Sunday, 22 February 2009

Day 32-A Special Edition Book & Others

STILL FEELING EUPHORIC especially after the 6am run this morning, the 1st time since 2007 after I could not walk for 2 days having just completed the marathon.

It's been such a fantastic weekend. I was able to devote time to making my minis, get back to running and of course, be the happy recipient of the Great News. And so, "larkily", I completed the Iznik series, made "sun-kissed" duplicates of 9 of the books (sun-kissed because I printed the covers on the wrong side of a very expensive photo paper and I refused to throw it away so now the duplicate books look warped and faded as if they had been placed at a window ledge of a house in a tropical country like Singapore for years and I know this cos I have books like that which I absolutely refuse to get rid of) and even made a Special Edition for "Classical Iznik Ceramics" (5/8" w & 7/8" h) (see Day 27 for complete list in the Iznik Series if you must). Its quite pretty, if I may say so. I have used tassle and a "pearl" gem that has a flat base (those with self-adhesive bottom) to tie the book so this one closes quite nicely.

For Sumaiya, who says she wants to read my books on Day 27, here it is for your absolute pleasure:

Once you are done, do remember to put the book back on the table together with the other series so that Mosche can have his turn.
Ahh, here's Mosche:
Like the other famous Mosche, he is blind in 1 eye so we affectionately call him, our 1 eye cat (Mosche is our real life grey tabby cat who passed away a few years ago , ouch, that still hurts. He really did only have 1 eye and was named after Moshe Dayan.Our animals are all named after great leaders or famous personalities from the region they came from. and usually share 1 or 2 characteristics with their famous namesake. Our white Persian cat whom you may have met in the Queen Anne diary is Xerxes. Thankfully he is still alive. )

And here's Mosche after he is done reading.
And here is Mosche as how I will like to envision him, in heaven (he loved red), still enjoying lazing in an armchair, forever looking pleased with himself.
This picture will be perfect when the carpet is done. Thankfully MarJ is still enjoying the process and making good progress.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I would have liked to meet Mosche...:D

Thanks for the higher res photos for my "absolute pleasure" :) ... they made me absolutely happy!

Liberty Biberty said...

San, your books are amazing, they look so good all lined up on the table. Well Done!

San said...

Ohh, Merce, you are so sweet, thank you for yoru kind words. They are precious for a newbie like me :).

pussman said...

the blue books are soo lovely!!

San said...


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