Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Day 249-250-Old Metal Trunks

For someone who loves travelling, 
I sure have an inexplicable dislike for luggages. 

I love old metal trunks though, 

especially if they are vintage rusty steel suitcases 

reminiscent of old India. 

When I first saw this plastic box, it really reminded me of a luggage. 

All new and functional and completely  flawless. 

Before my mini days, this box would have been chucked into the bin.

Now, I just take out my paints and brushes

and see if I can make it into something I love.

I have two of these boxes so I painted one metallic blue and the other purple.

Then I gave them rust which added 100 years to their otherwise shiny surfaces. 

I also gave my metal trunks old fashioned handles, locking bars and brackets.

The handles and bars were made from wires and brackets from papers.

It took me quite a while to stick that tiny bit of bar in between the catch.

But I think it was worth it, don't you?

I made one of the trunks open and the other shut

but I made both just as flawed. 

This is so I can love them now. 

And do you remember the ones I painted in the dark last November?

I have always wanted colours on them. 

So I repainted one metallic red on red

then mixed the red with some  autumn yellow for green.

All the closed trunks are placed one on top of the other.

Then back to the corner they stand. 

And I knew exactly what I wanted them for.


Precious, treasured books like the ones I won from Flora. 

Books which we take for granted 

but for the Rollas, they must be worth their weight in gold. 

The last trunk I placed at the foot of Ro's bed.

A footlocker for things close to her heart.

Will you find her dowry? Pieces of embroidery? Jewellery?

Just more books, rare editions, handmade books,

foreign magazine few can lay hands on,

a couple of love letters

and  mementos from their walks in the sand.

Things that are close to her heart. 


Sun bleached books on the 3 steel trunks were made by me 2 months after I started my hobby in 2009. I had printed the covers on the wrong side of the glossy paper and the colours ran. I decided to keep them because they looked worn and old, like my favourite books. In that stack are readable books on ceramics and Iznik pottery

In the opened trunk, the "books"-one of them with a blue cover titling Mahatma Ghandi - lying flat on the left (facing you)- and the 2 wonderful "letters" were made by Katie. The readable magazine "Happinez" as well as the mini conch shells were from Jollie

In the same trunk, the black book was one of the first minis (actually my 2nd but the 1st which were goblets were all dismantled, thanks to lousy glue)  I made. It is a book on Indian miniature paintings. I made the 2nd special edition book with a little pearl on the cover shortly after. This book is about Iznik pottery. They are both readable. 

Last but not least, the opened book on the floor (2nd last pic) was by Erika Vanhorn. I bought it  in December last year. It is an Illuminated Book of Days. I bought it because there was a very famous Arabic version which  is now lost in history. 

And now may I show you my real life trunks.

I met these trunks long before I was interested in miniatures. I was shopping for a themed party in Little India when I saw them. I had bought trunk loads of Indian textile  from this shop and I brazenly asked the owner if I could have these trunks to bring the textiles home. He said yes and I remembered lugging these heavy trunks to the car with some help. I believed one of them was blue and the other green before I painted them white to go with the guest room. They now hold the fabric for my miniatures. 


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Sans,

I love the little trunks that you painted! They turned out lovely. The colors are so nice and they do look as though they have been through a lot of travels. :)

Patty said...

Sans, You are BRILLIANT!!!! I love your trunks and you have managed to have them look so incredibly old and well traveled! They are so perfect in your setting!!! Well done sweetie!

Plushpussycat said...

This is just amazing! Your step-by-step instructions and the little scene that follows--love it! :-)

Margriet said...

wow sans, the trunks are so beautiful!!! I can hardly recognize the little container in it! Love how you used them with books on top and sweet mementos in an other one!!
The reallife trunks are beautiful too!!

Drora's minimundo said...

I love both the mini and the real life trunks. I also like the way you recycled those plastic boxes. They look wonderful.

Ascension said...

Me encanta tu trabajo de simular oxido, te queda tan real que parece mentira que hayas tuneado esa cajita de plastico y te haya quedado tan fantastico.
Has hecho unas preciosas maletas,llenas de preciosos regalos.
Las que tienes en tamaño real son perfectas para guardas tus telas, me encantan.
besitos ascension

GB said...

I want to move into the mini house for now. Books, trunks, ambiance ---everything looks perfect. Now if I can only find the shrink gun!

PS: I love your real-life trunks too! Yumm!

Kikka said...

All your trunks are perfect. I start with the 1:1
* The look so beautiful and peaceful with the white colour but also like they have some secrets to tell you.
* The 1:12 are gorgeous , I love those colours! They seem to have travelled a lot!

Susanne said...

Sans dear, you are a genious!! I just adore the trunks and your special way of seeing things. Your way of painting and aging is very inspiring too, I think we share a special interest there ;-)
Love, Susanne

The Old Maid said...

Fantastic result dear Sans! I did say before I love your metal miniatures now I love them even more!
And your real life trunks are superb too:)

rosanna said...

Ok, you got me. Ro loves books and I share her love. Books are so precious to me that I couldn't underline school or uni books for m life sake. I don't stand folded page as well.
Once a friend lent me a book which I loved so much that I run and bought my own copy. Well, her book had "ears" on top of many pages and I carefully unfolded and flattened them sure to be of help. Little I kew that she used to do that to mark her favourite spots... To me it was a torture to the book.
And the books, and the trunks , are a mix to which I cannot resist ! I love the corner in the house, I truly truly love it.
Have a nice day, Rosanna

contar said...

usted izo un trabajo impecable con el envejecido de las maletas, quedan perfectas.
un abrazo

you hoist an impeccable job with the aging of the suitcases, they are perfect.
a hug

cockerina said...

Sans hello, your bags are incredibly real! I like how you gave the rust, I prefer the larger red and green .. my favorite colors, even in reality!
I was thinking ... you love my books, I love your bags ... you love my shoes, I love your baskets of rope ...
and .. if we did a swap?? :)))
let me know what you think!
kisses, Caterina

Flora said...

I literally love these trunks! Your ability to turn things is amazing and I admire and envy (a bit) you...
Yes, that's Susanne says: this is the way you look at the world that makes me fall in love with everything you do. With your miniatures and your words, your immaculate wonder, you make me see things always look better from them, even and especially when they are old and rusty.
So, I'm honored if my books are closed in one of your trunks ...
I spent and spent most of my life in books and also build them was a beautiful moment of recollection, I can now share with you.
Beautiful all your images, not least the two trunks in real size :-)

Lotte said...

I love your tiny trunks! Love your way to paint them.

Eva said...

I think that I need some painting classes :) Love the old and rusty look you gives
You still collect elephants!! I have seen one over the real trunks :)
I have posted about your faairy and my desire to follow her....

malu2 said...

Te han quedado estupendas,las de tamaño normal,están muy bien para tu casa,hacen un rincón muy agradable,la maletíta con las cartas y libros esta perfecto,muy bien pintadas y simulan muy bien el paso de los años.Besos de

lesnuestrescoses said...

Nos encanto la trasformación de la cajita de plástico hizo una maleta maravillosa.

BiWuBär said...

Once upon a time there were to little plastic boxes, dreaming of better times to come... and along came Sans! and brought them to life and their true destination, just with a little kiss of paint and a soft tip with a brush... ;O) Your trunks are fantastic, in real life and in 1:12 - what a great way to present all those lovely miniatures from all these talented friends.


TreeFeathers said...

Wow, Sans, I can't believe those started out as plastic! I love them, they're beautiful. Love your real trunks, too. :)

- Grace

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! You have worked your Magic again! Nobody would EVER imagine those trunks were the same plastic boxes you started with!!! They are SO beautiful in their battered and rusted old age! How you do it just amazes me! The metallic and the rusty colors are just perfect! And not only are the trunks so perfectly beautiful.... they are USEFUL! And they are filled with TREASURES! So carefully thought out and collected..... and gifts from friends across the globe! Together they create the reality of your little world so we all just want to come and sit and have some tea and read the books.... can I see the one on the Indian Miniatures????? Please? I LOVE your little world and EVERYTHING in it!!!
Is it any wonder we come to your blog to be soothed and enchanted?
Thank you Sans!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

I love your rusty little trunks Sans! They look so at home now, i love how you have used them to display books.


Alison said...

Agree about traveling and luggage. It would be wonderful to ship the bags to our destination in advance without breaking the bank!!

The plastic to metal and rust transformation is are the master :)))

Susan said...

You make miniature magic, the trunks are precious! My wish would be to see you working your magic in person.

CWPoppets said...

Love the trunks! Both the miniature and the real size version!

Snowfern said...

WOAH NEW MINI TO SCRUTINIZE wahahha so damn awesome lor... you know how much i love fiddling about minis that 'work' tee hee!

Sans! said...

Norma S, thank you :). I love the colours too. Especially the green one. It was wrongly mixed. I had forgotten that it's red and yellow that makes green and not blue and red..hahaha. So after I mixed the blue and red and got purple, I then added more red . Autumn yellow gave a really nice antique green to that funny mixture of purplish red! :)

That's why I love flaws. They often create pleasant surprises :).

Sans! said...

Patty, you don't know how wonderful it is to read comments like yours after a long long day. :)

Thank you so much for being so hearty in your congratulations. Once again happy happy birthday. I just realised that I had said a lot of things on your birthday post but I might not have wished you many happy returns! Silly silly me!

Sans! said...

Jennifer, I am glad you liked the way I did my step by step :). I knew that since my friends here are master mini makers, they don't really need a literal step by step .

You guys inspire me big time with all your work! I really love your plush toys especially the one you used for your profile pic :). I think we both share a love for black kitty plushies.

Sans! said...

Thank you Margriet for being so kind in your compliments! I think I have done a not so bad job if you can't recognise the ugly pink box. Do you want to know what that box holds?


I bet you gals with big eyes won't know what in the world those are for :):)

Flor said...

¡Que creatividad la tuya Sans!! Impresionante como de una caja de plástico ,logras convencer a la vista , que son unas maletas de "metal" Y envejecidas ¡Wooow!!! Me encanta tu trabajo.... Y como si fuera poco , es muy difícil pegar en el plástico esos broches , que parecen que son de la misma maleta ¡Hermoso!!!!
Un abrazo

Amy said...

Sans-I hardly ever wonder, is this real size or is this tiny? But in this case, I had no choice! They are amazing, not just completely convincing, but beautiful just as they are. And considering how they started, a total transformation. You're an artist.

Margriet said...

What does one do with "Mezaik Double Eyelid Stretch Mezical Fiber Strip tape"???? I really have no idea hahahaha
euhm...dear and yellow makes and yellow makes orange ;-)
But the green you made is beautiful ;-)

Virginia Isabel said...

me encanta el aspecto que le das a todo. y ademas te han quedado unas maletas estupendas.

cockerina said...

I went to see what it does "Mezaik Double Eyelid Stretch Fibre Strip Mezical tape" out of curiosity .... the result is amazing! I had no idea ... if you have the box, you use them? but you look good anyway!
but why Oriental women, with wonderful eyes, they want to have double eyelids, as Westerners?
I wish I had porcelain skin, of oriental women, and even complexion of Indian women :((
you've read my previous comment?? I expect an answer...
kisses, Caterina

My Realitty said...

wow! You are so talented! CM

Sans! said...

Margriet, I was at work having a meeting when I read your reply on my iphone and I nearly choked on my coffee! I told my colleague about your reply and about how when I had mixed purple with yellow, I had thought the red (and not the blue) in the purple made the green ..hahahahaha! My colleague said to me quite wickedly "well, at least now you acknowledge that you are a bimbo,there should be less pressure on yourself"

Ok, my dear friends , now you know that this friend here (me) is a complete bimbo, will you still be my friend?

Even my 6 year old nephew knew blue and yellow makes green while red and yellow makes orange....I could have lied and said it was a typo and that I had meant to type blue but 2 similar typos, one in the post and one in the comment box? Nahhhhh, can't fool anyone, not even me! :)

At least, I am an honest bimbo ;p

But thank you, Margriet! For pointing out the obvious to the oblivious..teehee. Henceforth, I declare this shade of green, The Bimbotic Green!

Sans! said...

Caterina, I am rushing off again for another meeting but the answer is yes yes yes :)

Will write more this evening when I am home :).

You and Margriet have made my work day fun!

Margriet said...

Oeps...maybe I should have said it in a private mail?? No-one else seems to had noticed hahahaha
But dear Sans....if you had used only blue and yellow for the wouldn't ever have been such a lovely green as it is now!!!

May said...

preciosas, son increibles!!!

Sans! said...

Margriet, as you may be able to tell by now, I am too old to be embarrassed by most things...hmm... ok, unless maybe if my pant's zipper is down, even that doesn't embarrass me as much as it used to but yes, if you see my zipper down, email me in private to tell me ;p, otherwise, no worries about sharing in the comment box :).

I love my bimbotic green. If you had read some of my past posts, you would have known that I haven't had much success with green so I am very pleased with my accidental discovery ! :)

Sans! said...

Drora, thank you :)

I am an avid mini recycler. Why reinvent the wheel, right? I wouldn't be able to make that luggage from scratch convincingly anyway! :)

Margriet said...

Okay Sans, I'll remember that! Zipper down "go private" and everything else "share with the whole world" ;-)

Sans! said...

Oh, Ascensión, espero que haya sido honesto conmigo cuando me dijo mi maletas de aspecto realista. Para ser perfectamente honesto, no puedo engañar a mi cerebro a pensar que son de metal. Especialmente las maletas más grandes. Sigo viendo plástico .. jajaja:).


Sans! said...

Gagan, my sis told me I have made a village Banyan Tree Resort:) I don't really know whether to be pleased or disappointed. In the department of realism for a tribal house , 50/100 but anyhoo, I didn't want to build a realistic village hut, it would have been boring . This is a doll's house after all , a world you want to run and hide in to fantasize right?

Although you don't really want to move in here. I didn't build any wardrobe space at all. Unless of course you don't mind putting your clothes in rusty metal trunks. ;p

Sans! said...

*giggles at Margriet and thinking I must start wearing only dresses.

cockerina said...

Sans! I had read the error on the mixing of colors, but I did not want to say anything because I thought of a translation error ... ;)
My young son has a book of Winnie the Pooh, which explain to young children, how to mix the colors ... you want, I send it to you? ah ah ah ah! However, your result is wonderful, then, a miracle happened, however it is a beautiful green! :))
I wait to read your mail, in agreement!

Rosamargarita said...

Es verdaderamente increíble la manera como las haz envejecido! una auténtica maravilla, son de plástico!!!
Muchos abrazos

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans, I LOVE the green made from all the wrong colors!!! I will tell you a secret.... the green is a rusty gray-ish green BECAUSE you used the purple with the yellow..... it is the tiny bit of red from the purple that brings the grayish color to the green. If you only used the blue and yellow you would have a very bright green... the red is the opposite of green so it makes it gray-ish brown! Now are you completely confused? ( It was a revelation to me to discover that the "opposite" colors mixed with each other make wonderful grays!) Now that you know the science of it you can call it Bimbo Green or Sans Green! Sometimes it is the "mistakes" that are the best discoveries.... and every artist has to make a few... :)

Sans! said...

Kikka, whenever I think of luggage, I think of travel, then back to luggage and of you and of the luggages that you made :). It's a roundabout way of thinking but it is often the way I

And funny thing you said about secrets . Funny because I feel exactly the same way about trunks and chests and large wooden boxes. You just want to take a peep inside , don't you? That's why I rather spend time looking for things by putting them in these containers than say plastic boxes. Where is the mystery when you can already see what's inside from the outside, right? Yea, I am not a very practical person :)

Sans! said...

Susanne, we will have to form a rust club and call ourselves Rusty Dusty Sus-ties ...teehee.

I just realise that the name "Susanne" encompasses both you and your best friend's Annie 1st syllable in your names. Sus and Anne :). Isn't that magic?

And I think I have finally found a nice copper rusting paint mixture -the bimbo green. :)

Sans! said...

Ewa, I know I have said it before and it may even begin to sound a little fake but I did this post 1st because YOU said you wanted to see the trunks :). Still outstanding are 2 OM posts, 1 more palace one (not another one!) and also one on the completed exterior of the tribal house.

So I am happy that you said you like my trunks :). Thank you!

So bored with palaces already....give me rust any day!

Sans! said...

Rosannnnnna!! tsk tsk! Old books are like old clothes. They are very comfy to be with :).

You are so funny with the unfolding! Knowing you, you probably even thought of using the iron!!! Teehee :) But you know what books love? They loved to be cuddled, held in your arms when you sleep. They don't care that their pages have dog ears or that their covers are creased because you were lying on them when they were opened....

Having said all that, I wrapped all my books in plastic covers before I start reading them. :0

Guess what I am reading now? Eat Pray Love. Finally! Bought it 2nd hand for S$7.00. So expensive but I have wanted to read it since you told me it was fun.

Gonna email you soon :)

Pubdoll said...

You know I always love your bahing, and the colours are lovely too, but what I like the most with your trunks is the handles and bars you made. So clever!

And the photo above the text "The last trunk I placed at the foot...",
with the open book on the floor, tat photo is gorgeous! I love the earthy colours, all the nice details and the realism! Really great! I haven't noticed the low table with blue bead legs before, its wonderful!

WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski said...

All of your trunks are are so great. All the color are wonderful!!

dale's dreams said...

Never would I have thought that they had started out as plastic boxes. Now, I have to see what little containers I have sitting about and what they could look like if painted.

I have a stack of old suitcases piled up in my bedroom. I just love how they look. :)

I don't know how you did the metal parts on the suitcases, but, I really lik how real they look.

Janine Crocker said...

I love the trunks! What a wonderful blog...I can see I'm going to be here for ages,lol! Janine (Miss Amelia)

Sans! said...

Mis maletas no son perfectos, pero muchas gracias, Contar, por sus elogios muy amable:).


Sans! said...

Flora, I will not do justice to your books by locking them in the trunks. They are so well made that I am unable to age them for this house. They will have to be displayed in another grander home.Perhaps a more modern one too to match the contemporary titles.

But I was so reluctant to take your books out of your beautiful packaging that I have yet to photograph them. I will soon :).

For every ounce of love you give to my work, I give twice as much back to you for yours. I have never missed your posts for each one is always a delight and often, an insight to the poet in you. Lately, I see even more of you in your shabby creations.

I am very flattered and honoured that you are often here to give me your encouragement despite the language barrier.

I hope you have noticed that I am now trying to write in shorter sentences. Keeping my paragraphs short :).

Sans! said...

Lotte, thank you so much for your sweet compliments. So thrilled that you are here! :)

Katie said...

Ok Susan! These have got to be one of my favorites! I love the dark colors and the fact that they're stacked! I love trunks too... but I only have one- It's in Drew's room filled with legos:) I do, however have some mint tins put aside for exactly the same thing...but you know mine will be all girlie and pink:)


Papillon Bleu said...

Sans, once again, you have created magic starting with nothing adding your wonderful touch and incredible talent. Your patience and love of details combined together result in incredible miniatures . "Worth it"? yes, it was worth taking time to add this little bar!

Mini trunks and big ones, I love you universe and love you a lot as you are such a funny, loving, passionate and such an honest person.

Sorry for having taken so long to write back my dear friend.

Ana Anselmo said...

I love trunks , all sort of trunks!!!! and yours are lovely, in small and real scale!!!
Sans did you received my email? I sent an email with a document attached, but I am afraid did reach you....

Sans! said...

Eva, did you read my comment on that post that you wrote? I am so thrilled that you are coming to Singapore to visit me :):) and stay with me :):). Of course when you are here, you can see how easy it really is to paint rust. I need lessons from you , not you from me ! haha !

Sans! said...

Gracias, querida María:). Estoy tan feliz de que le parece muy f mi maleta de acero de edad:). Creo que los regalos de mis amigos que están en esa maleta también hace que la maleta se ve realista. También debo agradecer a mis amigos por sus regalos:)


Sans! said...

Muchas gracias, a las hermanas en lesnuestrescoses:). Así que eres hermana, se puede saber? :):) Me am happy llegaste y espero verte por aquí a menudo!

abrazo y abrazo! :)

Sans! said...

Dear Birgit, thank you for your very poetic praises :). You made me sound almost like a wizard :). How I wish I can "just with a little kiss of paint and a soft tip with a brush" paint a frog into a prince :. I bet if I can do that, I will have tons of offers for swaps :):). Teehee. Well, if I can really do that, I will paint princes for all my girlfriends here who want one!

Sans! said...

Thank you Grace! I am now looking for plastic boxes to paint . And trying to find a better way to have the paint stick to the plastic :).

Sans! said...

Dear Betsy, as usual, you have made my head swell up to 10 times its normal size with your compliments.:) But thank you, thank you, thank you!

I fear your disappointment when you see the book . Anyway, you can "read" almost every page of it here : LOL! It was such a novice effort. I didn't even print the pictures on the pages. They were literally a "cut and paste" job :). Very primitive style ..teehee :). It is fun now to look back at how we did what when we were all just trying things out? Gosh, even my photos sucked back then but still I posted them.

Do you know when I first started blogging, I didn't know how to take pictures and then save them on my laptop, not to mention uploading them to the blog ? So for my first few posts, I often just use pictures I found on the web :).

I sure have come a long way, baby! :)

Sans! said...

Thank you Victoria ! :) Winning Flora's books have inspired me to use books for these trunks. Plus if I were to live in a tribal village back in the 1800s, I would treasure books above others due to its scarcity :). The few books I owned, I would want to keep them under lock and key in a suitcase like this one :).

Yolanda said...

Un trabajo magnifico para simular el oxido me gusta mucho como te ha quedado, muy real. Un beso. Yolanda.

Sans! said...

Alison, I always borrow luggages from SuZ up until 2 years ago when she got fed up and bought me my own. My problem with them is not when I am travelling but where to store them when I am not! :)

Jollie said...

Very very beautiful Sans!!
Such a great idea to make them metal and rusty, they look gorgeous in their own way now.
I also love your real life white suitecases!! nice job you did on those two :)

Hugs Jollie

Sans! said...

Susan :) I am glad you like the work :). You know Australia is pretty close, relatively and I hope I will be so happy to be able to show you what I do in person if ever you should visit :). You will then see how there's really no magic to it at all. It's ABC easy :)

Sans! said...

Christine , thank you !

Sans! said...

Cindy, I am afraid the locks don't work at all! :) But the trunks close and open, as you already know.

I've just realised that maybe because I post the open and close trunks this way, some of you thought the locks work ..teehee :). Clever or not, me at misleading ? hehe ;p

2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer AC Compressor said...

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Sans! said...

Gracias Flor, por sus elogios muy alentador! :) Usted sabe que yo soy tan fan de su trabajo. Sus alabanzas significa mucho.

Me temo que la traducción de sus comentarios me confunden un poco. ¿Creías que los mangos están hechos de plástico? Están hechas con alambres. Y el "paréntesis" se ha utilizado papel. La captura de plástico de la caja se acaba de pintar para parecer el metal oxidado. :) Son fáciles de pegar en el cuadro porque el uso de papel para los soportes (que es la parte que se fija a la caja) y un pegamento artesanal japonés muy bueno comprar en la tienda de S $ 2 en Singapur:).

Besos y abrazos

Sans! said...

Amy, you've just made my day! No, week, no, no, month! What the heck , you've just made my year!

Sans! said...

Muchas gracias, Virginia! Un montón de besos que vuelan a usted y puede tener un gran fin de semana:). Ya es domingo por la mañana aquí:)


Sans! said...

Caterina, that's the journey of life, isn't it :)? Always seeking the greener pasture and always finding it greener on the other side.I don't know, maybe that's the adventure for us all. Imagine being entirely satisfied with everything we have :), it will be a peaceful life but perhaps a trifle boring too?

These fiber do make my eyes bigger and they make it so easy to apply the eye-shadow :). Now if someone ask me if I will trade porcelain skin for double eyelids , I will take porcelain skin any day since with "Mezaik Double Eyelid Stretch Fibre Strip Mezical tape" , it is easy to have both! :):)teehee :).

I can so imagine a Japanese girl saying all that in a Mezaik advertisement . And what in the world is "mezical" anyway???

Sans! said...

Carol(CM), you are so kind! Thank you :)

Sans! said...

May , ¡muchas gracias!

besosssssssssssssss :)

Sans! said...

Caterina , a Winnie the Pooh how to mix colour book???? I want! I want!;) ..just kidding of course. Don't want to make your little one cry :)

By the way, I will be popping down to the S$2 shop afterwards. :)

Sans! said...

Rosamargarita, gracias:). Yo uso la misma técnica para casi todo el material. Para el metal, usted tendrá que usar metálicos pinturas acrílicas. Haga la prueba, es fácil:).


Sans! said...

Thank you Betsy! The information you gave is very helpful. I love working with colours :). I have a colour wheel but I hardly ever used it.

I am very lazy with memorizing anything. I am not proud of that at all. I joke about it but it pains me that I am so forgetful.

A sweet friend told me that it is easy for someone like me to create because I always forget the rules. I am also a cheap date because I can watch a movie a few times and still enjoy it every time since I don't remember the plot :).

I may be forgetful but at least, I am an optimist:).

Sans! said...

Ok Bets, if you are reading this, watch for the next post :). Hoping to do it tonight :).

Sans! said...

Helene, I think it is the handle and bar that seal the metal illusion because they are real metal. You know I hate plastic, so I am really happy that I can now make them look like metal. :):).

And about that pic, it's of the front of the bedroom on the 2nd floor. And the low table with the blue bead leg? It's actually my version of a charpai or traditional Indian bed. Some details can be seen here :

The bedroom is my least favourite of the 3 rooms on the 2nd floor. Not that I think it is awful but it's hard to compete with the embroiderer's room and the artist workroom (that has your painting :) ). So it is heartwarming to have you say you love that pic :).

Sans! said...

Thank you so much , Kathy O-O :)

Sans! said...

Dale, this afternoon, I went shopping for more metallic paint and found this product call the Krylon metals converter. It's for creating a shiny reflective surface and you can use it on wood, plaster etc etc. You can see the details here :

I will try it out and then maybe post about it.

The handles, bars and brackets are very easy. Hanadle- wire bent over the edge of a CD to create the shape then I stick bits of paper at the ends. Paint and then stick the ends to the box. Bar is done pretty much the same way except that it is placed differently depending on whether the box is open or close. :)

Sans! said...

Janine, it is really wonderful to see you here! :). You have fairy fingers for hats . Some of the finest examples I have seen of Victorian and romantic hats are on your blog. I will visit often and hope to see you here again :).

Sans! said...

Thank you Katie :).

Let me see, pink =red +white right? I can mix that ;).

You know I love mint tins too?:).

Sans! said...

You can take forever to write back, Patricia, my papillon bleu friend, if your words are as sweet and moving as the ones you have just left me. I am incredibly touched.

I know what busy is like these days when I myself can not keep up with all that's going on with blogland.

Didn't help that I have found a new game that involves building a garden on Facebook. Arghhh..I am such a sucker for games where you build your own mini world. I comfort myself by saying that's mini too and maybe should be included in the 10000 hours that I am building up for my mini making ;p! By the way, I count shopping for materials as well because I learnt about a new product today! hahaha.

Sans! said...

Ana, your article on Portuguese castles is wonderful! I think you should feature it on your blog so that the world can read it.

You know by now that I hope to at least visit a couple of those and you must let me know which ones I should see :).

Sans! said...

Yolanda, muchas gracias por visitng mi blog. Creo que hacer un trabajo exelente tú mismo!


Sans! said...

Jollie , thank you very very much :)

The rust makes the plastic more metal-like :). It's all about illusion :).

Sans! said...

Bet you say that to all the girls, "2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer AC Compressor".

Flor said...

Tienes razón Sans , la traducción si que confunde en ocasiones...S = Pero ya entendí muy bien jejejeje ¡Gracias por la explicación !!! ahora abrir bien los ojos a buscar cajitas como esas para tratar de hacerlas como las tuyas ( ; que no creo que me queden tan bien como tu ¡pero intentare!!!! ( ;
Gracias por tus palabras!! Y bien sabes que me encanta cada cosa que haces ( =
Un beso

Sans! said...

Flor, estoy leyendo su mensaje en los troncos de mi metal por vez primera. ¿No es gracioso que estoy leyendo esto casi seis meses después y sólo después de haber hecho la maleta de madera? Su maleta de madera es absolutamente precioso! No sólo a lograr lo que usted dijo que lo intentaría, que lo hizo mejor! Felicitaciones Flor!

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