Friday, 31 December 2010

Day 217-219 & 221-Colours Of My Friends

And as some of you might already know,  the Palace had decreed that there be gifts  to be distributed, as with the tradition of the most benevolent Maharajah. This year, the Palace bequeathed some of India's most vibrant colours, colours made tangible with Bombay Bales.

The  method of choosing who were to be the recipients of these gifts was pretty random and totally circumstantial. It was also dependent on whether the person chosen responded to the palace in time. A list was then made out.

No two gifts were the same as each one was made with the specific person in mind. It was the strict instructions of the Palace that no short cut be taken and that every color chosen, every ribbon cut was to be tended to personally by Sans!

 And so for each of the benefactor, this was the method employed by Sans! With every name she drew,  she closed her eyes and imagined. When she opened her eyes, two sometimes three words would appear before her, determining the colours of her friend. She smiled often for this exercise pleased her greatly.

The 1st one took 30 minutes and after one and half hour, she made four. And then six.

It soon became too dark for her to differentiate the colours and this was where she stopped on Day 218.

And then slowly but surely, she finished making colours for her friends at the end of Day 219.

And on Day 221, she and her loyal assistant, Fafa, wrapped each and every parcel but not before tucking in a note written personally  by Sans! And in the note was written the two or three words associated with each friend.

For this year, this was the last sort of creative project by Sans! 
A project completely inspired by her friends.


Meapuntoatodo said...

Me han fascinado tus palabras, como si fueran las palabras que vertía la muchacha de Las Mil y una Noches en los oidos del Sultan noche tras noche ... tus crecauiones y tus palabras siempre me sugieren mágias orientales ... gracias por saber hacerlo y compartirlo. Feliz Año Nuevo y un abrazo desde España. Mariajo

Miniatures by Natalia said...

Happy New Year, Sans. Kisses and hugs from Natalia

rosanna said...

Best wishes , Happy New Year to you and Auntie Fafa
Lots of love coming to your home ((^_^)) Roanna

Josje said...

Love all the colours! They would make beautiful cuffs on a shirt/dress/sweater.
Very best wishes for a great and colourful 2011!! ~Josje~

Eva said...

:) :) :) :) :) GRIN!!!
Wonderful colours for 1001 scenes...fairytales, ancient time roomboxes....perhaps a coloured carpet!!! The recipients of these ribbons will have a little jewel taht can be transformed in something great.
Beautiful way to spread love.
I have to learn from you.
Happy new year for you and your family!!

Daydreamer said...

Sans, I am drooling over those pieces of trims....! Even if I was not magically chosen as one of the recipients of the palace gifts, I am inspired nonetheless! You are so GENEROUS and KIND! I send you Happy New Year Wishes! What a gift YOU are to us in this blogland! And I mean that from the Bottom of My HEART!
Here's to many adventures in the year to come!

Marta said...

Que bonito Sans ¡¡¡ me gusta mucho leer lo que escribes, tus palabras siempre llenas de sentimiento llegan al corazón, no es de extrañar que tengas tantos amigos. Muchos besos y Feliz Año Nuevo ¡¡¡¡¡

Puppenstubennostalgie said...

Many wishes for a Happy New Year from me Sans...


Ana Anselmo said...

WOW, I love those ribbons...and all the story around them you wrote. Sans, you should write a book , may be of short stories, you are really great with this.
Have a happy new year and thank you very much for being my friend.

The Old Maid said...

You have one of the greatest hearts I know Sans! So generous, so many great ideas and gifts! Whoever was chosen will always cherish it and your kindest heart.:)Beautiful colours - I bet it was hard to choose right colours for the right person.;D
Have most wonderful New Year!
I am so happy I met you, even if it is only virtually.;)

bastrota said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, Sans!

You had a great idea with your colour ribbons. And I like the way you choose for your friends.

You worked hard for sooooo many envelopes.

Hugs and greetings

CWPoppets said...

What a wonderful idea, Sans! Your friends will be sooo happy.
Happy New Year to you!

Susanne said...

I wish you a wonderful new year with a lot of miniaures, Sans, it´s fantastic that you are here. I am so glad to have met you!
Love, Susanne

Papillon Bleu said...

Sans, you are amazing!
I had just popped in to wish you a happy new year and also I wanted to let you know that I have just ordered the film The Fall! I will think about you when I discover it! :))))))))Lots of love from England!

Pubdoll said...

Such a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of the New Year, and so you Sans! They are all beautiful and I'm sure all the lucky recipients will be over the moon!
I loved all the pictures in the last post from the film The Fall, and it's definitely on my wish list now, it looks absolutely amazing!
Thank you for the past year my dear, you being you have contributed making it a better year for so many! And the best wishes for and your family in 2011! May you prosper and flourish like your palace treasures! (I hope sentimentality is allowed the first days in a new year)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

What beautiful trims! The colors are beautiful. I wish you a Magic and Colorful New Year filled with Inspiration.

Victoria ♥

tomohachi said...

Happy New Year! Susan! I wish your happiness! :)

Flora said...

The year began, today is January 3 ...
Therefore, new projects can blossom, as the first flowers of spring ...
Thanks for all the color that add to our lives :-)
Happy new 2011

Sans! said...

Mariajo, muchas gracias por tu visita a mi blog:). Estoy tan feliz de que hayan disfrutado de mi post poco:). Espero ser capaz de crear más este año, ya sea en miniatura o por escrito y espero verte por aquí a menudo:).

Creo que tiene uno de los mejores tutoriales sombrero que he encontrado.

Abrazos y besos desde Singapore a España.

Sans! said...

Natalia, :):) I hope you have had a great new year's day and a better 2011, for both you and your hubby. Tell him I am toasting to better health this year! :)

Sans! said...

Auntie Fafa? hahaha...Rosanna, tsk tsk :). More like Angel Fafa :).

Come back and tell us all about Rome!

Sans! said...

Josje, I am afraid they are good for cuffs only if you don't mind different colours , not long enough. But if it is minis, you can make like hundreds of shoes with them :). I use these ribbons to make my embroidered dancing shoes .

I will be so curious what everyone will use them for :). I thought they will make a great purse too.

Sans! said...

Eva, when I did this, I knew these colours and glit may not be for everyone but then again, I believe there is always an occasion for something kitsch in a girl's life. :) Make them into fashion accessories like a loud wallet :).

But I will love it if you guys can use it for your mini projects. Ribbons from India are precious treasure to me cos they have soooooooo much potential:).

Sans! said...

Betsy and to all of you who are in the list , I hope you will let me know if the words that appeared before me about you are apt. :) Even if it is not, I will like you to know that this is how I see you :).

So many words to describe you, Betsy but I told myself just the 1st 2-3 words or I will never be able to finish the project!:).

By the way, you are always so generous with your praises :):)

Sans! said...

Soy una chica afortunada, Marta:). La bondad de mis amigos y me inspira generosidad. Esto es realmente una gran comunidad que tenemos aquí que yo sólo quiero hacer todo lo posible para atesorarlo.

abrazo y besosssssssssssss

Sans! said...

Monika, so good to see you here! I hope you have a fabulously uproarious New Tear's Day :) and I hope for you a very creative 2011!

Sans! said...

Ana, this blog is my book :) and I am thrilled that you are one of my readers :):). I am glad you like the ribbons ;p . Have you thought what you will be doing with them.

Your words were very interesting :).Let me know if that's how you see yourself too. :)

Sans! said...

Ewa,will you believe me if I tell you it is not very hard at all? This is because I limit myself to only 2 , at most 3 words.

For those of you whom I know well, it could be your favourite colours, your project, your blog name, your style. For some, it is my impression of what your personality traits are. I am proud to say none of the 21 recipients stumped me. What I am afraid of is sending the wrong ribbons out :). That's why I needed help when it came to wrapping the parcels :).

Sans! said...

Marion, you are absolutely right. The hardest part was wrapping the parcel, pasting the addresses.

My handwriting on some of the cards are extra horrendous and Helene will have you know how bad my handwriting is :).

Sans! said...

I hope so, Christine :):). But then they make me happy :).

Sans! said...

Susanne :):) I am thrilled that we met :). For you, my dear, I remembered I have already done this for you sometime back so you are getting an entirely different package. But your words will be there :).

Meapuntoatodo said...

Sans, soy rendida admiradora de tus trabajos , sentido del color y tu fantasia... por ello agradezco mucho tu comentario sobre mi tutorial de sombrero. Un beso. Mariajo

Sans! said...

Woooooooohooooo, Patricia! Please let me know what you think ok? I hope I didn't oversell it :).

Sans! said...

Yes, Helene, sentimentality is especially reserved for year end and it is generally allowed to be spilled over to the 1st week of the New Year ;0.

I am afraid what's coming to you is coming in 2 parts :) because I don't want them to suffer another long long journey! (Still not as long as the ones to Flora in Italy-Sept to just a day ago?)

After I read your reply to my comment on your blog, I was boasting to all and sundry about how I have a guest room in Norway :):). So now you can say that about Singapore for you :). And I think we don't even really need to really use the rooms. The thought alone warms my heart :)

Tears, although not encouraged , will be tolerated as well during this festive season :)

Sans! said...

Victoria, I am sure you can guess your colours :). May the Magic Be With You Too!

Sans! said...

Weeeeeee, Tomoko-san :):)

Arigatooooo! Have to tell you when I hang out with Cindy and Asuka, they are such nihon-phile, they say いただきます before we eat!!!! :):)

Sans! said...

Flora, :):). Did you get the shell? I did not bring my laptop back so I am not downloading emails. :)

You cannot imagine how happy I am when I saw your post. I will never fear posting to Italy again! :). So good that it came just in time for your 1st post :) hehe I am so honoured!

I hope you will watch The Fall because I am pretty sure you will love it because I suspect we are affected by similar things :).

Papillon Bleu said...

No problem Sans! I will let you know. I cannot wait to see it.
You know what? I just saw that you spoke spanish too? Wowee!

Sans! said...

Mariajo, la admiración es mutua:)

Sans! said...

Now that, Patricia is Google Translate :). Give me 10000 hours of blogging and I may very well perfect my Spanish :)

Flor said...

Hola Sans!!!
Quiero desearte lo mejor del mundo para este 2011 y agradezco al 2010, haber conocido personas tan hermosas como tú ( =
Veo que pusiste el anuncio del sorteo ¡Mil gracias!!!
Por favor Sans, podrías poner un comentario en la entrada del sorteo , para que participes ( ;
Te mando un abrazo con mucho ♥

cockerina said...

Sans, I guess you like a princess, a generous and sweet little fairy ... what we mere mortals have ever done to deserve your love??
the ribbons are beautiful, precious, as your friendship!
I wish you all the best for you and your family!
Happy New Year!

PS: a kiss to Fafa, also!! :))

Daydreamer said...

Oh WOW, Sans! Dancing, Dancing, and jumping for Joy! (I hardly dared to HOPE) :):):)
No REAL surprise that there are too many words for me..... No one EVER accused me of using too FEW! !!
Now the waiting will be a test of my patience.... which some people think I have some of! :):)
You are SUCH a giving person, Sans! And I don't mean just of things.... I mean of encouragement and excitement and interest and your exploring mind.... and you share your passion with us bloggers in such an open way...
I just want to say Thank You!
Discovering your blog really opened a whole WORLD to me!

Ascension said...

Hola Sans!!!!!
Me habia perdido tu ultimo puede ser (como en el colegio cuando era pequeña...castigada de cara a la pared jejejeje).
He estado con gripe y con muchisima familia a la que atender.
El regalo que se han llevado es contagiarse jejejejeje(que mala soy....jejejeje)
Queria decirte que no se si son las fotografias o en realidad son los colores que tu utilizas, pero son tan "magicos", que parece que cuando visito tu blog haga tambien una visita a tu pais.
Vamos que me he liado en explicar algo que siento y es dificil de hacerlo.
Muchos besitos y FELIZ AÑO para ti y todos los tuyos.

christine said...

i received your special gift today.. what a lovely surprise! thank you from your 'royal' 'dowager'
i have lots of ideas running around in my head, just have to get them out now.. :)

Sans! said...

Hola Flor!

Me estoy haciendo mis comentarios todo mezclado:), es por eso que me ha tomado tanto tiempo para responder a esta:).

Espero que haya una mayor 2011. El mío es resultando ser muy emocionante. Creo que este es el año de la aventura para mí:).

Sans! said...

* doing a slow royal wave ala Princess Diana :):)

Caterina, you are too kind ! I am no princess but your lady in waiting ..teehee.

Kisses from Singapore from both Fafa and me :).

You know , I remember the words for you as vividly as if I had just written them a moment ago.

Sans! said...

Betsy, I wonder if your parcel has reached you yet :). Yours is long overdue but I am glad I took the time :). I love your projects and if anything of mine find their way to any of your projects, I will be so happy.

Sans! said...

Hola Ascensión,

Te había perdido:). Yo había pensado que podría no ser así o estaban ocupados o tenían algo importante que hacer cuando me di cuenta de que no ha hecho comentarios. No hay presión, por supuesto. Siempre estoy tan feliz de leer sus comentarios porque siempre se toman el tiempo para hacerlo.

Ya sabes por ti, las palabras fue fácil, pero no así los colores. Espero que les hizo bien para ti:).

Sans! said...

Christine, I think you are the 1st :):). But of course, since you are the Dowager :):). I picked the colours of royalty for you.

I hope you will find them useful. They are not easy material to work with but that's how we can go wild with them :).

Sound Horn Please said...

This is such an absolutely lovely gesture! I hope to stop by S'pore on a India visit sometime. I am not leaving s'pore without meeting you in person- I need to meet the creative, warm, generous person that is Sans! :)

Las manos de Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

Ayer recibi el paquete y no estaba en la ciudad, pero mis padres me lo abrieron para decirme lo que era. Hoy por fin lo e visto y me encantan. son super bonitas.
Me da pena usarlas. Pero van a ir en la casa nueva si o si.

pd: Mañana entrada solo para ti.

Sans! said...

Divya, you know I won't forgive (hehe) you if you are ever in Singapore without trying to contact me to say hi!!!

Sans! said...

Querida querida Virginia, estoy tan feliz que se puede encontrar algún uso para las cintas. Realmente no puedo esperar a ver lo que usarlos. Realmente se desea recopilar todas las fotografías de todas las cosas que se hacen con estas cintas. No hay nada más maravilloso que ver cómo un grupo de personas de gran talento uso de los materiales.

abrazos y besos

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