Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 415- Painting Nature

When Nature fades, 
is there really no stopping the perish?

Can we not pick up our brushes, 
dip them in the most vivid of colours

and paint it back to life?

 No, not just life
But Immutable!
Immemorial life!


Painting Nature was made this afternoon. This mini sculpture was done in about 2 hours. With a splitting headache from a terrible toothache, I knew I had to get my brushes out again so I could forget the pain.

Will you believe that the bouquet is in fact THE Bouquet , one of the blooming tea leaves from the flowering tea bundles? I hope your flower tea leaves will also inspire you to create something for your minis. If it does, I will really love it if you can show me?


claude said...

a good idea

Lucille said...

Wow! Amazing transformation! You really did breathe new life into it!

carmen said...

Susan, mi té ha llegado! apenas he hecho nada más que gracias!!!

The Old Maid said...

When I saw the first photo I thought of the tea you showed last time.:)
You gave her immortal life in a beautiful way.:0
I also love these little brushes.:)
Hope all your aches will be gone for good soon!
Hugs and kisses from all of us over here. :)

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great . Keep in touch

Ilona said...

Hi Sans! Hmmmmm, I honestly thought the same as Ewa did......! I love the idea that you brought the tea back to life with these vivid colors! Let's see if we here can create something out of your tea......;)!
It's is good that you're back Sans!
I really hope that your toothache will be over soon. Have a nice weekend with lots of tea. I still have to prepare and drink your tea...:D!
Hugs, Ilona

Katrina said...

Beautiful colors1

BiWuBär said...

What a brilliant idea - to paint nature... and therefore save its beauty. Those tea flowers are so beautiful that it would simply be a shame to just use them for drowning them in hot water... ;O) You've done one of your Sans!-miracles again and I just LOVE those tiny brushes. Hope your toothache and headache are history in the meantime, otherwise I'm wishing to you a quick recovery.


Margriet said...

Waht a wonderful idea!!! Hope your tooth is feeling better now!

rosanna said...

So cool !!
My dear , if a head/toothache gives you this mini attack and such good ideas what shall we have to wait for once you'll feel better?
Take care and rest, big hugs, Ro

Daydreamer said...

Oh My Dear Sans!, those tiny paint brushes are simply Delightful! And they seem to have done the job of turning back Time and bringing to life the dried remains of your tea flowers!
I really hope the painting worked the miracle of driving out your pain.... and that you feel the joy of creating your beautiful mini sculptures!!!

Fabiola said...

Wonderful idea. I really like the immortal life of this flower.

ZHOBEYDA said...


Norma said...

I love how you always think outside the square, it looks great and will for a VERY long time :) Hope you're no longer annoyed by that toothache.

Sans! said...

Thank you Claude and yes, Lucille, the paintbrushes worked some magic, didn't they? teehee

Sans! said...

Carmen, estoy tan feliz de que el té llegó. Acabo de recibir una mala noticia de un amigo en Inglaterra que los tés que faltaba en el sobre porque la envoltura no se selló correctamente. Así que mi amigo no recibió su té. : (

Mi embalaje no es bueno, yo tengo que mejorar en eso. Disfrute de sus tés, Carmen :) :). Y tal vez hacer algo con las hojas de té cuando se hacen, ¿eh?

Sans! said...

Ewalina, I will be going through a minor surgery to remove my broken tooth this Friday. Arghhh, I do hate going to the dentist :).

I hope you get your teas soon. Renata just told me that her teas were missing from the envelope because the seal in my envelope broke. :(

Sans! said...

Thank you Marta, Katrina and Faby.

Faby, I hope you got your teas intact too!

Jorge Cubells said...

hasta el más mínimo detalle como esos pinceles, puede salir una maravilla.. ;)

rkramadh said...

I used to read your blog regularly and over time somehow lost the link but always wondered about you and your blog. I couldn't find the link and after a very very long time, I landed here today again after a persistent search! I am so very glad that you are still into the palaces/miniatures etc. I am always blown away by your creativity and perseverance and imagination. Greetings again from an Indian in the US of A. I won't lose you this time! -Rupa-

Alexandra said...

The blooming tea leaves from the flowering tea bundles. Never seen. in real life. It looks really great.You are so creative.

Emanuela Valenza said...

Una bellissima idea, perché non riportare giustamente a vita questa pianta? Risultato bellissimo. :)
Un caro abbraccio. Manu

Elizabeth S said...

Hello Sans! What a lovely work of art that you have breathed life into again. I love the way that you look at life. You don't seem to see it as it is, but what it could be, which then becomes what it Really Is after all.
A very refreshing point of view. :))


Sans! said...

Rooooo, you Genoans will likely be one of the last to receive my mail.You and Manu :). But hopefully, they come intact. I have already got news that a package to England arrived with no teas!

After the surgery tomorrow, let's hope I can go and exercise..LOL!

Sans! said...

Ilona, I have no doubt at all at all that you will think of something. I really look forward to seeing the different interpretations we get from the flower teas.

I despatched a 2nd batch after the last post and now 2 more varieties are out : Harmony and Marigold. So pretty they all are and such a pleasure to watch :)

Sans! said...

Congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Birgit!!!!! Are you guys still celebrating the world cup victory.

I must must tell you about this anti gambling ad campaign on the world cup. It is very funny. (Singaporeans gamble on anything even world cup results!) . Go see this ad here :

Glad you like my little brushes. I am surprise that I can still paint little things ..heh heh.

Sans! said...

Betsy, will you be doing something with yours?

Making minis really distracted me from my pain. The pain is a little better now. The tooth broke when I was in Bangkok last week just munching on vegetables! Broke twice too. So I will have to get it remove then an implant, a screw and a new tooth. Arghhhh

Painting Nature has to be my smallest project. I am now thinking of whether letting it be a stand alone or part of the abandoned house or maybe start a series. Well, whatever it is, I hope to be back to creating.

Really sorry I haven't been around to your blog. I feel like I am always running some place these days. :(

Sans! said...

Thank you Norma ! :)It's so good to see you here again. I am wondering how your New Zealand house is doing and that little French kitchen etc etc. Time to visit your blog soon eh?

Sans! said...

Gracias por visitar mi blog de Zhobeyda usted. Me alegro de que te guste mi trabajo. Espero verte por aquí a menudo y que podemos ser amigos :)

Sans! said...

hooooooooooola Jorge!!!ha sido un largo tiempo, Jorge. Me siento halagado de que te guste mi pequeño trabajo. Gracias, mi querido amigo!

Sans! said...

Rupa, Hellllloooo! :) I am glad you drop me a comment this time and I am glad that you found me, again :).

Many bloggers have dropped out and I guess real life takes over inevitably. Yes I love creating and hope to do this for a long long time to come.

You wanted to know where I can get these teas? They are available in Singapore but I believe you can also find them online. Just googled "blooming tea" (he he).

Great conversational pieces that taste great (very light, floral, calming). I am sure you will like them. :)

Sans! said...

Wow Alexandra!! How are you, my dear friend? Thank you for popping over. They are very pleasant teas but more importantly, they are so pretty to look at..teehee.

Sans! said...

Elizabeth...your package is just on your way out. Took me a while to figure where your email might be. haha.

Thank you for such sweet words, my dear. They are just as warming as the teas.

I am really curious what you are up to now. I must go read everyone's blogs soon to find out!

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