SuZ did not find him so I won't know what I am missing.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

couldn't you give your current designs to Rajiv, just for the sake of estimates, and then finalize the plans based on his input?

San said...

You know what, Sumaiya, that's exactly what I am going to do!

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