Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Days 194-198, 212-My Own Ancient Living

Picture taken in August when I did my post on alcoves.

I have taken so long with this living room  that even the before-picture has acquired an antique sepia tinge. I was to start on it since end July. A slow and bumpy ride, to say the least but  until this afternoon, with more than 3 months of dilly dallying,  I actually thought I was all done with this room. Sadly it was not to be. 

Picture of window taken in July 2010, decorated by my niece Qesha  with a chisel

The window is usually the 1st thing I tackle before I put in all the other furnishings.   I had big plans for this particular window and after many, many attempts, I thought I had accomplished what I wanted to achieve.  I even wrote a large chunk on what I did  in the draft of this post last night. Then I showed Win a picture of it this afternoon who as good as told me to junk it. I was devastated  but of course my brother was right.  I now shudder at the thought that I nearly posted all that junk. So it's back to the drawing board...and someday when I am brave again, I may even tell you all about The Wind In The Window. In the meantime, I shall try to cheer up by singing to Corrine Bailey Rae..

  "3 little birds sat on my window and they told me I don't have to worrrrrrryeeeee...

 Picture taken for the Children's Day post

Let's backtrack a bit more so we can talk about something good, the stairs. I love my stairs and henceforth will hack all the stairs in all my houses so that they are versatile like this one.  It was some serious bashing job and I took much pleasure chopping and chiseling what was once a clumsy fixture into a multi-purpose, all directional portal machine. My dolls can now go up to the 2nd floor from the living room or the kitchen even outside the house, if they fancy. They can  also use it as a display shelf or the Stairmaster for slimmer thighs.

Best of all, I can use it to obstruct the unmentionable.

 As I was saying, it has been over 100 days now since end July and I didn't do diddly squat for this room. Alright, maybe I bashed together a small shrine, built a quilter's cupboard and even carved  a chest, but they are hardly substantial additions. Especially those 2 shelves that just could not stay up. The biggest addition to the room were Rosanna's bowls and of course, they were not even made by me. Until .......
Day 212 

Saturday, 13th November 2010

This was the day right after I posted about the ancient village house. I was so inspired that I worked from 9am in the morning till 1 am, Sunday, breaking only for 2 meals. This is what  I did that day: 

I started by assembling a small  food table for a little cosy corner under the stairs. I painted the S$2 Daiso table. The wrapped foods were bought in Bangkok. In this part of the world, it is common to use leaves to wrap our food. Common leaves used are banana, bamboo and even lotus. Here, we are using the outer leaves of corn cob because underneath the food cover is a 

a plate of corn-on-sticks. These corns were also bought in Bangkok but they came clean and so I painted them charred. These corn are for the curious and courageous who dare move my food cover. 

I made the food cover from a discarded shuttlecock and mosquito net. I just cut off the bottom to the length I wanted, got rid of all the feathers then shaved off the head. I then trimmed a mosquito net to size for the side. The  little basket I used for the top was also from Bangkok. I think the food cover  is distinctively Sans! Strangely, it also  reminds me of a chicken coop.

Next, I painted the brass deities to look like worn wooden ones. Picture on the left shows what they looked like before. The girls may look a little more worn then most people like. It's their heads, I tell you. I wanted them to look less phallic. Don't ask me how I connected worn with not-so-phallic, I don't understand how my brain works sometime.  Eventually, I just put veils over their heads. You will see what I mean later.

I must say I really prefer Ganesh in colour. I sure hope he likes it too. And for the first time, I felt like maybe I could handle painting in smaller scale.

And then,  I had a Cindy moment. This is the moment when you are thinking incredibly small as Cindy is famous for her dexterity in making things for ants.  Anyway I decided to make some betel nuts but unlike Cindy, I am all for cheating. I had kept this dried fruit or flower for the longest time. I took apart a pod or bud (see the single one on plate) and inside each bud were 4-5 stone like seeds that looked like sliced betel nuts. One enjoys betel nuts by chewing them wrapped in a betel leaf till one looks like a werewolf after a meal. So I laid the betel nuts on a piece of real leaf. I sprayed some DesignMaster Basil Green on the leaf hoping the colour would last.

I placed the sliced betel nuts on a little coconut husk which in turn was placed on a plate (chopsticks holder) made from coconut .And as a tribute to Cindy, I added the 2 cups of chai she made me. It's no ordinary chai, mind you. True to her dizzying skills,  Cindy had added saffron strips in the tea..enough said!

And what is a narcotic ensemble without my hookah? Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to  make one more so as to complete this scene.

By now, it was getting very late and too dark to paint but I pushed on. I had wanted to make these metal cases for the longest time. They were quite typically used by merchants to transport their wares especially fabric. Cindy, knowing that I wanted to make the suitcases, had bought me these plastic boxes from Daiso when Dale was here in June. Cindy, you da best! And yes, it has taken me this long to start on them! 

It was not easy trying to convert plastic into metal so I decided  I had to badly corrode the suitcases. I was almost painting by instinct as I was tired and it was dark and the cases just looked like a lump of brown after a while. Nonetheless, when I looked at them again the next morning, they didn't look half bad. I guess I can boast now that I can rust plastic with my eyes closed!

.....To Be Continued


Patty said...

Everything is so amazing! I LOVE Ganesh! You have done an incredible job painting him and he does look like those wonderful plaster statues you can get!! You have me craving an Indian Buffet for lunch!!! :)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Amazing! Your suitcases look like rusted metal. I love your stair case and the little hookah. The little food table is great, love the corn cover. You accomplished a lot.

Victoria : )

rosanna said...

Dear, I knew you were working like a mad woman on the house! The Rollas are quite pleased of it ;o)
Ganesh is definitely better now that he is colourful, he makes me think of the temples I saw last summer ( sigh sigh ). The tribal house is getting better and better at each addition. Betel nuts ! how could you even think of them ? true is that I have never seen one in my life or anybody chewing one. Is their juice really blood like?
I'll eagerly wait for next post and see what you mean about the girls.
Big hugs Rosanna
PS did you get my mail? see you soon R

Kim said...

Beautiful, beautiful,beautiful Sans!!! I also adore Ganesh in his painted form- what a wonderful job you did! The suitcases look incredible- you would never guess how they started out! You have a magic touch with the paintbrush-that is for sure! I think my favorite is the food cover- I wish I could see your dollhouse in person because it's so stunning in the pictures and you know it's always better in real life :)

Debbie said...

Love how you've aged the plastic boxes. They really do look like rusted suitcases..x

Papillon Bleu said...

Sans, I just think you have amazing ideas to create your minis! The colours on the tiny statues are just the right thing!They look great.
And Cindy's blog? MASSIVE HUGE GIGANTIC sigh...she's a genius!Well done both of you.

Liberty Biberty said...

Love Ganesh and the girls but those corroded suitcases are quite spectacular...uh, oh, I feel a song coming on!

Eva said...

For me the most amazo¡ing thing is the spectacular change of plastic boxes....Superb!
The window is better now :)

Susanne said...

Your work and your storys about it are always amazing. I love reading (seeing) your blog. You do magic with rust too..I like that ,-0)
Love, Susanne

Daydreamer said...

OMG! What can I say? You have us hanging on your every word, every step... and such magical transformations! Plastic into rusted metal??? Badmiton birdie into food cage??? tiny imitation betel nuts from a tiny seed pod??? You are a magician! I love it all I think the painted statues are ever so much more realistic and beautiful! (Color wins every time in my humble opinion!) I can't wait to see the whole food corner assembled.... but I can understand to need to sleep as well! Sometimes we HAVE to wait for the inspiration before the piece can be finished! Bravo!

Glenda said...

Isn't it good when the dam bursts and the creativity starts to flow again on a project!!!
You're a genius, woman!
My favourite is the tea and betel nuts :)
And thankyou for the link to Cindy, what an amazing craftswoman!

Sans! said...

Patty :):):) This is too weird. As I said on your blog, I was thinking of you on Sunday :):). You will see what I mean when I do my next post :).

And thank you for the suggestion that my Ganesha could be made of plaster :):). I'd like that very much. I had a group of wooden Ganesh musicians painted like this . My musicians are still fairly new.

Although I set out to paint the deities to make them look like they were made from wood, I was thinking of temple statues and how they look, aged. So plaster or wood is good, I just don't want them to look brassy! hehe

Sans! said...

Vic, I must confess I was really surprised how "rusty" the suitcases actually turned out in the morning. I thought I had to redo everything again in the day when there was light ! :):)

I am very pleased with the staircase. Did it so long ago that it actaully turned a little mouldy 3 months back! :):) haha. I have a very bad "mold" problem here because Singapore is a very humid country and my area is even worse as there are many trees in our compound.

Now that it is the rainy season, it will get worse! :(

Sans! said...

Hey Rosanna, have you read my reply? :):)

It really just has been so crazy busy since I am back from Sri Lanka. Went to see the doc today because of my cough and was advised not to participate in the Standard Chartered run :(:(:(:(. I am very disappointed.

You know I really love this house so much. My sis came over on Sunday and asked me what's the story with this house. I started to tell her about the Rollas and how I am building their house for a group of artists and artisans because the Rollas are just so generous with their home that they always have guests who lived there some quite permanently. :):) She then said something really funny. She told me I have built it like an Aman Resort which is a very luxurious resort chain. See http://www.amanresorts.com/

I was very flattered when my sis told me that she would stay in my tribal house too :). hahaha

It's always a tussle for me , the fight between being real real and fantasy real. At this moment, I just want to build something that the Rollas will want to build for themselves.I am "working" for a very creative bunch of people who will not want me to compromise on the aesthetic. LOL

The 3D version of this house is really better than pictures. I wish you can see it. Although SuZ had to use a magnifying glass and even then, she told me noone would ever be able to see allllll the details in real life. :(

Sans! said...

Hey Rosanna, have you read my reply? :):)

It really just has been so crazy busy since I am back from Sri Lanka. Went to see the doc today because of my cough and was advised not to participate in the Standard Chartered run :(:(:(:(. I am very disappointed.

You know I really love this house so much. My sis came over on Sunday and asked me what's the story with this house. I started to tell her about the Rollas and how I am building their house for a group of artists and artisans because the Rollas are just so generous with their home that they always have guests who lived there some quite permanently. :):) She then said something really funny. She told me I have built it like an Aman Resort which is a very luxurious resort chain. See http://www.amanresorts.com/

I was very flattered when my sis told me that she would stay in my tribal house too :). hahaha

It's always a tussle for me , the fight between being real real and fantasy real. At this moment, I just want to build something that the Rollas will want to build for themselves.I am "working" for a very creative bunch of people who will not want me to compromise on the aesthetic. LOL

The 3D version of this house is really better than pictures. I wish you can see it. Although SuZ had to use a magnifying glass and even then, she told me noone would ever be able to see allllll the details in real life. :(

Sans! said...

Kim, oh I wish you can see it in person too! I take a lot of pleasure pointing out what's what in the house and for fellow enthusiasts, I have absolutely no problem with you picking up every piece to look at them up close.

My sis Suz has visited me many times and looked at the house. But it was only on Sunday that she took a proper look with a magnifying glass :). I must confess I was quite proudly opening up my toolboxes for her to show her the tools I made and the little shrine with all the things inside. You should have seen her, she looked like Sherlockner (girl version) Holmes :)

The food cover is truly inspired by the things I saw at the ancient village. I found the bruised shuttlecock on the road outside my house and knew it would make a good food cover. I found it before I went to Sri Lanka. I am glad I gave it a 2nd lease of life :). I also now know how a shuttlecock is made :).

Roberto Ferrés said...

Sans, obrigado pela visita. Não me canso de admirar suas minis!!! Parabéns, teu trabalho é fantástico!

Sans! said...

Thank you Debbie :):). Rusting is addictive and really not difficult :) as I am sure you know already! :)

bastrota said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sans! said...

Patricia! So good to see you here! I have a limerick for you!

Jolly jolly good golly,
Rolly Polly, sweet lollies.
Alienoreee, great dollie
But can't join your fair, so sorry ::(

If Only I can whip up that limerick in miniature just as fast, I will be at your Fair in a heartbeat!

Yea, Cindy is nut crazy good! :):)She's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of me

bastrota said...

I love your posts, Sans - this one shows your great creativity again.

Your fantastic ideas in making miniatures are unbelievable.

And I like the colors you choose.

Can't wait reading and seeing more of your beautiful texts and photos :-)))

Hugs and greetings from Bavaria, Germany

Ascension said...

Sans, primero darte las gracias por todos tus comentarios,
Y de tu post, puedo decir que es una verdadera "pasada".
Me encantan esas maletas y lo que has conseguido, creo que haces magia y de lo mas simple obtienes maravillosas miniaturas reales, enhorabuena.
Las mazorcas, la comida.......GENIAL!!!!!Debe ser maravilloso poder ver tus miniaturas en directo.
besitos ascension

Flora said...

:-) :-) :-)
it's all so beautiful ... Making a list is useless, I do not know what order to follow, since everything is perfect ... Like the great artists, your work is the influence of what you have seen and heard, and is at its best.
I love the colors and smells, I love your sensitivity and skill...

Pubdoll said...

My dear, you're really a wizard with the paint brush! I love the colourful Ganesh, great detailing, and you're the only one I know that can turn plastic into metal and rust!

Love the food table too, looks very authentic! (At least for a northern gal like me)

Sans! said...

Mercedes, I use that word a lot too and in fact I say "Spectacular! Spectacular! " all the time. It's just hell to type! LOL!

Let's set a date, shall we? Before your birthday next year? Me with Satine's room and you, Christian's. :)

Sans! said...

Eva, sweetie, thank you! I am trying to remember if this is my first with plastic. Definitely 1st with clear plastic- hehe.

And you are just being kind about the window. It is a disaster. I wanted to change it today since we are enjoying a holiday here in Singapore. But I prefer to be reading blogs and catching up with you guys.

I have to admit my brother's comment threw me off and I suffered a little confidence crisis. That's why this post is in 2 parts because suddenly this room is not "ready" anymore and I didn't feel like showing the rest of it ..LOL!

Snowfern said...

wahhh i'm so amazed can??? those rusted suitcases, i can honestly tell you back then, when you mentioned it i got crazy excited, but i had ZERO idea they would turn out as crazy good as they did!! :O the clasps even look like those handles, i remember dad had this 'shell' suitcase waaaay back when, they really look like that lor??? the centre rectangle looking like those combination locks???!??!? seriously, if you didn't put the pic of the 'before' right in front cannot tell hor??!?!?

and you make me damn shy la, can don't play up my noob attempts at drinks, i'm just so happy you can use them :D :D :D

(staring back at the suitcases make me feel fearful of getting nicked on a rusty edge though LOL dayum that's effective painting skillz)

Sans! said...

Thank you Susanne :).

This post could have turned into another long grandmother story :):) but I am glad I ended it with the rusty cases. You are my Rust Pal :):), you know that?

Sans! said...

Rosanna, forgot to tell you about betel nut. In Singapore, we still sometime see people chewing betel nuts in Little India.It was more common when I was a child or maybe it was my neighbourhood then. There was this particular Indian man who loved his betel nut. I remembered that he was very skinny. My sis & I (Win wasn't born then) were always frightened of him because when he smiled at us, his otherwise white teeth would be stained a bloody red. I am afraid we weren't very kind with the names we gave him behind his back. But back then, we gave everyone nicknames..tee hee.

Sans! said...

Betsy, you are really a great pal to have around when I am suffering a confidence crisis :):).

I was dissatisfied with everything last night when I made this post. I had started off liking the food cover but by the evening, what I thought was a rustic touch (the way the netting was done) became too rough. It also suddenly looked like a chicken coop to me..hehe although I liked that. I am glad that plate of corn is underneath the cover. The picture really made them look plastic!

For a room that was hardly worked on, it was the most photographed and shown on this blog. I really didn't feel like another turquoise /charcoal picture last night! hahaha..so much negativity. Sorry about that! All that just to tell you that actually the room was all done, except for the window and the rug.

I often write late at night and I stopped also because it was already 1am + when I hit the part on the rusty suitcase. Would have carried on normally but I knew I would only be boring myself :):) and you guys :):).

Sans! said...

Glenda, you really hit the nail on the head. I love these moments when I felt like I could do anything. And sometimes when it is one of those serendipitous ones, you feel like you can do no wrong.

Like the pod with the "betel nuts". I didn't know what the seeds would look like, it was just instinct again. Then I googled betel nut (cos actually I didn't know what it looked like) and found a picture of sliced betel nut and hey! That's just like sliced betel nut! One of these days, I must buy some real betel and still what they are really look like. :):)

Cindy is really a wonderkid. Ask Rosanna :):). Her latest work with the piping clay. OMG! Those Christmas cookies are collector's items I tell you.I think she only made the tea for me though because she said those saffron bits were quite a pain to repeat . :):):).

Sans! said...

Roberto, fico muito lisonjeada com seu elogio, mas você é muito generoso. Para mim, seu trabalho é a de um mestre. Na presença de tanta grandeza, eu certamente parece brincadeira de criança!

Mas obrigado pelo seu encorajamento.
Eu vou trabalhar duro e aspirar a ser o seu nível de excelência, se não nesta vida, então minha próxima vida! :):)

GB said...

Shuttlecock food covers. Plastic tin cases. Woman, what won't you think of next! Can i tell you I had a little aluminum box---a hand me down from my brother's school days which I used to store my little "treasures" in! Little shells. a doll's shoe (I lost the other one) some scruffy marbles. Pretty rocks. a few coins.......Loved your metal cases--very authentic!!

Daydreamer said...

Sans! You were just suffering an artist moment! That is when you have been looking too closely for too long and nothing is exactly like what you see in your head.... so you think it looks horrible! That means time to take a nap! Your work is amazing and very inventive and INSPIRED! So it is no wonder when there are times when the vision isn't there yet.... they don't come on a schedule! That is why I am doing so many dollhouses all at once... it is just so you won't notice that the work on the Lovely Old Dollhouse is SO SLOW!! But I don't care how long it takes..... it's a journey and I'm not sure where it's going!
So you gotta keep the faith and give yourself credit for the amazing things you are making! You inspire us all! :)

The Old Maid said...

Love the small food table,the food, the way you painted deities,hookha, but most of all I adore what you did to that plastic cases!! WOW! I would never ever say there are the same boxes! Fantastic! And so real-leather! :)

Piikko said...

Sans, your rusty suitcases are stunning and you've been really creative with a food cover. But those corns ... I love them and I miss their charred flavor. When we visit Morocco I always buy one cornstick directly from a fire. A little salt and butter on...yammy:D
Hugs, piikko

Sans! said...

You know Marion, I am so glad we met each other! :) You are always so encouraging and enthusiastic :):):).

And of course, I found out that like me, you mix the real with minis, :):). I love doing that too.

Thank you Marion, for explaining to me in your last post what was real and what was mini. Now I want to know, did you bake the 1:12 cookies like real food or with clay? :):)

If we were neighbours, I would be over every time I smell you baking in the kitchen :)

Sans! said...

Ascensión:):) muchas gracias en gran medida!! :):)

¿Cree usted que un día, llegará a Singapur a visitarme? Por supuesto, tendremos que llevar a un Español-Inglés (usted) y Español-Inglés (yo) diccionarios para hablar unos con otros. :):)

Tuve que google "Pasada". Qué significa "paso"? Yo no entendía "Puedo Decir Que es Una Verdadera" Pasada ".

Until your visit,
muchos besos desde Singapur a España

Sans! said...

Hey Flora :):) Thank you so much for those words. Your comment made me go back to my post to re-look at everything again and feel better about what I had done! hahaha.

You guys are baaaaaaaad for my ego! It is getting really big now. I feel like Harry Potter's Aunt Marge when she bloated up into a helium balloon and floated up into Cloud 9. That's where I am now. :) hellllllllllllllllooooooooo doooooooown theeeeeeeeeeeeere! :):)

Sans! said...

Hey Helene!!!!!:):)

I blew up the Ganesh pic so much that every time I go back to the post I have to look at it with all the details! LOL I am a little surprised myself how well it had turned out. Even the parts where the age is supposed to be showing came up quite convincing :). Not sure if you remember my post on traditional wooden toys from India. I used one of the Ganesha musician as a model and followed the colours. I think of all that I did that Saturday afternoon, I am most happy with Ganesh :):)

You know, I am so glad that I am myopic! Now that I need reading glasses, all I have to do is to remove my regular glasses to see close objects. Thanks to minis, I don't even wear contacts any more !

By the way, Helene, once you learn how to use paint to assimilate a certain material, eg make things look like wood or metal , you can turn almost anything to metal or wood. It's the same method, no matter what material you are using. With your background in art and paint, you definitely can do it too. I didn't even think I could paint so really anyone can do it! Just don't hold yourself back. For you, you will want to know how to convert things to plastic...that one is very tricky! haha. If I find out how, I will let you know!

By the way, there is a new kind of nail polish that uses acrylics . You dry it under the UV. I think using that nail polish might work! Your nails look very plastic after they are done :). And it is chip-proof too!!!

Sans! said...

O yes, Helene, that food table, I just loooooooove those wrapped rice dumplings. If you blow up the picture, you can see that the leaf on one of the dumplings has come apart a little bit near the strings and there's just a teeeny bit of white showing through looking exactly like rice! It's a very Asian way of keeping our food so that it can be transported easily. I really admire these Thai artisans. Some of their work is really beyond outstanding!

My goodness,I can really rattle on and on when I am talking to you..hehe!

Sans! said...

Cindy!!!!!!! Ma Gal!!!

Are you surrrrre or not??!!! I cannot believe that you didn't recognise the box! Must have at least ring a bell when I said metal suitcase? I tell you, if you didn't find those boxes, I would still be cracking my head! Must "gang xie en shi" :):)

I had wanted to change the handle, see this link http://www.hudsongoodsblog.com/?tag=metal-trunks for the hardware, especially the rusty one. But in the end, I thought they can pass as some kind of homemade clasp. I think I have also seen old cases with handle like this .

I wish I had blue metallic spray paint. I would have liked to make 1 blue one. I think it would be even more realistic. But I only have silver and gold. Let's go shopping on Sat! :):)

Ascension said...

Sans "es una verdadera pasada", quiere decir, que es mas que genial, que se "pasa" de genial.
Es lo que pienso de tus trabajos, que son alucinantes y fantasticamente reales.
besitos ascension

Ana Anselmo said...

Sans your work is fabulous!!!!! I just love all the details, I would love to see all those beautiful things "in vivo" !!!!!!eh!eh!
translating what Ascension wrote namely "es una verdadera pasada" it means is just great, genial, a outstanding work!!!
Love from Lisbon

Sans! said...

Gagan, you have become my accuracy barometer :). So this aluminium box is like a small one? i love metal boxes :).

I have 2 steel trunks which I painted white for a shabby look ..lol. I saw them in a fabric shop in Little India. The owner of the shop told me that he had used the steel trunks to bring his textile from India :). I begged him to sell me the trunks :):) and he said you can have them :). So now you know why I had always wanted to make these trunks :).

Sans! said...

Betsy, thank you for those words :)! You have made me blushed as red as Ganesh :):) haha

It's weird, I multi task quite well but when it comes to the dollhouse, it is very difficult for me to do more than 1 house/room at a time. In fact I haven't been able to and that's why all the presents I have planned, my mum's peonies garden , mu niece's school room have all been in the back burner for so long. I wish I can do it like you, Betsy !:):) It's pretty amazing that you can switch like that. I think that keeps your work fresh and interesting. :)

Sans! said...

Ewa, I am rolling on the floor here!!!!! I mean to make rusty metal boxes :):):) I am afraid they are not meant to be leather :):) hahaha.

Ok , time to repaint !!

But now at least I know how I can change plastic to leather :). I look at the pic again, with a bit more touch up , they do look a little leathery :).

Thank you dear for being candid. :)

Sans! said...

Really Piiko? You and me both!!! I usually don't like corn EXCEPT if it is charred and fresh from the fire and juicy and sweet and a little hot to the touch! How wonderful to be biting into one when the weather is a little cold, standing at a street corner. With a little salt and butter ....yummmmmmmms back :).

Sans! said...

Me encanta cuando un comentario en mi blog, la Ascensión. ¿Sabes que eres realmente mi profesor de español?

Voy a traducir el comentario en google y luego voy a tratar de averiguar qué significa cada palabra en español. A veces se me olvida el significado, pero si lo hago con bastante frecuencia, me acuerdo de voluntad.

Aunque todavía no puedo escribir en español, ahora puedo entender lo que una frase española simple significa ahora.

muchas gracias, profesor :):).

Sans! said...

Haha Ana :):) now I know the meaning of "in vivo" :) It's Latin ! Vivo means "living" :):). I see it has the same meaning in Portuguese? :):)

Thank you Ana for your kind words and for the translation. It makes everything clearer now.

And wow! Thank you too, Ascension for the effusive compliment! Too much! :):)

Norma said...

Sans I SWEAR you are blessed with a third eye!! From shuttlecock to food cover and boring plastic storage containers to metal suitcases - your mind is full of magic. I'm going to steal that idea by the way, I can see some 'vintage' suitcases coming up for my Brocante... much easier to start with the platic carcass than making card boxes!!

Sans! said...

Thank you, dear Norma :) and steal away, my dear :):) O boy, haven't heard that song for ages!! Do you know Robbie Dupree "Steal Away"? Think I will add it here on my "Ipod"

Actually that shuttlecock is so useful. Imagine all that hard work that went into fitting the sticks of feather into the cork (top part of the shuttlecock is actually a cork) and we don't have to worry about that. By the way, the shuttlecock structure also makes a perfect primitive fish trap.

AND do you know the collective noun for feathers is a tickle of feathers??? hehe..! You can see it here: http://collectivenoun.co.uk/

Minka's Studio said...

Love all your textures and colors and details!

Sans! said...

Minyah :) or Minka (love this name :) ) I am glad that you left a comment here :). I haven't visited the living room for ages :).

Thank you for the sweet words :)

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