Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Day 216- The Second Year

 Replica of an ancient sundial , Paris Flea Market 1993

Time passes as a shadow and before I know it, I am as Mr White Rabbit says  : LATE! LATE! LATE!

Be it the 8th (the 1st day of my dollhouse journey) or the 12th (my very 1st post here) , I know I am late. Writing this post is harder than I have anticipated. Mind you,  it is not for want of trying.  So many times I sat  before my laptop , fingers on the keyboard, ready to condense my 2nd year into a singular post. And each time, I drew a blank.

 Traditional Toy of India : Painted  wooden howdah -Little India, 2010

An uneventful year, perhaps? On the contrary, I think too much had happened such that I didn't know where to start. So today, I looked back at the very 1st post I made this year and  saw that it was about my travel. I had written about a short trip to Malaysia and how I saw my Maharajah's Palace in the capital.  As I read on, I began to see how the milestones of the last year were marked  by the various TRAVELS..

 Palettes made from scallop shells -gift from Flora, Italy 2010

Firstly, there was the path never travelled where I ventured and found out to my utter surprise that I could be some kind of an alchemist. I sort of turned gold into brass, silver into wicker and plastic into rust, all with the stroke of a paintbrush. A beginner's luck  but surely  the 1st important turning point of my creative journey.

 My 1st -Eva the Peddlar Doll, my favourite as well- Singapore 2010

Then I created my very first doll. I named her Eva after a special friend. I gave her all the gifts from Eva and just like a Creator,  I also gave her a destiny. I shake my head in wonder as unknowingly, I have intended for her then that  she shall always be travelling.

 Traditional Toy - Pony Pull toys- Flea Market in Ljublana, Slovenia 2010

I then travelled afar, again on untrodden path to meet a virtual doll's house friend. Little did I know that this meeting with Rosanna would mark the beginning of a really beautiful friendship and the first of several meetings with even more virtual friends. 

 Farmhouse Jr- April 2010

And as I journeyed further into unfamiliar territory, there was much that I destroyed but that was also how I found out that

 The Rolla's House - November 2010

...I could rebuild.....

 Patchwork Balls-Colombo, Sri Lanka 2010

...ALL THANKS  to the help , encouragement and generosity of my friends, some of  whom I have never met but who have shared so much of yourself that I felt like I have known you forever.

House windchimes - Singapore 2010

And so when it was one of you who had travelled on a long long flight to visit me, I said to you : Mi casa es su casa and what an honour it was for me, Dale that you came and how great it was that because you came, I met Cindy, Asuka and Pei Li

 Man-Woman Weather House -Flea Market in Ljublana, Slovenia 2010

And since July this year, no matter rain or shine, Cindy and Asuka will travel to meet with me once a month.  For the first time since I started this journey in 2008, I  found my monthly meet mini friends. A great and talented duo who not only share my passion but have also unstintingly shared their knowledge and their skills with me.

The Rollas with Rosanna's bowls, handmade of course-Italy 2010

Then Rosanna arrived, her 1st time in South East Asia...and together, we travelled some more .

Miniature wooden dolls -Little India 2010

And it was also about this time that I met my very first friend from India who herself had travelled far to settle in the US. I am so happy to have met you, Gagan and as I heed your advice, consider yourself one of my blessings.

 Quilted Cloth Toy-Kandy, Sri Lanka 2010

And throughout the year, gifts travelled far and wide to reach me.

Chinese folk dolls -Chinatown, 2010

From Spain- Muchas Gracias,  EvaMeli Carolina, Carmen and Carmen
Italy- , Grazie mille, Rosanna and Flora.  
Poland- Ewa , dziękuję Finland-Ira, kiitos
 Denmark-Susanne, tak Norway-Helene, and takk
New Zealand- Thank you so much, Glenda and Mercedes
US- kisses to you, Ilisha and Dale and Katie and Kim and Jayne and Carol and Victoria
Japan-Tomoko, ありがとう gozaimasu
Singapore- Asuka, Cindy, MarG and SuZ, 謝謝!

Traditional Pecking Toy -Sri Lanka , 2010

Much as I love my gifts, I treasure even more how some of you always gather here to tolerate my chatter.

Paper Theatre-Nativity, Salzburg, Austria 2010
They say 'tis the season to give and share. But no matter how many times I have written and how often I have said so, no words will  suffice to express my deepest gratitude to many of you . Without whom, my second year would just have passed like the shadows, quietly and without any footprints.


In the spirit of more sharing, here's A Rare Pic of  Sans! -Singapore, Yesterday

PS As at today, 253 of you actually think this blog  is worth some attention. Here's a toast to each and everyone of you and another toast to a even more eventful journey next year.


Sound Horn Please said...

Absolutely lovely post Susan! You write so well :) I have had a wonderful time reading your posts too. I had the exact same elephant chennapatna doll while growing up. I have found newer glossier versions later but didn't feel like buying them. Yours, slightly faded brought back so many memories :)

Ascension said...

Ha sido un placer y un honor visitarte durante este año y ver con que facilidad transformas todo lo que haces y lo conviertes en maravillas.
Solo hay que ver el fantastico cambio que le has dado a la casita, maravillosa.
Me ha encantado viajar y ver contigo todas las maravillas que nos has enseñado(que no hubiese podido ver de otra manera)
Has hecho grandes amigas y ha algunas incluso has tenido la oportunidad de conocerlas.
Y por ultimo me ha encantado "ponerte cara", una chica guapa y simpatica.

Psd.Lo que has utilizado como paletas "conchas", aqui en España de llaman "navajas", un molusco muy apreciado.
besitos ascension

The Old Maid said...

Dear Sans, it is so great to see you finally, beautiful Lady!:) I am so blessed to meet you and other wonderful Friends on blogland so Thank You very much too!:D It is always a pleasure to read your posts and comments!
It is such a lovely post.
Good music as usual.
(But why it is Portugal? Hahahahaha I know! You know someone from there who's got the name just like me ;D)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Friends are the best gift of all. You are beautiful inside and out. I love reading your blog and looking at the beautiful photographs, you always seem to put everything together so well.

Victoria ♥

rosanna said...

Hi dearie, welcome back and welcome into a new fabulous year.
You are beautiful !! I'm sorry I'm late writing back but you know I think of you :o))
Lovely post as usual, you have spoilt us with your prose and we never have enough. I send you a huge hug all way to Singapore. Un abbraccione one one, Rosanna

Piikko said...

Hi Sans, I think you had a lovely year. And you are lively too♥
Huge minihug, piikko

Susanne said...

Dear Sans
When I read your post, I thought I would like to see your face, and then suddenly, there you were! You look so beautiful, just like I have imagined.
Following your blog and getting to know your style and thoughts are so rewarding and inspiring. Thank you so much for being here!
Love, Susanne

Ara said...

Sounds like such a wonderful year filled with success and new friends!! I have definitely enjoyed reading your stories and being at least a small part of your world!! How wonderful to see a picture of you as well!!! I love to see my internet friends! hugs and happy holidays, ara

Flora said...

Dear, dear Sans: time passes so fast that even the normal units, is able to quantify ...
It seems to me to meet you for a lifetime, and are only a few months ...
I would add that, without seeing your rare pic, I imagine you just like you are!
Perhaps because the distance sharpens the senses and imagination, reset the time, approaching souls.
Thank you for all the treasures that you always reveal, that I can read between the lines...
Mini hugs, Flora

Eva said...

Today has been a strange day at work and you made my day tonight when I have seen your smiling and pretty face. You are beautiful dearie!!!
Another year starts, another year of hopes, chances and opportunities. Another chance to full a year with love, friendship and wonderful bits of life.
When I was reading your post I was remembering a lot of things of this year and I smile because blogland is brilliant...
Lately I am feeling missing..I am doing too much things at the same is something that I want to change this new year, I want to take care of my virtual friends again.
Thanks to you Susan
Un beso guapa

cockerina said...

Sans dear, none of us is a shadow, and leave all traces of our passage, some more, some less ...
I am sure that I do not I ever come to know you personally, but you'll stay in the my heart, and now I discover that you are a beautiful girl, also!
a kiss from away Italy!

cockerina said...

PS: felt balls are beautiful!
you can count how many faces they have? thanks!!

Sans! said...

Divya :):), our very own notable newbie *nudge and tease ;p ! Thank you for being here!

I am afraid my Channapatna ele is not so well made but I do love it. Always wanted one and was thrilled when I saw it in the bargain bin at a shop in Little India. A treasure at S$5! I made the mistake of cleaning it with a wet cloth right before this photo shoot and was horrified when the colour came off! And some parts are made of paper which I will have to re-glue. Does yours rotate on the top? My man in the howdah cam turn and look at you as his elephant tramples ..teehee. :)

Can you tell I love old toys?

Glenda said...

A light-filled post from a delightful and beautiful lady!!

On reading this post and seeing your lovely face, I'm thinking of the changes we've seen this year. If you had said to me a year ago that I would have so many wonderfully talented and amazing new friends I would have shaken my head in disbelief!
You've been a constant delight, dear Sans, with your mini houses and the charming and funny stories you tell. Your travels have delighted us too. So thankyou a thousand times!!!
xxx Glenda

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! (Susan!) Pleased to MEET you! :) You are beautiful in photos and in spirit! I have traveled in your shadow this whole year, as it was about a year ago that I found your blog... and didn't know how to imagine I would ever have one of my own! I followed you to India, and Italy, I laughed when I saw the Rollas first glimpse of snow from inside their box! I have hovered daily to see what you would bring forth next in your transformation of the mundane into the precious and the precious into the mundane... you are an Alchemist indeed! Your Journey is so inspiring... as I have said before..... I LOVE your blog! And you are the worthy recipient of so many gifts and so much friendship! What a treat it is for us (me!) to be able to see what you are creating and to be enriched by your stories and research. What an amazing world this mini blogland is! And it is a treat to see your picture! Thank YOU! :):):)

Sans! said...

Ascensión, son sin duda uno de los amigos que he mencionado. Usted está siempre aquí! Realmente te echo de menos cuando no estás, ya sabes:).

Por cierto, he buscado y buscado en Internet el significado de "ponerte cara". Supongo que quiere decir "poner un rostro a un nombre" en Inglés. :) ¿Es? Incluso fui a (un sitio web muy buena para aprender) jeje!

No es suficiente para ver lo de los demás sin embargo foto. Debemos cumplir en la vida real, la Ascensión. 2011? 2012? Usted puede decidir:). Mi casa es Su Casa.

Estoy enviando un correo electrónico. Asegúrese de buscarlo?

PS: Scallops or navajas are very expensive here. We eat them during Chinese New Year and only in delicate portions :).

Sans! said...

Ewa, I am digging a hole right now so I can crawl into it!!!! OMG! I am such a GOON! I don't know why "Portugal" either! I even remembered translating "thank you" into Polish ..hahaha! It is a genuine mistake! I know this part will be tricky, I will either get the names/country or something wrong. I was horrified to discover this morning that I actually omitted someone! Luckily she's not here yet ..hehe!

By the way, would you believe that despite this big big world and the entire universe, you are the only "Ewa" I know? :)My only friend from Poland , how could I forget?? *kicking my own butt ! :)

I am the one who's blessed to have met you!

Kisses etc coming your way from Singapore :)

Sans! said...

Victoria, I am not a fan of Whitney but she's right about Love being the greatest thing of all or was it something about the Greatest love of all...whatever! :):) I think you know what I mean. :)

And thank you for the beautiful compliment. For that, you win a prize apart from my eternal gratitude..teehee.

Speaking of prize, I was searching high and low for a pic of my prize from you the night I did this post but it somehow eluded me. I had wanted to post a pic of them on this post. No matter, I have such grand plans for the story surrounding these poison bottles you sent me (and I got 3 instead of 2!!!) I hope you are still around 5 years later to read it when I am finally building my palace harem..haha! :)

Sans! said...

Rosanna, you get break time since it was your birthday so write when you are not so bz wrapping your door :). I am hearing a lot of news about your country, my dear and I am glad you are not living in Rome!

And wow, you used the magic word too! Guess you too win a prize ..hehe :).

Kisses flying back to you via Air Italia :). I can't wait for 2012 when we meet again in the Kingdom of Siam. This time, we will make sure you don't eat any eggs! :):)

Sans! said...

Piiko , THANK YOU! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Megahuge mini hugs back to you.

I love that in our world, we say mini hugs with so much affection. If I tell my life size friends "mini hugs", they will think I am a scrooge!!! LOL :)

By the way, I think you are a genius with that mobile angel candle!

Sans! said...

Arghhh, Piiko. I see you have not listed your email . Can you email me? Thanks!

christine said...

you are very sweet, thats why you have so many friends!! and you are also very pretty... beauty within and without!! xxx

Las manos de Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

Pues menudo año lleno de maravillas.
No sabia como era la casa anteriormente. Pero ahora esta muchisimo mejor.
Enhorabuena por el año.

Ana Anselmo said...

what can I say, Sans, I love your blog and everything you made!!!!!!i have a fascination for the Orient, for those cultures and history, and you write so well, you make me see all the magic around your miniatures. You are so special! and I invite you to came to Portugal, "a minha casa é a tua casa"!
Love from Lisbon

PS: here those sea animals are also known aas "navalhas", which is the same word for "navajas" in Spanish....

Piikko said...

I sent you a email. Hope you'll get it!
And yes, you're lively but you are lovely too:DDDD

Sans! said...

Dear Susanne, I am afraid I have put up a good pic :) and let me tell you, for every 1 good pic of me, there are 10000 bad ones :).

Remember I tell you I sport the tramp boho look of a bygone Madonna? Back in the "Desperately Seeking Susan" days ? That's me ALL THE TIME:). Even in this so called good pic, my hair looked a little plastered . Bro said it looked like I was trying to fix my wig ..hehe. Seriously not being modest here but beautiful I am not :).

Most of the time, I wear my specs and my hair is always messy, often just bunched up like an old lady :) . I also slouch :) and if you are skyping with me right now, you will likely just fall back and faint, cos I am just back from a very hectic day and I look like an absolute witch :):).

I just realised that I apply the same rejection of perfection in my minis to my own appearance..LOL! I have a serious aversion to looking immaculate :).Something is always a little off where I am concerned. Meet me one day and you will know exactly what I mean :).

Jorge Cubells said...

Hola Sans, cuantas cosas nuevas, he disfrutado viéndolas. Te deseo feliz Navidad. Nos leemos el año próximo.



Meli said...

Dear Sans,
It has been a pleasure to visit your great blog!
I have been a bit low of mood during a couple of months and haven't visited yours!
Now that things are starting to settled hope to recover and come back to the bloggers world!
With my best wishes!

Sans! said...

Ara, as far as I am concerned, you are my internet sister! I think it's because like SuZ , you love the Addams Family and you were in the architectural line :).

That's why when I heard you were preggy , I felt a rush of good warm feelings :). Thank you for celebrating my 2nd anni with me :):).

Sans! said...

Flora, I am so happy that some of my favourite blogging mini friends are here on this special occasion :). And you can definitely count yourself as one of them .

I rank my 2nd year even more important than the 1st. I think that's why it is hard to write. I re-read this post so many times before I publish and right after I hit the button, I knew I had missed something ;). An event in July/August..

Things have been going too well for me here in Blogland. I feel so blessed everyday that I have a creative outlet. And really, a lot of how I keep my fire burning is through here. It is just so incredible for me that I always have an audience and how encouraging, supportive and wonderful they are, even if sometimes, they lie to make me happy ;p. (heh heh, but I also can read between the lines).

I wonder now about next year, who will I meet? People make list for presents at Christmas. I make list of people I want to meet :). And you are on that list :).

Sans! said...

After I wrote the reply to Flora , I decided to add the pretty significant something that I forgot to put in earlier.

Rosanna, if you are reading this, come see the picture at least :).

Pubdoll said...

Dear Sans, I'm very late, late, late, but you know why. This post sums up your year in a wonderful way.
So nice to see the termite house again before the transformation into the wonderful house of the Rollas. Seeing how it used to look makes me appreciate the transformation even more! Did you plan the end result from the beginning, or did the ideas come to you in the process?
And what a nice photo of you, I don't care what you told Susanne, you are beautiful! Beauty has nothing to do with immaculate hair and so on, but just as much with inner glow, and you could light up a room with yours!
Thank you so much for being my friend!

Sans! said...

Eva, as I was trying to write this post, I kept going back to the posts I did in January . Of course, this means, reading about Eva, my 1st doll. One year has passed since I created her, my travelling peddlar doll and she remains till today, my favourite doll.Even my sister thinks she's gorgeous :). That was when I told my sis about you and how I have made her with all the prizes I won at your giveaway. :).

Today, I added her into this post as well.I try not to edit my posts after I have published it. But this anniversary post is different. There are too many important milestones and I simply cannot leave Eva out :).

If I tell you I still have some of your peanut candy , will you believe me? It's true :). And guess what? I finally found our very own Singapore version They are coming to you , dearie.

Sans! said...

Hey Catarina, good to see you here :). I bought the felt balls from this place called "Barefoot" in Sri Lanka. Barefoot was started by an English lady 30 years ago to sell woven craft of young Sri Lankan women. Each toy is handmade with cloth spun/dyed or weaved and then sewn in house by these women. They are very very well made.

I love these and my 2 year old nephew too. Now there's a reason he wants to visit me more regularly :).

Sans! said...

Glenda :). Yes, we only meet crackpots and psychos online right ? teehee :).

I remembered when I first met Rosanna and she was recounting to me the reactions she got when she told some of her friends how a trio of strangers from blogland would be coming to stay with her. Their reaction was of course, my goodness! What if they are criminals? Dear sweet Rosanna pragmatically told them : If they travel all the way from Singapore to steal my tv, I say , take them! LOL! That is of course not an invitation from me to go get her TV! But how not to endear myself to her after that?

But yes, it is even more unbelievable for me that this community consist of so many great and generous people, most with loving warm families etc. I thought this is a fairy land, with a bit of drama for excitement once in a while but mostly, it's like being in Pleasantville!

I even have you loving my vacation pictures !! hehe :):) I hope you will be here to read all about my ashram experience next year. Luckily for me, I can't see some of you stifling a yawn already or hear the loud groans !!

Sans! said...

Betsy, your words have moved me so much , I actually had to stand up and walk around the house to keep my emotions at bay :).

I sometimes think I must have been a really really good person in my past life to now be blessed with so many great friends who have so many nice things to say. I am saving what you wrote on my laptop in a folder marked "Epitaph worthy quotes " :). You don't mind , do you? :)

There is a rumour flying around in my circle about me only spending 25% of my time on my real job and that I am a full time dollhouse builder, a description no one understands here. Wicked and baseless, of course, these rumours but can you blame me if it's true? LOL.

Sans! said...

Hey Christine, it's so good to see you here as your last post was more than 2 weeks ago :). You must be really busy preparing for Christmas?

Despite that, you haver found time t be here :). THANK YOU for that!! :):) And for the sweetest things you say :)

Sans! said...

Muchas gracias Virginia). Me encanta mi casa y estoy tan feliz que te guste también:). Estoy tan feliz de verte aquí, en mi fiesta de aniversario:)

Sans! said...

Muchas gracias Virginia). Me encanta mi casa y estoy tan feliz que te guste también:). Estoy tan feliz de verte aquí, en mi fiesta de aniversario:)

Sans! said...

Ana!!!!!! Are you sure? Absolutely sure? Ok, too late, I have just boasted to my friend that I have received an invitation to go to Portugal

...hmm maybe that's why I wrote "Portugal" Ewa :)

I am thrilled that you like all things Orient, dear Ana and that I can bring a little bit of that to you :). If you wish ....

Sans! said...

Pikko, I have just read your last email :). You are so funny too and had me laughing a lot today :). Thank you :).

Sans! said...

Hola Jorge, ha sido un gran año y es importante para mí:). Brindemos para una aún mejor para todos nosotros! Espero que me deja tener su correo electrónico:).

Sans! said...

Meli, I have been hoping that I will see you here today :) and as fate will have it , here you are :).

You know you have made this year special for me because of your gift to my mum. :) I saw it last week. she has placed it in her bedroom with the other knick knack that she loves. Thank you , my dear :)

I want to say again , I am so glad you are here . :)

Sans! said...

Wooooohoooooo, my good friend's here and now I can go to bed happy !

HALLO, Helene :):). You are just fashionably late , my dear .Very Karl Edo. Either that or your Sardis not working well! See? I have come to know your characters so well despite the very complicated family tree you have created!

I think you can guess that I don't have the best laid plans or any kind of plans before I build. That's why the process take so long. I have a vague impression of what I want to do, mostly inspired from a single picture (like the one of the paint brushes and seashell palettes which resulted in the studio with your panting) and just work from there.

I am now planning to change my tent again. I think until I am perfectly happy with the end result, every work here is a work in progress.

One thing I am trying very hard not to do is to replicate real life. It is very tempting to look at a photograph and then see if I can replicate the scene in mini. I am in awe of people who does that but have decided that I like a little fantasy in my creation. And definitely a story of my own :).

By the way, when I say I look like a witch , I don't mean those Harry Potter cute and cuddly type who fly on brooms . I mean the Chinese long haired, scare the hell out of even myself kind :). Once I saw myself on skype tv while talking to my sister , and really, I got scared and I remembered my room was dark , it was a cold night and the windows were slammed shut from the wind....ooooooohhhhh...

Thank you, my dear, for indulging me by coming here:) just wanted you to see me on my "good" day hair :)

Sans! said...

Hehe, I mean on my "good hair" day...or rather "in" my good day hair. No, no, "under" my "day good" hair..whatever!

bastrota said...

You look as beautiful as I thought when I read your beautiful stories, Sans! Thank you very much for showing your picture.

The second year? Congratulations! And congratulations to your world wide friends.

I am looking forward to the next year with you and your lovely blog and your lovely posts.

Hugs and greetings

Papillon Bleu said...

Sans!!!! I am glad I can put a face behind the beautiful words and creations!
Yes, a beautiful post this is.
You know? in France we say that travels make youth.
May your jouney and your next steps lead you to many other magical places and put good hearted people on your path.


Snowfern said...


just got up not long ago, aiyoh. :) kinda hard to find the right words. just smiling a lot, and really want to kiss that happy face XD (don't worry i won't haha!)

i hope you're mending up well from the cold(s) and frankly was gonna mail you regarding Dec meet, then it hit me that merry christmas mr lawrence was is one of my fave instrumental (??) songs (pieces?) and as always, you've introduced me to a new version i've never heard before....akakaka!

mailing you now :D


Sans! said...

Ohhhh Marion, I am so glad you are here :). You will find out soon enough why :).

I know you and I have just "met" but you have been really good to me, often stopping by here and leaving such encouraging words.

Do you know that I only found out today that you have a miniature shop? :). Today, I trawled your site hoping to look for an email address. That's how I found your website :). I also love your gingerbread house . The blue is absolutely brilliant. Congratz on winning 1st prize!

Now, do you mind sending me an email ? Because your blog does not list one :). Look forward to hearing from you :)

Oese said...

I love to see your foto! So glad that I visited your blog today. Your smile is beautiful. Your work is outstanding. Enjoy your third year!

Sans! said...

Hey Patricia :):) I LOVE travelling :). As far as I am concerned, if you work just to travel without ever owning a house or a car or whatever, then this life is already half meaningful :):).

I use to do it about once or twice a year for at least 2 weeks a year. Then it dwindled down to 2-3 days a year and and then on eyear, I stopped completely , not even to cross over to Malaysia :). It was for one reason or another.

But when I started the blog, I told myself I want to see the world again so I started doing it with a vengeance since 2009 :).

Thank you for your kind wishes, Patricia . One day soon, I will be on your path when you are coming down to visit your sis :).

Sans! said...

Cindy!!!!!!! Muax muax muax- don't worry it's only virtual :).

My cold is gone and yesterday I visited my doc to get a flu jap amongst other stuff (will tell you at our meet :)- 'Tis quite funny, as in haha funny! )

I like to claim we have ESP but well, it's the time of the month , when we meet of course :). I was worried you might not be up to it so I do it through this post to exert some pressure..*kidding. I was going to email you as well but I need to do something first :).

Will read your email later tonight :).

"Forbidden Love" will forever be my favourite song :). Can you imagine I chose this song because it's Christmas ala the movie title...hehe :) I love that it is a very mellow tune. All the upbeat carols are driving me a bit nuts ! :)

Sans! said...

OMG!!! Petra, I just saw your comment ! :) What a wonderful surprise and for this post too:). Your timing is absolutely perfect :).

Thank you for your sweet words :). See you in a while :)

Amy said...

How wonderful to get to see your beautiful face! Hello! And Happiest New Year to you, which can be nothing but amazing, considering how you fill a year with so much intricate magic.

Best thing to see today-how you worked your alchemy on the same model as my little red dollhouse-an absolutely terrific transformation. I'm always a little afraid to dive into something and make it completely mine-this is very inspiring, actually. Fantastic!

Jorge Cubells said...

hola, Sans, me has escrito diciendome que necesitas mi direccion, ¿donde te la puedo mandar?


Sans! said...

Hola Jorge!

Mi correo aparece en mi perfil:):)

Sans! said...

Hey Amy! *waves ")

If only you know how much of an inspiration your little red dollhouse was, and still is to me. :). Your work has definitely left an indelible mark and is my benchmark for excellence. Like when I was making my Banjaran toran which are now hanging over the exterior windows of the house, the one that you did for your bedroom was constantly at the back of my mind.

This reply took a while because I went back to your flickr to look at the little red dollhouse again (incidentally, I have changed the name of your house on my left bar accordingly). Is it really the farmhouse junior from Real Good Toys? Amazing, because mine was also a rescued house, having been destroyed partially by termites. I know you found yours abandoned on the side of a road. :)

Oh my, I also just rediscovered the hesitant comment I had left for you to say that your house was one of my fav. The caption reads "Comment left 23 months ago". That was when I first started. I remembered how painfully shy I was about leaving any comment for fear of sounding like a gushing idiot. But I had to tell you :).

Next to the Mexican Dollhouse, your Little Red Dollhouse has to be the one closest to my heart. Although the Old Blue Barn is slowly but surely inching for that spot.

23 months ago , if anyone told me that one day, you would visit this blog and tell me that I am an inspiration, in whatever way, I would probably have just fainted and never believe her. Actually , I still don't but thank you anyway, Amy. I am overwhelmed.

I wanted to email you about something but saw that you did not list your add on your blog. Can you email me instead? My email add is on my profile.

Kim said...

Sans- I'm trying to catch up on blog reading- what a beautiful post! I am glad that I have met you through blogging- I always save your posts to read when I have time to fully appreciate them and your blog is one of my absolute favorites. What a treat to see the person behind the stories, the travels and the wonderful minis! I look forward to reading your blog in it's 3rd year ♥

Sans! said...

I will be thrilled if you can make my 3rd anniversary party, Kim :) . For you, I will always remember when we met. Summer 2010 :) Thank you Caterina for organising the swap. So amazing how we ended up still visiting each other. I think of all the swaps I have participated, you are the only swapee who has kept in touch :). You are a special lady, Kim and I hope 2011 will be a great one for you.

GB said...

Sans, where do i begin to count my blessings...this year i gifted myself friends and opened my heart......... :)

Your post was incredible as always----and such a treat to see your beautiful face

Liberty Biberty said...

Awesome to see a pic of you!
Thank you for taking us on the Palace journey with you.
PS. Awesome music...I haven't listened to that for years (I think I had it on a record)!

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Susan!

It was great getting to meet you as well, thanks to Dale's visit! Have a wonderful blessed new year!

Pei Li

Sans! said...

Gagan, sweetie, thank you! :).

Sans! said...

Merceds, I just opened your presents!!! Yes, on the eve of New Year's eve. OMG! I LOVE EM!

Sans! said...

Pei Li, the pleasure's all mine! It's a pity we don't meet up more often :).

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