Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Day 215- A Fair Exterior

 Poor, poor Ro

After three hard months of touring the country, selling their wares and entertaining with songs, today she is finally home.  Alas, mayhem awaits  her homecoming.  She shakes her head in disbelief.  The house, a shamble! Her precious kitchen, ransacked! 

O no!  she cried , eyes brimming with unshed tears as she found almost 2 dozens of her favourite crockery, broken and scattered around the kitchen floor.

Drunks!  Damn them! she hisses as she sees  just as many empty and already dirty bottles strewn everywhere. I am going to kill them! With every single one of these bottles! I'll break them like I am in a bar fight, jab, jab, jab! she says , stabbing into the air as she starts to weep. 

Where is everybody, anyway? I must find Papa OM or W, she muttered as she hurriedly walked out towards the back of her house.

And so  it is in this state of agitation that Ro is confronted with a most unusual sight. Right at the corner of the house, the weirdest of  tree has grown to almost as tall as her home. Ro has never seen this tree before and wonders how in the world it has grown so fast with a full head of the greenest leaves. Right here in the middle of a  Rajasthani desert? In three months? Then she sees something blue and orange moves, right up there...She  quickly finds the pair of ladder built by OM and starts to climb.

This is the  picture that greets her when she reaches the top. A pair of the sweetest white rumped Shama have apparently found their home in this tree and they are clearly in loveAwwwww,  Ro lets out an audible sigh and it is at that moment that the female bird  (she has the shorter tail), looks up into Ro's eyes as if to say, don't worry , my dear, all will be well. And with that, Ro felt like a load  was lifted off her  chest.

And as she climbs back down, a chatty monkey is just on his way up. He stops when he sees Ro and the funniest thing happens. Ro swears she can hear him say Hello! Ha ha ha! Ro throws back her head and laughs for a full five minutes. Hearty and heartfelt , the laughter brings Ro a sense of empowerment. Not only is everything going to be alright, Ro knows then that she is the one who will make it so. 

You are both wonderful and weird, Ro says to the tree when she is finally down on the ground again. Look at how you are leaning with your tallest branches growing  sideways. They are like a pair of outstretched hands, at once providing a nice shade for the people below and shelter for the animals on top. I shall be like you, Tree,  and start fixing everything so that my home can be the shade and shelter that we have meant it to be. 

Now, Let me start with something easy and relaxing. How about if I paint the front of the house? And so Ro goes about painting the front of the house.

Then I shall line all my broken crockery along the shelves like they are antiquities in a museum. And so Ro does so with as much care as she can muster, each piece resting in a special place above the respective windows.

True enough, centuries later, these chipped and broken pottery  becomes the priceless treasure that Ro has envisioned them to be and can now be viewed in Singapore, free of charge.

In the same spirit of turning trash to treasure, Ro starts to see the art in the discarded bottles as well. Look at the special way these are made. How the neck is short and the mouth is narrow. A very clever way to prevent early evaporation of moonshine that is a crazy 100% alcohol! I bet if I clean them, they will make the prettiest coloured glass bottles. It will be silly to throw them out or use them as weapons. And so Ro lines these up too on the window ledge with a broken jar of desert flowers in their midst. And when she runs of space on this ledge...

...she carries on with the other one, not forgetting the flowers of course , this time on a split piece of old log. 

The old hurricane lamp and the family's water bag, made by the finest tanner, are found  crushed and dirtied in a sorry corner. After Ro hangs them back up in their proper place, they now don't look so bad, don't you think?

 And as Ro works, she notices OM's fishing basket sitting outside the door. She smiles as she realises that there will be fresh fishes for  dinner tonight.

Very fresh fishes indeed, as the fishing trap is still wet and muddy from its recent trip to the river. She remembers how OM has painstakingly made this trap so that there is another means to get food on the table.  

What a pair they make! As if they are a Match made in heaven, just like the 2 birds. Love is in the air, sings Ro merrily, whistling and skipping to the music in her head.

And speaking of dinner, I hope the communal cooking pots are still here. Sure enough, there they are as she finds them sitting in their usual place at the other side of the house. Nothing can go wrong now..lalalalala
Alright, we are almost done, except for this brown patch at the front of the house. How nice if I can build a lotus pond here. ...

And so she closes her eyes and starts to imagine the most beautiful lotus pond  

and when she opens her eyes, she knows exactly where she will build this pond. 

Just one last thing ? Should  I  change the beaded toran hanging from the top window? Ro asks herself..I think not. I like the faded look now instead of   the gawdy gold  before. And as Ro admires her shabby toran, she realises that inside each mango leaf  is a little tree of life!  This is a sign , she says, my toran will stay here forever. Little does she know that  her resolution made this day will soon spark a world wide craze for the Shabby Chic Look. 

And as Ro surveys the results of her day long efforts, she acknowledges that the house is finally coming together and may arguably look better than before. Yes,  even the old valances seem to brighten up today, just like a pair of glitter  lashes over sultry eyes.

Just then a sliver of a moon appears in the completely black sky. And  Ro sees that the house, basking softly in the pale moonlight really does look better. 

One thing is for sure, it definitely feels like a home again. 

A Special Acknowledgement

Sometime in June this year, Glenda and I decided to do a swap. Glenda has requested for a a pair of my embroidered dancing shoes and had asked me what I wanted. I knew I was in luck because Glenda is truly a magician with leather, amongst her many other skills. I showed her a picture of a water carrier and asked if she could make me a leather water bag. She said she would try. This is what  she gave me.

And all she had to rely on was this picture . I am sure you will agree with me that the likeness is astounding.The bag was in pristine condition when I received it on 8th July 2010 .I had to dirty it for my purpose. I hope I did not break your heart , Glenda. 

As far as I am concerned, what I gave her cannot  compare with this bag alone but Glenda, with her usual generosity, not only gave me this bag, she also gave me her famous rush mats (I used in the living room)  , some glass bottles (will be in the kitchen) and my now favourite scarf. You can see the scarf here.

Thank you Glenda, this bag will always be one of my most treasured minis. 

Further thanks :

to Cindy who made the crockery from air dry clay. All chips and cracks are solely attributable to me, except the broken jar for the desert flowers. That's hers.  I also painted them. 

to Kristy who suggested that we can use Christmas light bulbs for bottles

to Jayne whom I had commissioned last year to make the most beautiful  lotus pond  

to Publilius Syrus, who despite his unfortunate name, gave us the famous saying  in the 1st Century BC : A fair exterior is a  silent recommendation   

to Qesha, my 8 year old niece who found a bunch of flowers left behind by someone in a forgotten chair and who then  decided these flowers were perfect for me when she  greeted me at Gate 31 on my return  from Sri Lanka. The desert flowers are from this bunch of flowers.

and last but not least, 

to Rosanna for all her encouragement and for being the inspiration behind this story. All the boring parts are solely attributable to me. 

Other things attributable to me, 
Tree- improved over the years by me adding real moss from my garden every 6 months
Love birds- bought handmade styrofoam birds from Bangkok which I painted to look like white rumped Shama
Fishing Trap- made using the ever versatile  shuttlecock , glue for water effect on floor (you did notice that?) and laquer and glue  for the trap's wet look
Toran- bought from a shop in Little India selling prayer items, it was gold but has since been aged by me
Communal pots- Daiso S$2 a piece , painted by me

O yes, I also painted the front of the house of course.

Monkey is an old plastic toy  and the fishing basket was bought in Little India. 

And Alison, if you are reading this and have come this far, what do you think of the fishing basket? As far as I am concerned , it is the work of a master even though they are commonly sold for peanuts. 

And FINALLY, (I really mean it this time)  a big thank you to all my friends who always read my posts and share with me their thoughts . May Love always be in the air for you.


Miniatures by Natalia said...

Such a beautiful story that combines great imagination and mini masterpieces. So many talented people around, woow! I can't even think what another idea you will come up with! Thank you! Natalia

rosanna said...

Definitely Ro as a bit of temperament. I wonder from who she got it...?! but she truly loves her home which is cozier every day and more and more becoming her. Thanks a lot. Rosanna

Marta said...

Que escenas tan bonitas. me ha gustado mucho tu historia y los detalles que muestras. Felicidades.

Sans! said...

Well Natalia, count yourself as one of the people with monster talent! :):)

Thank you for stopping by and reading my long long post :).

Haha! Sometimes I don't know what I will think of next either but this post took me a grand total of 12 hours to do! Will you believe that? 4pm-4am with a break to the airport to pick my family up, slept and continued from 10am-2pm. I know what you are thinking. I think I am nuts too. Will probably lay off posting for a while. :):)

Sans! said...

Wonder away, Ro, oops , I mean Rosanna :)

Are you feeling better?

I am home "working" today! But really, I do have to start work soon :):). FaiZ always say if only I put in the effort I make for my minis into work....Now why would I want to do that??? LOL! Truth is I do spend way more time at work than here in my mini world but here it's already a sin to have hobbies ..hehe!

Sans! said...

Marta, es bueno verte por aquí:).

Acabo de visitar su blog y el amor de su salón:). Te enviado por correo electrónico sobre la alfombra que está buscando. Si quieres ver mis muestras de tejido (alfombras y cortinas) que puede mostrar a través de correo electrónico. Pueden hacer una alfombra muy eficaz (y realista también) de una habitación elegante lamentable. , Hágamelo saber. Con mucho gusto le enviaremos algo que usted puede utilizar.

Glenda said...

A very good story of frustration turned into love :)
The water carrier is so much better now it's been aged - it looks like a much-loved family item!! I'm so proud to see it in your house,Sans!! :D
Everything is perfect - the bowls, the bottles, the tree, the fish trap, everything!
The lotus pond is a dream.

And so that's where shabby chic came from!! They do say that all things started in Asia . . .


The Old Maid said...

I love the bottles. And the fishing baskets. And the water carrier. And the lotus pond. And you lucky to have all these wonderful, talented friends around Sans!:D

Susanne said...

Fantastic Sans! I adore the details as always..
Love, Susanne

Sans! said...

Glenda. I am very happy with how well the pictures turned out for the water bag. And I am glad you approved hehe I remember you writing in your note with the parcel that the bag is for you to dirty as much as you want, so enjoy, or something to the effect ..lol

Also, I don't know if everything starts with Asia, but i know , shabby chic definitely starts with Ro ;p!

Sans! said...

Ewa, I have wanted to make these bottles since forever, ask Glenda ! :):) Happiness is when you buy the fairy lights for S$19.90 at Mustapha and make 100 bottles out of them. :):) Yipee!

Sans! said...

And I adore your visits, as always :)

Thank you Susanne !

I just went and "like" your shop:)

Flora said...

There is something definitely in this post, that leaves me uneasy ...
They look like the end credits of a great film ... But I love the things undefined!
I hope that Ro will continue forever to tidy up the house, collecting empty bottles and pottery shards, discovered nests of birds, in the tree in the back ...
Your cottage is a fantastic adventure, a never ending story :-)

Ascension said...

Sans, me ha encantado visitar la casa y ver tantos preciosos detalles.
Es interesante seguir la historia y ver las fotos con los ojos de Ro.
Me encanta el realismo que consigues, parece que estes paseando por una casa real.
Enhorabuena por tener tantas amigas generosas y ademas grandes artesanas.
Un besito a tu sobrina Qesha que con 8 añitos, ya ve con ojos de miniaturista.
Me ha encantado este nuevo viaje a tu blog.
besitos ascension

Piikko said...

I'm sorry what happened in the Ro's house. But Ro is The Woman! She turned bright side up and in the end the house is the most adorable house ever! The lotus bond is so beautiful with(my favourite colour)pink
flowers. Thank you for showing me ideas for the plants and trees!

GB said...

Oh those goondas! Good for Ro getting her home back in order like that! But tell her to be careful with that rascally monkey---he might come in and steal the apples from her fruit bowl when she's not looking (true story). Never fight a langur over food--give them what they need and they'll leave you alone. Monkey prooof that home now, or he'll do more damage than all those bewda goondas! :) (yeah, look it up!)



aren't you glad you know me???--enriching your life one gaali at a time! Hoot!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

You are an extraordinary story teller! And your house looks brilliant!

Papillon Bleu said...

Christmas lights bulbs for bottles? What a clever idea! The result is fantastic. The pond is my favourite here I have to say.

Daydreamer said...

My Oh My Oh My! You have outdone yourself Sans! Such a moving tale! And such details! And such friends around the world! Beautiful water bag Glenda! Beautiful birds and that Tree Sans! That tree is wonderful! I'm so glad Ro climbs it to see the heavens and find her way to happiness! I love your window treatments on this house.... I love everything about it... all the little "carvings" on the porch posts.... and the shuttlecock! I will forever want to fish for tiny fish instead of play badmiton! LOL! You have made such a fantastic original creation Sans! Just LOOK at what a transformation you have brought about from where you started. Thank you for the inspirrations!

Sans! said...

Flora, I am afraid this is not the end.The kitchen was ransacked, remember? So it will have to be rebuilt. :) You are 1/2 right though because we are near the completion of the house so it's kind of like the final instalment of Harry Potter but in 2 parts. :)

Because the front of the house now faces me, it looks finished. I am already thinking of shifting this house soon from the "work" corner to a "display" corner.

But like the Rs in your house, my Rs (hey, we both have the same initials :):) ) will always be around :). Love them and their house too much to just leave them in a corner.

By the way, I found out that the name of the movie about woman suffrage is called "Iron Jawed Angels" . It stars Hilary Swank and Angelica Houston :).

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

What a wonderful tale as usual for you Sans! The house looks great on the outside, love the bottles on the window sills, the pond and Glenda's water carrier.

Victoria ♥

Rosamargarita said...

Es una historia encantadora, y Ro es BELLÍSIMA!

Sans! said...

Ascensión, te voy a dar una tarjeta de VVVIP (privilegios sólo) para mi Maharaja Palace.
Esta es sólo para los miembros que me ha estado dando apoyo constante y que está aquí para todos los blogs con comentarios:). Usted se da cuenta después que dejó un comentario en mi próximo post lo que los privilegios son los siguientes:).

Me alegro de que han disfrutado de su visita:). Una vez más, asegúrese de volver para la próxima:). ¿Alguna vez visita Singapore? Me encantaría conocer en persona:). Si lo hace, usted también puede besar Qesha en persona:).

Sans! said...

You noticed too, Pinko? That she is a "ro" model? hehe

One of my best friend is also nicknamed Pinko except that he is a man. :):)

Yes :), as you can see, I used a lot of natural material for my trees and plants. Except for Jayne's flowers, I want to try to use as much natural flowers as possible :). That lotus pond is my favourite of Jayne's flowers :). She did it especially for my project :).

Sans! said...

Shall we call 'em Gagan's Gaali ?? hehe

So does gaali mean "gutter lingo"? I just googled that and there are a few confusing reference to whether certain rude terms are considered "gaali"?

Anyhoo, I know all about monkeying. Found out in Kandalama that they know how to open doors to steal food :). When I was a child, I was attacked by a monkey when I walked past a tree toward my grandma's house. It grabbed my neck with both hands and I had to pry them open. It was someone's pet. So if you ask me , no, I don't like monkeys and I don't think they are adorable. :)

Sans! said...

Thank you , Sumaiya but not as extraordinary as how you put your costumes together :):). Love how you dressed Veer :):)

Sans! said...

Heya Patricia :):)! Great idea, right? You know if you use pieces of little plastic to lengthen the bottleneck and then paint over it or make labels for it , I believe you can even make variations of wine bottles. Whoever thought of using this is a genius.

I have told Jayne what raving reviews she is getting for her lotus pond. :) I hope she will pop by to see it for herself. :)

Sans! said...


You're the Best!

You have made it a Batman Joker Day for me again! You know the one where you have a permanent smile on your face?

I am thrilled that you approve of my tree Bets! I know you love trees so your nod is really precious :).

You know, I often feel that my stories are quite silly and telling silly stories are fun for me but I really like this one :). I hope I can still say the same 2 months from now. But who cares? Today, I am happy with it :)

Thank you and 1000 kisses blowing your way, my dear friend :). O dear, I can't wipe that silly grin off my face....

Sans! said...

Thank you so much Victoria :). Life is good when you have friends and beautiful when they are talented. :):);p

Sans! said...

Muchas gracias "Ro" samagarita. Ro dice: y "Ro" samagarita es Bellisima! y le envía muchos besos:)

GB said...

Oh no Sans, I didn't invent them!!! I'm only spreading the knowledge, enriching your vocab. LOL!

Gaali= swear words.

Miniatures by Natalia said...

Sans, I tried to leave a comment and I am afraid I mess it up. So, I will repeat myself. The rug "Aubusson" was charted by me for stitching on 40 count silk gauze. If this is what you think it is comfortable for you to do, I will more than happy to mail you this chart as a Christmas gift. My e-mail is scarletsails@live.com, let me know.

Miniatures by Natalia said...

Sans, How many languages do you speak?

Sans! said...

Haha, ya right, Gagan, but how in the world do you know I swear like a auto wallah in real life?? I am always so ladylike in blogland ;p!

Sans! said...

Natalia, wow , that's real generous of you but I have been trying to look at the 3D pic- has it been 30 mins now ? I just saw Contar's answers (hehe) , give me a few more hours! :) but seriously, I really just want to see if I can see it so the picture is now open on my laptop until I see it!

I am stitching something on 25 count and that's the smallest I have ever gone. I am not even sure what a 40 count canvas look like :):). Is that a 1:12 scale aubusson?
But you know I am a huge fan. I will send you an email:).

Sans! said...

O my, I just read your next comment! Natalia, that's google translate!

I am only bilingual , English/Mandarin and a few Chinese dialects. I took Japanese for 4 years when I was in school but has forgotten most of it. Italian for 2 months with my sis and only remembers the swear words . Now learning Spanish from Ascension :):) and Hindi "gaali" from Gagan :):)

Miniatures by Natalia said...

Sans, I can teach you Russian now, :))). I saw you responding in Spanish and thought: WoooW, how many languages she speaks? I used to be a teacher of foreign languages back to Russia and have a lot of respect to those who even tries to learn any foreign languages. It is very challenging and I love challenges. So, being a teacher of foreign languages, I always taught my students bad words they use in the language we study (can you believe it?). In this case if you go to the country the language you study you will never put yourself in a silly situation. It can happen. I had one Russian student who went to America in 90s and she used the word "gay" meaning "joyful" all places around, and almost had been bitten for it.

Miniatures by Natalia said...

The pattern "Aubusson" was charted for 1:12 scale and it measures 5" x 8". If you stitch on 25 count (25 holes per an inch), just imagine it almost doubled in one inch. Waiting for your e-mail.

Ascension said...

Gracias Sans, me encanta visitarte.
El ratito que paso leyendote y viendo fotos me relaja y me hace sentirme feliz, no paso por obligacion paso por placer.
Que mas quisiera yo que poder visitarte y ver todas las maravillas que haces, como no va a ser posible recogo mi tarjeta vip jejejeje y le vuelvo a mandar besitos a Qesha.
Me encantaria tener una sobrinita a quien le encantsen las miniaturas y poderle enseñar, pero en mi familia solo hay hombres y les gusta el futbol jejejeje
besitos ascension

Pubdoll said...

The transformation of Ro's house is almost unbelievable! It is so stunning in it's modest way, and as usual I adore your use of turquoise againt the earthy colours and I love all the ornaments Ro has put over the windows. That girl has a great creative imagination! So good she managed to turn something negative into something that positive!
And how wonderful all the self made and friendmade items are, I love the birds and the monkey, the increasingly beautiful tree, the fishing trap and fishing basket, the flowing water made with glue and at last the best of them all, the water bag! Glenda is one talented lady and with generosity to match her talent!

Marie Antionette said...

Bravo...Dear One,
Truely a work of art and I love the story with it.
The water bag came out wonderful.Glenda did an outstanding job.
I will pray that thet don't fine anything when they do the endoscopy.I've had two, so don't be afraid.You won't know a thing. They discovered today that my heart can't adjust to my bloodpressure. When this happens my heart bottoms out. Causes blackouts and heart spasims and such.I'm have more test done.I already has one Monday.
Thank you sooo much for your support, and well wishes. They mean the world to me.
I will be thinking of you and please let me know how your test came out.
May God bless you,and keep you safe.
XXOO Marie Antionette

Alison said...

Had stopped short my reading at "further thanks" to attend to something, then later sent you an email. I'm just now back again and have just read about the basket maker. I was thinking that you were the master weaver, maybe you should have left me with that thought ;) My favorite photo is of the still life with the basket, trap and "bottles" on the ledge. The transformation from shuttlecock to fish trap is uber-creative, Sans!!! Thanks so much for another wonderful story (also to Rosanna who inspired it!)...will be waiting for the next chapter...

Eva said...

Hi my dear. so sorry because I have been away too much days and I have missed some of your posts :(
Hopefully I am here and I will not leave again. Is it finished the tribal house? looks like if you say goodbye....
Your project is the most original in blogland...I love your posts, it is like....OoooooooooooH Susan has written again!! :) It is great to wait for your histories.
Un beso

Sans! said...

Natalia, I will LOVE to learn Russian from you :):). As long as you don't mind having a student who will take forever :). I have never had any real aptitude for languages. Like I have never really fared well in Japanese and I had to take my Chinese "O" levels paper 3 times :). By the time I left school, it got worse :).

By the way I have been stitching quite a fair bit today :).

Sans! said...

Estimado Ascensión, yo también vivo en una casa con los hombres que solo disfrutar del fútbol o la cerveza :):). Pobre de mí:). Venga a visitarnos rápida para que podamos hablar miniaturas todo el día! Voy a comprar un diccionario Inglés-Español. Usted trae el Español-Inglés

besitos :):)

Sans! said...

Helene, THANK YOU! I think I was inspired to write again after I read your last few stories :).

I love that you noticed the water :):) and of course, I completely agree with you about Glenda and the water bag.

Today, my shoe broke and I took out my super glue to glue the pieces back and of course, the glue had hardened by then. I don't understand super glue. It really is good for 1 use only. But anyway, what i discovered is they actually make great still water. There's absolutely no need to mix them with anything, once they are hardened , they look and feel exactly like resin. I could even cut the casing away without destroying the hardened glue at all. I think it is a great way to make water in a jar etc. No bubbles too !

Sans! said...

Marie dear, everything came up ok for me. I did it because of family history . But I am so awfully sorry about your heart. It must be hard for you but you will pull through this tough time . I know how tough you are. You must not exert yourself anymore. I know its hard, some of my closest have high blood pressure and they made tough choices (quit their jobs, keep their temper even,lead a less stressful life, exercise, eat better etc etc) so as to stay healthy. You know there are many of us out here rooting for you :).

Take care, dear Marie and have a great and safe weekend!

Sans! said...

Hehe, Alison, I wish I could weave like that. I have been thinking how though. Some day, I may go take a lesson on how to weave miniature baskets. :)By the way, like you, I collect life size ones. We get a good variety in this part of the world.

Wait for my email. I should send one to you next week :).

Sans! said...

Evaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I am thrilled to see that you are back! You must have been so busy after you came back from your work trip :).

Thank you for the highest compliment ever :). It's almost complete but I suspect, I will always be working on this house in one way or another. I am already thinking of reworking the tent. It's the time of the year again ..haha.

By the way, I have homework this weekend, meaning I had to bring work home. Meaning no minis for sometime until next weekend. So maybe this post is the intermission break :):) Extra long. But instead of working, guess what I did? Stitching and then paint my nails, watch tv, commenting on blogs. Tomorrow I shall suffer!

Sans! said...

O yes, Natalia, I just sent you an email but didn't mention the aubusson. On 40 count, it will be a perfect size! :). I am so excited to start on something so challenging! Am still wondering if it's too soon though, jumping from 25 to 40 ;p

Ana Anselmo said...

What a beautiful story, I love when a miniature piece is involved in a story, special like this. it is really magic!!! thanks Sans!!!

Daydreamer said...

Sans, I forgot to mention how much I like the darker paint color you made the house on the outside! It goes really well with the turquoise trim and makes the thatch roof look really natural.... and it goes really well with the tree. It really looks SO real! I know what you mean about "finishing " the house.... I find that I don't WANT to finish mine..... I want to keep on playing! And you should keep smiling... you have made a beautiful and amazingly creative house out of a very plain little kit! What a BASHER Extrordinaire you are! :)

Sans! said...

Thank you Ana, for popping by and your sweet words. You have cheered up my otherwise dreary work filled Saturday :)

Sans! said...

Betsy, took me a long time to actually paint it cos I didn't want to regret my decision but I had wanted a mud colour for the house :). I finally really made up my mind only after I visited the real mud house at Kandalama. It's always the decision part that takes the longest.

I am thrilled you think the thatch
roof looks natural :) . This is the website you can go to for the different ways to build a thatch roof with materials that are easily available: http://www.hourofwolves.org/?view=articles&which=thatch

And Bets, I am the walking proof that anyone can bash a house :) and I don't say this out of any kind of humility.

Ana Anselmo said...

Sans, have a nice sunday!!!!

Snowfern said...

oh Susan....reading this post put a big smile on my face :D it's very pleasing and heartwarming to see how you've managed to put so much of who you are, as well as your friends, into this house :)


bastrota said...

What a wonderful, wonderful story, Sans. And you show lovely and realistic pictures of a beautiful miniature house.

I love all of your stories.

You may put every picture from my blog on your blog, Sans. That would be a great honor for me!

Don't be sad - perhaps you have the chance to win my next blog candy ;-) There will be another chance next year.

Have a nice week, too
hugs and greetings

Sans! said...

Ana , Sunday was painful only because I ran 21 km and could hardly walk after that! But it's Tuesday now and apart from some satisfying ache all over , I am feeling gooooood. I hope you had a good weekend too :)

Sans! said...

Cindy, I was just about to write to you. It's about this weekend :). And then you popped by :). I can finally relax after a hectic 2 weeks :) and am already thinking of my monthly meet.

Thank you for all the clay dishes. I am very pleased with them as you can see :).

Sans! said...

What I really really will love, Marion, is to be ab;e to pop over to your kitchen (or mine) when you are baking your granny's cookies and us chatting about miniatures :). That's on my to-do list. Best prize of all! :)

Thank you for coming over, Marion. You always brighten my day and daysss with your comments! :)

Las manos de Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

Como siempre espectacular. Me encanta como haces las texturas, por ejemplo en las paredes esta vez.
Te gusta 30 seconds to mars? Yo desde Hurricane los adoro.

Tallulah Belle said...

Fantastic post as usual Susan…no don’t take a break :-)

I have to say I adore that blue paint you’ve used…I’d love that in my real house.

The tree is awesome my dear…and I love the birds and monkey in it lol.

The fishing basket made from a shuttlecock is genius :-) And the bottles are excellent. So old looking…perfect. I’d never have thought of using Christmas bulbs but they work so very well.

Glenda’s work is splendid…that water carrier is perfect

As for the lotus pond…it was a pleasure for me to make it for such a dear friend. It is still one of my favorite pieces and thank you so much everyone for the compliments on it..

The house is a true work of art and I love how it is filled with things from friends all over the world xxx

Sans! said...

Gracias Virginia. Me ha gustado mucho el "huracán" de vídeo. Es mucho mi taza de té:).

Sans! said...

Yo Jayne :):)

Thank you for your raving compliments :). Best thing about building this house is putting everyone's gifts together. Gives the house a really unique flavour otherwise it will be boring if it's just my stuff. I will need to "dig" a hole in the ground for your pond. Bottom part of this pond will have to be hidden :).

At the moment, I am feeling a little blocked again . It's been 10 days and I still can't write my next post. I will try again soon :).

I am happy with my choice of music though :). It's been a while since I listen to Ryuchi Sakamoto. :) And I thought it's a perfect Xmas song.. haha!

Las manos de Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

La verdad es que no e podido resistirme a comprarmelas todas. No tenia pensado hacer una bodega pero ahora si.

Ara said...

Sans, I have missed your posts and your stories so much!!! And I can't believe how your projects are blossoming!!! As I was reading this post I could picture myself reading your stories to my child in a few years!! With your beautiful pictures and lovely integration of cultural history I can't think of anything better to read to it!! So glad to be back and catching up with everyone! Missed you, Ara

Sans! said...

Estoy deseando ver a su bodega, Virginia!

Sans! said...

You know Ara, I have been the recipient of some of the kindest and most generous compliments but I think yours really really touched the deepest core of my heart. :).

Strangely, you were just on my mind too. Just yesterday as I was thinking, how late I am with my next post , I wondered for a fleeting moment , how you have been since I haven't seen you for so long. It could also be the sight of my wedding chair for it always remind me of you :).

It is so good to hear from you, dear Ara :). I hope to find out soon if you have a little boy or girl and create a story especially for him or her :).

I have missed you much, dear Ara :).

Miniatures by Natalia said...

Sans! Have you got my 2 e-mails today? Check up your email box!:)))
Thank you for your comments! Natalia

Sans! said...

Natalia, I hope you have received my email by now :).

Sound Horn Please said...

Poor Ro! How did I miss this post?!

Sans! said...

O, this is such short post, Divya. I am not surprised you missed it ..teehee! ;p

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