Saturday, 3 April 2010

Day 138- Realism And Resurrection

My title today may mislead you into thinking this post is about some theological debate, seeing as this is the Good Friday weekend and all. But really, all I want to talk about is bananas. More particularly, the resurrection of bananas.

If I may just start from the beginning. You see, I knew since last week when I received Mercedes' gift, (let me tell you, it is so fabulous that just thinking about it makes me coo with pleasure) that I will have to start on the "termite house" this long weekend. You know, the tribal village house that I was planning to build for Ro since July last year? Anyway, I thought it's finally time to go fix the place so I can display some of these wonderful gifts that I have received.

And of course, did I go start on the house like I resolved? Yes...NOT. I decided instead to dig through the research material that I had accumulated over the past 9 months and that was when I chanced upon one of my favourite photograph of a tribal home interior. It is from Taschen's Indian Style and it depicts how a village woman decorates her hut in Orissa with rice flour painting. As far as I am concerned, the 2 bunches of young succulent bananas are the reasons why this picture sings, and the flour painting on the wall is but a shadow, at best the echo, of their fabulousness.

I decided that I have to have those bananas or my tribal house will be soul-less . I also decided that it was high time I experimented with polymer clay and make my own food. Angie Scarr sure makes banana-ing look simple.

Regretfully, polymer and me are just not meant to be for while I was out looking for beads, I found these bananas that came 4 in a pack for S$1.00. When I brought them home, it became clear what a monumental task it was to be. How does one resurrect a bunch of old, fake has-beens with too much gloss into young, perky banana-lets like the ones in my pic?

It took me all night but I guess, if your soul depends on it, you can resurrect youth and regain those lost years. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce , The Perfect Banana, with the curiosity of a young sapling, the body of a a 20 something (weeks) and the wisdom of a ripe old fruit.

And now that I have the bananas, lets see if I can miniaturise a "Still Life" of the photo. What do you guys think? Yea, the red berries are "additions" . You know me and colours. Less than 5 and I get twitchy. And if you are wondering whether I am that good, they are real from my garden.

Maybe I should have titled this post "Still Life"..No,wait, "Steal Life". Clever right? No? Then, how about "Still Alive"? HEY! Don't walk away! I haven't even told you about the house yet...

Oh well, I can understand why your interest has waned. Realism bores me too.


Lize said...

Oh Sans, you are such a treat to my sensibilities! Those bananas turned out great! And the pomegranity thingies from your garden add spice to your pic. I AM IMPRESSED!

And today you proved that even a fearless and fanatical fantasy moghul can do hyper realism! If you did not show me that little scene from far away, I would have cried 'Ya, ya!'

I am walking away now... but coming back later for another story. Don't make me wait too long!

Liberty Biberty said...

You make me laugh so much!!
Your green bananas and the re-creation of the book scene are FABULOUS!!
Now get to the termite house!!!

Lisette said...

Wauw... It`s fantastic and funny green bananas !!

Pubdoll said...

My dear, you could have posted the first and sixth shot on April 1. and fooled me to believe they were lifesize! Maybe you and fimo are not meant to be yet, but like Mercedes is the queen of shabby chic, you're the queen of make-look-alike-painting! :-) You know I love your colourful and rich style, but these earth tones look fabulous, well done Sans, both on the painting of the bananas and the set up. And I love the little splash of red which makes this a true Sans! creation! I love all the pots and containers too, the wowen tray and jug are fabulous!

Debbie said...

Your recreation and Green Bananas look brilliant Sans. Give yourself a big pat on the back..LOL
Happy Easter xx

rosanna said...

You might have fooled us all!
You are getting better and better, your painting abilities are amazing! the red fruits are just perfect to lift up the greeness (can I say so?) of the bananas. Ro is very pleased by such lovely provisions being ready in her house.She is sure that she will never diet since Sans is so kind to replenish the pantry! Hugs Rosanna

Norma said...

Great job Sans!!

Leo Furtado said...

Olá Sans!

Que maravilha!
Gostei demais da sequência de fotos... ficaram perfeitas. Oambiente ficou extremamente realístico, Parabéns pelo belo trabalho!
Uma Feliz Páscoa!

Sans said...

An exercise in hyperrealism? WOW! More like a case of poor imitation :) but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unstinting words of encouragement, Lize.

I am also flattered you thought this could be a worthy follow up of your master AFD post :). LOL

About the pomergranaty0thing-a-ling (pomergranate is my flavour of the month fruit, excellent with yoghurt),
they come from this palm tree at I think its the fav fruit of an Oriental Pied Hornbill .We are very very fortunate to have one here living at our neighbours'. I was hoping he would visit my little "still life" with the red fruits since I hardly see him around. But alas no luck. Maybe he didn't think they were real. LOL

Sans said...

Mercedes, I always need for you to kick my butt about these things so you will be pleased to know right after I finished the bananas which was on Thursday evening, I started on the house. I am afraid at this point, it look more like a beach hut than a tribal house. It is too late to continue painting so I am here :). I am not goofing . :)

Sans said...

Lisette, :) you with the amazing duffel coats :):), thank you for visiting. My bananas say to ask you :What is yellow on the inside and green on the outside ?
A banana dressed up as a cucumber !

Shhhh, I don't think they know they are green yet :).

Sans said...

Awwww, Helene , I am all warm and fuzzy inside now :):). Thank you, dear. Maybe, I am hoping against hope here, I have a little of what SuZ and Win has after all but mine is the ability to paint on things, rather than paint things :)

You know, I just remembered that I was the 1st one in my family to win an art competition.I was 9 and I got 3rd prize. I remembered the theme was "Use Your Hands" , a nationwide campaign then (but this competition was for my primary school). I did a very naive depiction of farmers watering and working in a vegetable farm :). i think I won for the novelty of the idea rather than any kind of mastery in art.

Currently, I am a little addicted to the godlike power of converting things with painting.

Sans said...

Debbie :), thank you. Yours is a big enough pat to last me a while :)But ok, I will try to type and pat aaaa,s./ la :):)

That was supposed to be "at the same time".

Sans said...

O yeah, Helene, I said novel because there were no farmers in Singapore then or any kind of vegetable farm. Singapore then was one huge factory :).

Sans said...

Rosanna! Never feel the need to ask if you may say something :). You can speak freely especially when flattering. :):)

By the way, FaiZ thought my bananas are too green (he did say "too raw"-HEY! Is that why green=raw=new?? ). I told him I am sure there are bananas that are this green and that raw which doesn't explain the spots though. Truth is I agree with him. (Did you know he draws?)

And because of that, I have something red and real to work as a decoy ..haha :).

By the way, there is absolutely no reason why Ro should ever diet. You are tiny!!

Sans said...

Thank you, Norma :) So good to see you here :).

Sans said...

Wow, Leo, you are here! This may sound weird to you but I was thinking of you or rather your work when I was working on this scene :). I thought, hmm, this is the kind of thing that Leo Furtado would do and then you came ;) .

Thank you for your sweet words, Leo. They mean a lot ! :)

Lize said...

All I can say is: Reading YOUR comments on the comments as as big a treat as reading your posts!!!

dale said...

Sans is always entertaining, huh, Lize? :)

Sans! What a fabulous job you did on replicating the picture. It does look life size! :)

Don't smack me but, are those bannanas going to ripen? ;) (giggles)

I think being able to paint something to look so different is a wonderful skill, that you do have, the ability to transform. :)

Eva said...

I'm not sure to believe you when you say has recently begun to paint....Those "old" bananas look real and young (please give me the recipe for my body!!!! LOL).
I have to say that I have been dislocated my jaw (LOL)with the last photo ... reality is too hard soemtimes.
The photos you've taken have led me to a parallel world ...please continue..I will be waiting for you..
By the way "Thanks" ;)
Un beso

Eva said...

I'm not sure to believe you when you say has recently begun to paint....Those "old" bananas look real and young (please give me the recipe for my body!!!! LOL).
I have to say that I have been dislocated my jaw (LOL)with the last photo ... reality is too hard soemtimes.
The photos you've taken have led me to a parallel world ...please continue..I will be waiting for you..
By the way "Thanks" ;)
Un beso

Roberta said...

You are always funny, my dear Susan!!!!
Happy Easter, have a delicious days and send a big hug also to your friends.

Meli said...

Dear Susan, it's always a great pleasure to visit your blog and read it!!!
I like the photo of the scene is just lovely and also the green bananas, never seen them!!
Keep up with your good humor!!!
Warm regards,

Gemma (Gempo) said...

Wonderful scene and history. Tks for your coments in my blog. Happy Easter for you and your family too. Best wishes

Sans said...

Aww Lize, perhaps you can tell I even research for my comments on comments :):)

Sans said...

Dale, thank you! Do you know there is a specie of bananas that remain green when ripe? Yup, they are called Green Ripe Bananas :). Seriously though, you can check them out at

I learnt so much about bananas while trying to make this. Fafa, who's from Indonesia, told me that over there, she has seen a specie called "A Thousand Bananas" where the stalk just grew and grew like there were 1000 bananas in that single bunch. What a nightmare to mini that!

I am still googling to see if my specie of Ripe Green Bananas can be found.

Sans said...

Eva, when you see the box of acrylic paints I started this hobby with, you will believe me. They belong to MarG and every single bottle is almost full but hard. They look like polymer clay :).

I think the last time I painted was my 3rd prize piece at 9 years old. If you want to count that, I guess I did start a looooooong time ago! But I stopped when I peaked, like any good rock star should. haha!

I am so lucky to be able to do this now. I finally know what it means to be blessed with a "gift". It is almost like magic which gets more powerful with practice.

The other thing I really enjoy is to work with the flaws and limitations that come with adapting. I am not a fan of perfection :). Looking at what you do, I think you know what I mean? :)

Sans said...

Thank you Roberta :). On your advice to have a delicious day, I had a sinful plate of fried chicken wings today! That's my idea of celebrating Easter. You guys with eggs, me with the fried chicken! Haha. Healthier though to paint your eggs and then run around to find them. :):)

Sans said...

Thank you Meli (can I tell you in my head, you are "Mee Lee" which is a very Chinese name :). It means pretty. Is that how it is pronounced in Spanish?) You are such a sweetheart. And a good thing you haven't seen green bananas yet! No wonder you like mine even when they are Martian Green.

Sans said...

Glad you like my pics, Gemma :). I swear I am seeing bananas in many other new posts. Maybe you will be making some soon. :)

dale said...

Sans! Those green banannas look just like yours! Wow!

Banannas are a lovely food.

Have you ever had a fried bananna and peanutbutter sandwich? Or fried banannas with butter and sugar over ice cream? yummy!

Sans, you are now the official blogland educater. :)

Sans said...

O Dale, you are too kind! :):).

I eat bananas only when I need the energy to run. And yes, banana fritters too which are called "goreng pisang" over here BUT they are too fattening so I have cut down. lol

I also love peanut butter and some mornings when I need loads of energy, I have a banana peanut butter combo and I swear, right after that, I could zoom out of my house like speedy gonzales. But with fried banana? No, I bet after that, I would go right back to bed!

miniaturist59 said...

Personally, I think you did a bang up job, Susan!!! But I will make some bananas for you if you want, all you have to do is ask!!!

Sans said...

I wuv you 2 Kiva :):):).

Ok, true story. When I first saw the pic in Tashen's book, I knew there was only 1 person who could do this exactly like how it should look. I then went to her ebay shop and frantically started looking for something to bid. I found the ginger, (very Indian, yay!) thinking, ok if I win this one, I will commission her to make the bananas AND the to die for coconuts (need 'em for curries) AND get her CD. Then I thought, but many in the mini world have claimed that "bananas" are the easiest fruit to make and if I am to run to Kiva every time something is daunting (like polymer clay & food!), I will never improve! Trust me, I still was't sure until I saw the cheap bananas at the bead shop!

Now what in the world are bananas doing in a bead shop unless they have a higher calling? They are obviously waiting for me!? !

So, right after I painted and I posted this one, guess who should also be making bananas????

Shootkarudin! I decided that I should quietly leave your post after admiring those bananas (you even made the red ones!) without my usual comments, and then surely you wouldn't notice me and since you rarely visit here, you wouldn't see the poorer cousins of your gorgeous bananas .

LO And Freaking Behold! YOU ARE HERE! Today, finally, I see what the higher calling is. It's YOU, KIVA! The bananas made you come here!!!

There is clearly only 1 conclusion. I NOW MUST Own those coconuts.

dale said...


Snowfern said...

ooooo!!! eh, those are damn good lor. :O teach me how to paint, o-sensei~~!! *bows*


i also love the little metal pots :O soo beautiful! sorry am a little...zonked out, way past my bedtime and lots to do bed is screaming to me right now! XD

Sans said...

Hey Cindy, you are finally here ! :):) I was beginning to worry , you haven't been around much these days :) except at Kiva's a couple of times. *I am not stalking, we just hang out at the same places :).

You absolutely do not need me to teach you how to paint. Anyway, I don't even know how to begin, its all feel feel feel, mix, paint, mix, dot. LOL as you can tell, loads of trial and error and luck.

You like the pots? Which ones?

Snowfern said...

all of them! are they incense pots? or specifically made for you??? i think your aesthetic sense and resourcefulness is admirable, it's something i'm hoping to cultivate, i can't seem to see things in 'a big picture', so it's always a treat coming to your blog, and seeing all the beautiful setups you have!

and the stories too XD although there's nothing wrong with this post, i'm sure i'm missing some inside joke, i still don't get it =3= i think i'm tired haha.

nitenite *blows kisses*

Jean Day said...

You never always amaze me, great resource for your inspiration and design. What a wonderful scene! You must have a great bead shop to have bananas.

Sans said...

Cindy, if you can't see the joke, then my attempts are definitely not :). But this post is not supposed to be "funny" funny. I did think though that if I could make something young again, I am creating "life" :).

I asked which pots you like because I know where to get them. I bought all of them, almost all, from Little India. I will send you something I think you can use. It is a little big for 1:12 but I think it will look good on Yotsuba.

Did you invent your own emoticons? :)

Sans said...

Thank you, Jean :). It is a small bead shop of about 800 sqft, I think but packed full of little things. Often, I would not be able to find what I want because their beads run out fast. But the most incredible stuff pops up. And I buy them up like there's no tomorrow. I should do a beads post just to show the number of boxes I own to store these beads :).

dale said...

Cindy, much of this post is tongue in cheek or double entendre.

Sans posted about realism and resurrection, close to Easter.

Easter is a celebration of the Ressurection of Christ.

Realism was the realistic display of her miniatures that mirrored a real display.

She also resurrected the banannas, to give them more realism.

She then concluded with still life? steal life? still alive?

A virtual play on those words. I for one love word play.

So, Sans! did I splain it?

I for one hate when things like this go over my head or under my feet, so I know I would appreciate an explanation from time to time.

Metaphors aren't usually my thing, but, I can *see* in San's posts. :)

Sans said...

Wow, Dale, did you major in English? I am beyond flattered that you have taken the time to "splain" this :):).

Now, maybe I should try and make a triple entendre post!

Now that I know you speak fast, did all that just took 1 minute if you are delivering a lecture? LOL

Cindy! Wake up! ::)*throws a chalk at her

Jean Day said...

I meant to say you never cease to always amaze me, sheeee!! That would be great to see your beads and how you store them, I love seeing how other people organize their supplies. I love beads too and make full sized necklaces and earrings for myself.Do you make jewelry with some of them?

Sans said...

LOL, I knew what you intended to type. I didn't think you wanted to say "you never amaze me" maybe "you never amuse me" (for my lame jokes) haha :)

Anyway, I don't make jewellery, I take them apart to make my dollhouse accessories Ok, my next post will be about how I store my beads. :)

Snowfern said...

ehh!! thanks Dale! Sans, Dale has had first hand experience with chatting with me and...i'm denser than dense at making certain connections T_T even though i did pretty well for my english lessons, i've found myself weak at reading between the lines, hence my poor Lit results XD

i hadn't even really reaslied it was easter at the time of this post, and uh, the emoticons i picked up from various friends i made online ^ ^

ehhhh!!! we should just go shopping together la! i know i know, we've been planning this since mid of last year (i think) but things have...somewhat accelerated in my life since...i'm kinda swamped in requests and promises (only cos i work slowly, not due to sheer volume!)

*goes off to re-read post and try and do my Lit teacher (Dale) proud*

dale said...

Cindy, you are too funny and I would never call you dense, evah!

Sans, I could only do that with pictures. Not literature, ever! Why don't they put lots of pictures in novels? ;)

(I'm still in here chatting, even though the party has moved on to the next page.)


Sans said...

Ya, Cindy, I know what you mean about swamped. I am over here too. Isn't it easier to meet at the comment box? LOL!

And Dale, the reason why I don't think I can ever switch to twitter are the pictures. So much better to tell a story with pictures!

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