Sunday, 20 July 2014

Days 412-416-From Candle Light To Wood Fire

I still can't believe sometimes how long it has been since I first chanced upon the Abandoned House. It is of course hardly abandoned now but naming it thus reminds me of how it once was before life was brought back to what is now a sanctuary. 

From a place doomed for destruction to a space for creation, my personal belongings now mingle companionably with the Old Man's tools, books and effects. 

Candles burnt down to decorate old bottles, 

the kettle is almost always on the boil. 

It is now a home, constantly warmed with wood fire from makeshift hearths.

I used battery operated candles for all my lights here.


Remco said...

Cool idea to use these lights, the result is stunning!
Looks like a house to vissit at a cold winter day.
The atmosphere looks perfect, i love it!

The Old Maid said...

The lit house looks so warm and cosy I would love to stay there for good...:)

Not sure why but I've always been thinkig your dance studio is a little roombox, so imagine my surprise when your movie showed it is a part of your Abandoned House.:)
But to have a home where everything what one likes fits so perfectly ... that would be something!:)

Hugs and kisses

claude said...


Kikka N said...

Dear Sans: Thank you for this beautiful video sight to the Abandoned House! The athmosphere inside there is very cosy,warm and inviting! Love it!

BiWuBär said...

From an Abandoned House to a cozy home, to "The Hideaway of Sans!"... The Tealights are perfect the way you've used them, especially the one for boiling the tea water is fantastic. And thank you for making this video - it was so much fun and made me happy having a little visual walk through this lovely place.


Maria Ireland said...

Gosh I don't know how it happened but I have missed so many of your posts I have not been getting the updates I am very sorry to have missed them. Your house is beautiful. I love your use of the lights.
Hugs Maria

rosanna said...

Such an incredible change! It is so warm and cosy, I love it.
But I am puzzled, I don't recognize the surroundings! a new TS house?
Hugs Ro

Ilona said...

One word, Susan:serene.......
Warm and serene is the atmosphere in this house. I was so surprised to see the interior of your abandoned house on this video......with all the warm lights on and the calm music, which made it very special to see all of it.
What a nice surprise to discover the pastel painting of the old man with the hat at the back side of the atelier.....exactly on the right spot ;).
Thank you for this magical blog post *sigh* ....:D!
Hugs, Ilona

Elizabeth S said...

You know Sans, there is nothing that looks as inviting as a fire in a fireplace or in a stove. Everything is made more intimate and cosy when a fire is burning and one automatically thinks of warmth, food and friendship when sitting by a fire. Your abandoned house has been occupied ever since you found it and now it is truly your little home away from home. I imagine that you are sitting drinking tea and making art all within the circle of its warmth. Thanks for inviting us inside to share your abandoned house with you. It feels just like a spiritual retreat.


Ara said...

Wow you have done so much since I was last able to get onto my blogs!! You know I love everything you do - But I always just have to remind you! Gorgeous! hugs, Ara

Daydreamer said...

My Dear Sans! Can I tell you how much I Love seeing this place Alive with the warmth of glowing "Flickering" lights!!!! You reap the benefit of those tea lights... they glow and flicker like real flames.... which none of my "fires" do! I know, I could experiment with one of those flickering units... and Someday I will! But your ingenious solutions for your lights and the hearth for the tea kettle... it is just Perfect! I LOVE that tea kettle!!! And The little bed alcove.... have we seen that before???? I am so enjoying seeing the "big picture" of this little house!!! I have missed you here... (I have come so often and found you not at home... :(...) but seeing it now with the lights lit and the gentle music.... it is a place we all long to find... a refuge... a space for creation and contemplation and companionship and Love!!!
Thank you SO Much for bringing it to "Life"..... and Light...!!!
Welcome Home!!!! :):):)

Sans! said...

Hey Remco! All my Dutch friends like you have been in my thoughts lately.

Ya, these battery candles are really cool, right? I buy them at the local S$2 store. 2 in a pack + batteries all for the princely sum of S$2! When they are not lighted, they camouflaged quite well in the dark corners. But these have very long "flames" and do look unrealistic. The effect is nice though, like Xmas :)

carmen said...

siempre luces y sombras en combinación perfecta...

Sans! said...

Ewalina, I build this "workshop" for me, an imaginary space where I can do all the things I love. Although I suspect if this is real life, the dance studio will be taken over by my minis..LOL!

I just realised how many of you did not associate some of what I did with this house. Must be the abstract way I write .

So when, Ewalina, will you ever visit to see everything up close?

contar said...

me a gustado tanto ir viendo como poco a poco este trabajo suyo fue tomando forma que parece como si formara un poco parte de el, usted consiguió una verdadera maravilla con esta casa
un abrazo

I go to so I liked seeing this work gradually took shape here that seems as if it were a little part of it, you got a real blast with this house
a hug

Veronique Blommaart said...

Such a lovely warm and inviting place. I would love to stay there, take a up of tea, curl up on some cushions and read a book.
The video is really cool and the lights are a great solution.

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