Friday, 20 February 2009

Day 29-Book Series On Ceramics

JUST FINISHED making the pages of my new series of books on ceramics from West Asia, art exhibits at MoMA and here are some samples:

I am really getting the hang of it although you won't be able to tell from the low res version of the pictures posted here .

This time, the images are sharp and the words clear even at such small scale. There will be 12 books in this series, each book displaying different objet d'art from the museum. The description of each piece is on the next page. Details like the name of the object, date, place of origin and material used are provided. Pic on left (high res) is of my favourite exhibit. I think there are a total of 71 artwork covered in my books.I just love doing this cos you learn so much at the same time.

In the meantime, after almost 6 hours of stitching, I have only covered 1 1/2 sides of the 1st line of the edges:

See how I have drawn lines over the canvas?? Took me 1/2 an hour but I am so glad I did cos it really helps spot mistakes quickly.

X-stitching is very similar to computer gaming. It's very addictive, requires all your concentration and hurts your hand bad!


Sumaiya Mehreen said... took to mini-making like fish to water!

San said...

You know, Sumaiya, I still can't believe how totally consumed I am by this new passion. I feel like this one will last forever because it's so all encompassing , my love for architecture, interior design, books, art, culture, even writing (this blog).

The other thing that surprises me is my LOVE for craftwork. Boy, do I love,love, love it.. I had not slept for more than 2 hours these past 2 nights (what with work and all) because I was x-stitching or adobeing my books.

As you know already, I grew up hardly doing any "girl" stuff. I was always more into sports. I also thought I was no good with my hands, unlike my siblings.

That's why it is so heartening for me when all of you gave me comments about the things I am trying to make. Can you tell I am a happy, happy bee despite my lack of sleep? :)

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

It IS an addiction! I built my first dollhouse overnight. I couldn't sleep until I finished assembling it completely!

I think you sound too happy...deliriously so... I think you need your sleep right about now :D

San said...

:p Sumaiya! I wish! At work now and goofing off to post comments. Can't wait to go home to work on my rug again..maybe tomorrow I will sleep..3 hours.

San said...

Oh, how in the world did you build a dollhouse in 1 NIGHT?? Its not Rome, you know..By the way, I have checked out all your houses. I will shamelessly "draw inspirations" from your beautiful cottages if I am to save the "termited" house.

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

that's why i call it an addiction...i didn't even notice that it was dawn before i stopped working on it... wasn't decorated/shingled on the first day...only the assembly was complete! :D

that was when i started my blog first posting was photos of my dollhouse:

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