Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Day 220-The Fall

by Monty

Things are never what they seem,
Don’t always fit into life’s scheme,
When things to me don’t seem right,
I withdraw to the darkest night.

There I walk a lonely trail
And listen to the night-wind wail,
Searching for what I can’t find,
That’s buried deep within my mind.

There’s no way out, no way in,
No other road to try again,
Then I awake from this dream
And all was not what it would seem
I came to the end of this year, happy at the thought that I have had no incident of dry spell and then of course it hit me. The dry spell, I mean. I sink a little during these times because nothing appeals and I pretty much  look , feel and behave like a living dead. So in these months when I am not particularly inspired, or very motivated or remotely creative, I thirst for  any kind of visual delights

This year, I found my fix in The Fall.

If I were dead when I was watching it, I must have found heaven a hundred times during that 2 over hours. I did not even watch it properly, pausing it often to take screen shots of all the scenes so beautiful, I was gasping for air as I clicked stop-snip-save.

Likened to watching a moving series of Salvador Dali's paintings, an artist I was crazy about when I was in my Surrealist phase, this film was a personal epic for Tarsem Singh, an Indian movie director, better known for his Pepsi's gladiator commercial and the music video of R.E.M.'s Losing My Religion. The music video was apparently inspired by the Gabriel Garcia Marquez's short story A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings. Tarsem had spent millions of his own dollars and travelled to over 24 countries  to make this movie in 4 1/2 years. I recognised some of these countries and it blew my mind that this man had taken such pains for some of these shots that lasted barely 3 seconds on screen.

"In a hospital a little girl with a broken collar bone meets a bedridden  stuntman who starts telling her a fantastical story which reflects his state of mind. As time goes by fiction and reality start to intertwine in this uplifting epic fantasy."

 Many critics panned the storyline but for me, what is there not to like about a tale told to a child and then see how the same story is translated  on screen with a child's naive wonderment and unbridled imagination. Needless to say, this is very much a tale for Sans! She, who loves the unbelievable, the melodramatical and definitely, the magical.

So of course, I will say watch the movie and there are many reasons you should.

Watch it for the splendour..

watch it for the colours..

 for its quirky characters

 and the stunning performance of Romanian  child star,
Catinca Untaru 

Watch it for Eiiko Ishioka's fantastical costumes

and then travel to the many beautiful locations



and definitely India

but mostly, watch it for the out of this world imagery

that only the best imagination can buy 
(the film boasts zero CGI-computer generated imagery)

This is the world I want to create

especially if it has a hookah in it .

So watch it if you want a piece of heaven .


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Beautiful Sans! I find myself moved by the colors, the photos are fantastic.

Victoria ♥

Lize said...

Wonderful, wonderful images. Your quotes and poem at the beginning gripped me as it was like a twin has sprung from my mind

I do love your posts Sans! There is always a shimmer of and intense feeling below the obvious surface...

Flora said...

What a break, these critics! They have long since stopped dreaming ...
To chance, to us common mortals, is still given to use imagination and appreciation of others.
I'll do anything to get hold of this movie, and I thank you in advance, as from your dry periods are always the stimulus for me :-)
Apart from the fact that I'm in love with this new Zorro!
His costume brings out the most sinful thoughts from me ;-)
(I'll have to watch the movie without my husband, not to feel guilty ...)
The frames you choice to publish are fantastic, what a marvel ...
Thank you, dear Sans

Marta said...

Hi Sans ¡¡¡¡¡
I enjoyed what you've written in your post and the pictures are really beautiful. A big hug.

Ana Anselmo said...


Debbie said...

Thanks for the link Sans. I haven't heard of this film, but will definitely look it out now. Thanks for sharing. The pictures are spectacular. xxxxx

Ascension said...

Sans me ha encantado tu post.
Las imagenes son espectaculares.
Gracias por el enalce.
Has puesto un traductor?
No va muy bien jejejeje
Feliz Año Nuevo!!!!
Espero que todos tus sueños se hagan realidad!!!
besitos ascension

Lainie said...

Thank you so much for recommending this movie. I cannot believe I never heard of it as I consider myself a movie watching guru! lol. I found it on Netflix and fully intend to watch it this evening.

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful photos! Haven't heard of this movie but seems it can really be a feast for the eyes and soul:)

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans! I'm sorry you are feeling "blue" and in a dry spell.... I know it doesn't help for people to say "It will not last forever..." but it will NOT last forever! Everyone needs time off to recharge the creative batteries.... so take your time, let your spirit drift! Your thirst for creativity will surely return to you! And thank you for sharing the glimpses of this movie with us... I am going to have to make time for it.... I don't spend much time watching them but this looks like a dream world I should visit!
I will be dreaming .....

Marie Antionette said...

What an inspiring post.Who could have the blue devils after all this.
Happy new Year Hon,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Rosamargarita said...

Un abrazo fuerte desde México te haría sentir mejor?

dale said...

(((Sans))) What an intriguing film and the images are so fantastical.

Everyone needs some down time, then and again. Thank you for bringing this visual delight to the eyes. :)

Eva said...

Hi my dear,
Thanks for the link...the colours and the film pictures are amazing and magnificient.
SALVADOR DALÍ!!!!! When I saw the picture of the woamn's room in your post I thought Dalí? and yes!
If you come another time to Barcelona we will take my car and we will go to see this room in the Dalí museum (have you ever been there? ) in a city called Figueres :)
you need something to cheer you up...something beautiful...look around you and search for the is in all places.
A big beso my dear

Sans! said...

Victoria, Tarsem Singh was also the director of The Cell , the one with Jennifer Lopez :). I remembered that movie for its colours but was not so impressed by the plot. Although now, I will watch it again.

This particular one really appealed to me because it was a story told to a child designed to intrigue and manipulate her into eventually fetching some morphine pills for the paralysed stuntman. Yet, he could not divorce his own reality from that story such that eventually murders and betrayals started featuring in his story, rather unpalatable for a 6 yr old but very good for Sans! :)

Sans! said...

Lize, you are scarily close to the truth :):) .

I hope you will share with us the twin poem.

Sans! said...

Flora, you are hilarious :):).

I remembered how I was swooning over last year's hero, my Emperor Akbar :). One year has passed and I am not sure if I am in love with him anymore. Especially as I have found out from a girl I met at a party that he has very skinny legs :). Of course if I am really in love with him, that wouldn't have mattered so clearly I am not anymore. So I say have no fear to your husband! Mr Zorro will be Zero in no time.

Sans! said...

O yes Flora, forgot to tell you, I see Amazon is selling the dvd : Way cheaper than what I paid. I paid S$45 which is the single most expensive DVD I have ever bought , thank goodness I love it. That is about Euro25? Amazon's cheaper.

Sans! said...

Thank you Marta :):)

Sans! said...

Ana, WOW indeed :):)

Sans! said...

Debbie, it took him 17 years before the 4 1/2 years he took to make the movie, to source for locations. He also took this time (17 years) to see if he could raise money for the film but eventually he had to use his own money. He sold everything except his house and a car to do this film and when it was completed, nobody wanted to distribute it! That's why very few people have heard of it.

This film was completed only in 2005 but released (limited) in 2006. Didn't do well at the box office so I will gladly my 45 buckaroos for the DVD.

Sans! said...

Ascensión, me puso en un traductor. Está en la columna izquierda de este blog. Lo primero que se ve:).
Entonces traté de traducir mi mensaje en español:). Y a continuación, utilizando el español, traducir todo de nuevo en Inglés. Por supuesto, se acercó perfecto! jajajajaja!

Me alegro de que hayan disfrutado el post me gustaría tener algo que creo que post sobre, pero no pude hacer mucho. Así que sólo voy a ver la tele:).

Por cierto, me encanta jardín de la señora Haggart! Usted es tan bueno, Ascensión:).

Sans! said...

Lainie, I hope you will let me know how you feel about the film :).It's a 50-50 split amongst the critics.

Roger Ebert says the movie is "so audacious that when Variety calls it a 'vanity project' you can only admire the man vain enough to make it."

Putting your money where your mouth is always earns the respect :):):)

Sans! said...

Ewa, last night , I watched the whole movie again except this time with the commentary by the Director on. It is really interesting to know all the tidbits behind the whole making of.

That's when I found out that it's not 18 countries, but MORE than 24 countries. The child was the reason why he stopped locations searching after 17 years to finally finally start filming. He fell in love with her and knew she would be absolutely great and she was. Really one of the best treats apart from the imageries were the brilliant acting of the girl and Lee Pace. He also knew if he didn't start filming, she would become a different person in 4 months :). He filmed everything in sequence so that the child's would behave as naturally as possible. Now I know how he had coaxed the magic out of her. I also found out he sold everything he owned and they were almost gong to sell his house when he told his manager, he was finally done and coming home. He said he had nothing left but he didn't want to be one of those old man sitting at a coffee shop talking about a movie he could have done :).

He also said life has a way of making things happened. This film was made at a time when he was finally prepared to settle down with the woman he love , have kids, start a family but she left him . Although he loved every minute of the process, he hoped that this madness does not strike him again :).

Sans! said...

Betsy :) I hope you catch it. But if you don't, his next movie is a Hollywood blockbuster :). It's called "The Immortals" about the war between the Greek Gods ala Clash of the Titans. He will also be directing Relativity's Snow White :). Seriously my cup of teas teas teas :)

hot girl said...


CWPoppets said...

Thanks for the tip, Sans. I'm always on the "hunt" for good movies.
I will definitely watch it.

Piikko said...

Happy new year to you Sans:D♥
Thank you for showing us these beautiful and colourful pictures!

bastrota said...

Each of the images you show has a big power, Sans. I am still impressed of them and I don't know which is my favorite? Every image can tell an own story...

Thank you so much for the link and for this very special post.

Happy New Year, 2011
to you and your familiy!

Big hug

Papillon Bleu said...

Sans, I did not know about this film but you have definitely made me want to see it.
Thank you for sharing.
There are some films like this that we do want to watch over and over again and just feel like diving into the screen because of the wonderful lifting feeling of the images.
Yes, indeed, I DO want to watch it and see what you have seen Sans!

cockerina said...

the film looks interesting, at least the pictures are offering spectacular, I think it's worth seeing ... can you tell if you two boys of 14 males and 10 years can see this film? usually they are boycotting everything that suggests their mother, and I find myself watching movies alone .. : (
But Zorro seems nice! LOL LOL!
Sans dear, many, many wishes for a happy new year, it can bring you new inspiration and a great love!
kisses, Caterina

Sans! said...

Dear Marie :) I haven't heard anyone say "blue devils" ever! But such a lovely term for "depression" :):).

I am really looking forward to 2011 :). Hope you are too!

Sans! said...

En definitiva, Rosamagarita! Mis abrazos están volando de nuevo a usted desde Singapore!

Sans! said...


We had our monthly meet yesterday on New Year's Day . Samo samo people. Cindy, Steph and me :), talking a little about you :). Did your ear itch a little ? :):) All good things of course.

Have I told you the orchids at my house have grown even more stalks now and Papa and Mama hornbills had 2 babies who already look a lot like them! :) And how every time there is a full moon, I think of you and the time you were here and there was am eclipse.

Sans! said...

Eva :):) Since this post, I have been pretty cheered up ! It's also been a really busy busy period even though I was off work for a week. I simply did not have time for minis.

I hope we can really make that trip to Figueres, Eva :). Really, really, really hope we ca :).

I remembered I was so crazy about Salvador Dali and really wished then I could own one of his sculptures (small one) but all I could afford a "melting time" watch from the museum in New York when I was there. :). I have this book - Salvador Dali -Diary of A Genius. I just love him, he's such a ego maniac!!!!

I go get the book and quote you some passages :)

Sans! said...

This is what Salvador Dali wrote on May 9th at Port Lligat :

"The most important things that can happen to a contemporary painter are:

1. To be a Spaniard
2. To be called Gala Salvador Dali

Those two things have happened to me. As my Christian name Salvador indicates, I am destined to do nothing less than to save modern painting from sloth and chaos. I am called Dali, which means "desire" in Catalan, and I have "Gala". Picasso certainly is Spanish, but of Gala, he has only a biological shadow on the corner of his ear, and he is called Pablo , like Pablo Casals, like the Popes-that is to say, he has a name like anybody else's.

He's so hilarious! Of course, you know that Gala is his wife :). I thought then what a lucky woman she was cos Dali was so in love with her! :)

Sans! said...

This was written by Dali on the 10th:

"In society, in an intermittent but monotonous way, I meet very elegant (and therefore moderately pretty) women, with the coccyx (bone at end of spine near anus) bones almost monstrously developed. For several years, generally speaking, such women have been dying to know me personally. This conversation regularly goes like this:

Coccyx woman: Of course, I know you by name.

I, Dali: So do I.

Coccyx woman: You have noticed perhaps that I haven't stopped staring at you. I think you are fascinating.

I, Dali: So do I.

Coccyx woman: Don't flatter me! You haven't even noticed me!

I, Dali: I am speaking of myself, Madam.

Coccyx woman: I keep wondering how you make your moustache point upwards.

I, Dali: Dates!

Coccyx woman: Excuse me?

I, Dali: Dates, Yes, dates, the fruit of the date palm. At dessert, I ask for dates, I eat them , and before washing my fingers in the bowl, I run them lightly over my moustache. That is sufficient to make it stand up!

Sans! said...

Thank you, hot girl :):).

In case you wondered what year Dali wrote all that gibberish, it was 1957.

Sans! said...

Christine, welcome! Try to find this one :) and the save it for a day when you need some inspiration :) That was exactly what I did (plus my cheap dvd player could not read the disc..hahaha!).

Sans! said...

Piiko, hope you had a great New Year :)!!!! :)

Spent mine just yakking and yakking from 11am-11pm with 2 mini friends. I think of all that time, we spent half an hour on minis :) with Cindy showing us how she made a book! Will post about it in my other blog :)

Sans! said...

Marion, I am biased . My favourites are the ones in India :). All the desert scenes were shot in Nambibia and the one with the tree and the extremely clear sky was somewhere near Tibet. Many of the places were very difficult locations. He tried to take some shots at Fatepur Sikri and the cast and crew were stoned by some people for being disrespectful. They had to run from some of the locations (Tibet after they accidentally burned a tree) chased by soldiers :)

Sans! said...

Patricia, I am absolutely certain you will LOVE the movie. :) The child aspect will definitely appeal to you, as it did me. Get it if you can :). Hopefully Amazon still sells the movie.

Sans! said...

Catarina, Tarsem says that some of his audience felt the plot was a bit childish. As far as I am concerned, that was the icing on an already delicious cake . I should have tested the movie on my nieces and nephew..hmmm.

I hope you will try it on your kids and let me know if they love it. :)

Eva said...

You make me smile :) I have a lot of memories of Dalí on TV speaking in a very very special way, hilarious as you said, very histrionic and dramatic...LOL..He was a great painter indeed!!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

The Cell is one of my favorites. I am going to buy this from Amazon.

Victoria ♥

Sans! said...

Eva, I seriously think Dali is one of the greatest personality ever lived. He is as surreal as his work.

Sans! said...

Victoria, I went to the store to look for The Cell today and they have t only in Blue Ray :(.

Snowfern said...

when i saw this post, my eyes widened LOL more because The Fall is a somewhat old (what, 2004?) movie, and i knew not that many ppl were aware of it.

i have watched The Cell over 5 times :X you know me and my fascination for serial killers!! :P

but....for The Fall but i kept falling asleep, i believe i tried at least 4 times...just don't have the attention span for it...but yeaaaa Tarsem Singh's vision is somewhat out of this world!

The House of Lisa said...

Thank you Sans for this inspiring post! And a happy new year!

Sans! said...

2006, Cindy , yes, it's old :). Will you believe that I fell asleep at The Cell? Many of the scenes were really beautiful in The Cell but I just wasn't very impressed with the plot. In fact all I could remember was the 1st scene.

Anyway, now that I know Tarsem did the Cell, I want to give it another chance. So I went looking for it at Gramaphone yesterday but they only have it in Blue Ray.

How can you fall asleep 4 times????????!!!!!!

Sans! said...

Happy New Year Lisa :):):)

Margriet said...

This is a movie I have to see!!! It looks so magical and beautiful..I love it already :-)
Yhank you for your post...otherwise I might have never heard about it!

Wilson said...

Wow! Incredible!

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