Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Day 28-The Termite House & A Rug's Start

A FEW THINGS happened today which may or may not mean a turning point for my Maharajah's Palace. Firstly, a dollhouse (the Jr Victorian Cottage by Real Good Toys) stored temporarily at my home has been attacked by termites!! The pest guys came today and I will only know in 1 week how badly damaged this house is. This is one of the 4 dollhouses I helped my friend decorate, the project which got me so passionately absorbed now in dollhouses and all things related.My friend was supposed to transport the dollhouse together with the other 3 to her new warehouse but alas..

If it is as severely savaged as I suspect it will be by these merciless termites which have killed many of my rather precious handbags (used to collect vintage purses but that is another story), my friend will want to get rid of it. I will then generously offer to save it and this means something to do while waiting for my palace to be built. A new house, a new blog and getting off Win's back, which was the other not so pleasant thing that happened today.

Poor Win, for in my anxiety to answer the chasers from both Mr Mistry and the tree wizard on how soon I want to start on the dollhouse, I was a trifle short with him. Of course, I immediately regretted it and thought, hey, maybe its not such a bad thing after all, the Termites Attack!

Anyway, the really pleasant thing I did today was to visit Singapore's oldest and rather famous (even my dad's been there cos of mum) cross-stitch store at People's Park Complex. I am determined to start on my carpet and have picked the Turkoman rug from the book I bought in Day 27 to start with. It looks like the kilims and Bokhara Persian that I own . If I am successful, my rug will be about 9" by 5" . If I am very successful, I should be able to do all the 25 patterns in this book.

These are the things I bought:

2 pcs of 18 count canvas 18" by 30"

2 pcs of hoop (needless really but they look pro) 8" & 10"

The following cotton threads - Cosmo 169 (navy blue), Cosmo 2241 (maroon), Cosmo (241) crimson, Cosmo 1000 (cream)

AND lastly...

Will log progress and see if I'll take 2 years to finish 1 rug. That was how long Sandra Morris took to finish the one she made for her DH staircase. Must be an exquisite piece of art.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

i hate termites ... can't imagine anybody loving them at any rate! when we were in Bangladesh, we had to take out all the books from our home library every year, make sure they were not attacked by termites, and treat them to a sufficient dose of insecticides ...

you might have to have the palace chemically treated to be termite-resistent...

San said...

DEFINITELY will treat my dollhouse. My home is termites haven and I have lost many books, not to mention furniture (including a 10 year old 3 seater chesterfield sofa) to these awful ants!

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